5 Tips On How To Box Your Valuables In A Safe Way




When you move to another place, you’ll most likely need corrugated boxes to easily move your valuable things around safely and in one piece. While packing boxes may seem like an easy task, your valuables could be damaged or broken during transit if you didn’t box them properly. When packing valuable items, it’s best that you use new corrugated boxes as older ones tend to be less durable and can cause more damage to your belongings.


The ideal, high quality box is the one that is in good condition and rigid, with no damage on the corners, punctures, tears, or rips. It should be durable enough to support the contents inside. If you want to save more by using old corrugated boxes, make sure they’re strong enough to contain your items. Follow these five simple tips on how to box your valuables in a safe way:







  1. Tape the bottom of the box for added durability


You can add durability to your box by taping the bottom, especially if you’re using old and used boxes. This will also prevent any item in the box from falling out when you’re moving.







  1. Heavier items should be packed and placed at the bottom


To keep your things intact, heavier items should be packed and placed at the bottom of the box, with lighter items on top of them. Putting lighter items at the bottom will make all of your contents fall out.







  1. For support and to avoid damages, use fabric to fill out the space inside the box


For added support and to avoid your valuables from shifting and being damaged during transit, use fabric like clothing or dishtowels and fill out the empty space inside the box.







  1. Don’t exceed the weight limit of a box


When boxing your valuables, make sure you didn’t exceed the weight limit of your box, as it’s more likely to be torn apart especially at the bottom. The weight limit varies depending on the size of the box.






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  1. Make sure the boxes can be properly sealed


A good box should be sealed properly at the top. If your things are sticking out, the box isn’t good enough to provide protection.



If you’re wondering where to buy corrugated boxes in Malaysia, most bookstores, crafts shops and DIY stores carry them in different sizes. You can also check out the home and living department of hypermarkets or supermarkets for corrugated boxes. Prices vary depending on the size of the boxes, and they often come in three boxes per pack. The boxes can also be purchased individually.