Top 3 Business-Worthy Chrome For Work Devices Transforming Businesses Worldwide

Chrome for work is a cloud-based operating system and web browser. It’s tailored for organizations that need an easy, versatile, and secure browser deployment and management. It contains a series of admin tools, installer packages, and resources that allow an IT admin to install and manage Chrome in any business environment. Moreover, the number of Chrome devices is tremendously growing, which allows technology providers and IT professionals meet their organizations’ goals with remarkable speed.

Below are the top 3 Chrome for work devices worth trying for businesses to increase productivity around the workplace.

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1) Acer Chromebase for Meetings

The Acer Chromebase is an excellent all-in-one device, specially made for video conferencing. It features an HD camera, 24-inch LED touchscreen display, and four microphones for enhanced audio and video clarity when performing virtual meetings. Acer Chromebase also comes with an Intel Celeron dual-core processor inside and an array of other salient features to further streamline the virtual meeting experience.


2) Lenovo Chromebox

If you want to experience the convenience of Chrome’s operating system without purchasing a new desktop or an actual notebook, Lenovo Chromebox works like a charm. This device is a rather small, portable desktop PC which you can easily connect to any external display. It has four USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, Display port, and Ethernet port which you can link with either a 2GB or 4GB memory. You can also mount it with a 16GB hard drive, depending on the work you intend to do and data you want to save.


3) AOPEN Chromebase

AOPEN Chromebase is a great fit for anyone who wants to equip their business with an AOPEN Chromebox. It’s a commercial grade multi-touch device that allows you to manage all POS and other systems you wish to use with Chromebox. This 22-inch gadget has a waterproofed toughened glass screen, long range Wi-Fi, tamperproof cables and mounting, and an array of other excellent features.


By deploying Google Chrome for work devices, organizations can expect to get the best of modern web-based applications with enhanced security, efficient central management and more. This allows each enterprise to test their mission and analyze whether the technology they use helps them improve performance and accomplish goals. All in all, give these on-demand and cutting-edge Chrome devices listed above a try to improve your workflow.

Be Your Own Boss – 5 Short Courses for Profitable Lifetime Self-Employment Success

Be Your Own Boss - 5 Short Courses for Profitable Lifetime Self-Employment Success


With tech and digital resources advancing at the pace that they are, it’s becoming more and more common for people to look for employment options other than those that confine them to office desks. In Malaysia, self-employment is now overtaking other forms of work because it’s convenient, less stressful, and potentially more profitable. If you want to offer your skills and abilities, you should focus on improving yourself to make your services more appealing to your prospects. If you haven’t already, it would be wise to check out short courses in Malaysia online to boost your career to success. Wondering which ones will give you the best returns? Try these niches.







a graphic design online course could be your ticket to financial and career success

  1. Graphic Design

If you have an eye for design and a penchant for art, a graphic design online course could be your ticket to financial and career success. Because not everyone has the ability to create appealing designs, you can offer your services to companies looking for ways to improve their branding and to appeal to greater audiences.







Taking up a short course in writing will help you understand how to string words together

  1. Writing

Everyone is constantly looking for writers because reaching prospects with potent content will help improve business performance, popularity, and profits. Taking up a short course in writing will help you understand how to string words together, how to switch up your voice, and how to make a sale or secure a loyal customer with nothing more than written words.







marketing concept with business graph and chart hand drawing on blackboard

  1. Marketing

Did you know that the majority of companies in Malaysia hire marketing professionals under a remote contract? That means you can work from the comfort of your home, or from wherever in the world you might be. That’s because marketing these days mostly occurs through social media, but that doesn’t mean it’s all that simple. It takes a lot of smarts to understand how positive results can be achieved through social networking platforms, and that’s why you need to get all the information you need to help make you an effective online marketer.







Whether businesses or individuals, those who have a lot of money at stake will always find the need for a financial consultant

  1. Accounting and Finance

Whether businesses or individuals, those who have a lot of money at stake will always find the need for a financial consultant. Learning the ropes of finance, accounting, and investments will make you a major asset for a company, or an individual looking to maximize funds and reduce overhead costs.







There are millions upon millions of websites that litter the internet

  1. Web Development

There are millions upon millions of websites that litter the internet, and each one plays a significant role in the performance of the business that it represents. Because business owners always want to make sure their websites are working at peak performance, dedicated web development specialists can find their place in virtually any company that places emphasis on the importance of their online reputation and presence.




You don’t need an undergraduate diploma, a master’s degree, or a doctorate to prove you’re worth the hire – a short course can be more than enough to increase your value to potential employers. Try a short course in any of these 5 niches and bring yourself a step closer to a lifetime of career success in your own pace and terms.

Top 5 Practical Reasons Why You Should Take Professional Development Courses

Business people working on project in office, sitting on the desk


These days, it’s crucial for you to master various soft skills and hard skills that could help you progress in your career. For those who are lacking in several skills, be it computer skills or communication skills, there are plenty of professional courses in Malaysia that would benefit you for your professional development. If you’re unsure about taking a course, these five practical reasons will change your mind:







  1. Higher Chances of Getting a Promotion

The more skills you have, be it hard skills or soft skills, the higher are the chances of you getting a promotion, when the right time comes. Since you’re more valuable than ever now, it’s unlikely that you’ll be let go. Most companies would like to cut cost, and hiring more people can be costly. Retaining top talent is a better investment for them in the long run.






you’ll add value to yourself and become an asset to your company

  1. Fewer Chances of Being Redundant

By upgrading yourself and taking a professional course in a relevant field, you’ll add value to yourself and become an asset to your company, thus reducing the chances of being redundant. This might come in handy especially when your company is in the middle of a retrenchment, due to bad economy, or other various factors.






you’re likely to get better opportunities that you’d like to be considered for

  1. Boosted Credentials

Taking professional courses can boost your credentials, which will give you a good name within your industry. With positive and impressive credentials, you’re likely to get better opportunities that you’d like to be considered for, since the majority of employers or companies prefer professionals with great credentials.






A professional course might teach you a thing or two about how things are done in a different field

  1. Broaden Your Horizons Avoid getting stuck in the rut

Taking a professional course could broaden your horizons and open your eyes to things you’ve never known before, since your job only revolves around a few things. A professional course might teach you a thing or two about how things are done in a different field. You’re likely to have good small talks as well while networking, since you have some knowledge in things outside of your expertise.






learn new things that will help you overcome your professional weaknesses, and avoid doing the same mistake again

  1. Take full responsibility of your professional weaknesses

Rome wasn’t build in a day, and everyone will have their own professional weaknesses, which will take time to overcome. With a professional course, you’ll learn new things that will help you overcome your professional weaknesses, and avoid doing the same mistake again.




Don’t delay in upskilling yourself for your own professional benefit. The sooner you start the better. Since we’re living in times where things and technology change so fast, you need to be able to keep up with everything, and make yourself indispensable to your company.

5 Tips for the Startup Entrepreneur in Malaysia


The world of startup companies has become a subculture of people with big ideas who can’t seem to get a business going. There are so many entrepreneurs with real vision but no practical experience on how to grow a business to the point where it’s secure and turning sustainable profit. Here are five tips for entrepreneurs to keep in mind as they go about building a solid business foundation.

1. Brand with a purpose 
Know who your target customer is and build a brand that appeals to that group. From value-based to exciting and edgy, there’s a marketing model that works. Let your brand fit the market. Your character is what will set it apart from others. Find a way to translate your story and personality into something your audience connects with.

2. Leave room for discussion. 
Literally. Coming up with processes to transform a dream into real-world value can’t be done by force of will. It takes feedback and complex reasoning, the kind you get through bouncing around ideas to generate more options. A good ratio of staff to meeting spaces is 10:1. That doesn’t mean dedicating a room to meetings of eight-to-ten people is mandatory. Often important decisions are made between two or three people. You’ll want to be efficient with space for cost reasons, but provide for a few enclosures that allow impromptu collaborations to form new ideas.

3. Clients and processes are very different 
Organising how your business operates is also key. Some require a few offices with a professional atmosphere and others the hustle of a big space with open cubicles. For product-driven firms, separating business into account management and project fulfilment results in happier clients and better resource management. Business also involves legalities; licensing in London and business registration in Malaysia are two different things that may each require special services, not another managerial burden.

4. Learn to say “no”. 
Clients who only do business in exchange for deep discounts or unbilled services are eating into profits and limiting your business. Even generous terms are not enough to satisfy customers accustomed to haggling on every deal. Clients who can’t appreciate that you’re in business to make a decent profit only bring aggravation, and that’s a bad way to carry on a long-term relationship.


5. Don’t invest in salaries 
You often hear the importance of assembling a good team, but in-house teams can be costly in terms of benefits and rising salaries. Don’t invest in personnel where hiring remote or service contractors will get the job done. The same goes for administrative roles where perhaps a virtual services company is more practical. Few people are willing to risk careers on a new startup. All you need to focus on is finding affordable ways to get things done.

Hopefully these tips will give some insight on getting results when you’re still trying to find your footing. Accept that you’ll learn as you go. Keep experimenting until your company becomes the business model that others follow.


How to Make Consumers Trust Your New Online Business from the Start


A problem that online entrepreneurs in Malaysia face is convincing consumers a new business is trustworthy and reliable. This can be difficult with so many unreliable businesses online today. Fortunately, you can do something about this without changing too much. Here are some ways to make consumers trust your new online business from the start.

3568377Fully Develop Your Brand before Launch

Something that will immediately make Malaysian consumers doubt your new online business is not having a brand or having a muddled, underdeveloped one. You need to fully develop your brand before launching the website. Make a brand guide. Think out the core message, the visuals and the desired customer experience. Brand everything from the beginning including the products or services that you are offering to instil trust.

ab-test-66-638Test Everything and Then Test It Again

A major factor that will drive people far from your online venture is a website that does not work correctly. Even small problems will make people question the competency, security and professionalism of your new start-up in Malaysia. Take the extra time to test everything thoroughly and then test it all again. You want to be confident there are no problems or oversights when the website goes live online. Remember to test across multiple platforms including a variety of actual mobile devices.

BUSINESS-CARDDisplay a Prestigious Physical Address

Consumers have learned that it is a mistake to trust companies without addresses clearly listed on the website. This is often the hallmark of a fly-by-night fraudulent operation. You need to display a prestigious physical address proudly to show your legitimacy as a new business. An easy way to do this is to lease a virtual office in Malaysia. This will provide you with a real address and a receptionist to answer incoming calls to your start-up. It is a cost-effective way to instantly build consumer trust.

customer-serviceRespond To Any Customer Service Enquiries Fast

People in Malaysia who are coming to a new website for the first time are often hesitant to spend money or place orders without knowing there is something real behind the scenes. This is why some people will attempt to contact your start-up with questions before making a purchase. You need to respond quickly to any customer service enquiries. Respond within hours or a day at the most. Leasing a virtual office can really help here since a receptionist will always be available to take incoming calls.

comp_63484406Outsource Your Logistics

The first experience someone has with your company will determine whether that person orders again or abandons your start-up. You want there to be no mistakes when it comes to billing, order fulfilment and shipping. Outsource your logistics right away. Allow a professional and established company to handle credit cards and shipping. This will ensure that every customer has a good experience. The result will be repeat business and positive word of mouth in Malaysia.

Consumer trust is incredibly important because it is what will allow a person to enter personal and financial data into your website to make purchases. You have to focus on creating a professional image and solid brand. Taking these steps will go a long way towards instilling trust in people who see your online business for the first time.


The Keys to Setting Up a Virtual Office in Malaysia


Over the past decade, Malaysia has proven to be one of the most fertile geographical locations for the launch of global businesses. Malaysia has gone to substantial measures to create a national business environment and government infrastructure to better facilitate the launch of businesses by non-Malaysian entrepreneurs. One of the reasons that this nation has proven to be such as sought out destination for business owners is the fact that it comes with a built in demand stream from certain Asian markets, including China, India, Vietnam, Singapore and Myanmar.

In addition to the built-in demand, the startup costs are exceptionally low when being compared to other Asian markets with the same reach, such as Singapore. In fact, many businesses that have a strong customer base in Singapore, establish virtual offices, and manufacturing plants in Malaysia to service those accounts. It simply makes good financial sense.


download (1)Overcoming Perceived Challenges

Although many companies and entrepreneurs are aware of the multitudinous benefits of launching a startup in Malaysia, many have bypassed the opportunity based on a misconception about the complexity of setting up a business in a country that they are not familiar with. The process for setting up a business in Malaysia is different than the process in America and other countries, and it is important to understand the primary distinctions.

What should be understood is that there are virtual office and business opportunity service providers in Malaysia that specialize in offering services that facilitate the startup launch, making it easy for those who are looking to start a business in Malaysia to do so.

Company Registration Assistance

company registration in malaysia

Another area of concern for businesses that are interested in opening offices in Malaysia is making sure that all company registration guidelines are met. Fortunately, there are third-party service providers that offer assistance with company registration in Malaysia. There are certain fees and processes that the potential business owner must be aware of. Working with an experienced service provider in Malaysia will ensure that all requirements are met.

For the business owner who has the resources to manage the process on their own, the country has a website that provides in-depth step-by-step instructions for registering a company. It is during this process that the company name will be established. The business owner will also need to determine if the company will be run as a sole proprietorship, partnership or SDN Bhd (Private Limited).

Working with a service provider will ensure that all parts of the process are being covered. As far as running a virtual office, which is one way that business owners are creating more efficient business processes. The key is to find the service provider that has the experience and the expertise to create an ideal virtual office environment for their clients. The virtual office experience allows businesses to engage their clientele and vendors in a highly professional environment without the overhead that is normally associated with opening an overseas office.

partnership for company registration in malaysia