A Skin Care Guide: What You Need To Know Before Getting Botox Treatment

cosmetic-beauty-fillers-botoxIn the cosmetic world, beauty is everything, and everybody wants to look their best. But every cosmetic therapy, like Botox Cosmetic, requires more care and treatment from a skilled dermatologist to avoid any alarming side effects. Botox is a purified protein referred as botulinum toxin type A, acquired from a type of bacteria. Its purpose is to relax the muscle area through blocking nerve impulses that cause contractions, mix expressions, and soft wrinkles. In therapeutic treatment, Botox is used to treat conditions like excessive sweating and cerebral palsy. Research also suggests that the treatment may also help lighten a person’s mood.

Thinking of getting Botox treatment? Here are 5 top essentials that can help you find the right clinic for your skin needs


  1. Make sure your practitioner is highly experienced. Your dermatologist you intend to get Botox injections from should be highly experienced and a reputable medical professional. This is because he or she will have the right equipment and sufficient knowledge in case something goes wrong. Many cases have been reported where a semi-skilled person has issued the wrong combination of Botox treatment to a patient. And within a few weeks, the patient begins to show side effects from the drug. To avoid such a shocking experience, first do some underground check on your surgeon. Has he or she been charged with any malpractice or incompetence issue? Does he or she have any proven record that assures of their competence? Such questions will make you find a highly qualified skin expert who is good at what they do.


  1. Follow your surgeon’s pre- and post-injection prescription carefully. You need to be fully aware of the rules and regulations that medical aesthetic services adhere to, particularly for injection treatments. In many countries, including Malaysia, injectable treatments are provided only by a highly experienced physician. The practitioner should first assess a patient to determine whether such treatment is suitable for them. In case any complication occurs, the physician should have the sufficient knowledge on how a patient should recover from any potential harm. Follow the prescription given by the doctor carefully to not put your life at risk, or tarnish his or her career.


  1. Inform your surgeon about any health problems you may have. Before going for Botox Cosmetic, it’s important you tell your doctor about any health complications you may have. This information will help them recommend you the right dose. Also alert your doctor of any medications, herbal preparations, or any other supplements you’re taking to avoid the occurrence of severe side effects. Also mention to your doctor whether you’ve taken any injected antibiotics, sleeping pills, or any other drug for the sake of your health.


  1. Report all side effects. Just like any other drug, Botox users sometimes may experience some side effects from the drug. Common side effects that affect most patients include bruising and swelling. You’re supposed to report to your doctor immediately your body begins to show any symptoms, especially those that don’t seem to fade. Though it’s rarely reported, a dreaded combination of Botox travels through the body’s fatty tissue to areas it wasn’t intended. This causes some muscles of the eyelid to swell, leading to ptosis (droopy eye). Sometimes the muscles may move the eyeball, causing double vision in a patient. These symptoms, however, fade on their own after two weeks. Make sure to report to your physician if the symptoms become persistent and don’t seem to go away.


  1. Be careful having Botox injections at a “Botox party.” A Botox party in a medical setting, like in an experienced doctor’s house, isn’t such a bad idea. But the situation becomes less fun when random groups of people think they can administer shots of Botox injections to people at parties. You need to ascertain you’re in a medical setting where any alarming side effects or complications can be checked immediately. Each prescription drug, including Botox, should be conducted under the guidance of a highly qualified practitioner and in a proper professional setting. Visit the official Botox website for more information on Botox injections.



Botox Cosmetic therapy is used for the occasional smoothing of frown lines, mostly lines between your eyebrows that make someone appear tired or angry. It’s also used to eliminate forehead lines and marionette lines that appear at the corners of the mouth and around the lips. And just like any other beauty therapy treatment, people should be careful where they go to get Botox treatment to avoid unpleasant symptoms. It’s important to ensure you’re getting treatment from a highly experienced dermatologist, highly respected in his or her medical profession. Following the tips shared in this guide can help you find a reputable clinic tailored to address any of your skin needs. Your skin safety needs should come first, not the opposite!

Top 5 Affordable And Non-Toxic Alternatives To Botox

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Botox is often the go-to solution when someone wants to look young and reduce wrinkles from appearing on the face. The method has been widely endorsed by so many celebrities and other influencers that it has gained popularity, despite the definition of Botox being formulated from botulism bacteria, which can cause food poisoning. If you’d like to look young and reduce wrinkles without the added dangers, try these five affordable and non-toxic alternatives to Botox:

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  1. Facial acupuncture. Although acupuncture requires tiny needles to be inserted into the skin, it will not hurt one bit. A facial acupuncture is the better alternative than Botox as it improves blood flow; tightens your pores; and reduces ageing effect, sagging, and under-eye bags. To get the best results, 12 weekly treatments are recommended.


  1. Natural topical treatments. If you still think needles are scary, try natural topical treatments instead. You’ll be surprised to know that your kitchen could have so many useful ingredients to reduce wrinkles, such as fruit juices and castor oil. Apply fruit juice (grapes, green pineapples and apples are anti-ageing) or castor oil directly on face for 10-30 minutes before you rinse it off. Do it on a daily basis to get the best results.

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  1. Sugar microdermabrasion. A typical microdermabrasion treatment can help to reduce lines and minor wrinkles, but it often irritates your skin and turns it red. Opt for a sugar microdermabrasion instead, where you mix a facial moisturiser with sugar. Apply the mixture to your face for 10-30 minutes before rinsing. Aside from reducing wrinkles, this method also helps to smooth your complexion and hydrate your skin.

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  1. Natural chemical peels. Regular chemical peels can make your skin glow, but you’ll risk having skin irritation and redness. Use natural chemical peels instead by applying pineapple juice or lemon juice. The fruits contain natural enzymes and citric acid which help to remove dead skin. Apply either of the juice to your face and leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing. For the first week, do it on a daily basis. In the next following weeks, do it once a week.


  1. Cinnamon powder and peppermint oil. Create a paste made of peppermint oil and cinnamon powder mixture. Apply on your face and leave it for 10-30 minutes before rinsing. This method plumps your skin and reduces wrinkles.

In addition to the alternatives mentioned, you can prevent wrinkles and stay youthful-looking by changing your lifestyle. Stay out of the sun (or use sunscreen), get enough sleep, eat more veggies and fruits, and drink more water. If you’re stressed, try to exercise or meditate instead of turning to junk food, smoking or drinking.

The Top 5 Botox Alternatives

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Botox injection is a well-known cosmetic procedure that has moved from high-end clinics to local spas and salons. An acronym for “botulinum toxin”, the treatment works by paralyzing a few select muscle groups in the face and body. This results in the inability of these muscles to contract, hence eliminating the chance of wrinkle formation.

However, reckless use of Botox treatments can lead to adverse effects. These can range from simple allergies to the paralysis of the wrong muscle groups. Since a toxin is being introduced in the body, it is also possible for infection to appear. The fear of these adverse reactions caused some experts to seek alternatives to botulinum injection. Here are some that they found.vtox-challenge-1080x679

  1. VTOX. Created by celebrity facialist Linda Meredith, the VTOX is a more natural approach to the wrinkling problem. Instead of a protein-digesting enzyme like the original, VTOX makes use of natural neuro-peptides. It surrounds the muscle using proteins. This blocks the strong contractions of the skin around the muscles. The treatment does not restrict normal movement.

VTOX also contains an algae component, which allows the skin to remain youthful. It is less invasive, as no injections are required. The substance works when massaged into and absorbed by the skin. It is so safe that it has even been allowed for home use.frowniesfbe

  1. Frownies. Instead of something that is injected or rubbed on, why not something you can stick on instead? Frownies are made of Kraft paper. They work by being glued to a person’s skin, thereby inhibiting the movement of muscles. They have to be used regularly over a significant amount of time for the effects to manifest. Slowly, the muscles will begin to lose the ability to form wrinkles. It is a whole lot cheaper than botox, too.

Frownies are also useful in preventing the temporary wrinkles caused by pillows scrunching up the skin.sbs-528254

  1. Retinol. This is commonly used today as an exfoliator, though it is also very effective against wrinkles. It pushes up the cells of the skin, forcing them to turn over healthily. It also promotes the growth of collagen to help remove existing wrinkles. There is an over-the-counter version, as well as a prescription version (known as retinoid).robeekitw_1
  2. Bee Venom. Botulinum toxin is derived from the secretions of a specific bacteria. When one thinks of this, bee venom isn’t that strange at all. The venom has natural anaphylactic and anti-inflammatory properties. These are useful in the relaxation of lines due to clenched muscles.jrw-14016-7
  3. Quercetin. This is found in many plant-based products such as apples, tea, and red wine. Quercetin has natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Instead of treating wrinkles, it fills in the gaps between the lines to bring out a fuller skin.

Despite the number of alternatives discovered, it is still hard to find a product that rivals the efficiency, permanence, and speed of Botox. This is why the Botox industry continues to be undisputed, especially in hotspots such as Hollywood. There are other countries that specialize in the treatment, such as Malaysia. It will still be some time before Botox is replaced as the de facto anti-wrinkle standard.

Botox 101: Know The Basics Before You Undergo

You are getting older and each day when you look in the mirror your wrinkles getting deeper. You want them to go away. You’ve heard about Botox and decided to learn what is Botox and how does it work.

What is Botox? 

Botox is from clostridium botulinum bacteria. It produces a botulinum toxin. It is not a virus, but nevertheless it is a toxin. The nature of this toxin can produce side effects in the body, not always at the site of injection.

How Botox Works

Botox blocks the release of acetyicholine from nerve endings. The result is that the nerves cannot send signals to muscles or communicate with muscles. This relaxes muscles and wrinkles disappear.

Preparation for Botox

When starting a Botox procedure you must be in good health. Your first step is a consultation with your doctor and the specialist who will administer Botox. First with your doctor you must tell him/her all about your health status. It is best to bring a list of all your medications and supplements, sleep aids or aspirin. Botox is not recommended if you have any allergies, bleeding, infections, surgeries or plan for surgeries, bladder treatments for incontinence, are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant.

With your specialist doctor who will administer your Botox injections you will want a thorough discussion of the Botox procedure and any possible side effects. You would be well advised to do some research on the qualifications and rating of your specialist doctor before beginning your procedure.

Side Effects of Botox

Remember always that Botox is a toxin. As such it can have unwanted side effects. These can occur in different parts of the body. It is of utmost importance that Botox not enter the blood stream as this could be life threatening.

You might have difficulty swallowing, speaking or breathing. You could experience muscle weakness, double vision, drooping of eyelids, blurred vision, difficulty saying words, hoarseness or loss of voice. More severe side effects include loss of strength, dizziness and vision problems. If any of these occur you should not drive your car or operate machines.

Botox Injection Site

Botox injection sites depend upon where your wrinkles are located. Here are some of the most common sites. It is most important that injections not be too close to the eye. They always should be 1 to 2 cm away the eye, eyebrow and especially near the nose, mouth or lips. Another important caveat is that there are many botulinum products on the market. Botox is a trademark product. The dosages for each product may vary.

Here are some common Botox injection sites: For Crow’s Feet there are three injections on each side of the eyes. The first is 1 1/2 to 2 cm on the side of the eye on the orbital margin. The other two are at 30% angles above and below the first injection. For wrinkles on the forehead the injections are given across the entire forehead. This is important because just one or two injections in the center of the forehead will not remove wrinkles completely. Only the muscles in the center of the forehead will be relaxed. For the wrinkle between the eyelids, an injection is given just above at the beginning of each eyebrow.