Eyes That Sparkle: Youthful Eyes with a Radiant Glow

When it comes to looking younger, people think that you should always start by eliminating blemishes on the skin. With this, people focus more on covering up these imperfections. What people often forget is that a youthful glow can also be achieved by taking care of this often-neglected part of the face: the eyes.

The best way to keep your eyes looking youthful is by properly taking care of it. To do so, just remember CREAM: Clean, Rest, Eat, and Apply Makeup.


Skin care woman removing makeup


Makeup is an easy go-to option for people who want to look younger. However, it does not take away the fact that your face still looks tired and dull. If you want a longer-lasting effect on your appearance, start with cleaning your face properly. Wash your face regularly and apply the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type. Using an eye lift serum before going to bed will also help give your tired eyes a boost.

Young woman asleep in bed

Eye Rest

Aside from the overall health benefits, rest and sleep will also do wonders on your eyes. Try to make it a habit to get enough sleep and rest your eyes in between your daily chores. If you look at the computer screen every day at work, give your eyes some rest by looking at a distance, preferably at something green. Take a break and try to walk around, away from your computer for at least a minute or two every two hours. This will prevent you from having dry and tired-looking eyes.




Food that are rich in zeaxanthin and lutein have been known to improve your eyesight, and adding it to your diet can be beneficial to your eyes. Spinach, for instance, has a high lutein and zeaxanthin content. Corn and kale also contains these, so a healthy serving of salad with these ingredients will help improve the condition of your eyes. Eggs are also a natural source of lutein, and it even has Vitamin E – which is also essential in keeping your skin healthy.


Apply Makeup

After cleaning, resting, and eating well, you can use makeup to enhance your beauty. Brightening up your face can be done by using proper eye makeup. Choose makeup that is not only safe on your skin, but also helps in nourishing it.

Start with trimming your eyebrows properly and applying enough moisturizer on your face before putting on any kind of makeup. You can also boost the effect of your eye makeup by using a good eye cream. The best eye cream to use is one that moisturizes and helps tighten the skin around your eye area. Make sure to let the moisturizing products dry first before you proceed with your makeup routine.

After moisturizing, use a primer to make your makeup last longer. For a fresh look, choose an eye shadow in peach, pink, or neutral colors. Apply the rest of your eye makeup, but be sure not to forcefully stroke the brush on your eyes – using light strokes will also do the trick, and at the same time you can avoid putting unnecessary stress on the skin around your eyes.


Attaining those youthful eyes will help you look at yourself (literally and figuratively) in a more positive light. People respond well to positive energy and confidence, so take the time to improve yourself even with just doing something as simple as taking care of your eyes.

Your Short and Sweet Guide to Platelet Rich Plasma

Not many have heard of Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP and may assume, due to its name, that it is a sort of medical product. They are partially right as PRP did develop in the medical world, but is now being used for cosmetic purposes as well.

If you’re still wondering what PRP really is, and what it can do to benefit your health and beauty, read on.


What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma is basically a component of human blood that is rich in proteins, antibodies and more. Plasma is separated from the rest of the components in your blood by process called ‘centrifugation’.


How is PRP used for medical purposes?

PRP is used in the form of injections to help people with arthritis. PRP for arthritis uses the natural cellular components in the plasma to promote the healing of torn and damaged ligaments, tendons, cartilage, muscles and more.

Apart from arthritis, PRP is also used for conditions such as Achilles tendonitis and torn ligaments. It has also been shown to speed up the healing of post surgical wounds and fractured bones.


How is PRP used in cosmetics?

Due to the properties of PRP which is has plenty of cell rejuvenating elements, it has been used to promote cell growth, especially on the face. It has been used to treat dark circles, wrinkles, sagging skin, and dark skin tones.


What is the PRP procedure like?

The PRP used in cosmetic treatment will come from your own blood and this is important as only your own platelets and plasma will be able to recognize and improve your own cells. Depending on the area that needs to be covered, about 10 to 30 milliliters of blood will be drawn and then the plasma extracted and applied to your skin.


Are there any side effects from using PRP?

It is normal for the area on which PRP is used to experience some swelling, redness or heat and this is normal. It isn’t permanent and is caused by the platelet activation. It should disappear within several days.


How fast does PRP work?

You should begin seeing positive results on your skin within a month or two after beginning PRP treatment.

Science and technology opens an entire host of possibilities for skin treatment which are both effective and safe, and it’s definitely worth a try.

Get that Sexier You With Buttock Enhancement

Everybody wants to look their best, more so for women. Having a sultry and sexy body is what every woman dreams of. Thanks to research and technology, it is now possible to have that perfect body you have always wanted.


Aside from the chest, the butt is the part of the body that needs the most attention, if you want to achieve that curvaceous look. But what exactly is buttock enhancement? It is the act of lifting and/or augmenting to get a smooth, round and firm behind. It can be done naturally or surgically.


Here are buttock enhancement techniques that you can make use of depending on your needs:


  1. Butt Enhancement through Exercise.

This is the most popular technique because it sounds simple and doesn’t cost any money. However, it is also the most difficult. Many people struggle hard to start an exercise regimen and keep up with it. It takes at least six months of continuous and progressive butt enhancement exercises before you actually see results. Once you achieve your desired buttocks shape, you have to keep up with your exercise to maintain it.


Butt enhancement via exercise is useful for people who have sagging rumps due to age, minimal weight loss or lack of physical activity.


  1. Butt Lift through Skin Adjustment.

Some people have sagging behinds because of rapid weight loss, henceforth their skin couldn’t keep up. If you’ve lost substantial weight due to intense diet or due to having kids, this is recommended for you. Skin adjustment buttocks treatment is where medical practitioners remove the excess skin, leaving only the perfect size needed to properly handle and therefore lift the muscle and fat of the buttocks. If the right amount of skin is removed, the buttocks become tightened and contoured as desired. Imagine the Tummy Tuck procedure –butt lift is exactly like that.


  1. Butt Augmentation through Lipoinjection and Contouring.

This type of butt enhancement treatment requires getting fat from the person who is getting the augmentation herself. There are areas of the body that store excess adipose fat such as the lower part of the torso, thighs and hips. See the dangling fat on the sides of your stomach, or the loose fat under your arms? With lipoinjection and contouring, fat is harvested from these areas, and then transferred to the buttocks through either injection or surgery. This treatment is actually dual-purpose. Not only do you get the bottom you’ve always wanted, you would also reduce the undesirable excess fat in other areas of your body.


If you have strong enough willpower, you can exercise your way to a better rump. But if you have enough budget and want to get that perfect body the soonest possible time, then you can opt for butt enhancement procedures here in Malaysia. Although there is a recovery time of around one to two months, you will definitely see the end product quickly and definitely, for which you surely wouldn’t be disappointed.

What Aesthetic Doctors In KL Recommend For Luminous Skin


Why Bother With Your Skin?
It’s easy to take your body’s largest organ for granted. But your skin really shouldn’t be treated so cavalierly. It is, after all, your body’s first line of defense in protecting other organs and systems against injury and disease. And your skin doesn’t just have practical uses. When cared for properly, it can be one of your best fashion accessories, and enhance your physical appearance tremendously. Healthy skin glows. It radiates good health, one of the very best beauty secrets there is, and draws people to those lucky enough to have it. Good looking skin compliments hair, wardrobes, and cosmetics, and those luck enough to have beautiful skin often find that they have to pay less attention to the other components of dressing up. But it’s not easy being epidermis in today’s world. Diet, the environment, and bad habits are all very hard on our skin. So what can we do to help our skin be beautiful and luminous?

Start With The Basics
Before you run off to a dermatologist or salon for help with that troubled skin, review what you can do on your part. That skin’s not just flesh, remember, it’s an organ. And like all of the body’s components, it responds well to tender, loving care (TLC). In your skin’s case, this TLC involves plenty of sleep, exercise, avoiding bad habits (smoking is especially hard on skin) and diet. The key to healthy skin is keeping a nice balance of moisture below its surface, which can be helped by a balanced diet. The “no-no” foods to watch out for concerning skin health? Some of them might surprise you. They include:

  • salt


  • sugar


  • starchy foods


  • mik


  • alcohol


  • shellfish

Does this mean that one cannot ever have foods from these categories if one wants healthy skin? Not at all, but such foods should be consumed sparingly. And what are the food products that are natural allies of beautiful skin? They include:

  • chocolate


  • yogurt


  • walnuts


  • oatmeal


  • green tea


  • peppers and kidney beans

But before you use this list as an excuse to go on a largely chocolate diet, remember that these items, like those on the “bad” list above, should be consumed sparingly and as part of a complete diet.

Should You Seek A Doctor’s Advice For Your Skin?
Yes, we all have skin, but its needs are as unique as the person wearing it. Sometimes skin needs a little more than basic care. For genuine health issues related to skin, a dermatologist is a good specialist to consult, but for improving it for reasons of appearance in general, an aesthetic doctor can be very helpful.


What would Dr Chen Tai Ho, an aesthetic doctor in KL recommend for luminous skin? He suggests a product called Crystal Tomato, available in oral or topical form, and made from extract of the tomato plant. Crystal Tomato in Malaysia has helped many bad skin sufferers have a more even skin tone, helped to heal irritated skin, and reduced the appearance of blemishes and discoloration. Filled with the vitamins and nutrients of one of nature’s healthiest vegetables, Crystal Tomato heals damaged skin from within. While this product can’t correct all skin flaws, users see significant improvement within just two weeks. And with Crystal Tomato’s help, one’s most visible organ takes on a beautiful new glow.

Vaginal Aging & How to Deal With it Naturally


There are beautiful aspects of time, such as watching loved ones grow up. But there is also an ugly side that most dislike, and that is aging. One of the problems that some women have to deal with–which most would rather not talk about–is an aging vagina. A woman’s womanhood continues to lose elasticity, which has several effects. The following will show you a few issues with an aging vagina and natural vaginal tightening tips.

Problems With an Aging Vagina

There are more reasons than you might imagine that should prompt you to pay attention to your aging vagina. The following should help you understand why an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia is of the utmost importance:

One of the issues that starts to affect women is elasticity. The vagina loses so much elasticity that it begins to shrink in size. This is a problem during sex, especially because women start to lose moisture. Both of these issues can make sex uncomfortable for both the man and the women.

It is a good idea to use natural lubricants to help avoid discomfort or pain, like coconut oil or olive oil.

The thinning walls could make it easier for your vagina to get urinary tract infections and or other infections. It is a good idea to see a doctor if you start to have too many of these types of infections.

Perhaps one of the most noticeable changes is to the lips of the vagina, which begin to look a little loose. They may become lose enough that wearing tight clothing will simply be unappealing. It is possible that sexual partners might not find the appearance arousing either.

Of course, you can always talk to your aesthetics doctor about some of these issues to see how he or she can help rectify them.


A Few Natural Remedies
Keep in mind that the following tips are not meant to reverse the aging process but rather help out a little. You should understand that severe changes really need to be taken care of by your aesthetics specialist and doctor.

But consider the following just to help out:

Try Kegel
The Kegel exercises are some of the most dependable exercises to help strengthen and tighten the vagina. All you have to do is clench the pelvis area and release. You can try this exercise when you go to the restroom. Just urinate, and try to halt your urination. Hold your urine for at least five seconds before letting go. Once you understand how to do this, you can stop doing it when you urinate.

You should remember that an orgasm naturally performs these exercises, so it is important that you orgasm often.

Nutrition helps too, as some foods contain phytoestrogens that help balance a woman’s body, especially that area. You should try to eat foods like fenugreek, soybeans, pomegranates, and sesame seeds to name a few.

You can talk to an aesthetics doctor about other things that you can do, but you can clearly see how important it is to keep an eye on your vaginal health and appearance.


Can Chronic Acne Sufferers Get Laser Skin Treatments?

When multiple topical creams, medications and skin routines have failed, suffering from chronic acne can feel like a losing battle. Fortunately, advancements in technology have resulted in improved treatments like laser procedures that have shown success in treating skin conditions. Find out if your breakouts qualify as chronic acne and the types of laser treatments available to heal it.

What Qualifies as Chronic Acne?

Nearly every individual will have at least one acne breakout in their lifetime because of a combination of genes, hormone levels and lifestyle. However, an occasional breakout doesn’t qualify as chronic acne nor does mild acne like blackheads and common whiteheads.

Chronic acne is defined by consistent moderate to severe breakouts that last for months or even years. The blemishes associated with chronic acne are typically composed of pustules and/or cystic pimples that leave the skin red, scarred and uneven. This type of acne doesn’t respond to over the counter treatments and usually requires a combination of medications and treatments to clear up.


Using Laser Skin Treatments to Heal Chronic Acne

There are many different types of treatments for chronic acne, but in recent years laser skin treatments have become increasing popular among dermatologist and aesthetic doctors. Most laser treatments successfully treat acne by shrinking or destroying the glands that produce the skin’s oil. Others actual kill the bacteria within the blemish that causes the inflammation, pain and fluid to percolate. Higher strength treatments remove top layers of the skin to even the skin tone and eliminate scars as well as dirt and oil.

Types of Laser Skin Treatment for Chronic Acne
CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment

  • This type of laser treatment is invasive, meaning that it results in the loss of the top layers of skin. For moderate acne, CO2 Fractional Laser can be done in one treatment, but for more severe acne, it is typically broken down into multiple treatments over a period of months to prevent damage.


Light and Heat Energy Laser Treatment

  • Referenced as LHE by aesthetic doctors, Light and Heat Energy laser treatment is non-invasive, which results in virtually no healing time. Instead of removing a layer of skin, LHE shrinks the oil glands which results in the glands producing less acne attributing oil.
  • While this non-invasive procedure usually only causes redness, it does need to be repeated two or more times to be effective.


Diode Laser Treatment

  • Diode laser treatment is also a non-invasive procedure. Instead of shrinking the oil glands, Diode destroys them completely to heal the current blemishes as well prevent any more from forming.
  • There is no healing time with Diode, but some redness may occur for up to a day after the procedure.



Laser Treatments: One Step Closer to Clear Skin

If you’re struggling with chronic acne, laser treatments may be an effective treatment for your skin. Check with your dermatologist or aesthetic doctor to find out if any of the laser treatments would benefit your skin condition.


Avoid Getting Wrinkles Around Your Eyes With These Tips


People in the United Kingdom spend over 18 billion pounds per year to fight wrinkles, according to the Daily Mail. Many of these individuals seek to rejuvenate aging skin around their eyes. Unsightly creases may begin to appear in this area before you turn 30 years old. Fortunately, these tips can help you prevent such wrinkles:
1. Don’t use cigarettes or cigars. The smoke from tobacco products causes facial skin to age far more rapidly. Other airborne pollutants have the ability to inflict similar harm. Try to limit your exposure to exhaust from vehicles and fuel-burning machinery.
2. Think about scheduling a microdermabrasion appointment at a local aesthetician’s office. This procedure extracts facial skin cells that have died, according to Livestrong. It slows the development of crow’s feet and other fine lines.
3. Stay in shaded or enclosed areas between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The New York Times reports that sunlight causes roughly 90 percent of wrinkles and similar decay. When you can’t avoid the sun, apply a high-SPF sunscreen that shields you from UVA and UVB rays. Never use tanning salons to darken your skin.
4. Wear sunglasses to stop ultraviolet rays from reaching the tissue around your eyes. Shape Magazine recommends using glasses with a high level of UV protection and large lenses. Examine the package and only buy a product that offers 99 percent or greater protection.
5. Sleep at least seven hours every night. WebMD warns that human bodies generate extra cortisol when they suffer from too little slumber. This hormone damages facial and other skin cells. If you can’t fall asleep, consider drinking chamomile tea, installing dark curtains or removing electronics from the bedroom.
6. Adjust your diet to reduce sugar intake while adding more antioxidants and vitamins. Studies have found that vitamins C and E stop wrinkles, according to the Huffington Post. Niacinamide supplements may specifically prevent wrinkling near the eyes.
7. Use an eye lift serum or eyemask containing some of the same nutrients. Researchers discovered that moisturising lotions with peptides and niacinamide banish face wrinkles faster than tretinoin products, according to the National Library of Medicine. Prevention Magazine urges readers to use niacinamide creams twice daily.
8. Consider applying anti-aging balms or serums to your face. Pay close attention to the ingredients and watch out for allergens. Vogue‘s list of the best eye cream products features lotions containing retinol, amino acids, peptides, ferulic acid and various antioxidants.
9. Refrain from washing your face more than once daily, especially if you use chlorinated tap water. This can dry out your skin and remove beneficial oils. Choose a gentle soap with no strong fragrances. To avoid uncomfortable dryness, spread a moisturising lotion on your face after cleaning it.

Consider adopting several of these techniques to gain optimal results. At the same time, it’s crucial to avoid skin-damaging activities, embrace a nutritious diet and keep away from direct sunlight


Deep Treatments for Youthful Skin


Although the outermost layer of the skin is the one that’s presented to the world, it’s not the area on which to focus when attempting to achieve younger looking skin. The main issue is that the outermost layer consists of skin cells and other cells that are near the end of their life cycle. When those cells completely die, they don’t always flake off and fall away. As a result, they can form a layer over the younger, healthier cells, causing the skin to look dull and making it more susceptible to wrinkles and other signs of aging. By regularly treating the deeper layers of the skin, you will achieve long-term anti-aging success.


Top Options for Deep-Treating the Skin to Keep it Youthful

With so many products flooding the market, it can be tricky to find options that truly treat the skin on a deep level. Instead of focusing on brands and specific products, educate yourself about basic ingredients that have been proven to effectively deeply treat the skin. Some especially relevant suggestions include:


  • Topical Retinoids – If you’ve never used retinoids before, start with the gentlest ones you can find. They are used in cleansers, creams and masks, so it’s easy to incorporate them into your skincare regimen. Topical retinoids deeply treat the skin by acting as powerful exfoliants. They have been shown to effectively improve fine lines and wrinkles, mottled pigmentation, uneven texture and other issues.


  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids Plus Retinol – Applying a retinol clean before bed is a terrific way to deeply treat the skin. A derivative of vitamin A, retinol acts by “ungluing” dead skin cells, prompting them to fall away more quickly and stimulating the growth of new, healthy cells. However, applying a powerful cream like this every night isn’t advisable, so consider alternating with an alpha-hydroxy-based cream. Alpha hydroxy acids are also exfoliants. They have the added bonus of attracting and binding moisture to the skin.


  • Hyaluronic Acid – The most popular way to use hyaluronic acid is in a peel, but it is also found in many anti aging serums and creams. Hyaluronic acid acts as a lattice, or framework, for crucial skin components like elastin and collagen. It also helps to attract and retain moisture to the skin. It is available in many formulas and can be used to treat everything from fine lines to deep wrinkles.


  • Peels – Use a peel from time to time to keep skin fresh, youthful and resilient. Many options are available, but the most popular include deep peels, which are also called phenol peels, and superficial peels that can be used on a more frequent basis. Superficial peels usually contain gentler but still effective ingredients like salicylic acid and alpha hydroxy acids.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of deep treatments for youthful skin that are available today. As long as you stick with options that include the characteristics and ingredients highlighted above, you will be well on your way to achieving youthful skin long into old age.


Body Enhancement For You With A Licensed Doctor


You can do a lot of different body enhancement procedures if you have picked the right doctor, and you can get a buttock enhancement when you go to an aesthetic doctor in KL. This is a procedure that you do when your body is no longer cooperating with you, and you can ask the doctor what they can do to help. Everyone is a little different, but you can go to the doctor to see what they think they can do.
The Consultation 

You have to get a consultation with the doctor to see what kind of enhancement you can get. There are a lot of enhancements that will be perfect for your body, but the doctor has to give you an explanation of how that is going to work. Anyone who is trying to make their body look different should ask for a rendering that shows what they will look like when they are done with the procedure. The doctor can give a very close estimate as to the results, and you can move forward.
Butt Augmentation Atlanta GA
Planning Your Procedure 

You have to plan for the procedure by scheduling an appointment with the office. You will go to see the doctor, and you will be taken in for your procedure. You will need to set aside several hours, and you must allow the doctor to do their job. You will most likely be put under general anaesthesia, and you will be slowly brought out of it when it is time. The doctor does a minimally invasive procedure, and they will insert any of the modification items that you need. This is how they have a chance to reshape your buttocks, and they will check their work before finishing the procedure.
The Recovery 

You get to recover in the office of the doctor for as long as you need before you go home, and that will help you when you are having pain or discomfort after the procedure. Everyone will feel a little woozy when they are done with the surgery, but you will feel very good when you are done with the procedure. You will be taken care of by the people who work in the office, and they will send you on your way when you feel better.
Follow Ups 

You can go to the doctor for follow ups, and the doctor will let you know how you are doing with your recovery. This will help you make sure that you are having the best recovery possible, and you can go home when the doctor thinks that you are doing well. You need to be sure to follow the instructions of the doctor, and you need to make sure that you have listened so that you can be safe while you are recovering.

There are a lot of people who can get their bodies changed when they are going to the doctor. You need to make sure that you choose a good doctor who can help you make your body look great.


Choosing The Right Makeup

You can just L’Oreal or Maybelline in Malaysia to get the best look possible, and both brands will make you look amazing. You need to try some online shopping to get the right versions of both brands, and you will be able to make yourself look amazing all the time. Women all need different kinds of makeup to look their best, and you have a lot of good choices. You should start with your foundation, and then you can go from there.



You have pick a foundation that will give you the foundation that you need, and it needs to give you coverage you are looking for. Some girls need full coverage to look and feel their best, but other girls need a light smattering of makeup on their faces. Girls with red hair do well with hardly any foundation, and girls with dark hair often look their best when they are wearing a full face.



You Need Blush

A good blush will help to keep your cheeks rosy all day, but you still need to pick out the colour that you think will work best for you. Most women will go for a blush that is a nice rosy colour, but there are other blushes that will look just as good. You can go a little more pink if you have red hair, and you can go a little more orange if you have dark hair. There are some amazing blushes out there, and you need to try them all on the skin to see what they do for you.



You Need Eye Colour

You need eye colour that is going to make you feel great, and you need to consider what will work the best for you when you start getting ready in the morning. The most important part is the eyeliner that you need to choose carefully, and you have to make sure it is the right thickness. You will do yourself well to get the right kind of eyeliner, and you need to make sure you can do what you want with it when you are ready.



Lip Colour

You need lip colour that will help stand out no matter where you are. The most classic colour is red, and a bright red lipstick is still a very sexy look for any woman. It does so much more for a woman than any other kind of lip colour, but you can go darker or lighter depending on the season. You have to decide which kind you like the best so it matches what you are wearing.




Mascara has to be in the right colour, and it needs to come with a brush you can use. Getting something that is too hard to use will ruin mascara for you, and you need to get something that is waterproof so that you will not have problems during the day if you sweat or cry. All these things come together to make you look amazing every day.