Can Chronic Acne Sufferers Get Laser Skin Treatments?

When multiple topical creams, medications and skin routines have failed, suffering from chronic acne can feel like a losing battle. Fortunately, advancements in technology have resulted in improved treatments like laser procedures that have shown success in treating skin conditions. Find out if your breakouts qualify as chronic acne and the types of laser treatments available to heal it.

What Qualifies as Chronic Acne?

Nearly every individual will have at least one acne breakout in their lifetime because of a combination of genes, hormone levels and lifestyle. However, an occasional breakout doesn’t qualify as chronic acne nor does mild acne like blackheads and common whiteheads.

Chronic acne is defined by consistent moderate to severe breakouts that last for months or even years. The blemishes associated with chronic acne are typically composed of pustules and/or cystic pimples that leave the skin red, scarred and uneven. This type of acne doesn’t respond to over the counter treatments and usually requires a combination of medications and treatments to clear up.


Using Laser Skin Treatments to Heal Chronic Acne

There are many different types of treatments for chronic acne, but in recent years laser skin treatments have become increasing popular among dermatologist and aesthetic doctors. Most laser treatments successfully treat acne by shrinking or destroying the glands that produce the skin’s oil. Others actual kill the bacteria within the blemish that causes the inflammation, pain and fluid to percolate. Higher strength treatments remove top layers of the skin to even the skin tone and eliminate scars as well as dirt and oil.

Types of Laser Skin Treatment for Chronic Acne
CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment

  • This type of laser treatment is invasive, meaning that it results in the loss of the top layers of skin. For moderate acne, CO2 Fractional Laser can be done in one treatment, but for more severe acne, it is typically broken down into multiple treatments over a period of months to prevent damage.


Light and Heat Energy Laser Treatment

  • Referenced as LHE by aesthetic doctors, Light and Heat Energy laser treatment is non-invasive, which results in virtually no healing time. Instead of removing a layer of skin, LHE shrinks the oil glands which results in the glands producing less acne attributing oil.
  • While this non-invasive procedure usually only causes redness, it does need to be repeated two or more times to be effective.


Diode Laser Treatment

  • Diode laser treatment is also a non-invasive procedure. Instead of shrinking the oil glands, Diode destroys them completely to heal the current blemishes as well prevent any more from forming.
  • There is no healing time with Diode, but some redness may occur for up to a day after the procedure.



Laser Treatments: One Step Closer to Clear Skin

If you’re struggling with chronic acne, laser treatments may be an effective treatment for your skin. Check with your dermatologist or aesthetic doctor to find out if any of the laser treatments would benefit your skin condition.


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