Be Your OwnSexy – Why Achieving Celebrity “Post-Baby” Bodies are Harmful to Mothers

Celebrity moms waste no time in showing off their incredibly sexy figures after childbirth. Pictures of their amazing post-baby comeback are everywhere. Well, as famous superstars, they need to be in the limelight. If you recently gave birth, there is no reason to be insecure. Understandably, one of your main concerns is also how to regain the whistle-bait figure of your old self. It does not happen overnight even if you were prescribed Duromine pills for weight loss. Magic is only for the stars.

Never feel frantic about losing weight fast because this mom-thing is not for you alone. Remember the baby you just gave birth to? You can actually bounce back but there is no rush. Take your time because the more you insist, the more harm you might inflict on yourself.


Why Achieving Celebrity “Post-Baby” Bodies are Harmful to Mothers 

  • Strictly speaking, if it took nine months to gain weight (estimated 20% or more of your body weight) during pregnancy, then it should follow that losing weight takes about the same time. However, be aware that within a period of three to twelve months after childbirth, you should already see a downward trajectory of your weight. Women who fail to lose weight beyond the said period might instead continue to gain weight. Health issues could arise thereafter.
  • If celebrities claim that strict diet and exercise regimen dropped their weight tremendously, it must have been the handiwork of professional dieticians and trainers hired for the said purpose. After childbirth, it is safer to take baby steps in the mean time before going flat out on diet programs and fitness routines. It is very important for Mom and baby to eat healthily. Perhaps inserting some physical activity during baby care can progressively prepare you better for the work ahead.
  • The desire to lose weight after childbirth is very strong. In your haste to achieve your goal, do not be tempted to buy over-the-counter diet pills or weight loss products. Some of these pills were found to contain harmful ingredients like ephedrine and phenylpropanolamine which can cause severe heart conditions and high blood pressure. Take only appetite suppressants or diet pills that are duly prescribed by physicians.


Do not feel inferior to celebrity moms showcasing their super sexy bodies a few weeks or months after childbirth. Take note you are not on stage. No paparazzi are stalking you. So there’s no need to compare your progress to theirs. Instead, be inspired and challenged by your favorite celebrity mom. If they can do it, so can you.

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