Childproofing Your Home: Part 2

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One of the most injury-prone areas of any property is the kitchen. In most houses, there may already be a playpen where the housewife can put the baby or toddler in while she cooks. However, as the toddler becomes older, confining him in the playpen will be more difficult than ever. Sometimes, your toddler may venture into the kitchen because he had always seen mommy going in there to fix food and drinks. How do you childproof your kitchen?

First of all, keep all your kitchenware away from the edges of counters and tables. Table cloths may be pretty, but you do not want to have these cloths dangling from the tables where your toddler may pull on. If your child pulls the table cloth, things will fall from the table together with the cloth, which may be knives, forks, boiling water, hot soup or anything that you put on the table.

You may also want to make sure that the pot handles are facing towards the back of the stove. Your child may grab the handles when you are not looking, spilling all the contents on him, potentially scalding and burning him in the process.

Also, keep all sauces, herbs and spices out of reach. If your child is old enough to understand, educate your child to identify hazardous materials using some warning stickers and sticking them on the poisonous and hazardous items. These items with warning stickers should serve as a reminder to your child to not touch them or even get near them.


There are a lot of horror stories about children drowning in bathrooms. The first thing you want to do is to make sure that your toddler will not be going into the bathroom without your supervision. Install a toilet lock or latch, and make it a habit to latch the toilet from the outside so that your baby will not sneak in there when you do not notice it.

If you are already potty training your toddler and you give him the freedom to use the toilet, you may want to install toilet locks to keep the lids closed. Toddlers are top heavy, so they may actually lean and fall into the toilet or the bathtub easily. They may also drown very easily, even with just one inch of water.

Some of you might have electrical sockets for hair dryers or shavers. Unplug them to prevent electrocution upon contact with water in the bathroom, and cover the unused electrical points with outlet protectors or safety caps. If you could, install a ground fault circuit interrupter to your electrical points in both the bathroom and the kitchen. These will turn off the electricity if the appliance falls into water.

Hallways and Staircases

Keep your home décor to a minimum or place all decorations on a high table that the child would not be able to reach. Any object that is shiny or colorful will attract their curiosity and cause them to venture out. In large homes like a bungalow, they could easily get lost. Make sure the child is confined to a particular room or placed in a playpen when you are busy doing chores. You could also attach a child-proof gate at the doors to keep them from venturing outside a safe area.

Childproofing Your Home: Part 1

Do you have babies and toddlers at home? If you do and you are taking care of them full time, you probably feel the anxiety of having to look over their every step to make sure that there will not be any unintentional injury at home. In most cases, the injuries could have been prevented. Let’s start childproofing your home.

Living Room

Babies and toddlers are usually crawling around the house when they are learning to move around. Even if they are already learning to walk, they may be no taller than perhaps 2 feet tall. The way they see the world is different from us, and they are full of curiosity.

One of the main things that you should pay attention to is the electrical sockets around the property. Congratulations if all the electrical sockets and telephone points are fixed at 5 feet height. However, it is very likely that you will have the electrical sockets one foot above the ground especially for television and telephone points. These are hazardous, potentially causing electrical shocks to your baby if you are not aware of baby poking his little fingers into the holes of the electrical points.

You may also want to pay more attention to the wiring. Bundle the electrical cords neatly, or have them attached to your walls. In fact, bundle neatly any dangling strings such as those from window blinds, because these can be potential strangulation hazards for your child.

Besides the electrical points and wiring, take note of all things which you have placed at the height below 2 feet which can be accessed easily by your baby. Always put medications and smaller objects away from such a low level, because children have a tendency to put things into their mouth.

Also, you may want to ensure that the main door is closed, or at least something to block the doors so that baby cannot crawl out of the house when you turn your back to get some things done. If you live in a condominium, make sure you affix a child-proof gate at sliding doors that open to the balcony or always make sure the door is closed. Fix grills to the windows to make sure that your toddler will not be climbing out of the windows. Leave nothing to chance!

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Reasons For Buying An Apartment In Penang

Many Westerners are nowadays buying apartment in Penang. The reasons for this are numerous. Some of them have to do with money, others with the lifestyle the Pearl of the Orient offers. We will briefly look at a couple of reasons why buying an apartment here makes a lot of sense – both financial and otherwise.

The main reason for many people is affordability. Although prices of Penang apartments and condos are nowadays rising rapidly, they are still very affordable in Western terms. The growing demand from investors will ensure that you enjoy excellent returns on your money in years to come. Not only is real estate still relatively affordable, but life on the island is very affordable in general. Everything, from street food in Gurney Drive to a meal in a luxury restaurant at the G Hotel, will cost you only a fraction of its Western equivalent.

Another very important factor that drives people to buy property in Penang is the lovely climate and beautiful beaches, like the ones in Batu Ferrighi. When Europe and America are suffering under a blanket of snow, those who were smart enough to buy property in on this tropical island is basking in the hot sun on beaches that can only be described as picture-perfect.

Penang is of course an island off the coast of Malaysia. Under the ‘Malaysia my 2nd home” program, you can buy property here and spend six months of the year on the island without the need to apply for citizenship. Many people use this opportunity to invest in property and spend the winter months here to enjoy the sunshine and the beaches.

Facilities on the island are excellent. You have shopping malls, restaurants, markets and entertainment options to keep you busy around the clock. Health facilities are also on par with that found in many Western countries.

An apartment in Penang is therefore more than a sound investment, it also involves a lifestyle change that will reap benefits for many years to come.


Live Comfortably In Apartment Penang

Looking for a change? Move to Malaysia and you can enjoy a fascinating culture with gorgeous tropical scenery. One of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the country is Penang. With your own apartment Penang, you can live like a local. Experience life in Malaysia and make memories to last a lifetime.

The world is enchanted by Malaysia, a country where cultures from around Asia co-exist harmoniously. Most of the population is Malay, Chinese or Indian, though there are significant groups of many other Asian peoples as well. The city is known for being friendly and receptive to tourists and people from overseas. Many find the mix of modern and traditional, Eastern and Western to be very intriguing as well. For instance, in George Town, Penang you’ll see buildings from the city’s British colonial past, and not far away you can find any number of centuries-old Buddhist temples and indigenous shrines. You can also take part in tourist activities at beachfront resorts, enjoying the clear water, diving and coral reefs.

You can enjoy great dining in Penang, but trying the street food will give you a less touristy, more authentic experience. Go where the locals go and you’ll end up with some of the best dishes. In just a few minutes, you can try simple but flavorful Indian, Malaysian and Chinese dishes, and enjoy people-watching as you eat at the roadside.

Particularly for those with an interest in architecture or colonial history, take a look at the heritage buildings in inner city George Town. There you will find eclectic architecture overflowing with history.

Some of the most interesting architecture, also providing an informative look into Malaysian society and culture today, can be found at the many religious structures in Penang. Dedicated to the the supreme ruler of heaven according to Taoist belief, the Jade Emperor’s Pavilion is a beautiful temple that has stood for a hundred and forty years. It sees the most number of visitors during Chinese New Year.

You should also be sure to check out the Reclining Buddha. The thirty-three meter long, gold plated Buddha statue is housed in a temple built by a Thai monk in 1845. Throughout the grounds you can find intricately decorated shrines and every shape and size of Buddha statue. The city also has mosques, Hindu temples, and Churches throughout, so the religious sights are virtually endless.

For the night life, head to the Upper Penang Road in George Town. There you can grab a drink in a bar, sing in a karaoke club, or enjoy a live band at one of the clubs. For a more casual scene, head to nearby Chulia Street where you can relax at a coffee shop, inexpensive bar or quaint motel.

If you’re living in Penang, you won’t want to miss the Toy Museum. The only one of its kind in the entire world, it offers countless toys and collectibles that kids and adults alike will delight in seeing. Another attraction in Teluk Bahang’s butterfly farm. There you can go to see all sizes and colors of butterflies fluttering freely around. The farm is also a breeding and research center for butterflies.

No matter where you’re from, there are endless attractions in Penang. If you stay long enough and live in a luxurious apartment Penang, you can experience the local life in a new and exciting city.

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Afford A Lifestyle Of Luxury Living in Penang, Malaysia

How do you decide which country is the right one to live in and invest abroad? You might find it an overwhelming decision with so many choices available. The truth is there’s plenty to consider before making any final decisions to pursue your overseas dreams. It’s not just about picking the best picture postcard of your dream home.

Whether you are looking for a second home…a holiday home…a retirement home…an investment home, Penang, Malaysia has it all! Found off the north coast of Malaysia, this little island doubles as a tourist and expatriate magnet. Malaysia’s secret weapon, Penang with its natural beauty and exotic heritage has attracted many curious visitors to its shores.

A place of mysterious temples and tropical beaches lined with palm trees was the backdrop that famous British novelist, Somerset Maugham used as he spun stories about the romance of the colonial white planter in South-East Asia.

But, why Malaysia you may ask? It’s all about Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)! The MM2H program is an attractive package that the Malaysian government has designed to attract in particular retirees to come to Malaysia and set up home here. Malaysia offers a myriad of reasons for an expatriate to settle permanently here. And most of all Malaysians are willing to welcome you into their hearts and homes.

Retirees will find that life is much more fun and relaxed while living in Penang, Malaysia, which is a retiree’s haven with ample time on their hands to pursue all those dreams and hobbies which they have never found time for. Cultivating exotic orchids in your garden, taking yoga classes, improving your handicap in golf, having time to try out recipes that you have been saving from magazines, helping out at a charity home are some of the hobbies that may be pursued.

Penang’s exceptional low cost of living and tax-friendly system is most attractive to retirees and foreigners looking for a second home. Property and rental costs are low. Shopping for food in the well-stocked supermarkets is cheap. This is achieved through the Government’s efficient monitoring of the economy in ensuring that inflation is kept low at all times and thereby also the prices of goods and services. A retiree’s pension when transferred to Malaysia will stretch much further than in their home country.

Buying property in Penang is fairly easy. The most popular belt for foreigners to settle along is the exotic northern coastal area, where the most desirable neighborhoods can be found, with its white sandy beaches and sea-facing apartments and condominiums with million-dollar views. Wake up in the morning to a gentle breeze from the sea, a clear blue sky splashed with the vibrant colors of a rising sun and far off fishing boats bringing in the day’s catch.

Article written by: C Guan Soo