Affordable Luxury: 7 Ways to Experience Travel in Luxury for Less

girl-travelling-soloTraveling has become ubiquitous whether you’re out for a holiday or traveling across oceans for work. At the same time, traveling in style and luxury is an emerging trend. While 5-Star Hotels and high-end lounges signify extravagant trips shared on social media, luxury travels can be costly. With mobile apps and technology making wanderlust easier and more affordable, here are seven tips to access luxury for less for the modern traveler.


  1. Revel in a Complimentary Airport Lounge

Instead of slumming it out in the designated waiting area, wait for your flight in the lap of luxury using credit cards like the KLIA premium lounge credit cards that grant you access to the best airport resting areas free of charge.


  1. Utilize Online Travel Deals

If you have plans to visit scenic travel spots and eat at famous restaurants, sites like Klook and Groupon allow you to book reservations in advance for a fraction of the price. Imagine being dropped off your hotel in a limo for the price of taking a cab. Online coupon sites have a deal for almost everything.


  1. Travel during the Off-Season

When you go during the peak season, prices are exorbitantly high. While in the off-season, the 5-Star Hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants will afford you the same luxury for a fraction of the price.


  1. Pre-book Wi-Fi

Staying connected in a different country grants you the luxury of convenience. You can book affordable Wi-Fi routers through websites like Flytpack. Google Maps your way around the city or book last-minute reservations wherever your sense of adventure takes you.


  1. Stay at an AirBnB

Instead of reserving a room at the Ritz, try staying at a well-reviewed AirBnB. You’ll not only save money but experience an accommodation with a punch of personality and meet local tour guides for a more authentic experience.


  1. Splurge during Lunch

Food is a landmark all of its own when traveling. You’re able to taste the flavors of what makes up the locale; however, good and authentic food can be quite expensive. A great tip to eating at renowned restaurants is to head there during lunch. Meal sets and lunch specials afford you quality for a fraction of the price.


  1. Extend a Work Trip

While flights can be expensive, extending a work trip a few days saves on costs while merging work and play. Apps like Tripit can build an expansive itinerary that suits what you’re looking for whether it’s to taste gourmet fare or explore the locale’s history.


For the savvy traveler like yourself, save these easy-to-follow tips on your mobile device and enjoy a luxurious vacation in an affordable way.

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