A TASTE OF THE GOOD LIFE – 5 Ways to Experience the Jet Set Lifestyle in Malaysia


Have you ever fancied a jet set lifestyle? Certainly, your tastes are no different from the affluent and sophisticated. You do not need a private jet to live out your fantasy. Clear your calendar and bring your family to glamorous Kuala Lumpur. People now can find a deluxe villa in Malaysia for that ultimate lifestyle experience.


Jet setters travel in style. Flying to exotic locations in pursuit of adventure is a whim. Your objective is entirely different and you are a socialite in your own way seeking to fulfill a lifelong dream. Here’s how you can experience the jet set lifestyle in Malaysia:

  1. First, your frame of mind should be that of a true blue jet setter. Be prepared to conform to the country’s rich culture. Every travel of seasoned high-flyers is to enhance their experience. Discovering a whole new world means moving away from your comfort zone and blending in with the cultural heritage.


  1. The Island of Langkawi is one of the most beautiful landform sites in Asia, if not the world. Distance yourself from the maddening crowd and jet set your way into this surreal tropical island. A jet setter’s vacay is not complete without basking in the sun while enjoying a quiet space at the beach.


  1. The taste buds of the well-travelled are always burning with sensation. You can savor the authentic taste of Malaysian and foreign-inspired popular dishes in shop house-lined streets or in the glam restos atop high-rise buildings. Jet setters have no qualms about eating in casual places or exquisite bistros.


  1. The Sunway Pyramid shopping mall located in the Sunway Resort City is the shopper’s paradise of the globetrotter. This is the haven for your retail therapy. Your spectrum is wide to navigate the whole stretch filled with branded outlets and F&B galore. Literally, it is a shop till you drop affair. Anyway, a jet setter will always look for quality items when going on a spending binge in a humongous marketplace such as this one.


  1. When you find a deluxe villa in Malaysia, expect the best swinging taste of the good life. Jet setters prefer to stay in private accommodations with lavish dimensions. A private pool surrounded by a lush colorful garden is the perfect couple or family recluse. Pampered is an understatement. Living in this sanctuary for a day or two should be enough to experience the lifestyle of the wealthy less the worldly stress.


You can always dream, plan and arrange for a vacation to get away from it all. However, to experience a jet set lifestyle for a fleeting moment is priceless. Mass-market travel is not the trait of the jet setter. You are distinguished by your sense of purpose and luxurious taste. A once-in-a-lifetime splurge ain’t so bad if the travel moment you desire is aristocratic. Do not dream about it, live it!

plan and arrange for a vacation

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