9 Ready-Made and Easy to Grab Healthy Snacks for People On The Go!


Everyone knows that if you have to eat lunch at work, the healthiest option is to pack your lunch at home and bring it in. But that’s not always easy when you are limited for healthy options and for time. Let’s face it, making a healthy lunch for yourself every day can add up to a few hours of prep time week, and not all of us have this time to work with. Fortunately, there are some quick food ideas that you can use to make any lunch you pack tasty and healthy too.

1. Yogurt with fresh fruit and nuts

Yogurt is a great-tasting and fast side dish that would be great in a sack lunch any day. Consider adding fresh fruit to your daily yogurt cup and even a few sprinkles of nuts like almost or pecans.


2. Veggies and hummus

There’s no need to make a mess making your own hummus when you can buy pre-made hummus at the store and fill it into small lunch cups each day. Use precut baby carrots and a few pretzels for dipping.


3. Marigold apple juice

Marigold apple juice is great-tasting juice containing tons of nutrients found in apples. This beverage is 100 percent juice, so you can be assured it has no additives that might be unhealthy. Get Marigold apple juice now and include it in one serving containers for quick lunch packing!


4. Vegetable wraps and sandwiches

Most wraps and sandwiches are super healthy for you, and these are always easy to make. Simply go for the whole grain wrap tortillas and whole grain bread. Spread light cream cheese or hummus on one side, and add all the vegetables you want.


5. Cottage Cheese

If you want a quick protein boost and a tasty side dish, why not try a small one-serving unit of cottage cheese. Choose the small curdle and low fat variety for the best health kick.


6. Bananas

When you really need something quick, easy and healthy to bring to work with you for lunch, a banana is always a good fix. Bananas are all natural, and they even come in perfect one serving sizes with their own container!


7. Applesauce

Another great-tasting and healthy food that can be easily packed for lunches is applesauce. Try to choose the non-sweetened, organic variety for the healthiest option. You can find these in one serving containers. Just bring along a spoon and you’re all set.


8. Peanut butter and celery sticks

Peanut butter is an excellent energy booster for mid-day, and it tastes great as well! Try it with cut up celery sticks so that you don’t add too many extra calories in addition to the peanut butter. Also choose to buy celery hearts at the store instead of whole celery stalks because they tend to waste less.


9. Pasta salads with lots of veggies

Finally, pasta salad is a good way to incorporate some carbs with lots of veggies. Try using a small amount of oil and vinegar instead of mayonnaise. Make a batch for the whole week, and it won’t go bad!

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