7 Ways to Help Get Rid of Unsightly Scars in Malaysia to Improve the Skin’s Appearance

Scars are not only unattractive but can also be a sad reminder of the unfortunate event that led to getting the scar. Whether hidden or not, scars can also create self-consciousness that can lower a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

When the skin gets an injury either, through a burn, cut, acne, or even surgery, it goes through a natural healing process to prevent infection. The healing process seals the wound, creating a scar, which conspicuous in an unattractive way because it does not resemble the rest of the skin. Luckily, visiting an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia can help, reduce the size or change the appearance, size or position of a scar. 

Methods of scar removal

Laser scar removal

Laser scar removal uses a high energy light on the affected scar tissue to reshape or remove it. Depending on the scar type, an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia may use a different kind of laser to deal with the scar. For instance, a pulsed dye laser may work best with a reddened or raised scar while laser skin resurfacing may be the best solution for an acne scar.


A doctor may use an electrical machine to remove the layer of the skin with a scar.  Microdermabrasion makes the affected area smoother which works towards making a scar less visible.

Chemical Peel

The doctor applies a chemical to the affected area which makes the scar flaky. After some time, the flaky scar tissue falls off on its own, and a new brighter skin grows in its place.

Punch grafts

The doctor can use skin from other areas of the body to cover up the scar area. First, the physician uses a small circular cutter to cut out the area with the scar, then replaces it with a normal unscarred skin that matches the rest of your body.


Injections like cortisone can flatten or shrink scars like those cause by keloids while interferon may improve the appearance of most scars.


Surgery is an invasive scar removal technique and is only appropriate for large and prominent scars. Surgery is effective for making wide scars thinner and long scars shorter. A doctor can also hide a scar by re-directing it to a wrinkle or hairline to make it less noticeable.

Pressure bandages and massages

Massages and pressure bandages can flatten scars, but the patient must use them for several months before seeing any substantial results.

When it comes to scar removal, it is crucial to understand that there is no “one size fits all” procedure. One removal technique might work with one scar type but might not work with another. Some methods might also be pricier than others while some may work quicker than others.

Aside from making a personal decision on what a patient wants, it’s paramount to seek services from a certified and qualified aesthetic doctor in Malaysia to get professional advice and services. Getting treatment from a professional that knows what they’re doing means that there will be no chance of botched procedures due to lack of know-how that are common with many back street procedures.

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