7 Tips to Majestically Transform Your Malaysian Home



Regardless of how big or mall is it, there’s no place you could be safer and comfortable than home. That’s why, everyone has been investing to have a better -looking and spacious home to live for the rest of their days. From decorating walls to arranging pieces of furniture in Malaysia, here are some tips on how to make your Malaysian home great!


  1. Transform the Doors

Wooden, stainless, and painted ones are too old fashioned! If you want something new, then it’s time to become transparent and elegant! The use of glass doors adds a sophisticated look to your room. You can try to use this tip on your walk-in wardrobe or bathroom.


  1. Paint The Wall with Stripes

It’s cuter when the walls of your kids’ rooms are painted with stripes. Try gray and white to appear simple yet elegant, or yellow and white to create a balance between a boy or girl’s theme.


  1. Choose the Glossy Stainless Steel

Transform your kitchen into shiny, gray, and big. Your guests will surely love to hang in your kitchen once you made it simple and classic. Paint the cabinets with silver and choose those appliances that are made up of silver.


  1. Pebble-lined Walkway

An ocean-inspired design, pebble-lined upgrade transforms a walkway into a secret tunnel path to your living room or kitchen.


  1. Choosing the Room’s Color

If you want to make your room spacious, choose a bright or soft color. Try white, cream, or beige; they reflect light, hence making the room big. But if you want to make it cozy, choose the darker one. However, dark colors create an illusion of lesser space.


  1. Less Is More

Not because you love everything does not mean you should display or put them all in one room. Instead of putting all of your ceramic vases into one side or corner of the room, you can divide them into quarters giving you a more dramatic look. Also, if you are going to choose some furniture in Malaysia, might as well choose the not so bigger one for lesser space.


  1. Make it Vertical

Make your floor spaces bigger by optimizing vertical space use. Avoid bulking your things up. Try using innovated shelves that maximize your wall’s vertical spaces.


Investing to beautiful home interiors would make your life more relaxed and contented. Even just a wall transformation could make your home different! But what’s more important, as you make every home beautiful, ensure also that they are all worth living with the ones you love.


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