7 Reasons Why Malaysians Should Start Using A Bidet

toilet sanitary sink or bowl bidet and paper

It’s almost impossible to totally clean your private areas using only toilet paper, which is why a bidet comes in handy. While most households in Malaysia use water pipes for personal cleaning and hygiene, these seven reasons will change your mind to start using a bidet seat:clogged

  1. Prevent and reduce clogs or other plumbing problems With a bidet, you’ll be using less toilet papers to clean yourself, thus reducing the chances of having your toilet clogged. It may even prevent other plumbing problems altogether. Since you’ll need the services of a professional plumber less, you save a lot of time and money as well.2
  2. Better skin care around intimate areas If you have dry or sensitive skin, rubbing it off with harshly textured toilet paper could exacerbate your skin condition. A bidet with water provides better skin care around your intimate areas.3
  3. Provides comfort and relief to sufferers of bowel-related, or other health problems If you are suffering from bowel-related problems like constipation or other health problems like hemorrhoid, cleaning out your private areas with a bidet would provide comfort and relief. Most bidets have specially designed nozzle or water pressure to help flush out your system completely and thoroughly, avoiding the pain and discomfort caused by abrasive toilet paper.4
  4. Reduce household waste and save money You don’t have to waste money to constantly buy toilet paper. This will lead to a massive reduction in household waste, even if you still use toilet paper to dry your private areas. Additionally, there will be less use of garbage bag when disposing used toilet paper.5
  5. Eco-friendly The production and manufacturing of toilet paper are costly, not to mention damaging to Mother Nature. Since you’ll be using less toilet paper, this will help save the environment. The less toilet paper use, the more trees will be saved.6
  6. Bidet seats save more space Unlike the conventional bidet fixtures or attachments, bidet seats save more space. You won’t be needing additional space and plumbing, which could be costly as well as space-consuming.7
  7. Water is more hygienic than toilet paper Water has the power to get rid of bacteria and germs, especially the ones lingering in and out of your private areas.

Having some residue left around your private areas is not a good sight or feeling, not to mention unhygienic. Purchase a bidet toilet seat in Malaysia for a thorough and proper personal cleaning and hygiene. The benefits far outweigh the cost to purchase a bidet, which is a good long-term investment.

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