5 Important Things To Keep in Mind When Purchasing an Outdoor Water Filter In Malaysia


Malaysia is one of the best countries in Asia for outdoor activities like backpacking, hiking, and camping. If you are planning to take up any of these hobbies, one of the most important gear you should always carry with you is an outdoor water filter. You are going to need it to ensure that you are always drinking clean and safe water. A water filter performs two main functions. One, it screens out debris in the water like mud, dust, and little bugs. And two, it helps in getting rid of bacteria, chemicals, and viruses. If you are planning to purchase an outdoor filter in Malaysia, here are the most important factors you must consider:1

  1. The durability of the filter. The most durable water filters out there are the ones that you can carry almost anywhere without worrying that it will either break or malfunction. The amount of water they can filter should also be in the range of 1000 to 2000 liters before they need to be replaced.


  1. The weight of the filter. This is a huge consideration if you are a heavy backpacker wherein every gram or kilo matters. The weight of the filter depends on two things – the material that the filter is made of, and the number of accessories that may come with it. For long-distance hikes, you should go with the lightest filter possible.


  1. The length of time that the filter needs to cleanse the water. This depends on the features of the filter. Some filters claim that you can drink the water right away after filtration. Others instruct you to wait for a few minutes before you drink the water.


  1. The material that the filter is made of. The most common materials used in manufacturing filters are ceramic, fiberglass, hollow fiber, and silica depth. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, ceramic is much tougher than fiberglass but it clogs rather easily.


  1. The micron size of the filter. This refers to the measurement of the pores inside the filter. Generally speaking, the smaller these pores are, the more effective they are in filtering bacteria, chemicals, and viruses.

There are literally dozens of brands that manufacture and sell outdoor water filters today. They differ from each other when it comes to features, sizes, shapes, prices, and toughness. This is why you should take the time to look into your options to determine what’s appropriate for you. You can use the factors discussed above as your guide in purchasing the right filter.

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