5 Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia: Learn Which Professionals Earn Most

higheredThe corporate world has a broad spectrum of jobs that have different salary brackets. For those who are entering college this year, one of the questions they ask is, which jobs pay the highest salary?

When choosing a career, aside from looking for jobs that are significant, challenging and can feed your passion, it is equally important to look at the salary prospects. Let’s face it; everybody needs to earn money for basic expenses but also leisures.


According to the 2016 Hays Asia Salary Guide, 53 percent of Malaysians consider salary and benefits as top priorities when choosing a career. If you’re interested in a peak on who banks the biggest amount of salary in Malaysia, here are the five highest paying jobs.


#5. Real Estate Brokers

The real estate industry is indeed a stable and promising ground for many people aiming for greener pasture. They earn roughly RM 50,000 per month. The primary role of a real estate broker is to act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of real estate properties.


#4. Clinical Research Associate

If the job requires knowledge, expertise, and experience, the salary is expected to compensate all the hard work. A clinical research associate, the one who carries out many activities related to research and clinical trials, earns about RM 52,917 per month.


#3. Engineering

Engineering has many fields, and they are often the highest paid jobs across the globe. For instance, aerospace engineers and materials engineers are paid the highest. In Malaysia, engineers receive about RM 55,000 per month. Engineering courses in Malaysia include chemical engineering, civil engineering, materials engineering, industrial and mechanical engineering.


#2. Marketing Director

The business sector is still one of the most successful fields in the world. A marketing director earns about RM 55,000 per month, and he or she holds responsibility for the marketing activities of the company or organization. Moreover, the marketing director implements a brand strategy for the enterprise.


#1.          Surgeon

In Malaysia, the career that earns the top spot in the highest paid jobs is a surgeon. A surgeon makes about RM 70,000 per month, and that’s a lot of money.


There are many perks of choosing any of these career options. However, being paid this high comes with a price – long working hours, grueling shifts, and increased level of responsibility. It is still important, however, to choose a career that you are passionate about and a job you’ll learn to love in the long run.

What matters most at the end of the day is the fulfillment you’ll feel about your job. If you want to earn more and at the same time, learn and develop your skills and choose a profession you know you want to become.

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