How Grocery Shops Keep The Freshness Of The Fruits And Vegetables They Sell


Fruits and vegetables are considered as perishables, which means they can easily decay if are not stored in a room with controlled temperature. This is particularly the case in tropical countries like Malaysia because the heat can hasten the decay of the fruits and vegetables. For this reason, most grocery shop owners make use of cooling systems to keep the produce fresh and well-preserved. These include commercial coolers and freezers that are designed to accommodate stacks of fruits and vegetables.


Supermarket Refrigeration Systems

This is the term used to describe the system of coolers and freezers that are installed in supermarkets and grocery shops to control the temperature. Not only do these systems preserve the produce being sold in the store, but they also provide indoor air comfort for shoppers. In fact, some refrigeration systems come with separate air conditioning machines. These refrigeration systems are usually installed in the same area as beverages and other perishable products like meat and processed food.


Regularly Spraying The Produce With Water

In some instances, you may have noticed grocery shop workers spraying liquids on the fruits and vegetables they have on display. This is a very common practice to ensure that the items have the moisture they need. Some fruits and vegetables easily wrinkle when they aren’t sprayed for a long time. However, spraying the produce should be done in moderation because too much moisture can lead to the formation of mold that will, in turn, cause the fruits and vegetables to start rotting.


Automated Misting Systems

An automated misting system is a function that comes with some models of supermarket refrigeration systems. As we mentioned earlier, fruits and vegetables need to be moist to maintain their freshness. Instead of spraying them manually, a grocery owner can have an automated misting mechanism installed to do the job automatically. You can set up the settings to control how and when the misting occurs.


These are three of the most common ways in which supermarket and grocery shop owners keep their fruits and vegetables fresh. If you are planning to set up your own store, it’s highly recommended that you remember these systems.

5 Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia: Learn Which Professionals Earn Most

higheredThe corporate world has a broad spectrum of jobs that have different salary brackets. For those who are entering college this year, one of the questions they ask is, which jobs pay the highest salary?

When choosing a career, aside from looking for jobs that are significant, challenging and can feed your passion, it is equally important to look at the salary prospects. Let’s face it; everybody needs to earn money for basic expenses but also leisures.


According to the 2016 Hays Asia Salary Guide, 53 percent of Malaysians consider salary and benefits as top priorities when choosing a career. If you’re interested in a peak on who banks the biggest amount of salary in Malaysia, here are the five highest paying jobs.


#5. Real Estate Brokers

The real estate industry is indeed a stable and promising ground for many people aiming for greener pasture. They earn roughly RM 50,000 per month. The primary role of a real estate broker is to act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of real estate properties.


#4. Clinical Research Associate

If the job requires knowledge, expertise, and experience, the salary is expected to compensate all the hard work. A clinical research associate, the one who carries out many activities related to research and clinical trials, earns about RM 52,917 per month.


#3. Engineering

Engineering has many fields, and they are often the highest paid jobs across the globe. For instance, aerospace engineers and materials engineers are paid the highest. In Malaysia, engineers receive about RM 55,000 per month. Engineering courses in Malaysia include chemical engineering, civil engineering, materials engineering, industrial and mechanical engineering.


#2. Marketing Director

The business sector is still one of the most successful fields in the world. A marketing director earns about RM 55,000 per month, and he or she holds responsibility for the marketing activities of the company or organization. Moreover, the marketing director implements a brand strategy for the enterprise.


#1.          Surgeon

In Malaysia, the career that earns the top spot in the highest paid jobs is a surgeon. A surgeon makes about RM 70,000 per month, and that’s a lot of money.


There are many perks of choosing any of these career options. However, being paid this high comes with a price – long working hours, grueling shifts, and increased level of responsibility. It is still important, however, to choose a career that you are passionate about and a job you’ll learn to love in the long run.

What matters most at the end of the day is the fulfillment you’ll feel about your job. If you want to earn more and at the same time, learn and develop your skills and choose a profession you know you want to become.

Biggest Skincare Problems Men Face (and How To Solve Them)

Since women have a larger market regarding skin care, they have plenty of options to choose from. It is a different case for men as they, sometimes, tend to ignore any skin concern until it becomes a severe issue that they already need to see a skin professional. This is one of the reasons why more often than not, men’s skin care is overlooked.

However, knowing the following common men’s skin care concerns and the ways to treat them may just help you achieve that perfect glowing skin:


  1. Facial Redness

Shaving and facial cleansers may be the culprit for your red face. This is because shaving and harsh soaps irritate the upper layer of your skin making it appear red. Knowing the type of cleansers that fit your skin type and gentle shaving may do the trick to soothe facial redness.

  1. Male Acne

Acne is a condition of the skin in which pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, and papules appear on the skin. Acne causes inflammation of the pores which may lead to severe and unpleasant-looking scarring. Although acne may happen to anybody, male acne may usually be brought upon by other health issues. This is why it is best for you to get a checkup if you are over 25 and still suffering from severe acne.


  1. Premature Aging

The sun is vicious to all skin types due to its harmful UV rays. Add that up to the natural sensitivity of your skin compared to that of a woman’s; it sure is a disaster. Premature aging is just one of the many effects that the sun brings to both men and women. Invest on a good sunscreen for face to protect yourself from premature aging. You may also opt to bring all other sun protection such as umbrella and hat/cap when leaving the comfort of your home.


Skin care knows no gender. This is why you, as a man, must also invest in your own skin care routine. Men’s skin care may be limited in the market but knowing the common skin concerns for you and ways to prevent and treat them will surely jump start your skin health.

Caring for Your Skin Beyond 40: The Secret to Youthfulness Restored

Caring for Your Skin Beyond 40 The Secret to Youthfulness Restored


Many people say wisdom comes with age. However, with age comes a variety of unwanted skin effects like wrinkles and fine lines. By the age of 40, most women will notice the appearance of signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.


There’s no need to get so worried about the years piling up on you. Besides, age is just a number, right? The good thing is, you can still maintain a young-looking skin beyond 40 with an anti-aging serum. Using this skin staple will surely restore your youthfulness.








Closeup portrait of beautiful young woman isolated over white background

What Is An Anti-Aging Serum?


No offense for anti-aging creams, but serum is the real workhorse of any skin-care routine. Serums are lighter than creams, so they’re able to penetrate more deeply into the skin and at the same time, delivering active ingredients to the cells.


Anti-aging serums are predominantly moisturizer-based skin care products promising a younger-looking skin by preventing, reducing and masking the signs of skin aging like wrinkles and fine lines.








Serums are fast-absorbing water-based liquids that contain potent anti-wrinkle ingredients

How Does It Work?


Serums are fast-absorbing water-based liquids that contain potent anti-wrinkle ingredients. They contain power players in reducing wrinkles like hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamins C and E, and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). Hyaluronic acid is a potent moisturizer and has powerful anti-aging properties. It has the remarkable ability to attract and hold vast amounts of moisture.


Retinol or Vitamin A is a highly effective skin ingredient to fight blemishes and reduce visible signs of aging. Moreover, vitamins C and E are active antioxidants that ward off free radical damage on the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.








Looking for the best anti aging serum for women above 40 can be a daunting task

Factors To Look For The Best Anti Aging Serum


Looking for the best anti aging serum for women above 40 can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider when choosing the one that will work on your skin.

There are many serums in the market, but the question is, which one is recommended for you? It depends on your age and skin type. For women in their 20s or 30s, the work of the serums will concentrate on protecting the skin from damage and repair wrinkles.


By the age of 40, you may begin to see unwanted wrinkles, especially around your eye area. Thus, the serums are mainly for battling the signs of skin aging. They should contain heavy hitting ingredients to repair wrinkles.

In choosing the right anti-aging serum, you will need to look for the ingredients it contains, focusing mainly on important ones that are effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.



Aging is a natural process and with it comes many skin problems. Aside from protecting the skin from harmful elements like the sun, it is important to use skin care products that aid in preventing the appearance of premature signs of skin aging. One of the most important products is the anti-aging serum. When used religiously, it will work wonders even for women aged 40 or more.

You Can Whiten Your Skin Without Harmful Chemicals and Surgeries

You Can Whiten Your Skin Without Harmful Chemicals and Surgeries


The skin is a vital organ of the body. Aside from acting as the first line of defense against various environmental hazards like the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it is there as a barrier against microbial infection.

For many Asian women, the color of the skin holds some weight in aesthetic appearance. The fairer, the better. It’s a daunting task to find a product that can whiten the skin naturally and efficiently. In the past, people are used to using products that contain harmful chemicals that can damage the skin in the long run.

Thankfully, nowadays if you’re interested in whitening your skin, you can attain it without using harmful chemicals and surgeries. With the vast innovation in skin care, whitening creams have emerged, and they are effective in making the skin whiter, fairer and young-looking.







The primary reason people buy a skin whitening cream is to make the skin fairer

How Skin Whitening Creams Help


The primary reason people buy a skin whitening cream is to make the skin fairer, but also to restore a more youthful complexion. Skin whitening creams will help enhance your beauty and confidence since they can help with skin problems like hyperpigmentation and age spots.







Woman using moisturizing cream

Efficiency of Skin Whitening Cream


If you’re wondering how effective skin whitening creams are, there are three major things to consider. First, aside from making the skin whiter, it should protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet sun rays.

Second, the cream can remove the damaged layer of the skin to reveal lighter and healthier skin underneath. For instance, the whitening cream by Clarins acts not only by whitening the skin but also repairing damaged cells, showing a whiter skin with a pinkish glow.

Lastly, the production of excess melanin should be inhibited. Melanin is the dark brown pigmentation of the skin. The excessive production of this pigment is the culprit in having a dark complexion and dark spots in the body.






you will need a lot of patience in using whitening creams


How Long Will It Take?


Typically, you will need a lot of patience in using whitening creams. Though they are very effective, you will need to religiously use them for a specified time because they do not work overnight.








Skin problems like hyperpigmentation, age spots, and dark skin can take a psychological toll on a person

Psychological Advantages


Skin problems like hyperpigmentation, age spots, and dark skin can take a psychological toll on a person. Despite the fact that it’s not their fault, having skin problems may affect their self-esteem and confidence.

Using an effective skin whitening cream can help reduce the psychological problems linked to skin problems and conditions. Having whiter, lighter and healthier skin may boost your self-image and eventually, make you feel more beautiful and attractive.


Skin lightening treatments provide faster results if they’re used appropriately and regularly. You may need to use it longer if you want better results. If you want fairer and healthier skin, choosing an efficient and high-quality skin whitening cream would provide you with pleasing results, without the use of harsh chemicals and painful surgeries.

Serene Weekend Getaways Within 2 Hours of Kuala Lumpur

The KTM Electronic Train Service (ETS), the inner city rail service in Malaysia, connects the Peninsular Malaysia, starting from Kuala Lumpur’s KL Sentral, and from the Gemas junction between the Malaysian west and east coast rail lines. Traveling by train in Malaysia has become a lot faster with the high-speed ETS Train, therefore giving its residents and even tourists the chance to maximize their time in going to and from the different cities.

If you take the ETS train to the north of Malaysia, one of the tourist destinations you can visit is the Penang Island, which is considered as a Malaysian state and also the “food paradise” of Malaysia. From the KL Sentral Railway Station, trains leave and arrive at Penang’s Butterworth Railway Station on the mainland, which is just 15 minutes away by ferry to the Penang Island. What can be seen in Penang Island? Here are three must-dos:


  1. Relax in first-class beachfront hotels

The Penang Island boasts of its long and pristine coasts which are certainly breathtaking and relaxing. Hotels and resorts in this island vary in both price and styles, from practical and convenient accommodations for transit visitors, to lavish five-star hotels. You can easily book a room before your arrival using popular hotel sites. If the budget allows, five-star hotels are ideal, especially for first-time visitors. These hotels usually offer beachfront accommodations, restaurants, and an outdoor pool. If you prefer a more private relaxation, you may want to book an Executive Pool Suite which has an in-room private swimming pool and a spacious room which anyone can truly call a home away from home.


  1. Visit other tourist spots

Aside from hotels and luxurious accommodation sites, must-visits in Penang Island include George Town, where museums and historical landmarks can be seen, such as Unesco World Heritage Zone. Other landmarks and spots can be found in Bayan Lepas, Batu Ferringhi, and Tanjung Bungah.


  1. Go on a food trip

Penang Island is regarded as the top food destination in the region,  where anyone can indeed find delight in the humble roadside eateries and stalls that line the streets. The island is also very popular for its Nyonya flavoring used in local Chinese dishes. Aside from these, other culinary delights which can be enjoyed in the island are traditional Malaysian favorites such as the Char Kuay Teow and Tar Sau Peah.


Anyone who will visit Penang Island will not run out of wonderful things to do. What’s good about going to this tourist spot is that it’s practically a stone’s throw away from Malaysia’s capital!

I Used Cleansing Oil to Remove My Makeup – Here’s What Happened

I Used Cleansing Oil to Remove My Makeup - Here's What Happened


If you are among those who can’t leave their house without putting some makeup on, then you are aware of the struggle that comes with removing the makeup. The problem with the makeup cleansers on the market today is that they are often filled with artificial chemicals that can harm your facial skin. Using these chemical-laden products for too long can harm your skin instead of cleansing it. With that said, I highly recommend that you switch to oil-based cleansers that are manufactured using organic and natural ingredients.







The first time I used cleansing oil to wash off my makeup

My Experience With Oil-Based Makeup Removers

The first time I used cleansing oil to wash off my makeup, I was honestly skeptical and doubtful. I’ve always been told that oil is bad for the skin. However, after using cleansing oil regularly for several weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s more efficient compared to non-oil cleansers. My skin feels softer, smoother, and tighter after applying the oil. It’s refreshing because the oil cleanses the pores of your skin without causing irritation. I personally prefer the Clarins cleansing oil because it contains organic perilla and olive oil. It’s also appropriate for all types of skins.





Top Reasons Why You Should Use Oil-Based Makeup Cleansers







not only is organic oil effective in melting and removing makeup

  1. They contain antioxidants and anti-aging ingredient


In short, not only is organic oil effective in melting and removing makeup, but it also rejuvenates and refreshes your skin. Always keep in mind that the oil used in these products often come from plants that have been proven to have anti-aging attributes. These include oil extracts from sunflower, olive, almond, grapeseed, safflower, and sesame. Furthermore, these are usually combined with natural extracts from jasmine and green tea.







Beautiful brunette woman removing makeup from her face
  1. They use good oils to remove bad oils from your skin


The development of oil in your skin is not necessarily a bad thing. Oil formation is part of the skin’s defense and hydration system. However, some of these oils turn bad when they accumulate or when they get mixed with dirt and grime. Good oils from cleansers will help get rid of these bad oils.







Unlike cleansers that are made with artificial chemicals

  1. They have very minimal side effects


Unlike cleansers that are made with artificial chemicals, oil cleansers contain natural and organic ingredients that don’t pose any risk to your skin no matter how sensitive it is.  The only time you need to be worried about natural oil cleansers is when you have an allergy to a particular ingredient. You can avoid this by reading the label of the cleanser to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.



When everything has been said and done, oil-based cleansers are very effective when it comes to removing makeup and keeping the skin rejuvenated. Oil-based cleansers are widely available since you can purchase them in most beauty and wellness stores. You can also avail of them online if you want.

Is It Better to Sign Up for Credit Cards Online or In Person

The Malaysian economy is thriving and has been steadily growing, and with an industry as strong as the country’s, it is becoming a norm for people, especially the working class,  to have credit cards. Supply and demand go hand in hand, after all. It is quite easy to apply for a credit card in Malaysia nowadays; you can either opt to walk in and apply in-person or fill up an online application at the comfort of your own home. Today, people sign up for credit cards in Malaysia to use in various ways and instances. But which is the better choice for you to be approved? Here are some pointers to help you decide.

In-person ApplicationThe traditional way of applicationr is equires you to walk into offices and apply for credit card

The more “traditional” way of application, it requires you to walk into the offices of the company you want to apply for, and attend an appointment with their specialist to discuss matters affecting your application like credit history and other details. While it requires you to travel and spend more energy, an in-person appointment gives you the opportunity to answer questions easily and explain your take on it.

Also, it will give you an ample time and allow you to ask questions that you deem important, like parts of policies that you would want to understand. And if by the end of the process you are approved, you are immediately given a chance to use the card as soon as you leave the office. Or if you are applying for a store card, you will be able to bring home the items you need that same day.

Online ApplicationThe alternative way of application is you need only to fill up online forms and send it back to the company

As the alternative way of application, you need only to fill up online forms and send it back to the company. Although an immediate response is not guaranteed, you will be able to save more time and energy in this process as you don’t need to leave your home or workplace to apply. If you are applying for a store credit, this can also give you the opportunity to browse their online catalog and shop from your home, saving even more regarding effort and opportunity.

All in all, there isn’t much difference between the two options since they hold different advantages. One gives you an opportunity to ask and answer in a faster way, while the other saves your time. If you decide to sign up for credit cards in Malaysia, look for a company that is best suited for you and consider talking to a financial advisor to know more.

Unclog That Block in Your Office Workflow: 4 Tools That Save Time (and Headaches!)

TIf you are running or managing an online business, it’s advisable that you take full advantage of the tools and resources that are available online. Many of these tools enable you to run your operations more smoothly. You will be able to accomplish more tasks in less time. That said, your productivity will significantly increase. Below is a quick overview of the most important tools you should use for your online business:1

  1. Skype – This is without a doubt the most popular instant messaging and video chat provider in the world. It’s easy to download, install, and use. It’s one of the most efficient tools when it comes to communicating with anyone online. You can set up one-on-one calls or group video calls. You can even use the service to call mobile and landline numbers.2 2. Google Apps for Work – What’s great about this service by Google is that it has everything you need to run an online business. It has Gmail for communication, Docs for documents and spreadsheets, Calendar for scheduling, Hangouts for video conferencing, and AdWords for online marketing.3 3. PayPal – Since its inception, PayPal has made it easier for businesses to accept payments from anywhere in the world. This makes it the perfect tool for online businesses who sell their products and services to a global marketplace.4 4. Dropbox – Storing and managing photos, videos, and documents online can be very confusing. You can fix these headaches by availing of Dropbox’s data storage systems. It’s very easy to upload, access, and retrieve your files. You can even use the files to collaborate with other users.

All these tools have free versions which means you have nothing to lose in utilizing them. But if you want to have access to additional features and functions, you should consider upgrading your accounts. For instance, if you want more storage space in Dropbox, then you need to upgrade your account to be able to save more documents and data. The same can be said for Google Apps, PayPal, and Skype.

Losing weight while having fun? It’s possible with Zumba


If you’re finding it really hard to shed some pounds through crash diets, or other weight loss programs that don’t work, then you might want to try a more entertaining and self-fulfilling way to lose weight – dance and be fit again using Zumba fitness.

It was in the 90’s when Columbian dancer and choreographer Beto Perez developed the fitness program which uses dance and aerobic movements using energetic and upbeat music. When it started, it initially highlighted Latin moves and music such as soca, samba, salsa, merengue, and mambo, but as the years pass, new and modern dance moves have been incorporated, for example, hip-hop. Fitness routines are as well inserted, such as squats and lunges that also target problem areas.

Fun fitness that works!

A lot of people who are Zumba fitness enthusiasts can prove that this works, and what’s best is that you get to enjoy the activity and have more friends with the simple goal of trying to lose weight. More than 15 million people are now hooked in weekly Zumba classes across the globe.

Fun fitness that works!


Getting fit in style

Although some fitness activities like yoga, Pilates, biking, and other hardcore exercises have become more and more popular, Zumba remains one of the most well-loved group exercises; not just in fitness gyms but also in offices and communities. What’s more, Zumba has evolved from a simple group exercise to become an inspiration to fashion. You can find that nowadays some clothing brands produce garments specifically for Zumba.

Getting fit in style


Zumba classes can be held anywhere!

Zumba lovers do not just gather to dance and get fit, but they also love to attend the weekly Zumba classes in malls, public spots, or special classes to meet and bond with their new friends. Indeed, losing weight with your friends is more enjoyable than locking away in your house and depriving yourself of fun and fitness that you can get from Zumba.

Zumba classes can be held anywhere!


If you’re thinking about joining a Zumba class, you should not hesitate. Get fit and healthy while having fun, it could not get better than that. 

Get fit and healthy while having fun