Affordable Luxury: 7 Ways to Experience Travel in Luxury for Less

girl-travelling-soloTraveling has become ubiquitous whether you’re out for a holiday or traveling across oceans for work. At the same time, traveling in style and luxury is an emerging trend. While 5-Star Hotels and high-end lounges signify extravagant trips shared on social media, luxury travels can be costly. With mobile apps and technology making wanderlust easier and more affordable, here are seven tips to access luxury for less for the modern traveler.


  1. Revel in a Complimentary Airport Lounge

Instead of slumming it out in the designated waiting area, wait for your flight in the lap of luxury using credit cards like the KLIA premium lounge credit cards that grant you access to the best airport resting areas free of charge.


  1. Utilize Online Travel Deals

If you have plans to visit scenic travel spots and eat at famous restaurants, sites like Klook and Groupon allow you to book reservations in advance for a fraction of the price. Imagine being dropped off your hotel in a limo for the price of taking a cab. Online coupon sites have a deal for almost everything.


  1. Travel during the Off-Season

When you go during the peak season, prices are exorbitantly high. While in the off-season, the 5-Star Hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants will afford you the same luxury for a fraction of the price.


  1. Pre-book Wi-Fi

Staying connected in a different country grants you the luxury of convenience. You can book affordable Wi-Fi routers through websites like Flytpack. Google Maps your way around the city or book last-minute reservations wherever your sense of adventure takes you.


  1. Stay at an AirBnB

Instead of reserving a room at the Ritz, try staying at a well-reviewed AirBnB. You’ll not only save money but experience an accommodation with a punch of personality and meet local tour guides for a more authentic experience.


  1. Splurge during Lunch

Food is a landmark all of its own when traveling. You’re able to taste the flavors of what makes up the locale; however, good and authentic food can be quite expensive. A great tip to eating at renowned restaurants is to head there during lunch. Meal sets and lunch specials afford you quality for a fraction of the price.


  1. Extend a Work Trip

While flights can be expensive, extending a work trip a few days saves on costs while merging work and play. Apps like Tripit can build an expansive itinerary that suits what you’re looking for whether it’s to taste gourmet fare or explore the locale’s history.


For the savvy traveler like yourself, save these easy-to-follow tips on your mobile device and enjoy a luxurious vacation in an affordable way.

Mountain Bike or Road Bike? Three Reasons MTB Is Better

21 OCT 2011:  Mountain biking the trails of Deer Creek in Littleton,CO.

With more and more people getting interested in the sport of cycling or biking whether it’s for leisure, health, or for practical daily transportation, biking has indeed become a very popular activity for people in urban and rural setting alike. There are several types of bikes out there and if you want to try biking, it is best to find out first which type of bicycle suits your needs, personality, and environment.

The two most popular types of bikes are road or racing bikes and mountain bikes. A few people have also sported what is called a hybrid bike, which is a combination of the two bikes. Although racing bikes have become popular because of the Tour de France and other triathlon events around the world, mountain bikes have also gotten their niche market. Here are three reasons why you should try mountain bikes:trial

  1. MTBs offer a better workout for your body Since mountain bikes are built to be used on rough terrains, riding them needs more dynamic fitness which results in more intense cardio exercises and muscle workouts. Also, mountain bikes give riders a more comfortable and relaxed riding position than a road bike.ride-sierra-nevada-trails
  2. MTBs are more durable Unlike racing bikes which can only be used on smooth pavements and roads, mountain bikes are meant to be driven on off-road trails and terrain. Therefore, these bikes are expected to be more durable and stable, using wider tires and more heavy duty frames designed to withstand minor crashes. 3. Mountain bikes are cheaper compared to road bikes Bicycles and their prices vary tremendously based on the parts and specifications that riders and owners put into theirs. However, generally speaking, mountain bikes are much more affordable and easy to build compared to road bikes. With more and more bicycle shops around town, and even online, finding the bike essentials is not much of a hassle.

So, if you’re now convinced and interested in buying a mountain bike for yourself, you may start checking out different models and brands to see what suits you perfectly. You may also click here to shop for mountain bikes and choose an MTB among the wide selection.

4 Luxury Suites to Host Your Romantic Getaway in Kuala Lumpur

Dinner dates and rose bouquets may be cherished by most lovebirds, but a romantic getaway definitely ranks high on every couple’s list. If cupid has been nudging you to plan a dreamy vacation for your loved one, it’s time to get those wheels turning and chart the best couple’s holiday yet. While there are many romantic hotel suites in Malaysia, we all know that the best ones remain in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa Situated in the prime estate of Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa definitely has accessibility as one of their best perks. If you and your loved one are planning to check out from the city’s hustle and bustle, stay the night at The Villa, where you two will be treated with the serenity of a private pool villa. With the infinity-edge plunge pool, deep sunken bath, and private balcony within reach, you may find yourselves wishing that The Villa is your permanent love nest.

Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa


  1. Villa Samadhi Kuala Lumpur Adorned with equal parts rustic and luxury, it’s hard to believe that a paradise such as Villa Samadhi exists in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Well-loved by honeymooners and staycation couples, prepare to be swept off your feet by the room’s spaciousness and features such as a king-sized bed, mini-bar, and rain shower. To make the most of your romantic getaway with your loved one, this luxury boutique hotel can even arrange a Vespa-themed heritage food tour and a day trip to the nearby elephant sanctuary.

Villa Samadhi Kuala Lumpur


  1. Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur It’s easy to fall in love with a boutique urban resort such as Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur. Delightfully furnished with contemporary accents, every room is decked out with the best modern comfort for love birds visiting Kuala Lumpur. Stay the night at the Junior Suite that was designed with honeymooners in mind. Kitted out in comfortable beds, spacious bathtub and an amazing view, remember to set aside an afternoon for their top-to-toe massage therapies, bath and body treatments, as well as their indoor hydrotherapy pool.

Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur


  1. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Dipped in opulence and luxury, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel definitely comes to mind when we think about an extravagant getaway in the city. For deep-pocketed lovebirds who wish to splurge on their stay, there’s definitely a room for you in this gorgeous hotel. With a butler service to serve your every need, snuggle up together in the feather bed and down comforter and relax in the roomy marble bath with Asprey bath amenities by your side.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel


If your anniversary or any special celebration are around the corner, jet set to a romantic getaway with your significant other in the city of Kuala Lumpur. With many romantic suites to host your intimate escapade, you and your loved one can definitely find the perfect love nest from these luxurious getaway choices.

Be Your OwnSexy – Why Achieving Celebrity “Post-Baby” Bodies are Harmful to Mothers

Celebrity moms waste no time in showing off their incredibly sexy figures after childbirth. Pictures of their amazing post-baby comeback are everywhere. Well, as famous superstars, they need to be in the limelight. If you recently gave birth, there is no reason to be insecure. Understandably, one of your main concerns is also how to regain the whistle-bait figure of your old self. It does not happen overnight even if you were prescribed Duromine pills for weight loss. Magic is only for the stars.

Never feel frantic about losing weight fast because this mom-thing is not for you alone. Remember the baby you just gave birth to? You can actually bounce back but there is no rush. Take your time because the more you insist, the more harm you might inflict on yourself.


Why Achieving Celebrity “Post-Baby” Bodies are Harmful to Mothers 

  • Strictly speaking, if it took nine months to gain weight (estimated 20% or more of your body weight) during pregnancy, then it should follow that losing weight takes about the same time. However, be aware that within a period of three to twelve months after childbirth, you should already see a downward trajectory of your weight. Women who fail to lose weight beyond the said period might instead continue to gain weight. Health issues could arise thereafter.
  • If celebrities claim that strict diet and exercise regimen dropped their weight tremendously, it must have been the handiwork of professional dieticians and trainers hired for the said purpose. After childbirth, it is safer to take baby steps in the mean time before going flat out on diet programs and fitness routines. It is very important for Mom and baby to eat healthily. Perhaps inserting some physical activity during baby care can progressively prepare you better for the work ahead.
  • The desire to lose weight after childbirth is very strong. In your haste to achieve your goal, do not be tempted to buy over-the-counter diet pills or weight loss products. Some of these pills were found to contain harmful ingredients like ephedrine and phenylpropanolamine which can cause severe heart conditions and high blood pressure. Take only appetite suppressants or diet pills that are duly prescribed by physicians.


Do not feel inferior to celebrity moms showcasing their super sexy bodies a few weeks or months after childbirth. Take note you are not on stage. No paparazzi are stalking you. So there’s no need to compare your progress to theirs. Instead, be inspired and challenged by your favorite celebrity mom. If they can do it, so can you.

Perfectly Even – 6 Skin Care Products To Effectively Even Out Skin Complexion

Judging beauty is relative and therefore not 100% conclusive because it is biased. However, an even skin complexion will glowingly stand out even with a billion stars all around. Maintaining skin luster starts with good upkeep. Applying a pore refining toner to conceal those noticeable pores is just one in a series of rituals in hands-on skin care.  There are other skin care products that can work magic to have a radiant and immaculate skin complexion. It is a matter of devotedly using the right skin care products for the skin. Here are some skincare products which are highly recommended by beauty experts and dermatologists to restore balance in skin complexion.


6 Skin Care Products To Effectively Even Out Skin Complexion 

  1. Skin Moisturizer

moisturizerFor obvious reasons, moisturizers restore the lost moisture of the skin. The constant use of skin moisturizers is already a skin treatment. When applied, skin moisturizers work like a protective tint from the hazardous elements in the environment.


  1. Cleansing Oils

22Whether the skin is dry, oily or greasy, cleansing oil is the dirt buster. It throws away the bad oil and keeps the natural oils of the skin. The best brands even contain antioxidants to keep the skin’s natural pH balance. Cleansing oils allow the skin to breathe unhindered while it creates a roadblock against pores.


  1. Body & Facial Exfoliation

Melissarae_211990-attachmentNot everyone can afford to sustain a pampered lifestyle like regular visits to the spa or massage centers. A DIY procedure can be done with just the same outcome. Manual dexterity is certainly necessary for self-exfoliation. A soft bristled brush or an exfoliating glove can be used to scrub the skin. The common ingredient in skin cleansers is the Dead Sea salt. The feeling of crystals rubbing on the skin is amazingly great.


  1. Facial Serums

This skin care product is a potent concentrate of nourishing vitamins and minerals. Facial serums are usually used to treat delicate areas like under the eyes, fine lines, wrinkles and for enlarged pores. The use of serums optimizes absorption because of the smallest of molecules present that can penetrate deeply into the skin.


  1. Sunscreens

The Sun is the biggest and worst known threat to the skin health. It’s impossible not to come in contact with the sun at least once in a day. The UV rays are very damaging to the skin. Sunscreens are the solar filters which serve as the skin’s first line of defense. Some products even have hydrating features to prevent moisture loss.


  1. Lip Scrubs

aspirin21Beauty experts know what they speak of. The lips are one of the most fragile areas of the human face. They also need at least a weekly treatment to thwart cracking due to its dead surface. Lipsticks or lip cosmetics tend to stick longer to lips with a clean surface. Besides, who wouldn’t want to kiss smooth lips?


Genuine skin care covers the entire landscape of the human body. Regardless of texture, the skin requires specific care for each type. The fragile zones like in the vicinity of the eyes warrant preferential treatment. Signs of aging and traces of weariness are visible too in other risk areas around the face and beyond. Skin complexion can change in dramatic fashion with willpower, commitment and the use of clinically proven skin care products.


Food Guidance Report: A Simple Guide To Ensuring Food Safety In Production

TThe importance of food safety in the food supply chain industry can’t be emphasized enough. Consumer health should be a top priority at all times. And to ensure consumer health issues and foodborne diseases that hinder food supply are leveled, it’s important to have protective mechanisms in place. At least this would guarantee people’s lives are not in danger. Restaurant owners and supermarket operators should make sure they always get food products and supplies from reputable sources. They should also ensure proper food handling at all times during transport and delivery.

Here are some other vital measures you can take to ensure that food safety standards are in check around the workplace.1

Step 1. Set a food safety plan in place. The plan should start with the original producer followed by addressing all areas of operation carefully. Tracking all your food operations is key to protect your brand as this allows restaurant owners to track food from all locations, including its original producer. This also makes it easier for the food supplier to determine the location in which his products are being shipped to. They are also aware of the final merchant to receive their produce, hence assuring optimum safety at all ends.2

Step 2. Use a trusted and credible supply. Most food manufacturers and suppliers use a third-party audit system to ensure that food safety procedures are in check and followed all the time.  Data analysis acquired is very comprehensive because they assure restaurateurs and supermarket staffs that their produce came from a safe and reputable source. With the help of data loggers, food enterprises can keep track of their food store performance parameters to ensure they function continuously.3

Step 3. Finally, train employees. Educating staff on proper food safety procedures can dramatically reduce any risk of contamination. Pivotal areas in which staffs should get some training include food storage, equipment maintenance, hand hygiene, cleaning, food preparation, and pest control. Go to your local Food Standards Agency website to see the areas in which your workers may need training.

Food safety starts with food producers and merchants along the field of food supply chain. The last thing restaurateurs and suppliers want is put their customers’ health and lives at risk. Frequent foodborne diseases occur for various reasons, such as improper handling of food procedures and temperatures. And many times, a person ends up sick from exposure to the disease due to poor safety measures when handling food. Wondering which food security measures to use to ensure maximum protection of your workers and guests? Follow this simple step-by-step guide to ensure your consumers’ health is safeguarded from foodborne illness outbreaks every time they visit your food service store.

Six Surprising Ways Men Unwittingly Destroy Their Skin On A Daily Basis

As Malaysia’s economy continues steady growth, you have more activities in which to partake. Even though this is a very good thing, there are activities you participate in that can lead to the emergence of skin problems. It can be downright surprising which things modern men like you do that are bad for your skin, and here are six of the most common.

Not Sleeping Enough

Image result for Not Sleeping Enough

If you have a very busy schedule and don’t get enough sleep, your skin will respond negatively. Three straight days of no more than six hours of sleep will cause dark circles, premature aging, and make your skin duller in appearance. You need to ensure you get a good night’s sleep of 7 to 8 hours straight, as often as possible, to keep your skin in its best condition.

Showers That Are Too Hot

Image result for Showers That Are Too Hot

Hot showers feel good on your sore and tired muscles at the end of a long day of work, but they wreck havoc on your skin. Hot showers remove important oils from your skin, leaving it dry and dull. Taking showers that are more lukewarm will help to preserve the oil your skin needs to remain soft and supple.

Too Much Phone Use

Image result for Too Much Phone Use

Like most men, you likely enjoy using your cellphone often each day. Unfortunately, your cellphone has more harmful bacteria than a common toilet seat. And, like a lot of men, you probably don’t use sanitary wipes to clean your phone. Using the best facial wash for men can help you to counteract the effects of holding your cellphone against your face for too many hours per day.

Missing Meals

Image result for Missing Meals

Your skin needs vitamins and nutrients to remain vibrant and healthy. If you are living a busy lifestyle and skipping meals, you are depriving your skin of critical nutrition. That can cause poor skin complexion and other problems. You can take supplemental vitamins to help replace your lost nutrients, but eating three well-balanced meals per day is best.

Drinking Coffee

Related image

Caffeine can toy with your hormones, which can boost the oil production in your skin. When that happens, you could wind up having more acne and blemishes. Coffee also has a high acid content, which can sap important nutrients your skin needs to stay healthy. Limiting coffee intake will help to prevent ill effects on your skin.

Using Dirty Towels

Image result for Using Dirty Towels
Like a lot of men, you likely use the same towel morning, noon and night for days at a time. If so, you are exposing your skin to a variety of bacteria that cause blemishes, acne, and other skin conditions. You need to rotate your towels after every use and wash them regularly to prevent exposing your skin to harmful bacteria and substances that are bad for your skin.

You might not commit all six of the highly common ways men ruin their skin on a daily basis, but odds are you are guilty of at least some of them. If so, you can make relatively simple modifications to your daily routine to stop damaging your skin.

Modest changes in your personal hygiene also can help, like finding and using the best facial wash for men. When you pay attention to your daily routine and eliminate the damaging habits that ruin your skin, you will keep your skin looking its best.

Build And They Will Come – 6 Reasons Why Working In The Construction Industry Is The Best

The construction industry in Malaysia is the fastest growing industry sector according to a report posted by Nikkei Asian Review. Construction companies stand to be the biggest beneficiary of the country’s 2017 Budget. Official sources predict an 8.3% growth rate in the sector this year. In anticipation of the boom, interested applicants can find construction jobs online. The construction industry is gearing up for sustained and massive infrastructure projects.

With big ticket projects, Malaysia is envisioned to be the model for the construction industry around the world. Now is the perfect time to consider working in the construction industry. Here are the reasons why:

6 Reasons Why It Is Best To Work In The Construction Industry

  1. Job SecurityConstruction jobs in Malaysia provided job security assurance for interested workers due to government plan

Expert analysts disclosed that the government plans to proceed with projects extending from construction of rails to bridges. The total project cost would reach $15 billion. Developing these infrastructure projects would take considerable time to complete and therefore job security is assured for interested workers. As a worker, you are considering work that offers security of tenure.

  1. Financial Security

In accord with job security is the steady flow of income for the workers. The multiple infrastructure projects would be for the long haul. Once accepted as a worker in this industry, you gain financial security as well.

  1. Safety on the JobSafety on the Job of construction as the government is mplement firm health and safety regulations

The government is poised to implement firm health and safety regulations. Their objectives are to protect the workers in general and minimize, if not reduce, accidents and injuries in particular. All participating and bidding contractors are advised to include in their project cost estimates and extra budget to be earmarked for the health and safety of the workers.

  1. Skills Enhancement

The skills of workers in the construction industry will be enhanced even more. New working techniques will be learned from the construction of ultra-modern facilities and architecture. You will be competent to take on additional employment opportunities as a worker.

  1. Employment DestinationThe construction boom is certain to attract even foreign workers to included in constrcution sector

The construction boom is certain to attract even foreign workers. It presents a healthy exchange of know-how and talent with the presence of multi-cultural nationalities. More foreign workers can be accommodated and given working permits. If you are a foreign worker intending to gain experience outside your domain, expediency has been provided to find construction jobs online. You can give it a try.

  1. Established Employers

You will find out for yourself that local and foreign construction companies are after the welfare of their workers. These construction companies are the most professional enterprises when it comes to dealing with their workers. They work in tandem with the Malaysian government to continually improve the sector in a wide array of areas including professionalism and safety, productivity and output quality, and environmental protection. They observe world-class standards and can operate on a global scale.

Malaysia is one of the most industrialized nations in the Asian region. The Petronas twin-towers stand proud and serve as the testament to reinforce the image of the country as the model in the construction industry. The twin skyscrapers reaching for the sky is a symbolic representation of the expected construction boom in 2017. The sky is the limit for infrastructure spending and development expenditure. There is no way to go but up.

Juicing 101: Get the Most out of Juicing for Weight Loss with These Simple tricks

TJuicing is one of the new diet trends that gets the buzz these days. Fruits and veggie juice was known as a good supplement to meals because it aids in giving the body additional vitamins and minerals. But to those who want to shed the extra pounds, juicing can also help because it allows easy digestion and reduces cravings. The good news is that it’s easy to follow unlike unmaintainable fad diets out there. To make the most out of juicing, here are tried and tested ways you can do before investing on a juicer and when you already have yours.1

  1. Use a slow juicer. You have to make sure that your juicer produces nutrient-enhanced juice. A slow juicer can do this more efficiently than other types of juicers. Compared to centrifugal juicers, slow juicers don’t produce as much heat. Many juicing experts believe that heat could destroy some of the enzymes in fruits and veggies. When buying a slow juicer in Malaysia, look for one that has 1.1 horsepower or higher motor size. Your juicer should have a considerable amount of power to juice beets and turnips.2
  2. Keep it vegetable heavy- it’s no secret that fruits contain sugar that could elevate your blood sugar level. Fruits such as lychee, figs, mango, and cherries have the highest sugar. Opt for those with low sugar like avocado, raspberries, and strawberries. Two third of your juice should contain veggies. The remaining, or 1/3, should be fruits.3
  3. Have a balanced meal plan along with your juicing. It’s crucial that you maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet while juicing. Write your meal plan and identify how many meals you are replacing with juice.

Once you are done researching a variety of juice diet recipes, you will realize that there are a lot to choose from and you might be tempted to try everything you see on the Internet. However, be meticulous when it comes to choosing your juicing guide. If you want to use it as a way to lose some weight, do the simple tips mentioned above and you will surely get the most out of your juice. Most importantly, strive to make your juice diet a healthy one. When you are not sure about your diet plan, it’s best to consult your doctor or a registered dietician.

5 Types Of Credit Cards In Malaysia And How To Choose The Right One


Most working adult Malaysians have at least a credit card in their wallet, and as they get older, the more credit cards they own. However, no credit card is ever alike as they’re with different benefits and features, and each serves a different purpose depending on your lifestyle. Find out the five most common types of credit cards available in Malaysia, and how you can choose the right one:1

  1. Special Offer Credit Card As the name suggests, this type of credit card mainly offers various exclusive deals for all of its cardholders. The deals are often with specific merchants, and the deals may range from movie ticket discounts to complimentary coffee. This card is mostly suitable for hobbyists with particular taste and interests or young working professionals who have just entered the working world and are trying to save on fun and entertainment. However, watch out for hidden charges.2
  2. Balance Transfer Credit Card With this card, you can avoid having to pay a huge amount of interest rate charges by transferring the balance accumulated from your other credit card to another of your credit card issued by different banks. Some Malaysian cardholders with a pile of credit card debt would opt for this card to avoid incurring charges. While this card may serve as a short-term solution for your credit card debt, be wary of the terms and conditions. Also, certain banks require you to pay interest fees of 4% up-front.3
  3. Low-Interest Rate Credit Card In Malaysia, this type of credit card has a minimum interest rate of 8.88% p.a. (the lowest on the market). If you’re a big spender and love to shop all the time, this card could be your lifesaver. Even if you’ve missed making your monthly payment, the interest rate charges won’t cause you too much damage. That said, try not to purposely dodge your monthly interest rate and pay the minimum payment to stay on top of your finances.Reward card used for a sale on the computer
  4. Reward Points Credit Card This is another card that benefits shopaholics the most. Every time you swipe your reward points credit card, you’ll receive reward points that will allow you to redeem amazing goodies when they’re accumulated to a certain amount. How much Ringgit you spend will determine how many points you’ll earn. You can use your accumulated points to redeem things such as airline miles, shopping vouchers, household items, petrol, and gadgets. Most credit card points will expire within three years, so it’s best if you redeem the items as soon as possible.5
  5. Cashback Credit Card Similar to reward points, this card allows you to earn a percentage of cash for every purchase made with the credit card. A certain amount of rebate will be given to you every end of the month. This type of card would be a great choice for those who’d like to save more when they shop. However, always read the fine print to avoid hidden or extra charges.

As a rule of thumb, choose a credit card that would benefit you the most based on your lifestyle and spending habits, and avoid the ones with high interests if you’re not a high-income earner. If you’re thinking of getting one, get a Platinum credit card in Malaysia. There are a number of perks to owning a Platinum one as opposed to silver or gold, including air travel credits, airport lounge access, zero foreign transaction fee, sign-up bonus, and membership rewards points.