Safe in the Workplace – 10 Safety Practices That Need to Be Observed in Every Workplace

Whether it’s a construction site, a factory, or a humble office, there will always be dangers. While these perils will never really be completely out of the way, both employees and employers can work together to minimize the risk and make the workplace a safe space for everyone. Find out what 10 safety practices you need to start observing in the workplace to keep it an injury and illness-free space for everyone by reading this list.


  1. Know the Dangers – Being careless when it comes to specific dangers will almost always result to injuries. Learn to identify dangers in a space and do something to avoid them and prevent others from suffering from them as well.


  1. Require Sick Leaves – No employer wants a worker to have to call in sick, but if they have the medical certificate to prove it, then it’s always better to have them stay at home. Require employees to avoid coming in for work if they don’t feel well to reduce the risk of spreading illnesses to healthy workers.


  1. Mark the Perils – Using bright colored tapes and signs will make dangers more apparent and will help those moving in and around the space to avoid them and prevent injuries.


  1. Use Protective Gear – Some workplaces require protective personal equipment, so be sure to check each worker for the right gear before they start working to ensure everyone’s safety.


  1. Consider Ergonomics – Back pain is one of the most common reasons for work-related absences. To prevent the development of back pains, consider ergonomic office furnitures that optimize comfort for each employee.


  1. Conduct Safety Seminars – The advantage of safety training is that it’s comprehensive and informative, providing employees all the info they need in order to stay injury-free in the workplace. Schedule your workers for a seminar to keep them properly informed regarding the do’s and don’ts of workplace safety.


  1. Ask For Help – If it’s something that’s too heavy, too large, or simply more than you can handle, don’t be afraid to ask for help from other workers. This will reduce the risk not only for you, but for the goods being handled as well.


  1. Inform Superiors – If you find a peril in your workplace and you can’t resolve it on your own, don’t hesitate to inform your manager or HR personnel to remediate the problem.


  1. Provide Mandatory Breaks – Overworking employees can lead to different kinds of body aches and pains that make them less efficient in the workplace. Allow them to take regular breaks throughout the day to keep them alert and to lower their stress levels.


  1. Perform the Huddle – Before and after every work session, bring your workers together to provide reminders on workplace safety. This will orient them and keep them reminded of what they need to watch out for in order to guarantee each other’s safety.


Keeping safety intact throughout a workplace can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Remember these 10 tips and start practicing them in your work environment to develop a problem-free, healthy, and safe space for all employees.

Traditional vs. Digital Marketing: Top 4 Things To Consider When Marketing Your Business 


Marketing is essential for any business to increase sales and brand awareness. Prior to marketing one’s business, the target audience must first be identified to make it easier to determine which type of marketing medium to go with (in some cases, a combination of traditional and digital marketing is necessary). This list below contents the top 4 things for entrepreneurs to consider:cost-of-cancer-treatment

  1. Cost Digital marketing is more cost-effective compared to traditional marketing. With digital marketing, the estimated total cost to reach 2, 000 audience is only $125, compared to $1800 for traditional marketing. Printing and paying for an ad space is costly, but can be a great investment if the campaign is done right and creatively. For new startups with strict budget, digital marketing could be a great start.01_accessibility
  2. Accessibility These days, more and more people all over the world are using mobile phones; whether to shop online, connect with people via social media, or for entertainment. People are also more likely to check social media on their mobile phones than desktops. Additionally, people spend an average of two hours daily checking out their phones. This shows that there’s a higher accessibility with digital marketing, especially if the business is targeting the younger generation.shutterstock_285327716-700x467
  3. Metrics It’s a lot easier to measure the success of a brand’s campaign with digital marketing. Digital marketing allows one to measure traffic on one’s website, count the blog visitors, see their activities, likes and dislikes, and the engagement level of one’s audience on the business’s social networks. These metrics prove to be crucial and useful when figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and enables one to craft a better strategy to gain growth and audience.about-marketing
  4. Platforms Traditional marketing comprises of telemarketing, direct mail, broadcast media (i.e. radio ads or TV), and print media (i.e. brochures, letters, magazine or newspaper ads) as its platforms when reaching out to target audience. Meanwhile, digital marketing comprises of video marketing, Google ads, banner ads, content marketing, social networking sites, websites, and SMS (one can also consider sending picture SMS to increase social media followers). The former has high success rate and proven techniques, while the latter is cost-efficient and allows for direct audience response.

Traditional marketing generally appeals to the older generation, while digital marketing appeals to the Millennials. Depending on the type of business, a traditional marketing would be better than digital marketing, or vice versa. In some cases, a combination of both could make a campaign successful. That is why it’s advisable to take all these four factors into consideration when deciding which marketing strategy to use.

4 Major Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Bicycle Helmet

4 Major Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Bicycle Helmet


For ardent cyclists, a bicycle helmet is one of the most important gears to have when riding a bike. It serves as a protection for your head against concussion and other types of injuries, should you fell off your bike or crashed into something. Find out the four major things to consider when choosing the right helmet:






Recreational helmets are for casual cyclists and those who use bicycles as a mode of transportation

  1. Types of Helmets

There are three different types of helmets for different purposes: mountain bike helmets, road bike helmets, and recreational helmets. Mountain bike helmets are for cyclists who often go on an extreme cycling like mountain biking. Road bike helmets are suitable for competing cyclists in a cycling competition or marathon. Recreational helmets are for casual cyclists and those who use bicycles as a mode of transportation. Knowing why you cycle in the first place would make it easier to choose the right bike helmet.






This results in a helmet that’s lightweight

  1. Helmet Construction

Some bike helmets are often constructed using a process called in-mold, which fuses an inner liner and outer shell without using glue. This results in a helmet that’s lightweight. If you are a frequent cyclist or racer, a bike helmet made of this type of construction would be ideal, as it gives you an extra comfort, yet is sturdy enough for protection. The liner is mostly made from expanded polystyrene foam, while the shell is made of plastic. The most important thing is to make sure that your head fits comfortably with the liner.






to keep you comfortable and cool by enhancing the flow of wind over the head

  1. Added Helmet Features

Some extra helmet features you can consider include: hair port (enables long-haired riders to wear ponytail while cycling), straps (for easy and instant buckling and unbuckling), full-face protection (provides extra protection for racers and cyclists when they go down the hill during park riding or mountain biking), visor (to shield you against the sun), and ventilation (to keep you comfortable and cool by enhancing the flow of wind over the head).






A good fit is crucial to prevent injuries

  1. Sizes of Bike Helmets

A good fit is crucial to prevent injuries. The general sizing ranges from extra small (starting from 51cm) to extra large (59cm-63cm). There’s also the option of one size fits all for men, women and children. Use a flexible tape to measure the size of your head. Adults who have smaller heads can also wear a child-size helmet comfortably.



Once you figure out which type of helmet, helmet construction, added helmet features, and the size of the bike helmet you’d need to get, check selection of bicycle helmets online. Some specialist bicycle stores offer customised services, so you can further upgrade your helmet for added safety and comfort.

6 Luxurious Ways to Romance Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day in Kuala Lumpur

Valentine’s Day in Kuala Lumpur

Here in Kuala Lumpur, we’re all familiar with the magic of romance on Valentine’s Day. The purest thing about this yearly tradition is that it only takes one special someone to make this day complete. If you have someone in mind that you would love to cherish and honor on this heartfelt occasion, here are 6 luxurious ways to make them feel special in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Couple’s spa retreat The best way to start off Valentine’s Day on a relaxing note is through a couple’s spa retreat. With a range of spa packages available in Kuala Lumpur, it is an intimate way to reconnect after an exhausting week at work. Arrange for a comforting aromatherapy massage for two and then, cozy up in a romantic jacuzzi with champagnes in hand.
  1. Romantic dinner Celebrate your gorgeous girlfriend by upgrading your usual dinner dates to a luxurious five-star restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Spend hours feeling lost in each other’s gaze while the well-dressed waiter serves you lovebirds with a delectable three-course dinner. Take it further by ordering her favorite dessert, glasses of red wine, and a surprise rose bouquet.
  1. Five-star staycation You know your girlfriend deserves the best staycation in town, so look for a 5 star hotel in Malaysia that will capture your memorable moment together. There are a variety of stunning hotels in the city that will make the perfect host for your Valentine’s getaway. Once you’ve found a great place with a view, light up some candles, play a mellow love song, and decorate the room with rose petals to set the right mood.
  1. Sunset cruise Some of the best romantic films we know revolve around beautiful sunsets. Make use of this little hint we share and take your girlfriend to a dreamy sunset cruise in Kuala Lumpur. Wine and dine with a delightful spread of her favorite food, and let the dimming sunset intensify the mood of your romantic evening.
  1. Sparkling jewellery Depending on how you look at it, every girl adores the classic surprise of a sparkling jewelry for Valentine’s Day. It could be a personalized pendant necklace, a pair of floral earrings, or a pretty bracelet with her favorite charms. Trust us, the beautiful smile you’ll be getting from your girlfriend worths every ringgit of that heavy price tag.
  1. Helicopter ride There’s something incredibly romantic about taking your significant other on a helicopter ride. With many helicopter joy rides and city tours available in Kuala Lumpur, you and your girlfriend can experience a magnificent bird’s eye view of the twinkling cityscape below. Some even come with a complimentary limousine pick-up to usher your girlfriend to the Valentine’s Day of her dreams.


Valentine’s Day can bring out the most romantic side of us, and it’s true. If you’re looking for ways to luxuriously treat your girlfriend in Kuala Lumpur, surprise her with a couple’s spa retreat, a romantic dinner, a sunset cruise, or a sparkling jewelry. You know your girlfriend deserves only the best during this time of the year.

Valentine’s Day can bring out the most romantic side of us

For Owners and Managers of Food Businesses: Here are 6 Ways to Ensure Food Safety


In Malaysia and other developed countries, the food space sector has become an on-going concern not only for clienteles but more so for the business owners. The eating behaviors of the consuming public have evolved rapidly through the years. It has been observed that a higher percentage of folks favor dining out or ordering take-out rather than cook food at home. With this kind of lifestyle, the business operators have the social accountability to comply with food safety regulations and standards. Even a slight perception of hazardous food preparation can drive away patrons and cause a tailspin of their business.

That is why many business owners and managers in the food industry are now taking steps to ensure food safety. Here are 6 ways on how they accomplish this:1

  1. Keep the entire premises a sanctuary of cleanliness. Maintaining a hygienic environment is foremost in cementing business reputation. Serving good food and providing competent service are no guarantees. There should be no compromise where health and safety of customers are concerned.2 2. Preserve the kitchen as a restricted area, limited to authorized personnel only. This is the ‘heart and soul’ of the business where food preparation emanates. Food safety is crucial for many food businesses in Malaysia. Having compartmentalized wash basins or sinks for food washing, dish washing and hand washing is a masterful way to prevent food contamination.3
  2. Be attentive to the health conditions of personnel with food handling duties and contact to food surfaces. Implement health and safety guidelines in the kitchen and educate them in a manner that it becomes an inherent trait.4 4. Sustain ‘spotless’ comfort rooms. Establishments may be known to have dirty ones and yet business operators are clueless why business is not as brisk. Assign a dedicated staff to frequently inspect and clean the comfort rooms whether they are for the customers or staff.5
  3. Have instructive signs (no smoking, rest room, i.e.) posted in strategic areas within the premises. People tend to be obedient to signs. They are helpful in a way that shows safety and orderliness.6
  4. Maintain an inventory of cleaning materials and supplies. The inventory should cover and be particular to each area (e.g. dining, kitchens, furniture, refrigeration, equipment, comfort rooms).

These 6 ways are practiced on a daily basis. Both the managers and personnel also keep documents and perform regular monitoring to ensure the practices above are being implemented. In general, daily cleaning should be the norm in every food business. Food safety and health should be of paramount importance in equal terms to food taste. If cleanliness is the barometer of customers to patronize an establishment, then business owners should take heed and follow these surefire tips.

The 5 Most Romantic Malaysian Destinations You Just Have to Visit With Bae

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s that time of the year when you steal some precious moments to spend with your one true love. One of the most endearing ways you can make Valentine’s Day really meaningful is by planning a romantic getaway with bae, preferably to a destination that’s exciting yet romantic.

Malaysia is known the world over for its natural beauty, as well as for its iconic man-made attractions like the KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers, making it a melting pot of both natural and cultural heritage. This also means that it’s a perfect place for you and bae to enjoy some quality alone time. Here are some of the Malaysian destinations known for its amorous aura:


Kuala Lumpur

With its never ending activity and bright lights that are turned on through the night, Kuala Lumpur is very much the vibrant and metropolitan city than can charm anyone looking for excitement. The city is home to many skyscrapers, some of which host rooftop restaurants and bars where couples can book a place for a romantic dinner overlooking the twinkling lights below. Some of these skyscraper restaurants include Atmosphere 360 at KL Tower, Marini’s on 57, Sky Bar and many more. You’ll want to book a 5 star hotel in Kuala Lumpur to complete you experience, and Sunway Resorts Hotel is one ideal option.

Kuala Lumpur


Langkawi Island

Langkawi is a beautiful island off the coast of Kedah, in the north of Peninsula Malaysia. Its appeal lies in the fact that it has many myths and legends associated with it, like the story of Mahsuri, as well as that of a pregnant handmaid or Dayang Bunting. Another of Langkawi’s appeal is its beautiful beaches, some of the best in the country. You’ll be able to lounge on the soft sand and splash in its crystal clear sea waters for hours on end.

Langkawi Island


Malacca Town

Located about 2 hours south of Kuala Lumpur, lies the small town of Malacca. Although not as busy as KL, it can become quite congested on public holidays. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy an idyllic holiday here, walking hand in hand with your other half among the pre-war houses in this UNESCO heritage city. Malacca is steeped in history and heritage, and you’ll learn much by visiting the Stadhuys, which houses the state museum and the ancient Christ Church.

Malacca Town


Cameron Highlands

Fresh air does have its own romantic appeal, and one place you can find a cool and refreshing atmosphere is in Cameron Highlands, known for its delicious strawberries, as well as other fruits and vegetables. Many couples also come here for the spot of Cameron Highland’s very own tea, which is often served with scones. Another good reason to go up to Cameron Highlands with bae is the delicious herbal steamboat. Slurping the hot soup with your favorite ingredients in the cold weather really takes the cake.

Cameron Highlands


Redang Island

Redang is a paradise away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle of towns. This island resort is a popular destination for snorkeling, diving, wind surfing, and other marine activities. This is due to the crystal clear waters and pristine beaches of the island, as well as the quieter and more peaceful nature of the island, as compared to other beach destinations in Malaysia.

Redang Island


From the vibrant and exciting, to the quiet and serene, Malaysia has it all when it comes to romantic Valentine’s Day destinations. Make this year’s Valentine’s an unforgettable experience for your other half.

Want Laid Back Lifestyle? 5 Best Reasons To Consider Relocating To Taiping, Malaysia

You just found a perfect job you have always dreamed of, with sufficient salary and daily challenges in a field you really love. Seriously, you cannot say no to this opportunity. The only dilemma is that you have to consider relocating to Taiping, Malaysia. You might feel nervous about it, but here are the 5 reasons why you should decide to not turning down the job:

  1. Nature-friendly Town:Working in Taiping would let you feel fresh and content to go to work every day

Taiping is the wettest town in Peninsular Malaysia with the highest amount of rainfall annually. Because of that, Taiping is rich of flora and century-old rain trees. Why do you think Danish people are called the happiest nation in the world? Yes, because they make peace with nature. The green and healthy environment could improve air quality, thus could bring you happiness. You would feel fresh and content to go to work every day.

  1. Area Amenities:

Before applying for a job, you’ll need to make sure the location features the facilities you need. Taiping is a heritage town and full of historic buildings. However, you can easily find malls with nice shops and restaurants, schools, and other accommodations. And when you need to clear your mind, take a walk in Taiping Lake Garden which is well-known as the most beautiful garden in Malaysia. Taiping is very near to Sultan Azlan Shah Airport in Ipoh, and also accessible by train. All are not a long drive away.

  1. Low Cost of Living:Taiping town is less stress and low cost of living that you can looks for job vacancies here

If your spouse or small family follow you, the good news is that living in Taiping requires less cost of living compared to Kuala Lumpur. You can live in a terraced house and pay only RM500 per month. Anytime you don’t feel like cooking, go to the local restaurant and enjoy delicious meals at reasonable prices. If you go to work by taxi, the fare is acceptable too.

  1. Less Stress:

Working hard for hours and tight deadlines can leave you feeling worried, uncertain, and overwhelmed by stress. Although Taiping is the largest town in Perak state after Ipoh, it is a calm and peaceful city compared to Kuala Lumpur. You don’t have to find alternative ways to avoid hours-long traffic jam every morning on working days. This place is the perfect place to escape from the crowd and hectic urban life.

  1. Priceless Experience:

Whether it’s good or bad, nothing beats experience. Well, you’re not looking for job vacancies in Taiping only for the salary and shelter. The biggest investment is in yourself. The priceless experience is way more valuable than any paycheck. The local culture, the great people, and the delicious foods, you will fall in love with the laid back lifestyle in Taiping.Looking for job vacancies in Taiping and work here can earn some priceless experience

Start expanding yourself, and invest in your own developing process. If you’re still hesitant, take cue from these 5 reasons why many people love living in Taiping, and get ready to begin a new adventure. Taiping will welcome you with open arms.

Putting a Stop to Too Much Tech – 6 Ways to Effectively Limit Kids’ Screen Time

For parents looking for ways to keep kids seated, quiet, and behaved, handing them a smart phone, a tablet, or sitting them in front of a TV proves to be among the most effective methods. But keep your kid in front of any sort of screen for too long and too often, and you might find them slowly but surely sinking away into limited social interactions and physical activity. If you feel like your kids are spending too much time with their tech, these 6 methods will reduce their screen time and get them more active for healthy bodies and happy relationships.

Small boy talking to his mother

  1. Talk More – The reason why a lot of kids find the internet and computers more entertaining and enjoyable is because parents fail to foster a fun and encouraging atmosphere in their home. Take all the opportunities to really communicate with your children by leveraging times that you’re together such as meal time. Talk with them about things they’re interested in and avoid reprimanding them for sharing their concerns and ideas.


  1. Go Out Often – If you take your family out, it’s going to be difficult for your kids to spend hours on their devices. Schedule a regular trip to the park, the mall, or any other outdoor space where you can bond and have fun with your family to keep your kids regularly exposed to different activities. If you’re not in the mood for all that sunlight, there are lots of informative, fun, and physically engaging indoor activities for kids that you can visit away from home for an enjoyable learning experience.


  1. Invest in Board Games – Kids are always looking for fun ways to spend their time. That’s why playing board games are considered one of the most enjoyable home activities for families that don’t require the use of tech. Invest in the best board games you can find and have a regular game night at home to challenge your kids’ problem solving skills and to foster healthy relationships at home.


  1. Set Up Your Yard – Preparing the right environment for your kids to play and have fun will widen the variety of activities they can do while at home. Set up your yard with different sports equipment so your children can engage in outdoor sports whenever they feel like it.

Little blond girl wearing white blouse in white bedchlothes

  1. Put a Limit – It can be difficult to monitor whether or not your kids use their tech when it’s time for bed, so be sure to put your home WiFi on a schedule. Turn it off at a certain hour of the night to prevent kids from staying up until the wee hours of morning.


  1. Encourage Extracurricular Activities – After-school activities will help fill in their time and prevent them from drowning themselves in tech. Encourage your kids to discover their interests and enroll them in extracurricular activities that they can have fun with after classes.


Any parent wants the best for their kids, and that includes limiting their use of tech. Raise well-rounded, active, healthy, and sociable kids by reducing their screen time and keeping them preoccupied with these 6 effective methods.

5 Gift Ideas to Make Your Cyclist Beau the Happiest on Valentine’s Day

5 Gift Ideas to Make Your Cyclist Beau the Happiest on Valentine’s Day

Christmas is over, but even before you breathe a sigh of relief that the gift-giving season has passed, remember that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In less than a couple of months, you’ll have to think again what to buy for your loved one. If you have a partner who has the penchant for cycling, this post is perfect for you. You may also use this as future reference if you want to give spin-worthy gifts to your cycle-loving friends or family members on other occasions.


Here are 5 of the best gift ideas to make your cyclist partner feel loved on the day of the hearts.







Bike lights are your beau’s best friend in the dark

  1. Magnetic bike lights

Bike lights are your beau’s best friend in the dark. You can find these in shops that sell bicycle accessories in Malaysia. Just ask the seller if the magnetic bike light can survive any weather condition like rain and wind. The good thing about this kind of light is that it is easy to attach and detach.







A bike pizza cutter is an awesome item to add to the kitchen

  1. A bicycle pizza cutter

Got a partner who loves pizza as well? A bike pizza cutter is an awesome item to add to the kitchen. It’s compact, easy to clean, and will not cost you a lot of money. Plus, he might even treat you a special serving of pizza afterward!







Aside from their time functions, a cyclist watch also has other functions such as forecast weather

  1. Cyclist watch

This kind of watch is a versatile device as it can be used in other outdoor activities like climbing, hiking, and even when swimming. Aside from their time functions, a cyclist watch also has other functions such as forecast weather, step counter, and distance recorder.







Travel-sized gear oil, chrome and tin polish makes a nice gift for people who love to travel using their bikes

  1. Cycle care kit

Travel-sized gear oil, chrome and tin polish makes a nice gift for people who love to travel using their bikes. They will need it to keep the bike looking good, and for it to stay in top condition. You will likely see a cycle care kit on specialty stores and retailers who sell bicycle accessories in Malaysia. You can also purchase online, and have it delivered to your doorstep.







They might be a little pricier than the usual helmets but you will value for your money as long as it’s of the best quality

  1. Customized helmet

You want your beau to be safe on the road, so why not give him a new, customized helmet? They might be a little pricier than the usual helmets but you will value for your money as long as it’s of the best quality.



Have you picked one for your guy this coming Valentine’s Day? You don’t have to spend that much. You can even DIY! As long as it’s from the heart, your beau will surely appreciate it.

The Top 5 Benefits Of Getting The Assistance Of An Experienced Financial Advisor


The banking industry in Malaysia has grown in leaps and bounds during the last several years courtesy of the consistently improving economy. More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of putting their money in financial institutions not only to save but to grow the funds as well. However, a lot of people don’t receive the maximum benefits they can get from their funds simply because they aren’t fully knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the system. This is where professional financial advisors enter the picture. If you really want to get the most out of your money, it’s highly recommended that you get the services of an advisor. Below are some of the reasons why:1

  1. Protection for your money – Always keep in mind that when you put your money whether in a bank or in another financial institution, there is always some kind of risks involved. The repercussions of these risks can be understood by an advisor. That said, he will be able to boost the protection of your funds against these perceived risks. In fact, one of the main responsibilities of an advisor is to see to it that your money is not exposed to too much risks.The word Goal with an arrow shot into the target within the letter O
  2.  Meet your investment goals – The general rule is that before you invest your money, you should have a blueprint containing the goals that you want to achieve. To make sure that these goals are realistic, you need the assistance of an advisor who is aware of your financial situation. This is why it’s important that you know your financial advisor in Malaysia before you fully commit to his or her services. Both of you should be on the same page as far as your investment goals are concerned.3
  3.  Better retirement plan – Setting aside funds for a retirement plan is one of the major reasons why Malaysians save. Almost all banks and other financial institutions offer retirement plan options. Choosing which plan to take can be very frustrating which is why you need someone to help you pick the plan that’s appropriate for you.4
  4. Learn about your options – One of the main responsibilities of an advisor is to provide you with the options you have for banking and investment purposes. Of course, you still have the final say on what to do with your funds. But the importance of working with a professional is that he will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options. In short, he’ll help you decide which options will benefit your funds in the long run.5
  5. Gives you peace of mind – If you have a good and reliable advisor, you will worry less about your funds. In more ways than one, banking and investing are confidence games. You have to be confident of where you’re putting your money. You have to be confident that your money is safe. You have to be confident that you are not exposed to unnecessary risks. All of these will give you peace of mind. And you can only get this peace of mind if you have a competent advisor.

The bottom line here is that you need someone who is knowledgeable about the banking systems and financial situation in Malaysia. If you want to grow your money whether through savings plans or through investment opportunities, you need an advisor who can tell you how you should go about it. Advice from a knowledgeable person can make the whole difference between a failed and a successful investment.