Traveling With Kids to Kuala Lumpur – 6 Tips to Enjoy a Family Trip in the Capital of Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur is considered one of the best tourist hotspots in Southeast Asia, mainly because of its endless list of attractions as well as its exciting mishmash of different cultures. Many visit the city to see the spectacular urban cityscapes and to enjoy a romantic getaway for two. But there are more than a handful of worthy sights, sounds, and smells fit for the typical family. If you’re traveling to Malaysia’s capital with kids in tow, be sure to take note of these 6 tips to get the most of your stay.

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  1. Choose Your Stroller Wisely – It’s always nice to have a stroller when traveling with small kids because this will allow them some rest especially that small children tend to get cranky when tired. Unfortunately, navigating Kuala Lumpur with a full-featured robust stroller can be a bit of challenge particularly if you plan to commute via the train. Consider using an umbrella stroller instead to make carrying it up and down stairs less of a hassle. You can also opt for a baby carrier if your child is small enough and if you don’t mind the extra weight.Image result for hotel in kuala lumpur
  2. Find a Family-Friendly Hotel – Often, choosing the right hotel can be a great advantage because good accommodations can be an attraction all on its own. Many of the best hotels for families traveling to Kuala Lumpur are located in the KLCC area, KL Sentral, and Bukit Bintang because they’re close to all the main attractions. You can also check out some hotel deals in Kuala Lumpur that lean more towards the serviced apartment set-up so you can cook and do laundry during your down time.Related image
  3. Prepare Your Tech – While the train can be a cost-effective solution for short distances, farther destinations might be much more comfortably traveled to via taxi. It’s fairly easy to hail one off of the street. But if you want the extra security, you can download ride-sharing apps which also tell you the exact fare you need to pay. This way, you can steer clear of opportunistic drivers looking to make an extra buck off of an unsuspecting foreigner.Image result for Include a Mall in Your Itinerary in kl
  4. Include a Mall in Your Itinerary – Not all of the attractions in Kuala Lumpur require you to drench yourself in sunlight. There are great kiddie amusement parks to be found inside malls. This is a particularly ideal option if you experience some unexpected downpour. Be sure to do some research though – some rides require age and height limits. While you can easily fake your kids’ age, height limits aren’t quite as flexible for safety reasons.Related image
  5. Research Restaurants – For adults who like to explore different flavors and cuisine, any place would be great for a meal. However, if your kids are picky eaters, you might want to do some research on the restaurants available to you. One of the best places to eat in Kuala Lumpur is Marmalade, which features a massive playroom where your little ones can play while you enjoy a cup of coffee. They also serve meals especially prepared for kids’ unique taste so you can be sure to find something your little ones will enjoy munching on.Image result for bring along water bottle
  6. Pack Lots of Water – If you’re planning on spending the whole day out, be sure to have some water in handy especially if you’re not used to the warmer climate. Kids can get easily dehydrated under the sun, particularly in Kuala Lumpur where weather is almost always scorching hot. It also pays to have a few extra bottles in handy for yourself to cool off during the middle of the day.

Kuala Lumpur can be a lot of fun for your family, but only if you make the right preparations. Save yourself some travel troubles and keep these tips in mind for when you decide to take that flight to the sunny city of Kuala Lumpur.

Be Your Own Boss – 5 Short Courses for Profitable Lifetime Self-Employment Success

Be Your Own Boss - 5 Short Courses for Profitable Lifetime Self-Employment Success


With tech and digital resources advancing at the pace that they are, it’s becoming more and more common for people to look for employment options other than those that confine them to office desks. In Malaysia, self-employment is now overtaking other forms of work because it’s convenient, less stressful, and potentially more profitable. If you want to offer your skills and abilities, you should focus on improving yourself to make your services more appealing to your prospects. If you haven’t already, it would be wise to check out short courses in Malaysia online to boost your career to success. Wondering which ones will give you the best returns? Try these niches.







a graphic design online course could be your ticket to financial and career success

  1. Graphic Design

If you have an eye for design and a penchant for art, a graphic design online course could be your ticket to financial and career success. Because not everyone has the ability to create appealing designs, you can offer your services to companies looking for ways to improve their branding and to appeal to greater audiences.







Taking up a short course in writing will help you understand how to string words together

  1. Writing

Everyone is constantly looking for writers because reaching prospects with potent content will help improve business performance, popularity, and profits. Taking up a short course in writing will help you understand how to string words together, how to switch up your voice, and how to make a sale or secure a loyal customer with nothing more than written words.







marketing concept with business graph and chart hand drawing on blackboard

  1. Marketing

Did you know that the majority of companies in Malaysia hire marketing professionals under a remote contract? That means you can work from the comfort of your home, or from wherever in the world you might be. That’s because marketing these days mostly occurs through social media, but that doesn’t mean it’s all that simple. It takes a lot of smarts to understand how positive results can be achieved through social networking platforms, and that’s why you need to get all the information you need to help make you an effective online marketer.







Whether businesses or individuals, those who have a lot of money at stake will always find the need for a financial consultant

  1. Accounting and Finance

Whether businesses or individuals, those who have a lot of money at stake will always find the need for a financial consultant. Learning the ropes of finance, accounting, and investments will make you a major asset for a company, or an individual looking to maximize funds and reduce overhead costs.







There are millions upon millions of websites that litter the internet

  1. Web Development

There are millions upon millions of websites that litter the internet, and each one plays a significant role in the performance of the business that it represents. Because business owners always want to make sure their websites are working at peak performance, dedicated web development specialists can find their place in virtually any company that places emphasis on the importance of their online reputation and presence.




You don’t need an undergraduate diploma, a master’s degree, or a doctorate to prove you’re worth the hire – a short course can be more than enough to increase your value to potential employers. Try a short course in any of these 5 niches and bring yourself a step closer to a lifetime of career success in your own pace and terms.

Top 5 Practical Reasons Why You Should Take Professional Development Courses

Business people working on project in office, sitting on the desk


These days, it’s crucial for you to master various soft skills and hard skills that could help you progress in your career. For those who are lacking in several skills, be it computer skills or communication skills, there are plenty of professional courses in Malaysia that would benefit you for your professional development. If you’re unsure about taking a course, these five practical reasons will change your mind:







  1. Higher Chances of Getting a Promotion

The more skills you have, be it hard skills or soft skills, the higher are the chances of you getting a promotion, when the right time comes. Since you’re more valuable than ever now, it’s unlikely that you’ll be let go. Most companies would like to cut cost, and hiring more people can be costly. Retaining top talent is a better investment for them in the long run.






you’ll add value to yourself and become an asset to your company

  1. Fewer Chances of Being Redundant

By upgrading yourself and taking a professional course in a relevant field, you’ll add value to yourself and become an asset to your company, thus reducing the chances of being redundant. This might come in handy especially when your company is in the middle of a retrenchment, due to bad economy, or other various factors.






you’re likely to get better opportunities that you’d like to be considered for

  1. Boosted Credentials

Taking professional courses can boost your credentials, which will give you a good name within your industry. With positive and impressive credentials, you’re likely to get better opportunities that you’d like to be considered for, since the majority of employers or companies prefer professionals with great credentials.






A professional course might teach you a thing or two about how things are done in a different field

  1. Broaden Your Horizons Avoid getting stuck in the rut

Taking a professional course could broaden your horizons and open your eyes to things you’ve never known before, since your job only revolves around a few things. A professional course might teach you a thing or two about how things are done in a different field. You’re likely to have good small talks as well while networking, since you have some knowledge in things outside of your expertise.






learn new things that will help you overcome your professional weaknesses, and avoid doing the same mistake again

  1. Take full responsibility of your professional weaknesses

Rome wasn’t build in a day, and everyone will have their own professional weaknesses, which will take time to overcome. With a professional course, you’ll learn new things that will help you overcome your professional weaknesses, and avoid doing the same mistake again.




Don’t delay in upskilling yourself for your own professional benefit. The sooner you start the better. Since we’re living in times where things and technology change so fast, you need to be able to keep up with everything, and make yourself indispensable to your company.

5 Easy Steps On How To Build A Toy House Using Corrugated Cardboard



Building a toy house from scratch is a fun and enjoyable activity, especially if there are kids around. What’s good about it is that you don’t need a lot of materials to start the project. You can recycle all types of cardboard boxes. For instance, a shoe-box can be turned into a table or empty matchboxes can be utilized as chairs. The whole activity relies on your own creativity. If it’s your first time to build a cardboard toy house, here are the basic steps you should follow:









Step 1: Create the design for the toy house

Grab a pencil, take a page of design paper, and start scribbling what the house would look like. The first thing you should take into consideration is the size of the finished house. Is it going to be a big one where small kids can actually enter? Or is it a small playhouse meant for dolls and figurines? You should also take into account the sections of the house that you plan on integrating into the design. If there’s going to be a porch or an outside shed, then put it there in the overall design.









Step 2: Gather all the materials you need for the project

Get all the empty boxes and corrugated cardboard you can find in the house. It doesn’t matter how small the box is, you might find it useful. If you don’t have enough corrugated cardboard, you can always purchase them online. For instance, CLPG Packaging Industries is a company that sells a wide variety of cardboard boxes. You can learn more about their cardboard products on their official website at








Step 3: Cut out windows, doors, and other holes in the cardboards before you start assembling them

Every cutout you make should be in line with the overall design you made on step one. Make sure that the windows and the doors are appropriate to the size of the walls you have in mind.








Step 4: Assemble all the parts using glue, strings, packing tapes, or thumb tacks

This should be an easy task if you dutifully followed your design plan. Connecting the parts can be a bit frustrating if you’re using glue since it may take time for them to harden and stick. That said, you may consider using packing tape first before applying glue to make the task easier. For the parts that are flimsy and thin, you may use staplers.








Step 5: Paint the toy house

Cardboard boxes are usually brown so they look rather dull and bland. Give your toy house a more vibrant and lively look by applying some colorful paints.



It’s not that difficult to build a nice-looking toy house if you follow all of the steps discussed above. Building in an orderly fashion is the key to finishing the project. It’s a fun activity that can help you bond with your kids. It’s also environment-friendly considering the fact that a lot of the materials used are recycled items.

5 Must-Have Time-Saving Apps When In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a hectic city which can be quite challenging to navigate. This is especially true during peak hours, where people are rushing to their workplaces. Whether you’re a working professional or a student, your journey could be less stressful with the help of a few apps made especially for people on the go. Make your commute breezier with these five best apps while you’re up and about in the city:


  1. KLIA Express

Whether you’ve just arrived in KLIA and are heading to Kuala Lumpur or vice versa, the KLIA Express app allows you to skip everything, so you can take an express trip between KL and KLIA. The app also lets you check the train schedule and buy a scan-able ticket.


  1. KL Transit

With this app, you can easily check out the train schedule and view the KTM Komuter timetable. Some of its feature functions include reminder (an option that will alert you about the arrival of a train), selections of arrival stations, and preferred departure time and date. The fare for the journey is also displayed for convenience. Additionally, there will be live reports by other users if your train is delayed or facing a technical problem.


  1. Waze

Waze can come in handy if you own a vehicle. The app is a favorite among Malaysian drivers on the go, since it can guide you to your destination safely. Some of the features include showing you new routes and a heads up on police traps and traffic jams.


  1. MyTeksi

Waiting around for a taxi to arrive at the stop is a waste of time. Schedule your journey by booking a taxi in advance, no matter the time of the day. Not only that, you’ll be charged a fair taxi fare, and can track your driver easily. Plus, you’re in safe hands, as the vehicle is closely monitored by the management, which will ensure that your journey is smooth and free of any trouble.


  1. LLM Traffic Info

This is one of the most important apps to download, as it’ll help you navigate your way, not just around the capital city, but also in other parts of Malaysia. The app features travel info, traffic info, emergency hotline, share traffic info, toll calculator, R&R locations and more.

Forget maps and travel guidebooks. You can save more time and keep your sanity by downloading these apps when you’re going from place to place in KL. Not only that, you don’t have to walk around with a heavy load if you’re using some of these apps.

Top 5 Trendy Themes For Children’s Birthday Parties

Planning for your child’s upcoming birthday celebration in Kuala Lumpur? Go all out and be extra fun by organizing a theme party that is trending. Give your child a memorable party he or she will love. Check out these top five trendy themes for children’s birthday parties:


  1. Lego-themed party The Lego toy will always be timeless and well loved by both adults and children. Why not please them both by organizing a Lego-themed party? You can have a space where the kids (and even parents) can play Lego, have cakes or cookies in Lego shapes, give goodie bags that contain Lego, or anything. Be creative!ghostbusters-13
  2. Ghostbusters-themed party Ghostbusters is a classic flick. If your kid loves the movie, have a Ghostbusters-themed party. Some ideas include wearable proton packs for guests, custom cake pops or cookies, and giant slime cake. You can also hold a costume contest and give out prizes to guests who come dressed in a Ghostbuster suit.3fe532b8fe1f558f01504e63b31ee04c
  3. Sesame Street-themed party Many children, regardless of gender grow up, watching Sesame Street, so a theme party of the children’s TV series would be perfect! Staying true to the TV series, your party can also be educational and entertainment at the same time. Organize a puppet show of the show’s characters, use Sesame Street party décor, or even have a Cookie Monster piñata filled with cookies! Give out goodie bags filled with small Sesame Street character plush toy and some candies.6a00e3982192808833017eeadec346970d-800wi
  4. Hello Kitty-themed party If your little girl loves everything pink and girlie, a Hello Kitty-themed party is totally adorable. The party could have pink and white as its main color. Include Hello Kitty cake pops or cakes, party decor and goodie bags. Organize a Sanrio character-drawing contest for extra fun.superhero-25
  5. Superhero-themed party A superhero-themed party could be anything based on The Avengers or individual superhero characters such as Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Ironman, Spiderman, Superman, or Batman. Let your guests role-play with their favorite characters. Include superhero cakes or food, party decor and goodie bags.

Once you’ve decided on a theme for your kid’s birthday party, you can start looking for the right venues for birthday celebration in Kuala Lumpur. Take your time to consider your budget and party requirements, and do some research on the venues to determine the best one to organize the party at. Pick a venue that could not only accommodate the children and their parents, but provide enough parking spaces for every guest.

Aiming for Administrative Success – 4 Essential Steps for Climbing Up the Admin Career Ladder

Take a look on what to do in admin job vacancies in MalaysiaAdministrative departments are responsible for making sure that all other departments of the company are working together like a well-oiled machine. For those who have an eye for detail and a penchant for organized work, becoming an admin assistant may just be the best career option. But because of the “assistant” title, lots of people take a look at admin job vacancies and think that admin assistants are nothing more than glorified secretaries. The truth is, there is a world of career opportunities that lie just beyond that first foot in the door. All you need to do is follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to administrative success.

  1. Focus Your Skill Development Efforts – Administrative departments oversee all of the other functions of a business. As an assistant, you will have to take note of all the different aspects of the company you work for. Of course, there will be some departments that interest you more than others. And that’s where the beauty of admin positions lie. All areas of the enterprise are potential career opportunities and there are no off limit departments. Find out which one you particularly enjoy and focus your skills development efforts on that specific department of choice.
  2. Ask for More – Employers think highly of admin assistants who don’t just take on whatever they have laid out for them, but also go out of their way to ask for more. According to experts, you should ask for additional responsibilities and tasks 6 months to a year after you’re hired. This gives you enough time to adjust to your usual duties. This also leaves a positive impression on your employer. If you feel like you can take on more responsibilities earlier on, you can go on ahead and ask your employer what else you can do for them as soon as you feel ready. If and when you’re able to prove to your employer that you’re ready for greater responsibilities, they might consider you for a managerial position in the event that a vacancy pops up.Ask for additional responsibilities to be a successful admin
  3. Be Open With Your Employer – There’s something about an employee who’s open about intentions to move up the ladder that makes employers feel proud. Knowing that one of their workers wants to do their best to deserve a loftier position in the organization urges companies to be more supportive of their workers in their efforts for professional improvement. Don’t be afraid to ask your boss for cues and clues as to what you can do to rise up the ranks. And if they give you challenges and hurdles to overcome, be sure to accept the obstacle and pass the test with flying colors.
  4. Go Out of Your Way – Going out of your way and proving that your work is important to you will prove that you value the opportunity you’re given. Even if there are some things that aren’t required or requested of you, try to accomplish them anyway especially if they’re for the betterment of the company. If you see areas where your employer can cut back on overhead, go ahead and volunteer your suggestion. If there are certain strategies that aren’t working out for the marketing department, be transparent and offer a solution. In doing this, you prove that you’re aware of everything that’s under your jurisdiction and that you care enough to provide your input for further improvement of the different departments.

Admin assistants have it tough. But by making it through the struggle, you can reach a higher ground. Are you ready to step up the ladder? Follow these 4 steps to help you reach admin success.

Dispose And Donate. A Year Opener Decluttering And Sharing Guide



Every year, you get a clean slate. A chance to leave the past behind and start anew. Starting the year right doesn’t have to be exclusive to New Year’s resolutions. The New Year is a great time to declutter and donate some of the items you no longer use. Think of it as an extended holiday gift-giving activity for you, your family and your friends. Here’s a short guide to help you dispose and donate this New Year.








Step 1: Choose your recipients

Just like shopping for gifts, it’s easier to decide if you already know who you’re giving to. There are many charities who accept gifts and donations year-round. You can also inquire around your local community if there are groups you can donate to. Of course, if you can’t find any, you can always choose to give your hand-me-downs to extended families. If you already know who will be receiving your pre-loved items, you’ll decide easier which items to give away.








Step 2: Have a purge plan

Don’t start with your storage or attic. Start purging in your living room and pick out the items that you’ve been trying to get replaced or get rid of, but never got the chance. Next, scour your kitchen and pantry for utensils, equipment and even food items that you want to give away. Address the bedrooms and garage next. Lastly, go through your storage or attic.








Step 3: Sort and pack

By the time you finish purging, you would have a huge pile of items to donate. Remove any items that are not good enough for donation and throw them away. Sort the pile using your recipients as categories. Use corrugated boxes to store your old stuff. For breakable items, you can wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap before boxing them all up. Use a black marker to indicate where the entire box is supposed to go. If you’re sending them via courier, write the address legibly. You can even include a short letter to go with your donation.





Give Back

Often times, you end up putting off donations in the hopes that you’ll be able to use the items one day. This rarely happens. Many people end up hoarding while the items end up collecting dust. It is always better to donate items you no longer use because this means you’re also making room for more. This year, make generosity a part of your growth strategy.

Get Healthy, Get Great Skin! 3 Overlooked Health Habits For The New Year

Image result for Overlooked Health Habits For The New YearWith Malaysians getting ready to welcome the new year, there’s so much motivation to plan for new things and new habits to improve our bodies. We want a trimmer figure, better teeth, shinier hair.
In the pursuit of beauty, it’s easy to overlook the obvious. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it can tell you a lot about your general well-being. Skin that is in poor condition can sometimes be your body’s way of telling you that something is not quite right.
The good thing about this is that if you take good care of your body, results will show through your skin. If great skin is what you want, why not try to cultivate some of these healthy (and easy) habits:

Related image

1. Stay Hydrated (But you don’t have to give up coffee or evening drinks). You probably know that more than half of our bodies is made of water, so it’s only logical that we should keep ourselves hydrated. When you’re dehydrated, your body pulls moisture away from your skin, which makes it dry and flaky. This is especially important when considering the blistering KL heat that can really rob your skin of moisture.

If your daily routine includes coffee (which is a diuretic, meaning you’ll visit the ladies’ more often, expelling water quickly) or alcohol (which dehydrates), you’ll want to make sure you compensate the loss of water in your body. It’s quite simple: for every cup of coffee or alcohol, down a glass of water!

So you don’t need to contemplate swearing off brew as your New Year’s Resolution. You work hard and you deserve that occasional martini! But don’t forget that your skin works hard too and it needs all that water compensation.

Image result for Pamper Your Face 2. Pamper Your Face, But Don’t Forget About The Rest Of Your Skin. Yes, your face is the most sensitive skin area and gets the most exposure to damaging sunlight – of which there is plenty in Malaysia! So your face does deserve attention. But make sure you also clean and moisturize the rest of your skin as dirt accumulates everywhere and prevents it from breathing.

You don’t even have to own the best body scrub in Malaysia to ensure your skin is properly exfoliated during baths. Plain natural loofah sponges from your local pasar malam is just as effective in removing dead skin and dirt.

If you like using body lotions and moisturizers, you’ll be happy to know that clean skin will absorb those nutrients more effectively – your skin will thank you with a glow!
Related image

3. Add A Few Hundred Steps To Your Day. You probably have made new year resolutions in the past to exercise to get fit or to lose weight.

Here’s another motivation: exercise boosts the activity of white blood cells, releasing endorphin that improves your mood and circulation to feed more oxygen to your skin. These also have anti-inflammatory benefits that neutralize the stress hormone cortisol. It’s no wonder that active people have livelier, rosier skin!

Is the gym a bit too much of a commitment? Take the stairs more often or park a little farther away and use a pedometer app on your smartphone if you want to track all those extra steps. It’ll cost you only a few minutes a day but will give you the same skin-enhancing benefits of exercise.
You don’t have to own a spa or expensive skincare for good complexion. Healthy skin is the product of healthy habits – so if you want to have good skin, treat the disease and not the symptom.

Steer Clear of Cycling Perils – 6 Common Road Biking Dangers to Avoid


Biking is a great way to get around not just through nature trails but also through the city. That’s because these manually powered two wheelers can be steered and maneuvered around even in the tightest streets, alleys, and turns without a struggle. However, with the convenience and ease comes danger. If you’re riding a bike through the concrete jungle, be sure to steer clear of these common cycling perils.maxresdefault-2

  1. Gravelly Roads – Not all roads are smoothly paved. There are some that are riddled with little rocks and lots of gravel, even in the big city. In these cases, it’s always best to maintain your speed as propulsion will keep you stable. Find that speed sweet spot to avoid a bumpy ride.right-turn-merge-01-e1350925465211
  2. Blind Turns – For cars, it’s a lot easier to stay safe around a blind turn. All drivers need to do is keep their headlights on or blow their horn and any car on the other side will easily be alerted of the unseen oncoming vehicle. For bikes, it’s not as simple. To turn safely through a blind curve, keep your bike closest to the inner lane of the turn and guide your speed with one foot on the ground.yellow-stripes-road
  3. Paint Stripes – Bigger vehicles have little to fear when it comes to paint stripes, but even a specialized road bike could easily topple over when gliding through these markings. If you need to cross lanes, avoid steering parallel over paint stripes. Try to achieve as much of an angle as possible and maintain slower speeds until you clear the road
  4. Wet Pavement – Riding in rainfall is one of the biggest dangers for any cyclist, regardless of experience. When turning on a wet road, exaggerate your cornering technique and apply greater pressure on the lowered outer pedal. This will give your wheels more grip to prevent you from slipping and falling off your seat.pothole-610
  5. Potholes – Many city bikers simply swerve around potholes, which is a practical and obvious solution. But if there’s an oncoming car, if you’re biking through traffic, or if you’re riding in a group, it might not be as safe. Learn how to pop your wheels over potholes by practicing over smaller cracks first. Start with your front wheel, then learn to pop up your rear to clear potholes head on.high-visibility-clothing-630x418
  6. Visibility – You might think a person riding a two-wheeled contraption should be easy to spot in against gray pavement, but you’d be wrong. There are countless accidents that are chalked up to drivers simply not seeing bikers on the road. Avoid biking fast through quiet streets and roads and always wear reflective gear to keep you in sight.

Staying fit and going green are all made possible with bikes, but that doesn’t mean it’s free of hazards. Keep yourself safe on the road and avoid these common biking hazards for a trouble-free ride.