Thinking of Working in Seremban? Here’s What You Can Expect to Find


Seremban is the capital of Negeri Sembilan, and in comparison to Kuala Lumpur, it is smaller and quieter. It is an ideal place to work for those who prefer a slower pace of life. Seremban’s main economic activities are manufacturing as well as services and tourism. The town is home to many multinational companies from Japan, South Korea, America and Europe. This means there are plentiful of available jobs in Seremban for Malaysians.

Here’s a look at what type of jobs you can expect to see in Seremban:

many-education-sectors-offer-jobs-for-teacher-in-serembanTeachers or Educators  The education sector in Seremban consists mainly of secondary and primary schools. Therefore, there’s a demand for teachers, not just in the schools but to give extra tuition out of the regular school hours as well. Apart from that, there are also several colleges like TAFE college Seremban, Kolej MARA Seremban, MIDAS Architecture College and several others. There are also some International and private schools in Seremban who are looking for teachers with a good command of English and qualifications related to basic subjects such as mathematics, science and languages.

Hotel Staff  Seremban is a town that has several attractions in and around it. Some of the main landmarks include the Jelita Ostrich Farm and the Seri Menanti Palace. People also come to the town to savor local delicacies like beef noodles and siew bao (baked bao). This translated into a large amount of tourists every year, and a healthy hotel and tourism industry. Therefore, you can expect jobs such as front desk personnel, maintenance workers, tour guides, tour agency staff and much more.hotel-staff-always-needed-for-hotel-in-seremban

Administration  With so many manufacturing and services companies in Seremban, there will no doubt be an abundance of administrative positions, including accounts and payroll staff, clerks, human resource executives and the like. Administrative staff are in demand not just in manufacturing but in other fields as well. There are many businesses, financial institutions, educational bodies, consultancies and service providers that also require administrative staff.

Retail Line  Seremban is a retail point for many of Negeri Sembilan’s residents who live in smaller towns and villages. As such, Seremban plays hosts to many shopping centers and malls that become packed, especially during the weekends. The retail industry is thriving and many stores need to be manned by staff, therefore you can expect that the demand for retail staff is high.

fb-industry-in-seremban-always-in-demand-for-people-to-workFood and Beverage Industry  Chefs, baristas, kitchen helpers, bartenders, cooks and servers are always in demand from the most humble hawker stall to the fanciest restaurants in Seremban. Working in the F&B line requires you to have a lot of stamina, as long hours and a lot of physical strength is required. Those who are trained in the culinary arts can look forward to being hired in the hotel industry or in the pastry and baking industry which is very active in Seremban.

The living costs in Seremban isn’t as high as many other larger cities like Kuala Lumpur, so you’ll find that a lot of your pay can go into your savings. Seremban’s residents are warm and welcoming , so if you choose to move there anytime soon, you’ll find that it’s easy to adjust and settle down.

Traveling Overseas? Avoid These 5 Biggest Mistakes On Overspending While Travelling

Tourists couple travel in Havana, Cuba having fun. Young multiracial happy couple on backpacking vaction standing on Plaza de la Catedral, Old Havana.

Are you planning to travel overseas any time soon? Spending money abroad can be tricky to navigate as you tend to get a little overexcited when it comes to shopping, visiting tourist attractions, or enjoying some entertainment that can’t be found in Malaysia. Don’t let big financial mistakes get in the way of your fun and leisure. Before you go abroad, check out these five biggest mistakes on spending that you could avoid while you travel:traveling-abroad

  1. Not informing your bank of your travel plans


It’s a smart move to call your bank and inform them of your travel plans, whether you’re using debit or credit cards. This is your safety net in case you find yourself in situations such as fraud, and unusual or extreme amount of purchases. In the case of fraud, your bank could immediately inform you if they detect any unusual activity, which will save you from losing a lot of cash.moneymattersbig

  1. Using traveler’s check


Using a traveler’s check is a thing of the past. Not only are they costly and require you to spend more time just to obtain and purchase them, barely anyone would accept traveler’s checks anymore. Regardless of where you are in the world, you’re better off using credit cards, which will give you better exchange rate. Skip on traveler’s check and use debit or credit cards instead.foreign-travel-passport-map-featured-shutterstock-221669455

  1. Using credit cards with foreign transaction fees


With so many types of credit cards, there’s definitely one or two that would benefit you the most while you travel. However, using credit cards with foreign transaction fees is a huge mistake that will cost you a lot. Most banks would charge around 3%-5% for every transaction you make with your credit card abroad. Avoid any incurred fee and save more money by using credit cards with zero foreign transaction fees. Find out the best credit card in Malaysia for overseas spending.

Hand writing travel plan in a lined spiral notepad arranged on a map

  1. Failing to plan for your entire trip


Failing to properly plan for your entire trip will result in extra expenses which could easily be avoided with careful arrangements before your vacation. Spend some time to estimate how much money it will cost and consider how much you’re willing to spend for food, transportation, entertainment, service and other things. Remember to plan for each day during your stay at the country.  Find cheaper alternatives if possible. For example, instead of taking the cab, you could take a bus, the train or even rent a bike to go places.  9_istock_000061269568_large-793x496

  1. Overlooking ATM and bank fees


While you’re abroad, you’ll likely be charged for each of your financial transaction, like withdrawing cash from an ATM. Be sure to check whether there will be any fees incurred if you made any financial transaction overseas. Since making financial transactions abroad can be costly, plan on how you can best carry your money safely.

When traveling overseas, you could be at a higher risk of spending more money than you intended, especially if you’re not aware of the extra fees hidden when using a particular service. Prior to your trip, make sure you do some research and find ways to save money as much as possible. Take notes also on the mistakes mentioned above so you could avoid getting into financial trouble. You don’t want to get stranded in a foreign land with no money.



6 Absolute Must-Try Foods When In Kota Damansara

If you have a plan to visit and spend a holiday in Kota Damansara, you should definitely check out the town’s food scene. The region is home to dozens of cafes and restaurants offering a plethora of dishes you will surely enjoy. Below is a quick rundown of some of the must-visit food joints in town.


3cvvpv61cce4442e11a146mx1) Bakso at the Rakshee (RM9.90 per plate) – Bakso is a very common Indonesian meatball made from beef surimi. What differentiates good bakso from poor bakso is the way they are prepared and served. At the Rakshee restaurant, you are assured that you will be served with bakso that’s been cooked to perfection. You can enjoy the delicacy on top of other dishes like spaghetti, burgers, Swedish beefball, and beefball marinara.


2) Seafood at the Red Lobster (Prices range from RM12.9 to RM165.9 depending on serving and size) – If seafood is your thing, you should definitely drop by the Red Lobster. This restaurant offers sumptuous meals featuring lobsters, shrimps, scallops, mussels, crabs, and linguini. You get to choose if the main ingredient will be steamed, grilled, roasted, battered, or tossed.


3) Buttered Chicken at the Amaze K (RM12.5-RM14.50 per serving) – The menu at Amaze K will satiate your appetite if you like chicken-based rice meals. You get to choose if the sauce is butter or sweet and sour. Other specialties in the restaurant include seafood pasta and salmon steak pasta. If you don’t want chicken or pasta, you can try out their beef burgers and mushroom soups.


4) Drunken Egg at the Hakka Rang Restaurant (RM10.80-RM15.80 per serving) – If you are looking for tasty home-cooked meals, this is the place to go. Of course, their most popular dish is the drunken egg. They prepare, cook, and serve the dish in their own unique style. Also popular are their fried bitter gourds, crispy fried pork, and abacus seeds.


5) Beef Noodles at the Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap (RM9.90-RM13.90) – The great thing about this restaurant is that you get to choose what goes in your bowl of noodles. You can choose from tripes, intestines, tendons, sliced meat, and other inner entrails.


6) Fusion Burgers at the Burger Junkyard (RM15.80-RM20) – There are several reasons why this is the most popular burger joint in town. First, their patties come from grain-fed cows raised in Australia. Second, they like to try bold moves, like incorporating fruity flavors in their burgers. They also use boneless chicken thighs for their chicken patties. And to top it all, you get to choose from different types of cheese such as sharp cheddar, pressed cheddar, and mozzarella.


These food joints are located within or are near the town’s center so they are usually within walking distance. You can always take a taxi if you are not that familiar with the directions. For easier access to the most popular restaurants, you should pick a budget hotel in Kota Damansara that’s situated near the central business district.

A Skin Care Guide: What You Need To Know Before Getting Botox Treatment

cosmetic-beauty-fillers-botoxIn the cosmetic world, beauty is everything, and everybody wants to look their best. But every cosmetic therapy, like Botox Cosmetic, requires more care and treatment from a skilled dermatologist to avoid any alarming side effects. Botox is a purified protein referred as botulinum toxin type A, acquired from a type of bacteria. Its purpose is to relax the muscle area through blocking nerve impulses that cause contractions, mix expressions, and soft wrinkles. In therapeutic treatment, Botox is used to treat conditions like excessive sweating and cerebral palsy. Research also suggests that the treatment may also help lighten a person’s mood.

Thinking of getting Botox treatment? Here are 5 top essentials that can help you find the right clinic for your skin needs


  1. Make sure your practitioner is highly experienced. Your dermatologist you intend to get Botox injections from should be highly experienced and a reputable medical professional. This is because he or she will have the right equipment and sufficient knowledge in case something goes wrong. Many cases have been reported where a semi-skilled person has issued the wrong combination of Botox treatment to a patient. And within a few weeks, the patient begins to show side effects from the drug. To avoid such a shocking experience, first do some underground check on your surgeon. Has he or she been charged with any malpractice or incompetence issue? Does he or she have any proven record that assures of their competence? Such questions will make you find a highly qualified skin expert who is good at what they do.


  1. Follow your surgeon’s pre- and post-injection prescription carefully. You need to be fully aware of the rules and regulations that medical aesthetic services adhere to, particularly for injection treatments. In many countries, including Malaysia, injectable treatments are provided only by a highly experienced physician. The practitioner should first assess a patient to determine whether such treatment is suitable for them. In case any complication occurs, the physician should have the sufficient knowledge on how a patient should recover from any potential harm. Follow the prescription given by the doctor carefully to not put your life at risk, or tarnish his or her career.


  1. Inform your surgeon about any health problems you may have. Before going for Botox Cosmetic, it’s important you tell your doctor about any health complications you may have. This information will help them recommend you the right dose. Also alert your doctor of any medications, herbal preparations, or any other supplements you’re taking to avoid the occurrence of severe side effects. Also mention to your doctor whether you’ve taken any injected antibiotics, sleeping pills, or any other drug for the sake of your health.


  1. Report all side effects. Just like any other drug, Botox users sometimes may experience some side effects from the drug. Common side effects that affect most patients include bruising and swelling. You’re supposed to report to your doctor immediately your body begins to show any symptoms, especially those that don’t seem to fade. Though it’s rarely reported, a dreaded combination of Botox travels through the body’s fatty tissue to areas it wasn’t intended. This causes some muscles of the eyelid to swell, leading to ptosis (droopy eye). Sometimes the muscles may move the eyeball, causing double vision in a patient. These symptoms, however, fade on their own after two weeks. Make sure to report to your physician if the symptoms become persistent and don’t seem to go away.


  1. Be careful having Botox injections at a “Botox party.” A Botox party in a medical setting, like in an experienced doctor’s house, isn’t such a bad idea. But the situation becomes less fun when random groups of people think they can administer shots of Botox injections to people at parties. You need to ascertain you’re in a medical setting where any alarming side effects or complications can be checked immediately. Each prescription drug, including Botox, should be conducted under the guidance of a highly qualified practitioner and in a proper professional setting. Visit the official Botox website for more information on Botox injections.



Botox Cosmetic therapy is used for the occasional smoothing of frown lines, mostly lines between your eyebrows that make someone appear tired or angry. It’s also used to eliminate forehead lines and marionette lines that appear at the corners of the mouth and around the lips. And just like any other beauty therapy treatment, people should be careful where they go to get Botox treatment to avoid unpleasant symptoms. It’s important to ensure you’re getting treatment from a highly experienced dermatologist, highly respected in his or her medical profession. Following the tips shared in this guide can help you find a reputable clinic tailored to address any of your skin needs. Your skin safety needs should come first, not the opposite!

What You Need To Know About Crystal Tomato Treatments



What is Crystal Tomato? It’s an oral supplement formulated from all-natural ingredients for a radiant, fair, healthy, and toned-looking skin. One of its unique features is that it is mainly made from carotenoid extracts which are colorless. The extracts were taken from a breed of non-genetically modified white tomatoes. Scientific researches have proven that the ingredients contain skin-brightening benefits. These are the most important things you should know about Crystal Tomato:







tomatoes on a white background


The supplements can be taken by vegetarians or non-vegetarians who would like to improve their skin condition. They’re also suitable for breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, or women who are preparing for pregnancy. However, it’s recommended that you consult with a doctor first before taking the supplements to avoid potential health issues. There are no known side effects to the products, unless you have allergic reactions to tomatoes. If you do, stay away from the product.

SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN BENEFITS Among Crystal Tomato’s scientifically proven benefits, include the following:


  • Anti-inflammatory effect – The colorless carotenoids as the supplement’s main ingredient contain anti-inflammatory properties which help to promote fast healing of wounds and avoid scarring, as well as protect you from UV damage.
  • Anti-oxidant effect – The main ingredients are also able to absorb the UVA/B light, which in turn will block the free radicals in UV rays from entering your skin, which could otherwise damage your skin cells. By protecting your skin against free radical damages caused by your environmental surroundings, the supplements help to improve the clarity of your skin.
  • Melanin reduction – Your existing melanin will be reduced effectively due to the carotenoids. This is perfect for those who’d like to have fairer skin.
  • Natural sunscreen – Because carotenoids absorb the light within the ultra-violet range, they also serve as a natural sunscreen. However, it’s not sufficient to rely on the supplements, and you’re still required to apply a topical sunblock and wear protective clothing.








Taking the supplements is similar to eating tomatoes, so they can be taken practically anytime, be it in the morning, evening, or night. You only need to take one caplet a day, prior to eating your meals or after That said, there’s no harm if you wish to take more than one caplet a day, but check with your doctor first. Additionally, it’s best that you stick to the same routine on a daily basis. For example, if you take a caplet in the morning after breakfast, then do the same in the following days.









The supplement should be consumed once a day to achieve the best results. Continue taking them until you see some results. However, the results can be reversible. This means that when you stop taking Crystal Tomato, your skin will gradually return to the original form. While the condition of your skin may not get worse once you stop taking the supplements, it could lose the benefits.



Results can often be visible after three weeks of daily consumption for some people, while others take about two to three months. If you’re considering taking the supplements, find out more about the prices for Crystal Tomato treatments. The price range for the products may vary depending on packaging. A small box of Crystal Tomato contains three blister strips of 10 caplets each, which could last a month.

3 Tips Guaranteed to Keep You Safe While Riding a Bike in the City

Pakistani women ride their bikes towards the city's landmark Faisal Mosque to mark International Women's day in Islamabad on March 8, 2013. A group of determined women took to bikes March 8, riding through the Pakistani capital to highlight their rights and love of exercise in a culture that often treats them as second-class citizens. AFP PHOTO/Farooq NAEEMFAROOQ NAEEM/AFP/Getty Images ORG XMIT:

The call to change our ways and become more environmentally conscious is at an all time high, and that’s particularly why lots of people have shifted from driving cars to riding bikes. This fast and fuel-free alternative can help bring you where you want to go and burn those extra calories all at the same time. However, because bikes don’t come with the same exterior that cars do, crashing can be significantly more injurious. Be sure to stay safe and to avoid accidents while getting fit at the same time by checking out these three tips for safe city cycling.1

  1. Ride Close to the Sidewalk – In any case, the sidewalk is your friend. While many local government rules and regulations don’t actually allow bike riders on sidewalks, staying close to one will allow you the chance to steer clear of a potential accident without getting in the way of motorists. What’s more, cars tend to avoid sidewalks mainly because nobody wants to snag an absent-minded passer-by or a fire hydrant. If there are lanes specifically dedicated to bike riders, take advantage of them and avoid joining vehicles on the road whenever possible.2
  2. Know the Common Accidents – By understanding the most common accidents for bike riders, you can stay alert and do your best to avoid them. Getting hit by an opening door of a parked car along the side of the road is one of them, so if you’re passing by parked cars, ride slowly and try to see if there’s anyone inside prepping to go out by checking out the silhouettes through the windows. It’s also common for bike riders to get snagged in dark conditions. Fitting a light reflector and bright clothing during night biking can help make you more visible to cars. It also helps to park your bike wisely to prevent the dreaded runaway bike situation. Consider investing in a foldable bicycle for safe storage and parking.3
  3. Use Your Hand Signals – One of the ways that cars stay safe is by the use of signal lights. This helps those around them understand their plans and where they plan to g,o so that everyone sharing the road can adjust themselves and anticipate any lane changes or turns. Even if your bike doesn’t come equipped with signal lights, you can use your hands to tell other road users if you plan to turn or change lanes. Be mindful however of when and how to stretch out your signal hands. Glance backwards and avoid abrupt signaling to avoid injury to your arms.

Helmets, knee pads, and other protective gear stand no chance against vehicular accidents. Be sure to stay safe in the city while riding your bike by avoiding accidents in the first place. Take these tips with you the next time you head out on your bike for accident-free city navigation.



6 Best Hacks To A Perfect Serenade In Kuala Lumpur

Image result for Kuala Lumpur

Planning for a romantic gateway? Whether you’re planning to celebrate your honeymoon, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or even your partner’s birthday, Kuala Lumpur is the perfect romantic holiday destination. If you’re looking to indulge in some fun and spend quality time with your significant other, consider these six best hacks to a perfect serenade in Kuala Lumpur:

  1. Book a honeymoon suite For the best honeymoon suites, look for a romantic hotel in Kuala Lumpur. You can relive the romantic moments with your partner by asking the hotel management to arrange a special welcoming treat for the two of you upon arrival at the hotel. For example, you may request for the bed to be filled with roses or ask them to prepare swan-shaped towels, a box of chocolate, a bottle of champagne, as well as a gift basket that will delight your partner.
  2. Pamper yourselves Once you and your partner have settled in at the hotel, treat yourselves for a day at the spa. Most hotel spas offer couples packages which cater to lovebirds on their romantic getaway. Take your pick from sauna, full body massage, facial massage, or even book a beauty session where your partner could have a manicure and pedicure treatment. Find out what you and your partner would enjoy most.
  3. Wine and dine at the hotel’s fancy restaurant It’s not often that you get a chance to indulge in fancy meals prepared by well-trained chefs. Book a table at the hotel’s fancy restaurant, preferably at a secluded spot overseeing a scenic view to add to the romantic factor. Be a little more adventurous and order aphrodisiac food that will spark romance, like oyster. Select the best wine in the house and enjoy your lovely evening.
  4. Have some ‘us’ time at the Jacuzzi If you’d rather stay locked in at your suite than go sightseeing, spend some quality time with your partner in the suite’s Jacuzzi. Order a room service and have fun uninterrupted. You can also take this time to enjoy a good glass of champagne and some light snacks.
  5. Visit romantic locations in the city For those who’d like to explore the city of Kuala Lumpur, there are several romantic locations worth visiting, such as Taman Tasik Perdana, Saga Hills, The Orchid Garden, KLPAC, and The Lakehouse in Cameron Highlands. There’s also a restaurant where you can dine in complete darkness if you’re up for some unique yet romantic experience.
  6. Go on a lingerie-shopping trip This could be a fun activity that you can do as a couple. Take some time to visit the many exclusive lingerie shops around Kuala Lumpur and treat your partner for a shopping spree. Some lingerie shops offer a special service where you’re treated to a full shopping experiences that include a private fitting and consultation. Book an appointment at your partner’s favorite lingerie store.

Image result for Planning for a romantic escapade that will serenade your beloved partner shouldn’t be stressful

Planning for a romantic escapade that will serenade your beloved partner shouldn’t be stressful. Big cities like Kuala Lumpur offer a variety of romantic retreats that will cater to everyone, so find out what you and your partner would like and enjoy most together. Plan everything and make reservations in advance for the best romantic getaway and to avoid any disappointment. Sometimes, it’s necessary to go all out to destress, so don’t be afraid to make unique plans for some quality time with your loved one.

How Students Can Survive Getting Around In KL

Getting around from place to place is particularly challenging if you’re a student, since you may not have your own vehicle yet. However, with the extensive network of taxis, buses and commuter trains, you can make your journey much easier. In order to survive commuting, you’ll also need to learn when is the best time to commute, which transportation to use, and which line or road to take. Additionally, there are three simple tips for you to make that journey:


  • Use tickets and passes with student discount for public transports

With the exception of taxis, you can use tickets and passes with student discounts when you take public transportation. This will allow you to save more as a student with no income. Find out which transportation companies offer student discounts, and how you can get them. If you’re a commuter who frequently takes the Rapid line, be it the monorail or the Rapid KL buses, consider getting the MyRapid prepaid card. For other public transportation in the Klang Valley, you can use the Touch ‘n Go card to get around fast and easy without waiting in line. If you don’t want to miss the train, check the KTM train schedule daily on its website.


  • Book a transport using ride-hailing apps

These days, ride-hailing apps are gaining popularity especially among those who don’t own their own vehicles to get around. Some of the good reasons for you to book a transport using such apps include guaranteed safety (the vehicle’s location is tracked and monitored all the time) and reasonable fare. Additionally, it also allows you to earn an income in your spare time by giving a paid ride to other passengers.


  • Rent a vehicle with your housemates and share the cost

If you’re renting a place with fellow students, preferably with those who take the same course or attend the same classes as you do, you can consider renting a vehicle with them and share the cost. Everyone could contribute to the monthly rental of the car, gas and tollbooths. Alternatively you can buy a cheap second-hand car if you could afford it, and ask everyone to chip in if they wish to carpool with you.

If you decide to take buses and taxis, avoid getting stuck in traffic by staying away from commuting in the early morning peak hours, which is between 7.30am to 9.30am, and the rush back home in the late evenings from 5pm to 7.30pm. If you have to travel at such times, consider taking the rail-based network instead to save time.

Luxury Beauty Gifts to Reward Yourself with This Season

After a whole year of sucking it all up and settling for cheap makeup and beauty products, it’s finally time to let loose and treat yourself. Yes, it was probably a big challenge to stay away from all those expensive makeup brands and products, but now that the year’s coming to a close, you should go on and buy a little something special to reward all your hard work. For any ambitious working girl, or guy for that matter, a luxury beauty product can be the perfect indulgence. If you’re wondering what you should splurge on this season to help make you feel the fruit of all your hard work, you should check out this list of luxury beauty gifts perfect for your preference.

  • Anti-Aging Serum – All that time spent staring at your computer screen just typing away may have left you looking like a corpse. It’s true, work, stress, and responsibilities can make you look much older than you actually are. To keep aging process at bay, treat yourself with a luxury anti-aging serum from Clarins. This amazing miracle product can help bring back your youthful glow, lost because of all those hard days at work. Besides, there really is no better way to greet the New Year, than with a refreshed look and a radiant glow.

Related image

  • Night Cream – It’s when you sleep that your body goes hard to work, rejuvenating your skin and clearing out dead cells that make you look tired and old. Of course, your body is pretty good at this function, but there are some things you can do to help it along the way. Using a luxury night cream will help refresh your skin even better, making you feel like a million bucks when you wake up in the morning. There are lots of options on the market, sure, but which one is best for you? Well, consider reading through the ingredients before you make a purchase. Some of these products actually have ground precious stones incorporated into the mix. Talk about luxury.

Image result for Night Cream

  • Body Cream – Your face isn’t all you need to pay attention to – your body probably deserves some pampering as well. Body creams are sort of like thicker, richer lotions that nourish more deeply for greater benefits. These products are great for those nights when you just want to unwind, relax, and indulge in the feeling of being covered in a soft, smooth, rejuvenating cream blanket to help your skin feel vibrant and healthy after a year-long struggle in the office. What makes it even better is that they come in the most pleasant of scents, ensuring that every time you slather it all over your body, you get a complete experience for all of your senses. Now that’s the ultimate luxury product splurge.

Related image

Time to stop pinching pennies and start reaping the fruit of your hard work and labor. This season, be sure to give yourself a little luxury, something to reward all of your efforts by indulging in a luxury beauty product, guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks. Be sure to remember this list when you visit your local mall or your favorite online shop to get yourself a well-deserved pampering this holiday season.

What Kind of Chef Should You Be? (A Look at Different Types of Chefs in the Kitchen)


The Malaysian culinary industry is thriving, with many major culinary events being held in the country and a lot of Malaysian chefs gaining international fame and winning the Michelin-star awards. For those who aspire to follow the footsteps of Chef Wan or Chef Ismail, who are both world-renowned Malaysian chefs, check out the 12 different types of chefs you can find and become in Malaysia:1

  1. Expediter Because it’s very important to make sure that the dish is perfect before it reaches the table, this task is usually undertaken by the executive chefs themselves. As an expediter, you’ll be the last in line when it comes to food preparation. Your main role is to deliver the food personally or with the help of a waiter.2
  2. Line Cook (Commis) This is an entry-level position which requires you to do basically everything that needs to be done in the kitchen, be it arranging dishes or cutting vegetables. The fast-paced position offers you a chance to move up the career ladder.3
  3. Pantry Chef (Gard Manger) For this role, you’ll be in charge of cold items such as dressings, cold sauces, hors d’ oeuvres and salads. However, your biggest responsibility is to make the dishes look presentable.4
  4. Fry Cook For restaurants serving mainly fried-based dishes, like a Southern restaurant, there must be a frying station of which a fry cook is needed to man the station.5
  5. Meat Cook (Rotisseur) As a meat cook, you’re responsible for everything meat; from grilling and broiling to braising and roasting. The tasks may also overlap with the saucier, in which you need to handle gravies.6
  6. Vegetable Cook (Entremetier) For this role, your main responsibility is to deal with dishes with ingredients such as eggs, vegetables, rice, and soups.7
  7. Fish Cook (Poissonier) As a fish cook, you’ll handle everything seafood, especially when it comes to cooking and preparation.8
  8. Saucier As a saucier, your role is to handle and prepare sauces. Some types of cuisine, like French, rely heavily on sauces, which is why a saucier may be needed.9
  9. Station Chef (Chef de Partie) If you hold this role, you’re normally assigned to a single station only, be it the grill, the salads, or the soups. You may work under the direct supervision of an executive chef or sous chef.10
  10. Pastry Chef (Patissier) Pastry chefs require a different kind of culinary training, and they’re mostly trained at baking schools. Your daily tasks revolve around desserts, breads, and pastries.11
  11. Sous Chef You’re the second in command after the executive chef, and your role is to manage the kitchen, including supervising every preparation of every dish and making sure everything is perfect.

    Team of young chefs preparing delicatessen dishes
    Team of young chefs preparing delicatessen dishes
  12. Executive Chef (Chef de Cuisine) You’re the big boss in the kitchen, and it’ll take you years of training and experience to reach this top position. As the executive chef, you get to create your own unique dishes and oversee everything.

Pursuing a career in the Malaysian culinary industry can be lucrative if you learn your craft well, and understand your own strengths and weaknesses. The many culinary courses in Malaysia could open the doors for you into becoming the right type of chef that fits your passion and personality. The key ingredient to your successful culinary career is finding and choosing the right culinary course that you’re most passionate about, and that you know you would thrive in. This is what made Chef Wan very successful in his culinary career.