How to Get The Best Deals for Business Hotels in Kuala Lumpur


When travelling to Malaysia for work, it’s highly likely that you’ll be meeting in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, home of the famous Petronas Twin Towers. The sprawling city is a fantastic place to visit, even as a business traveller, but it can be a little bit of a hassle to find a place to stay that fits all your needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here, we will share some things you can do to help you find that perfect deal when you are next trying to book a business hotel in Kuala Lumpur.


  1. The early bird is early because he plans ahead


Business trips can sometimes be impromptu, leaving you with little time to plan ahead. However, most conferences or even annual events happen weeks and even months in advance. Booking your room at most hotels months away from the actual date will usually give you the best rates.


Make sure the tariffs are flexible, however, as you want to be able to change the booking dates, especially if it’s several months away. You never know if the event organisers decide to postpone or cancel!


  1. Compare rates on booking sites with the hotel’s own website


You might have found a booking site offering a great discount on room rates, but before you click to order, spend five minutes looking at the hotel’s own website for the same booking. You never know, the hotel might have an even better rate.


Some business hotels might even offer you a good discount on the spot if you call up, so if you don’t mind a short telephone call, you might get lucky.


  1. Let your apps do the work for you


If you don’t have time to research the best deals, you might want to try out smartphone apps that alert you to price drops and great deals – this is especially useful if you travel often.


Apps such as Trivago and even local companies like ibilik provide instant alerts on demand, allowing you to know the best deals as they happen. Others also offer you reward points, which you can use to get even better discounts or free upgrades to your room.


  1. Check if the hotel has package deals


Some hotels offer discretionary freebies or discounted prices for extra services which you are likely to need if you are travelling to Kuala Lumpur for work.


The most common include complimentary airport transfers and internet charge waivers. Consider how these “necessary costs” add up to the room rates and you might find that a slightly more expensive package could end up being the cheaper overall option.


Hotels are also likelier to reward returning guests so if you are returning to a hotel, don’t be shy to enquire if they can offer better prices. It doesn’t hurt to ask!


Of course, a small bit of luck can also play a role in determining whether or not you find the hotel of your dreams. But with a little planning and research, you will soon be on your way to travelling for business like a boss.

Top 3 Smart Accessories for Cyclists Writer

Brian Holm, Guesdon en Spruch bij het verlaten van het Bos van Wallers. foto Cor Vos©1997

Cycling is back in style, and in a big way. This activity is no longer for enthusiasts who just love to feel the wind on their faces. It is a competitive sport that people engage in by the thousands. Of course, the more people who participate in a particular activity, the more it gets the attention of others.

In the case of cycling, it has evolved into a billion-dollar industry. It has spawned not only bike brands, but fitness clothing and bike accessories as well. There are glow in the dark cycling tops and pants to make cyclists visible whenever they travel at night. Additionally, there are accessories such as belt clips that can hold water bottles and energy gel packs. This contraption is built in a way that a cyclist can reach for water and gel packs using only one hand. It’s ingenious and really useful for people who are serious about this sport.


If you’re one who likes to browse mountain bikes online, you might also be interested in these three cycling accessories:

  1. LED Turn Signal Gloves – Biking in daylight can already be problematic, what more if it’s at night. Not all motorists respect bike lanes, and this is why cyclists must wear additional gear or accessories to be more visible. The LED turn signal gloves alert motorists whenever a cyclist is going to turn. This signal glove is practical and hassle-free to use.



  1. Heart Rate Monitor– athletes have a tendency to over train or workout longer than necessary. One way of keeping tabs on yourself is with a heart rate monitor. It gives accurate readings of your pulse, heart rate, and blood pressure levels. So if an uphill climb is causing you to exert too much effort, the monitor will tell you that it’s time to slow down a bit.



  1. Smart Glasses – these glasses do make everything easier. It can sync with your smart phone in order to check your messages, email, etc. You can connect it to an mp3 player, or record a video with it which you can later share on social media.



These are just three of the accessories that a cyclist must have in these modern times. Which one is your favourite?

A Cyclist Shopping Guide: Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Road Bike



Cycling in Malaysia is where the country’s heart belongs and part of its most esteemed culture, because cycling in Malaysia is thrilling and fun. A cycling holiday in Malaysia is also a great way to experience and see the country–you get to explore the hidden treasures and immersive attractions of the country, hike in the most popularly raved towns and cities around the country and much more. Although for you to enjoy the most of your cycling experience around Malaysia and take it to the next level, road bikes offer such a fast, fun and thrilling experience that’s second to none. That’s why most road bikes are beautifully designed and light in every way, to give you a cycling experience that you’d live to remember for a lifetime. All the same, for you to enjoy an exciting cycling experience together with buddies around Malaysia, it’s good to ensure some of the few factors mentioned below are in-line before you decide to take your bike for a hike.


1)          Frame and Fork Materials – The Frame and Fork design play a crucial part on how your bike’s handle operates, and that’s why most road bike frames and fork materials use steeper angles to simulate a flat-backed, streamlined riding position. This makes your body to become more aerodynamic, giving you maximum comfort like no other. In fact, this also helps you to ride really fast and cut through a crowded pack of riders seamlessly. Frames and fork materials are usually made from a combination of these four components: aluminum, titanium, steel and carbon fiber (carbon).

A tip: When inspecting frames and fork materials, search for a tubing decal on the down tube or seat tube in order to be aware what type of material and brand is used to make the frame and fork materials altogether.



2)          Gearing – Anytime you want to maneuver and climb up hills seamlessly, a good road bike should have proper bottom gear of about 11-tooth, stepping up in small increments about 25-tooth long. Similarly the front gears should be large with about 53-tooth front chainring, and should be equipped with a smaller 39-tooth inner ring inside.

3)            Analyse Yourself – And lastly, you should evaluate your options carefully. For example, you should consider how many miles you want to log within a week, or within a year with your road bike altogether. You should also determine the kind of budget you’ve set aside specifically for buying this particular bike, because some are cheap and others are more expensive than others. Would you like more hip or simpler designs? What kind of wheels would you like? Such questions are what you need to ask yourself first before purchasing any bike from any shop, because they will help you find the perfect road bike that’s tailored for your every need.


Most of your cycling experience around Malaysia will be so much fun most of the time. In fact, the country is a safe haven for bike enthusiasts who wish to learn and explore more of the country, starting with its hidden treasures and attractions, and hiking around the country’s most vibrant towns and cities. But if you’d really want to take your cycling experience in Malaysia to another new level, it’s important to ensure your road bike is up to the task. Sure, most road bikes offer such a thrilling and fun experience, but only when your bike is in good shape would you really enjoy the most from your cycling experience!


Consequently, before you take your road bike for a test drive together with your other cycling buddies, make sure the few factors mentioned in this guide are checked for all the time–then you can get started on your cycling pursuits anytime you wish. Road bikes come in a wide range of styles from leisure bikes and commuting bikes to sportive bikes and single-speed bikes and more. Simply check out Specialized road bikes in Malaysia to find which one is a great fit for you and suits you most—be aware, these road bikes are specially designed to make your cycling experience become super-easy, fast, and lots of fun!

Tips to Helps Advance Your Career


Starting out in your career? We all want to advance one way or another in our chosen profession. We all hope for a promotion. The main question is how? We give you some tips on how you can achieve growth and success in your job below.istock_000019537569_network

Network.  Currently unemployed? Do not be afraid to fill out executive assistant or admin clerk vacancies. These kind of jobs let you work closely with the head honcho and if you play your cards right, the bosses will notice the great work you will do. Working closely with the bosses will allow you to grow your network and know more people. In the long run, the people that you have made contact with can help you boost your career.


Take More Initiative.  Pitch in ideas. Don’t worry if some of them may not be well-received, do not let this stop you. Volunteer for tasks you know you will enjoy and excel in, even if this was not covered in your job description. This will demonstrate your abilities and showcase your talents. Your willingness to take on a certain job will be noticed and be very much appreciated.helpopener

Ask for help when you need it.  Do not be afraid to ask questions and most especially do not be afraid to ask for help. This is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength as you have the foresight that there will be trouble. In fact asking for help promotes teamwork and humility as you share the brunt and grunt of the work, and ultimately the credit.20786

Take in criticisms constructively.  Part of growth is learning what can be improved upon, and this is where criticisms come in. Listen to what your colleagues and bosses have to say about you. From there, take it as learning points on what you can improve on your working habits. You may also ask your boss for a personal evaluation of your work, even before the annual evaluation so that you can reflect on this.study_more

Know and study more.  There is a lot more to know, that is why it is always best to continue on learning. Browse online articles, watch YouTube videos, or try short courses that are relevant to your career. If you have plans for further studies, ask Human Resources if they have scholarship programs for a Master’s degree. This way the company can invest in you and keep an eye on your growth. Apart from learning, also try sharing what you know.

We hope that these tips will assist in your career growth. Remember that it is all up to you to make your successes happen. Work hard and have fun.

Top 3 University Degrees You Should Consider Taking in Malaysia

If you are a student who wants to pursue higher studies, then choosing a university degree in college is one of the toughest decisions you’ll ever make. Your decision today will affect your life in the next 5 to 10 years. It may either lead you to the right path of the greater scheme of things, or to the other path you mistakenly assumed was right.

Several Malaysian universities are known to produce academically excellent students who are competitive enough to work in international fields. So if you are considering to study in Malaysia, you might want to grab your pen and application form and start building your future on these most sought-after university degrees.


  1. Petroleum Engineering

Showered with natural resources, Malaysia is one of the major exporters of crude oil worldwide. Huge Britain-based foreign oil investors have been on a business agreement with Malaysia for almost 50 years. These major oil companies have been contributing to the petrochemical sector’s growth, resulting in the overall boost of the Malaysian economy.

In addition, the country owns almost 2% of the world’s natural gas and approximately 29 billion oil barrel reserves, which indicate that the petroleum industry is Malaysia’s catalyst towards economic prosperity. With the addition of the government’s extra efforts to increase the production by 5% every year, Malaysia will soon be Asia’s number one hub for gas and oil exports. Therefore, high salaries and huge career opportunities are waiting for the Petroleum Engineering graduates.


  1. Business and Finance

Based on the economic trend last 2014, statistics showed that Malaysia’s economy grew up to 5.5%, which entitled the country to become the world’s largest Islamic financial and banking center. In spite of the existence of a global crisis and extreme poverty in Malaysia, the financial sector was resilient to manage the risks.   In 4 years, the financial sector predicts that almost 300,000 business-related jobs such as international trades, sales and marketing, accounting, and investments, will emerge. Because business and finance studies became one of the most sought-after programs in Malaysia, several universities have been offering business courses to students since then.


  1. Law

Because the laws ran the world, attorneys or lawyers work almost everywhere. Private businesses, judiciaries, government institutions, private organizations, and academia are only some of the fields which a law student might consider entering after graduation. Typically, law studies in Malaysia take 3 years long to finish. Students can specialize in a particular field they find interesting such as real estate, civil rights, immigration, employment, insurance, or criminal law.

Because the degree leads to one of the top high-paying jobs in the country, the law studies in Malaysia have become popular and in demand. A law graduate who owns a firm can earn as much as RM 66,000 per month! Consequently, top-ranking universities in the country have been offering law studies to all who aspires to work and earn from these high-paying jobs.
Finishing a degree program is not as easy as deciding on what degree to take. Remember that the decision you’ll make today will be your future. Think carefully and choose wisely before applying.

Keep Your Family Safe: The Beginner’s Guide to Air Purifiers

Air is something that we need every second of our lives. It keeps us alive. But air is also a source of health problems because of airborne allergens, pollutants, bacteria and viruses. Even at home, we can’t be sure of the cleanliness of the air; no matter how much we clean the various surfaces in our house. The air at home may even be dirtier than the air outside because of mold spores floating in the air, especially with the non-stop use of cooling and heating systems. How then can we be sure that our family is safe from illnesses caused by airborne diseases? One way is to use air purifiers to clean the air.


What is an Air Purifier?
Image result for Air Purifier
Air purifiers actually started out as protective masks used by firemen on the job. An air purifier filters small particles in the flow of air. As air comes in, particles smaller than the gap in the sieve are then trapped. These air filters are placed where air flows into the house, like ducts and furnaces.


What filter should I use?

The most common and highly used benchmark for filters is the HEPA filter, short for High Efficiency Particulate Air filter. What a HEPA air purifier can do is trap pollutants, chemicals, bacteria and viruses larger than 0.3 microns. The more frequent the air passes through HEPA filters, the cleaner the air gets.


To maximize the use of air purifiers, you must use one that is capable of purifying the air based on the room size. They must also be replaced as often as recommended, because the longer you use an air purifier, the more particles are trapped in the filter. This can reduce the flow of air into the room, reducing its efficiency. Some filters have a long lifespan and can be washed to be used again – this is the best option for people looking to clean the air without buying new filters every time.


The newest technology for trapping particles is the electrical attraction. It does not reduce the air flow hence it is a popular choice. As expected, air purifiers that use this are more expensive. The electrical attraction technology can also be combined with the traditional air filter for a more comprehensive filtering.

Image result for Air purifiers are necessary for your home if you or your family members have a history of allergy and asthma.

Air purifiers are necessary for your home if you or your family members have a history of allergy and asthma. You will be able to breathe in air that has significantly fewer pollutants and allergens, therefore safer and cleaner for your family.

10 Bedtime Rituals for Amazing Skin

After a long day at work, most of us would just like to go straight to bed, or play with our phones for a little while before bedtime. We’re so tired that doing a nighttime skin regimen is as challenging as hiking up a mountain.

But think of the glowing, healthy amazing-looking skin that you’re going to have if you do these 10 bedtime rituals on a nightly basis:


  1. Ice your skinSkin icing is basically rubbing ice on your skin. To tighten your skin, do this at least once a week, but make sure you avoid rubbing on sensitive areas. If you can, try to use micro fibres towel when dabbing your face to avoid premature skin wrinkling.


  1. Dab your face with facial essence or serumYou may or may not require using facial essence or serum depending on your skin type. However, a facial essence helps in providing added hydration to your skin.


  1. Clean your face with tonerYou should always remove dirt on your skin, and toner is one of the best products to use for that particular purpose. Make sure that you’re doing it the right way when applying toner on your skin, by swiping your face gently with a soft cotton pad in a downward motion. Never do it from the bottom-up as it’ll get dirt into the pores of your skin. Also, you can prevent your skin from premature sagging with less pressure when swiping toner on face.


  1. Use night creamNight creams are probably one of the greatest inventions ever made for beauty lovers and those who care about their appearances. Not only do night creams function in many different ways, they could also be used during day time. The best night cream helps your skin go into repair mode, deflects potential damages caused by your surroundings (i.e. irritants), blends well with makeup, and hydrates your skin, among other things!


  1. Humidify your bedroomIf you’re way too tired to work on a beauty ritual before bedtime, simply turn on the humidifier in your room. When we sleep, our body temperature rises, leading to the loss of moisture. Humidifiers help with keeping the air moist in a dry environment, preventing us from premature ageing.


  1. Drink waterDrinking water could hydrate the skin and helps with expelling toxins in the body, which is part of a good beauty ritual. Eight glasses of water is recommended daily.


  1. Apply petroleum jellyPetroleum jelly is not only a multitasking product (it makes your lips supple and removes eye makeup efficiently), it’s also non-allergenic and inexpensive. For those who are prone to breakouts, apply jelly on your lips or body instead of on your face.


  1. Apply toothpaste on pimple If you’re going to brush your teeth, take this time to also apply some of the toothpaste on your pesky pimples. Since some toothpaste contains alcohol and menthol, it helps to dry out pimples, reducing more appearances of them. Apply a small amount of toothpaste on pimples and leave it until you wake up in the morning.


  1. Spray moisturising facial mistIf you’re thinking of skipping the night cream, spray your face with a moisturising facial mist instead. To get beautiful skin, your skin needs to stay hydrated at night, so the facial mist helps to moisturise the skin, and less complicated to use too!


Cupped Hands Under Shower

  1. Get a hot, steamy showerBefore you get to bed, step inside a hot, steamy shower for a couple of minutes before you start washing your face. Don’t wash your face with the hot water as it’ll scald your skin. Instead, expose your face to the hot steam as it’ll open up your pores, making it easier to remove dirt later.


Try one of these if you’re too lazy or tired, or some of these if you’re up for it. You might see a difference in your skin within a month or two if you do it on a regular basis.

Is 2017 A Good Year To Invest In Property In Malaysia?


In December 2015, Malaysian property investor Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee, who is also the founder and president of Swheng Tee International Real Estate Investors Club, predicted that the country’s property market will start to boom in 2018. According to Tee, the local market will reach its peak between 2018 and 2020 before it enters a mature phase, which is expected to be sometime between 2025 and 2030. A matured stage means plenty of places have been urbanised and developed, like the Iskandar Region in Johor.

In terms of current market performance, the renowned property consultant said 2016 is the worst time for the local property market compared to the past eight years. That said, the market would start to recover and get back on track in 2017, according to Siva Shanker, who is also an expert in the Malaysia property market. Due to the local property market being a cyclical industry, 2017 will be the year for the market to rise again gradually. In other words, 2017 is the year for recovery, and the market will reach its peaks in the following years to come.

These are some buyer’s tips if you’re planning to buy a property and secure a housing loan in Malaysia:about_us_001

  • Secondary properties sell lower compared to the primary market According to real estate experts, compared to the primary market, secondary properties that have been completed for less than five years sell at 5-10% lower. If the property is even older, say 10 years and above, the prices would drop and sell at 20-30% lower compared to the primary market price. For example, a newly developed condo can fetch RM1 million, while a similar condo in the same location could only sell at RM700k-RM800k if it’s 10 years older.1414822499
  • Bigger gaps in second tier market Secondary properties in the second tier market, such as Kajang, Sungai Buloh and Klang, are also selling at 20-30% lower compared to the primary market in the same location.
  • Direct purchase from developers allows for easier financing and greater cost savings Buyers who purchase properties directly from developers have the chance to get financing easily and save more in costs.property_investment_1
  • Timing is the most important factor, not location When it comes to property investment, timing is the most important factor and not location, according to experts. Purchasing a property at the right time could give you a great deal, perhaps not immediately but in time. Connectivity and proximity also play a
  • Watch out for the ‘Rail Revolution effect’ With the MRT, the High Speed Rail from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, and the LRT Line 2 and 3 within the Greater Klang Valley area in development, there are bound to be opportunities hidden in properties near these rails that are too good to pass up, causing what experts described as the ‘Rail Revolution effect’.lease-one-park-square-nnn-commercial-real-estate
  • Commercial properties in suburban townships will see higher prices Commercial properties in suburban townships such as Bandar Utama, Damansara, Puchong, and Bangsar South will see a rapid rise in terms of price compared to similar properties in other locations, which will see a slow movement.

2017 is the recovery year for Malaysia’s property market. Consider the buyer’s tips mentioned when deciding whether it’s the right moment for you to purchase a property. Check out the four different home loan packages by OCBC Bank that suit your needs and budget.

Buying Your First Cycling Shoes: 3 Criteria to Consider



Cycling is an addictive hobby. Once you feel the wind on your face, it is hard to give up! Cycling enthusiasts will tell you that the cycling experience can be improved with the help of additional accessories. One must-have accessory for many cyclists is cycling shoes.

What should you look for when buying cycling shoes in Malaysia?

First off, you must understand that there are two types of cycling shoes available. These are the Road Cycling Shoes and the Mountain Biking Shoes. Your choice should be based on how you intend to use them: on the road or off the road? The differences in these biking shoes are very pronounced as the shoes will affect the way your energy is transferred from your legs to the pedal and vice versa.


Once you have decided which type you want to buy, here are some of the shoe qualities that you should keep in mind:

  • Cleat compatibility. Cleats on your cycling shoes will determine your performance on the road. The cleats come in contact with the pedal, which ensures complete transfer of energy from your legs to the pedals. Cleats on road cycling shoes use a three-bolt cleat mount, while mountain biking shoes use only two.


  • Buckles, straps or BOA lacing? The way you wear your cycling shoes will determine your safety on the road. If the shoes easily fall off, this could mean danger not only to yourself but also to other people on the same road. When you buy cycling shoes in Malaysia, make sure to try each of the available options to see which one would stay on your feet securely.


  • Comfort. Your cycling shoes should provide you not only safety and power, but also comfort. There are waterproof cycling shoes which are useful on muddy tracks or during rainy days. There are also cycling shoes with rubber mesh, which serves as ventilation and ensures durability without adding weight.


Before purchasing your first cycling shoes, make sure that you research on the available brands online in order to give you an idea on how much it would cost you. If you know someone who is into bicycling, ask their opinions about the brands of shoes that they wear so that you would learn firsthand about its performance on the road. You can also read online reviews about the brand of cycling shoes you are interested in to give you more insight.

A Buyer’s Essential Guide–Cool Tips For Buying Good-quality Wood Furniture

Buying good-quality wood furniture has always been a tricky and complex affair. Sure, anyone can easily identify a scratch, rip, stain or colour without any special knowledge. But determining whether a piece can last for decades just by looking at it is hard. Here are a few handy tips to help you hunt for authentic pieces good-quality wood furniture.

Image result for Buying good-quality wood furniture has always been a tricky and complex affair.

1)    Check the quality of wood.  Wood comes in two varieties—softwood and hardwood. Hardwood is much stronger and more expensive than softwood. Teak is a top-quality hardwood that’s also loved by many people worldwide. Other varieties of hardwood are cherry, ash, oak, maple, mahogany, and walnut.

Image result for Check the quality of wood of wood furniture

2)    Check the joints. The joints of any piece of wood furniture (table legs, drawer corners, couch arms) should be neatly fixed together. Check whether the joints are corner blocked, double-or-triple-dowelled, glued and firm-stapled together for sturdy support. Ask the salesperson questions if you’re not sure.

Image result for The joints of any piece of wood furniture (table legs, drawer corners, couch arms) should be neatly fixed together.

3)    Open and close doors. A high-quality piece should feel solid and weighty, and should slide seamlessly. Check the stops and glides. The wood furniture interior should feel smooth and sanded together. The doors should feel the same though substantial to the touch, and should swing with ease. More so, all parts should properly align together when shut.

Image result for open wood furniture door

4)    Be keen on hardware. Make sure all the wood parts are secure and strong. There should be no rough edges around, and all hinges should handle the door’s weight. Also, the latches under the wood furniture should function properly.

Image result for Wooden Furniture

5)    Push it around. Make sure all the legs touch the floor. The piece should also feel strong and sturdy when rocked. If you experience lots of movement than usual, something is faulty with the piece construction—don’t buy it!

Image result for ush it around. Make sure all the legs touch the floor of wooden furniture

You simply can’t buy a decent piece of furniture based on its looks. You must pay close attention to details as this is what determines the quality of the wood furniture. Make sure you buy wooden furniture in Malaysia from reputable dealers and trusted merchants online. The tips shared above should help you shop for an authentic piece with confidence.