6 Things To Consider Before Moving To A New City For That Job



So you’ve just been hired for a job that you have been dreaming about since your childhood years. And as you are thinking about the new challenge you have to face for taking the new post, you feel giddy. You might have started daydreaming on how you can become an Employee of The Month or so. But when you imagine yourself leaving your wonderful job, your second thoughts are suddenly bothering you. Is giving up the city you have loved for years really worth it?


This checklist may be a great help for you to decide whether you go ahead to take the risk and grab that opportunity from the other side of the world or stay where you are, in your comfort zone.


Cost of Living

The compensation package that your new job is offering may be enticing but think about the cost of living in this new city. Do the math. If the salary increase is only enough to cover the price difference of your rent, food, and supplies, then staying with your current job might be better.



Got yourself a new job in Penang? It is good to know if the new city a is safe place to roam around at night or during the day. Do some research on its crime rate. Get to know the neighborhood and check if you fit in there. If you know a friend or relative who is living in the place, this may be the best time to reconnect with them. Relocation itself may be too hard to do but with good people around you, you can do it with ease.

Company Culture Word Cloud

Company Culture

You will become the company’s reflection. You don’t want to be associated with companies that do not support your beliefs, do you? It will always be beneficial to check the company’s track records and see its values are in line with yours. This is far more important than the lucrative relocation package itself. If your new company culture doesn’t match with yours, moving to that new city won’t be the best idea at all.



Is the new job you have been selected for allows you to grow? If it’s a dead-end, don’t go. Wait for the one that promotes both personal and career growth.



One of the top things to consider before getting that job far away from home is your family. If you’re single, it may be easier for you to decide. But if you’re married or if you have kids, moving out may be an issue. How does your significant others see this? Will your kids cope with the change? Are they willing to leave their school and friends behind? Talk to you family. If the subject would cause a heated discussion, then drop the case. Unless you want to chase for that dream job in exchange for relationships, stay where you are at. There may be other opportunities out there that don’t need you to put your marriage to an end.


Gut Feeling

When you are in doubt, you better follow what your heart is telling you. Listen to your instinct. Most of the times, that tiny voice from within is powerful.


You will surely leave something or someone behind when you relocate. You will definitely lose something in order to gain another. Try to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before saying ‘yes’ to a new boss in a new city. Moving out may be risky but the higher the risk is, the higher its reward can go as well. Whatever your choice is, remember that its consequences can be long-term so you better be prepared.


Keep Your Wooden Shoe Rack Smelling Nice and Fresh Everyday

Imagine coming home from a tiring day and finally taking off your shoes. While you’re opening the shoe cabinet, you’re hit by a horrible smell, good enough to knock you out. Yes, our shoe racks can sometimes emit a very unpleasant smell, but there are easy ways to remedy this and keep your shoe rack clean and smelling fresh all the time.

All you have to do is follow one or more of these steps to keep the odour problem at bay.


  1. Clean Using Vinegar

uses-for-vinegar_300x300_67Remove every pair of shoes you have in the shoe rack and place them on the side. Then mix one part vinegar and one part water. Place this into a spray bottle and spritz it onto the entire surface of the shoe rack and wipe it off with a clean cloth or rag. Let your shoe rack dry out for at least an hour.



  1. Identify the Smelly Shoe

Sniff all the shoes you’ve removed one by one to identify which one is giving off an offending odour. Usually, only one or two pairs are the cause of the smell. When you’ve identified the pair, you can sprinkle some baking powder inside the shoe and leave it there overnight before dusting off the excess. For stubborn odours, place a piece of paper or newspaper into the shoe together with the baking powder and take it out after a day.


  1. Absorbing Excess Moisture

Mini-Moso-Natural-Air-Purifying-Bags-Naturally-Removes-Odors-in-Shoes-Gym-Bags-Sporting-Equipment-and-Luggage-Prevents-Mold-Mildew-And-Bacteria-From-Forming-By-Absorbing-Excess-Moisture-Pack-of-Two-50-0-1In order to prevent further smells, you can try placing a small amount of baking soda or coffee beans in a container into the shoe rack. Both baking soda and coffee beans function as natural deodorizer by absorbing the excess moisture in the air that encourages the growth of bacteria and mold that causes these smells.



  1. Clean Your Shoes

If using baking soda doesn’t help with certain shoes, one suggestion would be to gently hand wash them with some mild detergents. Make sure you dry your footwear under the hot sun thoroughly as this will help with the elimination of odour.


  1. Wear Clean Socks

Wear clean dry socksTo prevent your shoes stinking up the shoe rack again, make sure you wear socks, especially with sports shoes. Alternatively, you can place some clan absorbent pads at the bottom of the shoe whenever you want to wear them and then dispose them after each wear. Another tip for keeping your shoe clean is to use baby powder on your feet before your wear any shoes as this will help absorb sweat.



To give a fresh smell to your shoe rack, you can always place a bag of potpourri with several drops of your favourite essential oils, rather than using artificial perfumes.

Your Short and Sweet Guide to Platelet Rich Plasma

Not many have heard of Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP and may assume, due to its name, that it is a sort of medical product. They are partially right as PRP did develop in the medical world, but is now being used for cosmetic purposes as well.

If you’re still wondering what PRP really is, and what it can do to benefit your health and beauty, read on.


What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma is basically a component of human blood that is rich in proteins, antibodies and more. Plasma is separated from the rest of the components in your blood by process called ‘centrifugation’.


How is PRP used for medical purposes?

PRP is used in the form of injections to help people with arthritis. PRP for arthritis uses the natural cellular components in the plasma to promote the healing of torn and damaged ligaments, tendons, cartilage, muscles and more.

Apart from arthritis, PRP is also used for conditions such as Achilles tendonitis and torn ligaments. It has also been shown to speed up the healing of post surgical wounds and fractured bones.


How is PRP used in cosmetics?

Due to the properties of PRP which is has plenty of cell rejuvenating elements, it has been used to promote cell growth, especially on the face. It has been used to treat dark circles, wrinkles, sagging skin, and dark skin tones.


What is the PRP procedure like?

The PRP used in cosmetic treatment will come from your own blood and this is important as only your own platelets and plasma will be able to recognize and improve your own cells. Depending on the area that needs to be covered, about 10 to 30 milliliters of blood will be drawn and then the plasma extracted and applied to your skin.


Are there any side effects from using PRP?

It is normal for the area on which PRP is used to experience some swelling, redness or heat and this is normal. It isn’t permanent and is caused by the platelet activation. It should disappear within several days.


How fast does PRP work?

You should begin seeing positive results on your skin within a month or two after beginning PRP treatment.

Science and technology opens an entire host of possibilities for skin treatment which are both effective and safe, and it’s definitely worth a try.

Zumba Fitness: Have Fun While Exercising



The problem most people encounter with their fitness program is that after a while, it gets boring. They get so bored and uninspired that they usually just quit. But if you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy body, you have to continue with your fitness program. If you stop your exercise routine, your body is bound to gain the additional weight that you’ve worked so hard to lose.


If this is your problem too, then fear not. There is a new fitness program that is gaining traction nowadays. This fitness program is called Zumba dance fitness. You might have heard about it already, but what really is Zumba?


What is Zumba?

The Zumba fitness program merges cardio workout, aerobics and dance together. It was created by Alberto Perez, a choreographer from Colombia. Zumba started out as an aerobics training using merengue and salsa songs, but when it was introduced in the United States, it eventually added other types of music such as hip-hop and pop. It is known all over the world and is now a popular fitness program in Malaysia.

zumba (1)

Is Zumba Right for You?

You might think that since Zumba is a dance program, people who can’t dance shouldn’t enroll. That’s where you’re wrong because Zumba dance program is open for anyone, with or without dancing skills. If you’ve never danced an inch in your life, this is the time to start learning. Zumba is very easy to understand and practice. Beginners start with the basics using simple aerobic moves that can get you going. You will notice that the more you move, the more exciting and fun the exercise program becomes. There is no age limit as well, so you can enjoy exercising with your friends, your kids or even your parents!


Unlike other exercise programs, Zumba will never bore you out. As you advance, there will also be changes in the movements. Although there are some basic steps to learn, Zumba instructors usually incorporate fun and dynamic dance moves based on the song that is playing during your session. Zumba adheres with the times because as new songs are released in the radio, instructors are quick to pick them up and create dance routines. Hence the old songs are mixed with new ones every session.  Can you just imagine yourself having fun and getting healthy at the same time? Enrolling in a Zumba class in a local gym in Malaysia will definitely be something you wouldn’t regret doing.

How to Lose Post-Weight Loss Flab



There’s one thing that many people forget to mention when they talk about losing weight: dealing with the excess skin. When you lose a lot of weight, all of that skin that used to contain the fat will sag and look unattractive to say the least. So how do you get rid of it? Here are some tips that will help you win one of the most annoying battles in the war against the bulge.
1. Lose More Weight 
Yes, you have achieved success in your weight loss goals. That’s great, and you should be proud of yourself. However, if you want to get rid of the excess skin, it might not be time to get pizza and ice cream quite yet. Much of the time, what people think is excess skin is truly fat that has yet to be lost.
There are a lot of things people forget about the human body. One of those things is that skin can change. However, it’s not going to change until it reaches a certain point. For men, the skin will start to adjust when you reach around 20% body fat and 10% body fat for women.
2. Buy slimming cream 
There are product out there designed to help you with your weight loss goals. Slimming cream is one of these products. You can buy slimming products in Malaysia at reasonable prices. They work, too! The instructions are simple, and you will start to notice the difference almost immediately.
3. Build Muscle 
Another popular way for people to tighten up the skin is to gain muscle. Do this by focusing on strength training rather than cardio. Also, be sure to eat plenty of food so that you have the energy to exercise. Counting calories can be counter-productive. Eat healthy foods, but be sure to eat enough.
Hospital - surgery team in the operating room or Op of a clinic
4. Consider Surgery 
Sometimes surgery is the best option. It’s important to lose the correct amount of weight first. You’ll also want to consult with a doctor to talk about other less drastic options that you might be able to try first. If it gets to the point where your doctor thinks that it is a healthy option, it is something to consider.

Weight loss goals don’t always go as anticipated. More than anything, it takes a lot of work over a long time. However, if you’ve gotten this far, you can definitely finish your goals.


Get that Sexier You With Buttock Enhancement

Everybody wants to look their best, more so for women. Having a sultry and sexy body is what every woman dreams of. Thanks to research and technology, it is now possible to have that perfect body you have always wanted.


Aside from the chest, the butt is the part of the body that needs the most attention, if you want to achieve that curvaceous look. But what exactly is buttock enhancement? It is the act of lifting and/or augmenting to get a smooth, round and firm behind. It can be done naturally or surgically.


Here are buttock enhancement techniques that you can make use of depending on your needs:


  1. Butt Enhancement through Exercise.

This is the most popular technique because it sounds simple and doesn’t cost any money. However, it is also the most difficult. Many people struggle hard to start an exercise regimen and keep up with it. It takes at least six months of continuous and progressive butt enhancement exercises before you actually see results. Once you achieve your desired buttocks shape, you have to keep up with your exercise to maintain it.


Butt enhancement via exercise is useful for people who have sagging rumps due to age, minimal weight loss or lack of physical activity.


  1. Butt Lift through Skin Adjustment.

Some people have sagging behinds because of rapid weight loss, henceforth their skin couldn’t keep up. If you’ve lost substantial weight due to intense diet or due to having kids, this is recommended for you. Skin adjustment buttocks treatment is where medical practitioners remove the excess skin, leaving only the perfect size needed to properly handle and therefore lift the muscle and fat of the buttocks. If the right amount of skin is removed, the buttocks become tightened and contoured as desired. Imagine the Tummy Tuck procedure –butt lift is exactly like that.


  1. Butt Augmentation through Lipoinjection and Contouring.

This type of butt enhancement treatment requires getting fat from the person who is getting the augmentation herself. There are areas of the body that store excess adipose fat such as the lower part of the torso, thighs and hips. See the dangling fat on the sides of your stomach, or the loose fat under your arms? With lipoinjection and contouring, fat is harvested from these areas, and then transferred to the buttocks through either injection or surgery. This treatment is actually dual-purpose. Not only do you get the bottom you’ve always wanted, you would also reduce the undesirable excess fat in other areas of your body.


If you have strong enough willpower, you can exercise your way to a better rump. But if you have enough budget and want to get that perfect body the soonest possible time, then you can opt for butt enhancement procedures here in Malaysia. Although there is a recovery time of around one to two months, you will definitely see the end product quickly and definitely, for which you surely wouldn’t be disappointed.


Hosting a server for a website is a hectic all day job. At no time can you afford to have your site down or offline. Normally, it is easier to host your server locally; especially if your organization is still in its prime. However, it reaches a point where this can be costly to your organization hence requiring an alternative approach to hosting the server.

There are many viable third party server hosting options that you could choose from. The best one though, is ‘server co-location’. In this setup you are party to vast benefits that include large bandwidth, effective data backup functions and stable power supply all at a very reasonable price. On this article, we have highlighted some server colocation tips that are necessary when choosing a good service provider.

If you are new to server colocation you need to understand what it entails. When you colocate a server, what you essentially do is you hand over all your server hardware along with their software to be installed in a data center. This data center is well furnished with all the equipment needed for proper running of your servers twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The data center handles hundreds of other servers hence the term ‘colocation’. Consequently, it has the ability to give their clients good deals especially when it comes to the service charge and maintenance cost.

That being said, it is essential you choose your server colocation service carefully and wisely. Below are some tips that could help inform your decision.

• Know your requirements

Before doing anything else, you need to acquire the hardware and software that your web server would require. Some server units, RAID hard drives, server operating system, processor, RAM and most importantly the database requirements are just but a few things you should think about. Also, find out exactly the kind of software and hardware infrastructure you’ll need in accordance to the services your website is going to offer. Once you have done that, it becomes a lot easier to find a company that best suits your needs.

• Adequate bandwidth provision

Bandwidth is a very key parameter for efficient running of your website. The bandwidth requirement may vary depending on the services you offer to your customers as well as your site traffic. It is therefore important that you choose an adequate bandwidth specification that takes all that into consideration.


  • Determine the number of IP Addresses requiredDifferent sites require different numbers of IP addresses some could only need ten while others could go up to twenty. So you need to see to it that you are allocated enough IPs for your server.

    • Ensure adequate cabinet space is provided

    In this case, you could either choose a shared cabinet or a full cabinet depending on you what you want. However, it is much better that you choose a full cabinet as then you would not have to share resources with other servers.

    • Firewall and VPN services

    Every colocation service has a firewall facility. However, these facilities vary in price depending on the rules that are implemented. Choose a firewall that has implemented stringent rules for the safety of your server. Virtual Private Networks as well, are important and a good one will be able to provide remote connectivity.

How to Choose the Perfect Cycling Jersey for You



Cycling is one of the most exciting forms of cardio exercise. Not only do you get the work out that you need, you also get to travel vast distances, as compared to walking or jogging. It’s pretty fun because you can do it on your own, or you can do it in groups.


And with cycling, you really get to sweat it out, helping you lose that excess fat in your body. However, too much sweat can be uncomfortable. For this reason, you need to wear a comfy jersey that could easily absorb sweat. But how do you choose the best cycling jerseys in Malaysia?



Things to Consider When Shopping for Cycling Jerseys


The following are the matters that you need to take into consideration when buying jerseys:


  • Materials. Look for fabrics that can absorb your sweat and at the same time expel it outside in order to evaporate. Synthetic fabrics are the ideal materials for this purpose. Cotton-made shirts only hold on to your sweat, giving you a heavy feeling. When you are on the road, it is always important to feel light.


  • Sun protection. Too much exposure in the sun can lead to skin cancer. Shop for jerseys that can properly hide your skin and protect it against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.


  • Fit. What good are the two previous considerations if the jersey doesn’t even fit you? You need to find the best fit to get the maximum comfort that you deserve. Cycling jerseys that don’t have the right fit is not a good choice if you have to keep on adjusting it while on the road.


  • Style. There are cycling jerseys that have reflectors incorporated in them. This will give you high visibility to motor vehicles during night time. Wearing this will lessen your chances of getting involved in vehicular accidents especially in accident-prone areas in Malaysia.


  • Price. It is undeniable that cycling jerseys can be a little bit expensive. Look for jerseys that are on sale. You can buy plenty of them and save a lot of money at the same time. This way, you can wear different jerseys without worrying that you are only sporting one style every time.


Undoubtedly, there are many styles of cycling jerseys in Malaysia that you can choose from. Make sure that when you are shopping, you pick the one that not only gives you comfort but also reflects your personality. For the best shopping experience, bring a friend to help you with the selection.