The Best Qualities To Find In Your Server Colocation Facilty


When selecting a server co-location company, technical savvy and experience with a proven track record are the best qualities you can find. If you find these qualities, there are sure to be other great qualities that will benefit your company as well, such as an understanding of what your company needs at present and in the future. Your server co-location company conducts business with vendors and suppliers that help them be tops in providing their services and can provide your company greater capacity to serve your clients. By being on top of their game, they offer you access to the latest technologies and innovations that will improve both their ability to serve you as well as your ability to serve your clients.


What Services Do Your Company Need? 

Most companies want a co-location facility that offers more than space, cooling and power. Tech savvy means that they have the knowledge and experience to offer you the best that technology can provide in a state of the art facility such as super-fast connections, the electrical power and backup that keeps your business going even during disasters, redundancy and security to protect your data, and 24-7 on site technical experts to handle any problems that may arise. If the server co-location company offers managed services, it can save your company the expense of having an IT team. You will want a company with expert customer service that can tell you about how to improve in terms you can understand as well as your IT specialist.


What Will Your Company Need In The Near Future? 

If your co-location company tech savvy, experienced and has a proven track record, their experience and knowledge of the industry will also have other advantages. Along with the resilient, redundant infrastructure and experienced technical personnel, it will also offer you the ability to grow within their facility as your number of clients or the number of services you provide grows. The ability to increase your capacity and scalability is part of the overall plan of choosing the experienced co-location company who has also provided this advantage to other customers and probably have many testimonials to this occurrence.


What Will Your Company Need In The Long Run? 

Do you expect your company to continue to go? Would you like to improve and increases you numbers and capacities even greater? Do you hope to offer your products and services to even more markets? Wouldn’t you love to have a co-location partner to help you do that? Whatever co-location company you find, you should measure it against the criteria of what you want for you company and how does it figure in to your company’s current and future success.


Tips to Maximize Space in Your Kitchen


We live in a time of increasing accumulation. As goods become more available and affordable, we acquire items pretty rapidly. And this spills over to clutter up a home pretty quickly. There’s also more services and information with paper trails that tends to pile up in places like the kitchen and before you know it, the functional counter space to work on the meal preparation you should be doing in the kitchen is occupied by things that probably do not have a good place in how the kitchen was designed.

And the design itself of the kitchen in Malaysia may not be optimized to use the space as effectively as it could be. This often leads to compromises in how much you enjoy preparing food at home. You may find yourself using more store-prepared foods that cost more and are loaded with additives you would be healthier to avoid. When renovating your kitchen space in Malaysia, take some time to consider the following variables:

Clear up the clutter.

One of the most beneficial things you can do to reclaim your kitchen space and be able to enjoy meal preparation in an organized space with counter top available, is to get rid of the items that are really not needed for kitchen activities. Go through everything that and separate that which is not a kitchen item. Then find a more appropriate place in your home for as much of it as you can. I f the place is in the kitchen, consider where it could be stored to be out of the way.

Some items are kitchen tools but they’re not used enough to need to take up valuable counter space. Put some of the lesser needed appliances and food containers in cabinets or on shelves. You may need to re-organize your cupboards to make neater stacks so you can fit more without things falling over.

Use that dining room.

Make eating your meals a special part of your day. You will find your meal time more satisfying. You can also keep more kitchen area clear by possibly removing furniture for eating from that area.

Give some thought top your dining room furniture. This may be a good time to update. You can make this room nice and a more pleasant place to enjoy meals. A wood dining table is a handsome addition to any set of dining room furniture. And when you make this designated room more inviting, family members will be drawn there and this will reduce the tendency to use the kitchen as a drop-off point.

Consider organizing solutions.

After you have a plan to buy furniture in Malaysia, you can finish the space enhancement in the kitchen by adding shelves and racks in cupboards. Shelves can be an artful work of craftsmanship when they will be visible and stand-alone. This is where you can put extra appliances and possibly more decorative canisters for ingredients.

And for inside the cabinets, adjustable rack systems can maximize the usable area without having to pull pans from the bottom of a cumbersome stack. The easier it is to access and put away items you use, the more inviting it is to maintain your new system.


How to Sell Luxury Watches for the Best Price


Just as for all things that retain their value, there is a large market for used luxury watches. Most jewellers, unlike car dealers, don’t take old watches as a trade-in when a customer wishes to purchase a newer, most expensive model. The used market is not nearly as large and well-organized as it for automobiles. However, thanks to the Internet, it is now booming. After all, wearing an expensive brand of luxury watch impresses a lot of people. And if someone can wear a watch that costs $10,000 new, but pay only $3,000, that’s a bargain. Who’s going to know the difference?


Such Watches are Better Than Pre-Owned Automobiles

Many pre-owned watches look just as good as they did when they were new. They may even come in the original box and wrapping paper. They tell time just as well as they ever did. The inside mechanisms were designed to last decades, not years. Only the price on the receipt has changed. They hold their value better even than luxury automobiles. They don’t need regular maintenance that may have been ignored. They are rarely damaged in accidents. And they are not as exposed to adverse weather.

There’s a Thriving Market for Used Luxury Watch Brands

eBay, then Craig’s List, did a lot to educate thrifty consumers on how they could recoup some of their initial investment in a product by selling it. It has also trained thrifty bargain hunters to look for good deals online as well as at the traditional garage sales. Besides, the cheap brands of watches are worth little to nothing. People who buy them might wear them until they break or break and aren’t worth fixing. It’s the high-end timepieces that retain their value. A luxury Swiss watch that’s been taken care of should last for many decades. Delux and premium models may rise in price. A Tag Heuer price won’t go down much.

Auction Houses Can Help With the 6-Figure Timepieces

People who owned watched valued at $100,000 or above ought to check out the auction houses such as Christie’s, Antiquorum and Sotheby’s. However, the fees are too dear and the process too inconvenient for most of the luxury timepiece market of watches worth from $5,000-$10,000 or so for luxury watch brands.

Online Watch Dealers will Pay Used Watches

Some watch dealers have begun buying pre-owned high-end watches. Of course, they do it because they make money by reselling the items. Therefore, just like any dealer, they cannot afford to pay a high retail price. Also, the seller must be prepared to prove they own the timepiece in question, because they don’t want to become unwitting fences for robbers and burglars trying to unload stolen watches.

Online retail buyers of luxury watches are of course afraid of buying fakes or watches in poor condition. Many of them trust an established store or website more than an individual selling just one watch at a time.

There’s an App for That

Therefore, the online pre-owned watch dealers have apps for that available from Apple. Some of the dealers take watches on consignment. That means, they sell it for you, and get a fee for finding the buyer.

Therefore, anyone planning to sell a luxury watch should keep the receipt and the original package. They should also shop around online to find the dealer who will give them the best offer, a Tag Heuer price for a Tag Heuer watch. They should also try out the apps for the stores to quickly find out how valuable their watch is.


Levelling Guide for Path of Exile


For those who are fairly new to Path of Exile, they might not know that there are four acts with three difficulty levels. You’ll go through four acts in normal, cruel and merciless difficulty. While normal doesn’t have any penalties for dying, cruel and merciless deaths will impact the experience that you gain. You can lose thousands of experience points by dying in those difficulties.

When you’re progressing towards the higher difficulties, you want to out level the content a bit to ensure that you don’t die from unique bosses. To do this, you’ll want to farm a few easier zones to gain levels before facing the boss. The only problem with farming zones is that you’ll need to stay within a few levels of the zone to get the maximum amount of experience.

Best Levelling Zones 

Act One to Four Normal 
When you’re beginning in act one on normal difficulty, you shouldn’t have to farm until you reach level 28. At that point, you can visit the docks to gain experience that will help you progress to Piety and Dominus. You can safely farm the docks from level 28 to 34 without a huge loss in the experience that you’ll gain. Once your character reaches level 34, the aqueducts is a good farming zone to get to level 38.

Act One through Four Cruel 
Once you’ve reached level 38, you should be able to progress through normal to reach cruel. You’ll start in act one again. The best place to farm is the ledge. You can rush through the first part of the area to reach it. This area can be farmed until you reach 47 without a huge loss of experience points gained. Chamber of sins in act 2 can be farmed until level 52. City of Sarn and the docks will level you to 57 easily. The aqueducts and the dried lake are good zones to take you to level 61.

Act One to Four Merciless 
At level 62, you should be able to progress through merciless difficulty in the beginning to the ledge again. Each area to farm is the same as it was in Cruel. Once you hit level 68, you can farm in the chamber of sins. The City of Sarn will take you to level 70, and the docks will take you to level 71. Once you hit 71, you can farm the aqueducts and dried lake, or progress to maps for the remainder of your levelling.

At any point during progression, it might feel as if it’s hard to move forward. That’s the best time to stop progressing and start farming to gain levels. It has the added bonus of helping you gather orbs and gear for your character.

Make sure you’re adding plenty of life nodes to your character if you find that you’re dying quickly or having a hard time. Whether you play a spell caster, ranger or melee character, you’ll need life nodes to stay alive in battle. You can find POE with other online games in Singapore.


Purchasing Bike Products Online


If you happen to be a bicycling enthusiast, chances are that you know all of the best bike shops in town, and chances are that you spend quite a bit of money on bikes and various parts. Bike parts cost a ton of money, especially if you are dealing with high end bikes, which can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Because of the high prices, it is a great thing to find discounts and deals on bike parts, but if you are going to get the best deals possible, there is no question that the internet is the best place to look. The reality is that store front locations only have to deal with the competition from other bike shops in town, meaning they can charge quite a high price for various bikes and bike parts, based on the fact that they know their customers are going to pay the prices. However, online retailers have a huge amount of competition, due to the fact that there is such a massive amount of online retailers that sell all things bike related. This has paved a path for low prices, which can greatly be taken advantage of.

If you are looking to get the best deals on a new bike, bike parts, a bike pump, or literally anything else bike related, the best thing you can do is get online and search around for a great deal. Keep in mind, it always makes sense to test out a bike in person, as you really want to get the overall feel for a bike and take it for a test ride. However, if you already know the type of bike you are looking for, especially the specific model and have ridden the bike in the past, there is no reason that you should not be confident in making a purchase online. You can just about guarantee that you will be able to find the same products that you would find in the stores at a greatly discounted price online, and the great thing is, most of these online retailers will ship the products right to your door step for no additional charge. This saves on the overall price of the bike or the bike parts, saves on gas and saves a lot of time in the long run.
It is a good idea to check whether certain retailers can mail to your certain location, which you can typically do by checking on each site that sells bike products. For example, if you were looking for bicycle pumps in Malaysia, you would want to make sure that whatever site you are wanting to place an order at ships their products to Malaysia. If you change over from buying your bikes and bike parts at a store front location and instead switch to the online method, there is no question that you will end up saving a huge amount of money. Huge bike enthusiasts that splurge on products could end up saving thousands of dollars a year, so it is definitely something to consider.


Why Business Studies is Key to Success in the 21st Century


The world is changing faster than ever before. It is hard to say what one skill will set you up for years to come. In the old days, learning a trade such as and finding a job with a trade union was enough to set you on the path to support yourself and your family for life. Today, a bachelor of business is proving to be increasingly valuable to help set up a long, flexible and profitable career.


An education in business studies incorporates a lot of different disciplines. It allows future managers to study finance, accounting, logistics, production, trade, operations, marketing, advertising, sales, entrepreneurship and management. With such a wide variety of different skill sets, business studies majors have an upper hand on their competition in the marketplace. No matter what the interview question, they will have a base of knowledge to draw upon.


A bachelor of business can be used to enter small, medium or large businesses in many different capacities. Take a large company like General Electric for example. The company makes airplane engines and utilizes its financing unit to help fund in production of the product. Business majors could work in many different places along this value chain including supervising production, supply chain management, accounting, financing structures, sales and reporting. Business majors have a wealth of options at such a company.


Even working at a small distribution company, a person with a bachelor of business has many different options to choose from. They can run the ware house, manage inventory, work in the back office on finance and accounting or work up to senior level management. While some of these positions require additional certification or training, they all need basic understanding of business.

Getting a degree in business has helped countless managers achieve their dreams. It is a great start to support a long and profitable career.


Retail Safety Store Tips to Follow


Retail stores are a prime target of thieves. Burglars are not the only criminals who may opt to target a retail store in Singapore. Shoplifters frequently look to lift items from shelves and walk out the door with those things. Armed robbery may be rare, but strong-arm robbery or robbery performed by menacing a store’s staff is possible. With these concerns in mind, store owners and managers have to take immediate steps to boost the security of a business. Otherwise, the premises are going to become the target of one thief and criminal after the other.

Many People Hands Holding Colorful Word Safety

A decent in-store security setup must be devised. There are several things that can be done to improve security in a retail store. Putting mirrors up on the wall allows people working in the establishment to keep an eye on what is going on in the aisles. Installing security cameras is another option, and the presence of cameras has a tendency to give many will ill-intensions pause for thought. The images recorded by the cameras can, of course, be used as evidence in the aftermath of a crime.

An intrusion detection system should be installed to protect a business after hours. Intrusion detection commonly involves alarms and lights. No one is able to be on the premises of a business 24 hours a day (at least not without great expense) and criminals know this. After hours, a business is prime to be targeted by a burglar. Now, if an alarm sounds and lights shine on the second a door or window is breached, the intruder is likely to leave the scene. Law enforcement is sure to respond to such a disturbance so the intruder is best served leaving.


Depending upon the type of intrusion detection utilized, the alarm could alert police or private security forces once tripped. This would guarantee an immediate response once an illicit entry occurred.

Depending upon the risks associated with particular businesses, security services in Singapore could be hired for on-site duties. Stores that carry a lot of high-end merchandise, jewellery, or cash on the premises might benefit tremendously from the deterrence security guards provide. Very large traditional stores would find the presence of security guards to be a huge help with dealing with shoplifters.

Being in business sometimes requires dealing with distasteful tasks. Addressing thievery is one of those unsavoury duties. The duties are important ones since they contributed to safeguarding the store and those inside of it.


Deep Treatments for Youthful Skin


Although the outermost layer of the skin is the one that’s presented to the world, it’s not the area on which to focus when attempting to achieve younger looking skin. The main issue is that the outermost layer consists of skin cells and other cells that are near the end of their life cycle. When those cells completely die, they don’t always flake off and fall away. As a result, they can form a layer over the younger, healthier cells, causing the skin to look dull and making it more susceptible to wrinkles and other signs of aging. By regularly treating the deeper layers of the skin, you will achieve long-term anti-aging success.


Top Options for Deep-Treating the Skin to Keep it Youthful

With so many products flooding the market, it can be tricky to find options that truly treat the skin on a deep level. Instead of focusing on brands and specific products, educate yourself about basic ingredients that have been proven to effectively deeply treat the skin. Some especially relevant suggestions include:


  • Topical Retinoids – If you’ve never used retinoids before, start with the gentlest ones you can find. They are used in cleansers, creams and masks, so it’s easy to incorporate them into your skincare regimen. Topical retinoids deeply treat the skin by acting as powerful exfoliants. They have been shown to effectively improve fine lines and wrinkles, mottled pigmentation, uneven texture and other issues.


  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids Plus Retinol – Applying a retinol clean before bed is a terrific way to deeply treat the skin. A derivative of vitamin A, retinol acts by “ungluing” dead skin cells, prompting them to fall away more quickly and stimulating the growth of new, healthy cells. However, applying a powerful cream like this every night isn’t advisable, so consider alternating with an alpha-hydroxy-based cream. Alpha hydroxy acids are also exfoliants. They have the added bonus of attracting and binding moisture to the skin.


  • Hyaluronic Acid – The most popular way to use hyaluronic acid is in a peel, but it is also found in many anti aging serums and creams. Hyaluronic acid acts as a lattice, or framework, for crucial skin components like elastin and collagen. It also helps to attract and retain moisture to the skin. It is available in many formulas and can be used to treat everything from fine lines to deep wrinkles.


  • Peels – Use a peel from time to time to keep skin fresh, youthful and resilient. Many options are available, but the most popular include deep peels, which are also called phenol peels, and superficial peels that can be used on a more frequent basis. Superficial peels usually contain gentler but still effective ingredients like salicylic acid and alpha hydroxy acids.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of deep treatments for youthful skin that are available today. As long as you stick with options that include the characteristics and ingredients highlighted above, you will be well on your way to achieving youthful skin long into old age.


5 Tips for the Startup Entrepreneur in Malaysia


The world of startup companies has become a subculture of people with big ideas who can’t seem to get a business going. There are so many entrepreneurs with real vision but no practical experience on how to grow a business to the point where it’s secure and turning sustainable profit. Here are five tips for entrepreneurs to keep in mind as they go about building a solid business foundation.

1. Brand with a purpose 
Know who your target customer is and build a brand that appeals to that group. From value-based to exciting and edgy, there’s a marketing model that works. Let your brand fit the market. Your character is what will set it apart from others. Find a way to translate your story and personality into something your audience connects with.

2. Leave room for discussion. 
Literally. Coming up with processes to transform a dream into real-world value can’t be done by force of will. It takes feedback and complex reasoning, the kind you get through bouncing around ideas to generate more options. A good ratio of staff to meeting spaces is 10:1. That doesn’t mean dedicating a room to meetings of eight-to-ten people is mandatory. Often important decisions are made between two or three people. You’ll want to be efficient with space for cost reasons, but provide for a few enclosures that allow impromptu collaborations to form new ideas.

3. Clients and processes are very different 
Organising how your business operates is also key. Some require a few offices with a professional atmosphere and others the hustle of a big space with open cubicles. For product-driven firms, separating business into account management and project fulfilment results in happier clients and better resource management. Business also involves legalities; licensing in London and business registration in Malaysia are two different things that may each require special services, not another managerial burden.

4. Learn to say “no”. 
Clients who only do business in exchange for deep discounts or unbilled services are eating into profits and limiting your business. Even generous terms are not enough to satisfy customers accustomed to haggling on every deal. Clients who can’t appreciate that you’re in business to make a decent profit only bring aggravation, and that’s a bad way to carry on a long-term relationship.


5. Don’t invest in salaries 
You often hear the importance of assembling a good team, but in-house teams can be costly in terms of benefits and rising salaries. Don’t invest in personnel where hiring remote or service contractors will get the job done. The same goes for administrative roles where perhaps a virtual services company is more practical. Few people are willing to risk careers on a new startup. All you need to focus on is finding affordable ways to get things done.

Hopefully these tips will give some insight on getting results when you’re still trying to find your footing. Accept that you’ll learn as you go. Keep experimenting until your company becomes the business model that others follow.


Tips to help you when purchasing a folding bike


Folding bikes are bikes that are designed to fold into a compact form, which makes transporting and storing it, easy and quick. Folding bikes can be easily carried into houses or buildings or on public transportation facilities like buses. They can also be easily stored in tight living spaces such as an apartment, boat, car or plane. A foldable bike is also easy to carry.

Types of Folding bikes 

There are various types of folding bikes that come in different folding systems, wheel sizes and choices of colours and needs. In addition, there are several tips that will help when selecting a folding bike such as deciding how you ride and where you plan to ride.

• Another tip is to choose your wheel size. Wheel sizes come in different diameters such as 14, 16 and 26 inches.
• It is also important to confirm that the rims have the correct ETRTO numbers that fit tires that are available.
• If the fittings are wrong, your tires may come off while turning sharp corners.

Choose your components and frame design 

Choosing your components and frame design is another tip that will help. It is important to think about what level of performance you want from your components. The better quality components you have on the bike, the better your bike will ride. Many ride a folding bike in Malaysia.

Check out the experience of your bike dealer 

It is also important to check out the experience of your bike dealer. Because operating your folding bike will need service, support and ongoing maintenance, you need an experienced and reliable bike dealer. Keep in mind; you are buying a bike but you are also buying service, too.

Brand reputation is important 

Another tip is to make sure that your brand is reputable and to find out about the warranty and how long the warranty is good for.

• Find out also about how long the bike company has been in business and how comprehensive is the coverage on your bike.
• You can find out most of these answers by conducting research and by asking your friends for recommendations.
• Reputable shops often have a variety of bicycles to choose from, as well as offering you trial periods on popular models.
• When coming for a trial, it is important to dress light and to wear flat soled shoes.

Advantages of purchasing a folding bike 

There are many advantages in purchasing a folding bike such as being able to take it with you, instead of leaving it behind. Other benefits are enjoying the speed and agility of the bike as well as feeling more secure.

To conclude, folding bikes are designed to fold into a compact form and makes transporting and storing the bike easy and accessible. With the many benefits they offer, it would be a shame not to check them out! Click here for more