Professional Acne Treatments to Reveal Your Best Skin

Anyone who’s ever had to deal with acne, knows it can be quite a frustrating experience. After trial after trial of over the counter acne treatment products, only to be left with empty promises or acne that reoccurs, it can leave you feeling hopeless. Not to mention, once you finally do succeed at eliminating your acne, you can often be left with unsightly scars that lasts for years.

Acne generally occurs when hormones cause an overproduction of sebum, or oil, in the skin glands, causing the pores to become clogged with more oil, faster than the skin cells can get rid of. Once the wall of the pore ruptures, it can cause swelling, redness and pus and can also cause whiteheads and blackheads. Picking at the lesions can spread bacteria, which can lead to inflammation and permanent scarring. Acne can occur anywhere throughout the body including face, neck, chest and back.

If you suffer from acne or acne scarring, these tips on how to eliminate acne and acne scarring will help you reveal your best skin.


Obagi Professional Strength Skin Care Products

If you suffer from acne scarring, there are a number of professional products on the market designed to help. Obagi in Malaysia offers a professional line of scar treatment products that go deep into the dermal layer to treat acne scarring at the source. Most products contain professional strength hydroquinone or vitamin c as the active ingredient and can be used to treat acne scars, age spots, uneven skin, stretch marks and more.


Professional Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Lasers safely treat acne and with fast results. Lasers precision controlled light energy permeates deep into the skin to target overactive oil glands to reduce oil and eliminate the risk of developing new acne. Laser treatments also speed up the healing process as well as stimulates collagen production, an important factor in the treatment of long-term acne. There are various types of laser treatments for acne scars, consult with an aesthetic clinic in Malaysia to determine the best treatment for you.

Other Helpful Tips for Treating Acne


  • Make lifestyle changes-certain foods may trigger acne breakouts, so it’s best to learn them, then avoid them. Studies suggest that adding foods such as whole grains, beans and vegetables to your diet can help prevent acne breakouts.


  • Do not pick, scratch or squeeze the lesions, as this can lead to permanent scarring.


  • Wash your face two times a day, using a gentle cleanser to prevent oil build up.


  • Do not scrub your face, such as with a sponge or harsh washcloth, as scrubbing can irritate the skin and worsen your breakout.


  • Use a topical astringent after washing to remove excess oil.


The latest advancements in acne treatments help ensure that acne is not a problem in your life. With professional scar treatment products like Obagi and laser treatments for acne, you can have the healthy, fresh, smooth glowing skin you’ve always wanted!


KTM Komuter Makes Your Kuala Lumpur Journey Easier


Kuala Lumpur is among South-East Asia’s fastest growing metropolitan regions. Located on the Malaysian Peninsular, at the confluence of the Gombak and Klang Rivers, Kuala Lumpur’s motto is Progress and Prosper. And the city is doing just that. Malaysia’s cultural hub, Kuala Lumpur recently received the designation as one of the Earth’s New 7 Wonders Cities. If you visit you’ll understand why. One great way to get around Kuala Lumpur is to get a KTM komuter timetable and use the rail line to see the entire city.


Popular Attractions 

The 88 story tall Petronas Twin Towers, the world’s tallest twin buildings, is the city’s most defining feature along with the ultra modern architecture of the Kuala Lumpur Tower But Kuala Lumpur’s most treasured structures also include Sri Mahamariamman, Malaysia’s oldest Hindu temple, National Mosque (Masjid Negara), and the incredible National Palace. There are lots of other amazing places in visit in Kuala Lumpur. They include the Islamic Arts Museum, Bukit Bintang Walkway, Petaling Street, Jalan Alor, Pavilion KL, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, and the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre.

The Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Thean Hou Temple, St. John’s Cathedral Merdeka Square, Lake Gardens, and Lake Symphony are also popular tourist attractions. Visitors also love Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, KLCC Park, and the amazing Kuala Lumpur City Centre. One of the best ways to enjoy all the sights the city has to offer is to get a KTM timetable and timetable your visits. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.



The world’s sixth most visited city, Kuala Lumpur is a shoppers paradise. At places like the Central Market, Suria KLCC Mall, Bukit Bintang, Mid Valley Megamall, Berjaya Times Square, Plaza Low Yat, Pavilion, Sungai Wang Plaza, and many other locations, tourists and locals alike do a brisk business. In all the city has 66 malls and number of shopping complexes where people joyfully haggle and make deals. No matter what in the world you are looking for, you can probably find it in a mall in Kuala Lumpur. If you visit you can find out which KTM komuter can take you to the mall you want.


Drinking, Dining, And Dancing 

When it comes to food, drinks, and nightlife, Kuala Lumpur is in a class by itself. The choices range from quaint cafes and alfresco dining, to large eateries serving incredibly tasty dishes. Many of the dishes found in Kuala Lumpur are available in few other places on the planet. When the sun goes down in Kuala Lumpur, the city becomes a sea of twinkling lights and throbbing beats. The nightlife in this city is unbelievably hot. There are dance clubs of all types in the Golden Triangle. They play rock, R&B, reggae, tehno, and new and unique sound styles. The clubs are packed with revellers determined to have a good time while drinking away their fears, cares, and troubles. If you want to have fun, visit Kuala Lumpur.


Top Benefits of Reloading MOL Points for Online Gaming


MOL is a virtual currency that’s popular in Asia and being embraced by gamers throughout the world. This currency is like any other gift card or e-wallet except that it isn’t tied to a specific platform, which means that gamers can benefit greatly from having an account and reloading funds as needed.


Protect Your Sensitive Information 

Security is one of the great advantages that MOL points provide gamers. Many online games require subscriptions and microtransactions. Game enough and you can find yourself needing to share your credit card and other important information with a wide range of online vendors. With MOL, you deal with just one vendor and use a single PIN-protect account for all gaming-related purchases.

All Gaming Funds, One Account 

The advantage of consolidating all of your gaming money to a single account cannot be overstated. It’s impossible to forget or lose your money since the account remains accessible via the Internet at all times. Using the points at an online or brick-and-mortar shop requires a security PIN, and you can opt for two-layer authentication on your account in order to ensure that no unauthorized access occurs.

Your Interests May Change but Your Points Won’t 

Gamer interests change. Anyone who enjoys online gaming has been in a situation where they deposited funds into an online game account only to lose interest in that game before using the funds. Since MOL isn’t associated with a particular game or store, this is never an issue. Whatever your interests are tomorrow, your points will be available in order to re-up an MMO subscription, make an in-game microtransaction or make a purchase from the SEA Gamer Mall or other online retailer.


Reloading is Fast and Easy 

Adding more MOL points to your account is simple, and you have a number of options whether you’re paying with a credit card, web wallet or some other means. You can do it directly through MOL online, at any of a number of online retailers and even at a growing number of traditional brick-and-mortar gaming shops.


Buy Points at a Discount 

Another excellent benefit of points is that those points are often available at below face value, which means that you can do more with your gaming budget. Online retailers like SEA Gamer Mall will often sell points at a 10-percent or even greater discount, and you can purchase with confidence whenever there’s a sale because you know that those points will be valid whenever you do opt to use them.

Give Points as a Gift 

Often, the easiest way to purchase points is as a digital code. Access your account, input the code and the money transfers into your account. You can also purchase codes and then email them, which is a great option for a last-minute gift. If you prefer a more traditional present, you can even purchase MOL in the form of a gift card, which you can wrap and then hand or mail to the person.

Hassle-Free Gaming 

Gaming is supposed to be fun, and a service like MOL helps you eliminate hassle. It also protects your crucial information and safeguards you in the event that your online gaming interests change.



Image: Bradley Wiggins of Great Britain descends the Col de Mente

Cycling is one of the popular recreational activities among many people in Europe. In the U.K, it is grouped as the third leisure pursuit where approximately 3.1 million individuals are riding in one month. There are several benefits of cycling, and this includes a fast way of trimming down on weight, body fitness and psychologically enables one to reduce stress. The British have embraced the activity and have a website which gives the necessary information for one to enjoy the cycling and cycling clubs where one can enjoy the hobby. A beginner or a pro in the cycling, below are some tips to help you take pleasure in bike riding.

• Wear the right outfit
Cycling is all about aerodynamics, and the right gear is essential for comfort when bicycling. The jersey should be fitting, that is neither tight nor lose. Wearing a jersey aero as a parachute makes one look like a cycling rookie. A sleek pair of shorts is highly recommended since its fabric does not wrinkle on the skin causing irritation. Additionally, pick shorts with no special lining and at the crotch should have no seams. Cycling shoes should depend on the type of pedals, and the kind of bike one rides on. Finding the suitable brand is necessary, and the store one buys the shoes should have the variety to choose from the cycling shoes. Cycling shoes in Malaysia, for instance, they have been made in a customized way to meet all the cyclist needs.

• Fitting helmet
As a guide for safety, cycling helmets is highly recommended in case of accidents. Many cyclists, either beginners or professional riders fall victim of head injuries because of not being knowledgeable on a fitting helmet. Used in the right manner, helmets are almost a hundred percent effective in preventing head and brain injuries to be precise.
• Right bicycle seat and frame
The cyclist body structure and size are a determinant on which bicycle is fit to ride on. On a road bike, for instance, there should be one to two inches gap between the groin and the top tube whereas on a mountain bike not less than two inches. The saddle, on the other hand, should not be hard and narrow especially if it is for a lady. A wider and more cushioned seat reduces the pressure on the sit-bones.
• Reflective clothing at night
Statistics show that most cycling deaths happen at night. Wear reflective clothes when in low light and if one is a beginner, avoid riding at night for safety.
• Be alert on the road and be traffic savvy
Concentrate on the blind spots by not riding on drivers blind spots, implying you have to communicate with the drivers. When in heavy traffic, ride in the car lane to avoid being knocked off. Speed should also be regulated depending on the location.
Following these few guides when cycling makes cycling more than a recreational activity. Cycling is more than a sport but should be embraced by all people since the benefits accrued from it are tremendously valuable. Be the cyclist that everyone will admire.


Multiple Use Corrugated Boxes


Did you know that 95% of all things shipped are placed in a recycled corrugated container?

Origins of Cardboard Boxes
The cardboard box was originally invented in 1871 by Robert Gair and ever since we’ve all been using this brown or white box for shipping all sorts of items.


Multiple Uses
Shipping containers made from a corrugated box are easy to use, but difficult to manufacture. They are tough, yet humble looking. That is why fragile content is shipped in corrugated boxes that can also include cushioning inside. This is to protect items inside from getting banged around, crushed and destroyed. The corrugated boxes are put onto pallets or can be shipped individually. They are used to ship gifts, samples, bottles, clothes, hazardous material that is controlled and very rigorously monitored. Names and contents can be directly marked and written on these boxes for distribution and mailing. The corrugated part provides protection from external hazards that box may encounter on its way to its destination. You can also make bar codes and “To” and “From” sticker labels for easier routing and so that the boxes do not get lost or stolen before they get to where they are going.

close up shot of corrugated packing material uncurling on black background
close up shot of corrugated packing material uncurling on black background

Exterior & Interior Durability
Remember all boxes are put next to mixed-loads of other corrugated containers, onto regular or express carriers for faster delivery. The push and shove these boxes and their contents receive are enormous and consistent until they reach their final destination. If you use sturdy corrugated boxes which are made from durable and tough, sometimes re-cycled paper, you will be guaranteed items you sent will get there in one piece. The manufacture process is actually very complicated, even though corrugated cartons look very plain and are usually brown and quite simple looking. They are stack-able, yet can get damaged if not piled in the correct way, one on top of another.

The steps to making corrugated boxes are not easy, although they sound simple. A lot of labor has gone through for the making of a sturdy box. Corrugated boxes are made in two steps:

1)Making Kraft Paper – Wood chips come to a factory and are flattened by passing through steam rollers. The water is removed. Now the wood chip paper is flat and ready to use. It has turned into Kraft paper.

2)Corrugating the Cardboard – The Kraft paper is crimp-cut and glued to form into a corrugated box. A roll of cardboard is corrugated and glued between two pieces of the paper by means of heated rolls. Essentially thecorrugated box is made from 3 layers of Kraft paper. It’s strong and stiff; tear and rip resistant, but very light-weight and durable.

Crush Resistant
Being crush resistant is one of the major characteristics of corrugated boxes, especially since they are going to be stacked in an office, home, restaurant, kitchen, or warehouse on top of each other; sometimes for years and sometimes for short periods. That’s why the best corrugated boxes have multiple uses and are made from durable, inner support, moisture resistant, recycled, heavy paper. Vertical stacking is highly recommended for longer- standing, load-sharing and extra-strength items.


How to Get Started With WoW Battlegrounds


Battlegrounds are one of the most popular forms of player versus player conflict in WoW. They are team fights where the goal is to complete specific objectives rather than to simply kill the other players. World of Warcraft is a game, but sometimes tempers still flare up on the battlefield, so it’s best to learn a little bit about the battlegrounds before you get started with them.


How They Work

Battlegrounds are instanced PvP combat zones where teams compete to complete objectives. Players earn honor by fighting in the battlegrounds, which they can exchange for various PvP rewards. Players also earn experience while competing in the battlegrounds, so players can use them as a way to level up instead of doing quests. Players join battlegrounds through a queue, so people who want to level up with the battlegrounds should join up and then work on simple quests or other tasks while they wait for the match to start.


Where to Start

Every battleground is different. They all have their own map, objectives, and minimum level. Look up a battleground’s map and objectives before you get started with it to make sure that you can contribute to your team. The first battleground to be unlocked is Warsong Gulch at level ten, and it’s a good place to get started. Players get separated in the queue based on their level, so you won’t get matched with anybody who is too much stronger than yourself. Many of your opponents and allies will still be learning the system in the lower levels, so it’s a good place to get started. The higher the level, the more people will expect out of their team, so it’s best to start learning when your level is still fairly low.

How to Prepare

There are a few things that players should do to get ready before they take to the battlegrounds in WoW. Apart from learning the general objectives and layout of the battleground, players should try to make sure that they have level-appropriate gear. The wide range of players in World of Warcraft’s battlegrounds means that being properly geared is less important than it is for advanced raids, but it is still an important factor in match. Levels always scale to the highest in the bracket while fighting in a battleground, so players don’t need to worry about leveling up to maximize their contribution.

The Rewards

Time is money, especially in a game that needs a subscription. WoW prepaid cards offer good deals, but you still want to get the most out of your time in the game. Battlegrounds are good way to level up, especially for people who have already hit the level cap on one character and do not want to repeat quests that they have already done. Players also earn honor that they can trade in for PvP gear, which allows players to keep up on their gear for PvP without having to step back into PvE content.


Achieve Youthful Beauty and Health With Anti-Aging Products and Foods


It seems like everyone is searching for a magic formula to turn back the effects of time and restore the youthful look they enjoyed in years gone by. Although no one method will automatically make you look younger, finding the right combination of anti aging products, natural ingredients and healthy foods can help reverse accumulated damage and slow the ageing process.
Commercial Anti-Ageing Options
Most well-known skincare lines are based on collections of similar ingredients known to support healthy collagen production, promote the creation of new cells and help skin retain moisture. Retinoids, vitamin A derivatives usually listed as “retinol” on over-the-counter products, are one of the most popular along with alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids.[] A stabilised form of vitamin C known asL-ascorbic acid adds more collagen-boosting power to your beauty regimen.

Basic daily skincare is also essential to prevent damage due to daily sun exposure and encounters with environmental chemicals. Wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30 whenever you leave the house, and wash your face thoroughly morning and night with a gentle cleanser designed to remove makeup and strip away any other residue that may build up during the day. An exfoliating scrub with small, gentle beads is beneficial for removing dead cells that can make skin look dull and aged.

Natural Ingredients to Make Years Disappear
Going natural with body care minimises the risks that may be associated with long-term use of products containing chemicals and synthetic ingredients. In fact, many natural options include the same beneficial compounds found in some of the top beauty care brands. Look for:

• GLA, a moisturising omega-6 fat found in apricot kernel and evening primrose oils
• Coconut oil to combat free radical damage
• Anti-inflammatory olive oil
• Astringent geranium oil
• Rosehip seed oil to deliver natural retinol
• Combinations of vitamin A and vitamin E to rejuvenate skin and support cell health
• Niacin to stabilise the skin barrier and increase moisture production

Eat Yourself Young
Subsisting on a diet of highly processed foods introduces damaging substances to your body while robbing it of the nutrients necessary to maintain optimal health. This damage accelerates the ageing process, especially when it comes to added sugar. Processed sugars attach to proteins in the body, forming compounds that interfere with healthy cell function. Switching to an eating plan that includes plenty of colourful vegetables and fruits, unrefined grains, clean proteins and healthy fats replenishes nutrients and begins to put a stop to or even reverse past damage.

Some foods pack more of a nutrient “punch” than others when it comes to fighting the ageing process:

• Berries provide high levels of antioxidants
Whole grains stabilise blood sugar levels
• Leafy greens include a wide range of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients
• Nuts contain many anti-inflammatory compounds

You can reap the benefits of an anti-ageing regimen that includes these components at any stage of life. The damage that undermines a youthful glow can begin early on, so taking proactive measures is the smartest way to stay looking young and feeling great.