halalWhen discussing Islamic most popular food one cannot fail to bring up the word Halal and Haram. Halal food is often used in reference to food and drinks that are permissible to Muslims according to Sharia law while Haram refers to food that is forbidden in Islam. According to the Islam culture, Muslims eat all kinds of food except:

  • Swine/ pork
  • Animals not properly slaughtered in accordance to Islamic method
  • Carnivorous animals and birds of prey
  • Blood and any by-product
  • Alcoholic drinks and intoxicants

halal food logo
Globally among all Muslims, they have a Halal certification that means the food has been subjected to approve certification systems that guarantee to consumers that the food they are purchasing has no forbidden components. According to Islam culture, a true Muslim is the one who loves what his creator Allah Almighty loves and hates what his creator hates. Similarly, it means a true Muslim loves what Prophet Muhammad loved and vice versa. Prophet Muhammad had his favorite foods that he believed had benefits to the body. They include:

  • Barley- Prophet Muhammad believed it was good in fever.
  • Dates- he said they should be eaten at the time of childbirth. Helps in increasing blood and weight.
  • Figs- fruits from Paradise and cure piles
  • Grapes- the prophet believed they purified the blood, provide vigor and health and also strengthen kidneys.
  • Honey- it was recommended the best for diarrhea when mixed in hot water. It was used for creating an appetite, eliminating phlegm, as a meat preservative and strengthening the stomach.
  • Milk- the prophet said that milk wipes away heat from the heart. Used for strengthening the back, improve the brain and drive away forgetfulness.
  • Olive oil- used for treating the skin and hair, delay old age and treat inflammation of the stomach.
  • Mushroom- the prophet believed that mushroom is a good cure for eyes and also serves as a form of birth control.

It’s an obligation of every Muslim to follow the Sharia laws which clearly states the forbidden and non-forbidden foods. In mid-2012, Adam came up with Halal Food Blog, which talks about different Halal foods and how to prepare them. They have garnered a lot of popularity over the years.


Get Younger-Looking Lips in Just Two Steps

Scales and flakes may form on your lips anytime these delicate tissues are exposed to the elements. They can make your lips appear old. However, there is a simple, two-step beauty technique that can make your lips appear full and soft. This technique works if you carefully outline your lips with a pencil before applying lipstick. The end result is young-looking lips that are vivacious and expressive. The best part of this process is that it only requires two simple steps.


1. Eliminate obvious wrinkles by using a lip scrub.

Lip scrubbing products are effective at removing flakes from your lips. This is a common problem during the winter months, and flakiness can also occur during the dry season as well. You can purchase lip scrubs at the market, or you can make them at home. One simple formula combines baking soda with honey and olive oil. After mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with a teaspoon of honey, you can apply it to your lips after washing them with water. Apply olive oil to the lips before gently exfoliating the dead skin with the mixture.


Recipes for lip scrubbing solutions can be quickly created to find the right treatment for your needs. You can experiment with different ingredients including peppermint oil, sugar and high-quality honey. After you apply the lip scrubbing product, you can enjoy the benefits of younger-looking lips within a short period of time. The exfoliating properties will improve local circulation, which reduces the appearance of flakes and scales. After you apply the scrubbing solution, you will need to moisturize your lips.


2. Carefully outline your lips with a pencil.

Outlining your lips can require some patience, but it gets a little easier with practice. Start the process by applying a small amount of moisturizer or lip balm. This will help you draw smooth lines around the edges. Make sure your pencil is sharp, and begin drawing at the center fold of the top lip. Make sure that you stay on the outside of the real lip line to increase the appearance of fullness.


Next, go to the corners of the top lip, and draw towards the center point. When you are ready to connect these lines, make sure to slightly lift the skin to make a clean line. You can pull your lips in slightly if you need a little more tension. Repeat this process with the bottom lip. Once you are happy with the lining, just fill in the lips with a lipstick or gloss of a similar shade. Blot the entire area lightly with a cloth to create a balanced look.


Young Lips in Two Steps

Removing these flakes and scales can improve your appearance. Fortunately, this is easy and simple to do. You can take advantage of this information to look your best even during the coldest and driest months of the year. When you begin to notice flakes or dryness on your lips, you know that it is a good time to try out this simple two-step solution.



Why Laser Facial Treatments Aren’t for Everyone

CO2 laser treatment

Fractional CO2 laser treatment is one of the most advanced and excellent technology that is used for restoring mysteriously appealing youthful skin. Like all other countries, Malaysia is also offering fractional laser treatment therapy to its citizens. Dr. Chen Tai Ho provides effective fractional laser therapy at his aesthetic clinic in KL, along with other medical aesthetic treatments. He lets us in on some reasons why laser facial treatments aren’t for everyone. You may find a number of aesthetic doctors in KL, but not all of them will acknowledge you whether this fractional CO2 laser treatment is beneficial or hazardous to your skin. Dr. Chen Tai Ho guides as to whether this laser facial treatment procedure is suitable for the individual or not.
No doubt in this modern world of fashion and technology everybody wants to look young and beautiful, however it is not necessarily important that everybody will get the fruitful results from fractional Co2 resurfacing laser treatment. There is some of the pre-procedural diagnosis, which Dr. Chen makes before his therapy:

  • Although facial laser resurfacing is an excellent treatment as it helps in regaining youth’s charming and healthyafter fractional co2 laser treatment by doctor chen skin by removing all the fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, sunburns, spots, acne etc. but on the other hand it also causes many serious side effects to the patients having sensitive skin. One of the most common side effects of this therapy is hypo-pigmentation after several therapies.
  • Moreover, this therapy can cause excessive damage to older patients having oily skin and to the patients having heavy coated sebum in their skin tissues. An applicant might suffer from swelling due to the deep rooted sebum. The swelling ooze out of the pores and thus gives the skin an abnormally large otherwise ugly appearance.
  • Some people have poor wound healing systems, while some also have issues of hypertrophy scarring, but they still undergo fractional laser therapy and thus put themselves in a mighty trouble. They should keep in mind that this fractional laser therapy is not innovated to be used among all the people in the situation of all the types.


Dr. Chen also offers post-operative diagnosis in his premier clinics.

  •  One of the treatments is the Fractional CO2 laser in Malaysia offered by Dr. Chen. The treatment Fractional CO2 laser is somewhat more hazardous for the patients having a weak immune system because of the environmental factors. After the laser therapy, skin becomes more vulnerable to microorganisms attack. Once fungi, bacteria, virus make their residence on your skin, it will become difficult for you to remove them, thus people with weak immune system should avoid this therapy in order to remain away from such fatal infectious microorganisms.

fractional co2 laser treatment by doctor chen

Hopefully, all these points might have cleared the misconception of commonly utilized fraction CO2 facial laser therapy treatment.


Holiday Home Decorating Tips for Large Families

Simple elegance can define a home with large family. There are many variables that can affect the pace of your holiday celebration. Begin this creative phase by following the simple tips below.

Spark up your table – Because in a large family the focus of the holiday is on the big meal, decorate the dining table with things like runners, themed napkins, plates and items meant for the holidays. These elements can be striking especially on a wood table purchased from our furniture store.

1. Create a focal point

Replacing your old couch with a new L-shape sofa set can make a beautiful addition to your living or family room. Once you have determined the size and style that suits your home personality, you can begin to take the steps that will pull the entire room together for the holidays. Remember, using a particular color as a guideline is helpful but listen to the overall decor.

2. Scent the airscented-candles-from-furniture-storepng

Scented oils and candles can not only cast a holiday glow but make family members and guests feel fresh, even if the space is crowded. As the whole room fills with the fresh scent, you and your family can enjoy and relax in the holiday mood.




3. Light the rooms

Artificial lights can be the easiest way to set the atmosphere of the entire house for the holidays. With one switch, the whole house can go from a bright and busy hub for activities to softly lit setting for a quite dinner. In addition, the right light can make the meal look and taste exquisite as well. Performing tasks during holidays that otherwise feel like drudgery seems easier in the right amount of light. While accent lights draw attention to an object in the room, decorative lights meant for holidays can draw attention to itself. These lights come in the form of candles, candelabra or any other type that is deliberate and contrived. Its sole purpose is to grab the attention. It can be very functional when more people are around. By capturing eyes, these lights also forces the focus away from everything else.

dining table from furniture store

4. Other tips

There is practically endless number of ideas to make a large family house look special in times of holidays. These ideas have proved to be a family’s dream as they have become more varied and eclectic. From nostalgic reproductions to modern-life inspired designs and styles, the ideas for holidays can suit any look and take any form. The copious selection of furniture at our store offers a lot of excitement as well. Look for everything in our brochure from wood furniture to light fixtures. There are also vintage designed furniture to suit your lifestyle, needs and budget. For added interest, ask our experts. Whatever you choose, stick to your taste, family size and style that is compatible with other elements of holiday decoration in the house. Anywhere the family engages in activities deserve good environment. Buying the right products to make it happen is the key to success.


How to Keep Your Health and Safety in Mind When Cycling

Cycling is one of life’s liberating experience, that can invigorate people of any age. One doesn’t have to be a sports enthusiast to enjoy this very active pass time.
Whether cycling recreationally or to work, bicycles are an easy way to stay more active. It is easy to get started with cycling, although a few pieces of information and advice can be inspirational in terms of sticking to a new cycle friendly lifestyle.

Health Benefits

Regular cycling has been found in many studies to lessen risk of illness. Stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease are among some of the conditions that can be helped if not completely prevented by active cycling. This is thought to be because of cycling’s ability to increase circulation, therefore reducing weight, and increasing endorphins, which leads to an overall mood boost.

Health Concerns

Cycling should be a fun and effective way to stay fit and travel conveniently. We can all save a few dollars at the gas pump by substituting a few short trips with a bike ride. However, if pre-existing health concerns are a concern, it is best to check with a doctor regarding possible distance limitations. An existing heart problem, for example, may make travelling in high heats over long distances unadvisable. The very basic rules of the road are:

• Start cycling in a safe environment
• Make sure you seen at night and during the day (especially in high traffic)
• Wear a helmet
• Get repairs on broken bike parts
• Pay attention to the road
• Always heed the rules of the road

Keep it Casual but Safe

Most are safe taking short journeys. Starting off, it isn’t necessary to get an expensive bicycle. After cycling ability has increased, it is o.k. to look into getting a bike that fits a certain criteria. A special type of cycling jersey in Malaysia is available for cyclers who are interested in biking after work in the night time. One may find that they are wanting to do off-terrain biking or join a cycling group that travels long distances at high speeds. Although these are nice ideals to aim for, they shouldn’t necessarily be thought of as mandatory for a beginner cyclist. It will also be good to get cycling accessories like a cycling jersey in case you will not want to wear normal clothing while biking.

cycling and mountain biking

Equipment Specs

This isn’t to say that equipment doesn’t matter! Buying a second-hand bike requires some caution. One must check the brakes, chains, and other specialty attachments that are necessary for smooth operation of the bike. If parts of the bike seem faulty, or liable to break, consider having it serviced at a bike shop that knows how to fix up older bikes. Even bikes that have been bought new can still require maintenance after a certain period of use. After six months it may be advisable to get bikes checked out just for safety’s sake.

mountain bike shoes

New Bike Purchase

New bikes also require some diligence. It can feel as if there are many models on the market. Hybrids, mountain bikes, and road bikes are examples of popular bike types that are good for any level of cyclist. For those wanting to buy from a specialist bike shop, it will be important to communicate budget and the type of cycling that will be done. Some of the smaller bike shops can be a bit pricey, and some only sell a particular type of bike. Sometimes it is best to call ahead to confirm that the type of bike you are looking for is located in a specific shop.



permanent hair removal


Manscaping is the word derived from “man” and “landscape” and it is defined as grooming of a man by removing unwanted hairs to grant him an attractively mannish appearance. There are a number of methods, including shaving, waxing, trimming, tweezing, sugaring, electrolysis, but all of these do not provide permanent exemption and you have to attempt them again and again for restoring your good looks, which is quite tiresome. All men want a reliable and long lasting technique and that can be achieved from laser hair removal. This is one of the most advance techniques available by which you can easily get rid of your body hairs for a long period of time.

In the past, 19th century man with body hairs was characterized as most attractive and virile one. Long beards and moustaches were considered as man’s identity and personifies as an epitome of elegance and beauty, but with the passing time we can see a gradual change of this consideration. Now, man with plucked eyebrows, clean shaved and devoid of all body hairs is considered as man of attractive masculinity and hairy man is frowned upon, and for avoidance of this situation permanent removal of hair is quite necessary nowadays. Laser technique is the most convenient and reliable means of removing your body hairs. This technique requires laser of certain wavelength enough to destroy hair follicles, thus offer you a complete and permanent removal of hair therapy.


It is not only necessary to grant a man an impressive personality, but also saves a man from unhygienic troubles. Body hairs cause tremendous and rapid growth of bacteria which not only generate bad body odour, but also built a house for various infections. Laser treatment along with permanent removal of hair also offers permanent disengagement of bacterial growth.

permanent hair removal model Another reason that can increase a vote for permanent removal of hair for men is religious norms. Almost all the religions of this planet earth advocate removal of hair for both men and women, particularly for the reason of cleaning and purifying human body. Though, permanent removal of hair is not a hard and fast rule, but you can use it for your ease. Laser treatment or try out permanent hair removal by other means also provides the user a beautifully appealing visualization of his musculature body, that’s why it is most famous among athletes, cyclist, swimmers, wrestlers and models. It provides them aesthetically shimmering appearance and a competitive edge in their fields.

If you want a permanent hair removal it might take the slight complexity as everything cannot be achieved by simple means. Laser hair removal also takes several treatments or sessions for the best results. Moreover, many people are afraid of taking laser treatment due to its mild side effects. But, they should keep in mind that it is more necessary to have a permanent classy appearance instead of hesitating just because of mild symptoms which rarely occur due to laser treatment.

model support permanent hair removal
Summarizing by objective I would like to repeat that permanent removal of hair one of the most prominent need of manscaping is indeed a necessity of man in today’s world and every man should go for it for exempting themselves from monotonous routines of shaving, waxing etc. in order to look impressively charming.


There is a world of Dangerous Dust in Your Home

What Is Dust

Everyone know what the word dust means. Dust is, however, a complex, multifaceted object. Ask your family members to give an example of what constitutes dust. There are many, from the most common, road particles thrust into the air by passing vehicles, to the most obscure being dust particles from meteorites. Fires bring ash particles into the home, tree and plant spores invade our homes, fabrics and papers deteriorate and produce dust. Dust mites are actually living organisms floating about the house and leaving waste products that all living organisms produce naturally. Dead skin flakes off our bodies and produces another type of dust. Ugh!

effective dust collector

How To Effectively Remove Dust In Your Home

Frequent use of cleaning equipment can control dust in the home but the cleaning must eliminate dust and not add to the problem. A good example of this is the use of a feather duster. The use of the feather duster temporarily cleans a object but only moves the dust from one place to another. Dust on the floor, if not removed, is reintroduced into the air we breathe by animals and humans walking over the surface of the floor. Sweeping if not done correctly only adds to the problem. A vacuum cleaner with a proper EPA approved filter is a better example of effective cleaning equipment used inside the home. It not only cleans, but it traps the dust particles, eliminating them from the air we breathe. Microfiber cleaning cloths, unlike the feather duster, are an effective dust collector. These cloths clean and, like the vacuum, trap the dust particles for complete removal from the air in our homes.

A Machine For The Effective Removal Of Dust In The Home

There is one machine which is an effective dust collector, it cleans the air in our homes, reduces illness and allergies and adds to the quality of our lives. It is the electric air purifier. It cleans the air around us trapping dust particles within its filtration system for complete removal from our environment. This cleaning machine should be in every habitable room in our homes. Use them in bedrooms and living and dining rooms. Start with a single unit and you’ll soon own more.

Rules For A Dust Free Home

It may be impossible to completely eliminate dust in the home. But you can try by vacuuming floors, rugs and furniture. Use microfiber cleaning cloths for all dusting jobs. Take any small area rug or upholstered furniture item outside and beat it to remove dust. Wash down walls several times each year, brush you pets outside, remove unnecessary items that only collect dust and, finally, buy an air purifier. Your lungs will thank you for it.

Safety Tips to be Follow in Any Office


In every working environment, there would be some components that will cause danger to the workers in some way. The workers may suffer accidents or get disease and many more circumstances. The accidents and injuries can be avoided when there are guidelines that are outlined by the management. Below are some of the crucial office safety tips that need to be followed.

Proper arrangement and organization 

This can apply to office furniture, equipment and also the belongings of the workers in that office. Seeking advice from an internal designer concerning the arrangement of the office furniture will not only improve the way it will appear but it will as well facilitate better and safer traffic within the office.

Cabinets need to be installed and lockers may be provided as required. It is important to group tools and materials according to use and kept in proper locations with favorable conditions. In an office table, the items that are being used are supposed to be present. The items that are not necessary at the moment should be kept in the available compartments.

Fire safety 

There are fire safety rule that all premises need to follow. You are supposed to check what rules are necessary for your region for your anticipated adherence. Normally, these rules will comprise fire decam, the availability of appropriately positioned and sufficiently, numbered fire exit the availability of fire extinguishers and sprinklers.

Electrical safety 

The administration is supposed to have the ability to offer a workplace where electrical materials can be plugged into suitable sockets. Overloading or illegal connections should be avoided at whatever cost, and also there should adaptors and voltage regulators available. Inspection of electrical wiring should be done frequently to avoid tears or frays and it is important to hire a licensed electrician whose sole duty of repairing, maintaining and monitoring electrical connections.

Personal safety 

For personal workers, these personal safety guidelines are supposed to be kept in mind. The utilization of protecting equipment should be requisite by the management. It is vital for this equipment to be adequately offered by the managers to the workers who need to use them. Employees who deal with sensitive chemicals need to put on special attires. For instance, the gowns that they should be wearing need to be fire resistant and they should be capable of guarding the skin from acidic chemicals that may harmful. Caps, masks, goggles, shoes and gloves and all equipment should be easily accessible to the employees who need to wear them to defend themselves from possible harms and accidents.

Safe premises and environment 

Apart from fire and electrical safety, management of an office must make sure that other features in the office environment are safe for their employees. There should be sufficient cautions or alarms and guarding services when there is a requirement for them. Employees should as well be protected from surfaces that are not safe, and the premises itself should not pose any danger to workers. It should have the ability withstand earthquakes if it is appropriately built.