Fifa 16: Ultimate Cheat Sheet

FIFA16 CoverWith the newest update to the “Fifa” franchise comes a new swell of changes to the core gameplay. Gone are the days you could loft a ball to bypass the middle of the park; say hello to a new game that lends itself well to patience and intelligent movement. Most SEA gamers are finding themselves having to rebuild their gameplay from the ground up, so I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of tips to help you do just that:

Mix up your passing: The game’s improved AI now works harder to maintain it’s position, so less-predictable passing will be required to get your opponent out of position. Rapid combinations of quick, short passes no longer cut it.


Play the wings: With more in-depth defending, middle-of-the-pitch play requires large amounts of patience and finesse. You’re much better off playing the wings if you enjoy faster paced, spread-out gameplay.


Apply pressure intelligently: Deciding who to use when applying pressure is now more important than ever. For example, if your opponent is making a run up the wing, your instinct may be to throw your defender on the case, but this could be a mistake. Moving your defender creates space for you opponent that you can’t afford. You’d be better off leaving the defender to hold his position, and sending in a midfielder to apply the pressure.


Don’t be afraid to get stuck in: Using the manual tackle button is a bit more nuanced in Fifa 16. If you’re close enough, using a midfielder against an attacking opponent should be easy work. Steadily tapping the button will help you achieve your results while avoiding a foul.


Skill moves are more difficult: No longer can you just wiggle the trick stick and expect to get through your opponents defenses. It takes a bit more skill, but if you know what your doing and you use the right crowd-pleasing trick at the right time you’ll be sure to leave your opponents in the dust.


Chemistry matters: When curating your Fifa 16 ultimate team, chemistry amongst your players is now the most important element. It may be tempting to choose the most celebrated player, but you’d be much better off picking players who play together in real life or who share a nationality. This will improve your team’s overall skill on the field and give you a leg up on the competition.



EA has made a lot of interesting updates to Fifa 16 and the quickest way to master all of the nuances is to just play the game, but put in the effort to incorporate these tips into your gameplay and you will undoubtedly impress your friends with your unexpected skill. Good luck.

Read Before You Buy: Signs a Rolex Watch is Fake

Have you ever wondered if real Rolex watches in Malaysia actually exist? Well, there are some sure-fire ways in which you can tell the real ones from the fakes. While these differences aren’t always obvious, there are some things you can check out.


#1. Look for Major Flaws

Always keep your eyes open for major flaws, such as:

real Rolex watches in Malaysia * A telltale ticking, not a rapid one, is found within the real watches.

* Make sure the second-hand isn’t perfectly smooth. It should have a speed of 8 tiny movements per second.

* Look for a small dial or window on the right side of the watch’s face that shows the date. Real Rolex watches magnify this to 2.5x. While looking at this, also loosen the watch’s stem and roll back the hands to change the date. This will happen at the 6 position if it’s real.

* Make sure it doesn’t have a clear back and it isn’t too lightweight because real metal and crystal are hefty.

#2. Look for Minor Imperfections

If you manage not to find any major flaws, keep looking because minor imperfections may exist. These typically consist of:

* Check out the serial number. This is found between the “lugs” at the 6:00 position. This lettering is perfect and precise on a real watch. Also make sure Rolex’s crown logo is etched there. It shouldn’t be big enough to see with your naked eye.

* Make sure there’s an etched inscription inside the rim on the dial. This is present on all the watches within the Oyster series, but not in the Cellini series. The dial itself should also have perfectly precise lettering. Make sure there’s no misspelling either.

#3. Look at the Seller’s Authenticity

Even if you haven’t caught on to any imperfections yet, it’s still important to take the seller’s authenticity into consideration. Some things to think about here are:

* Sub-par packaging

* Don’t buy Rolex watches anywhere but from a reputable jeweler. If you do buy one from a pawn shop, make sure they’ve taken efforts to ensure the watch is genuine.\

* Never expect to buy a real watch at a really cheap price.

When all else fails, have an experienced jeweler look at it. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to tell a real watch from a fake one. This is when a jeweler will help.

Those Really Bad Hangovers? There is a Certain Type of Alcohol That Causes It

Anyone who has ever woken up after a night of drinking with a crippling hangover, they might have wondered why they are cursed. In some cases, the hungover person might have had more than a few drinks with friends, and those friends are not hungover. What a person drinks has an impact on how they will feel the next day. While drinking on an empty stomach and being dehydrated can influence the level of drunkenness, it often comes down to the type of alcohol that is consumed.


Hangover Cure


During the fermentation process, there are many substances that are created in alcoholic beverages. These substances are called congeners. They are what gives distilled alcohol its flavor and smell. Congeners have acetone, esters and acetaldehyde in them. It’s thought that acetaldehyde is what contributes the most to the severity of the hangover the next day. Basically, congeners are the impurities in the process of making alcohol. If there are less congeners, there’s less of a hangover the next day.


Rum vs. Vodka
The congeners in whiskey are higher than the congeners in vodka, which is why whiskey has a dark brown color. That dark brown color means there are more impurities in the alcohol. With rum, there will be more sugar than in an alcohol like vodka. Sugar contributes to the level of hangover too. In some cases, people might immediately notice a slight headache while drinking alcohol with sugar in it. The darker the alcohol, the more likely it is to give the drinker a hangover the next day.

Clear/Light Liquors
• Vodka
• White Wine
• Gin
• Beer

Dark Liquors
• Whiskey
• Rum
• Red Wine
• Brandy


The Scientific Hangover Cure


Expensive Liquor

It’s thought that if a person drinks more expensive alcoholic, they’ll be less likely to develop a hangover. While that may differ from person to person, there might be some validity to that assumption. Expensive alcohol goes through a more in-depth distilling process, which can weed out more of the impurities developed during the fermentation process.

While it can help to avoid alcohol with high levels of congeners, it might be more beneficial to avoid dark liquors while taking other precautions too. Eating a satisfying meal before a night of drinking can help. If the drinker ends up with a hangover anyway, check out these hangover cures.

How The Harsh Environment Can Age Your Skin

You may have never given much thought to how the environment impacts your skin. In fact, environmental factors of all kinds can speed up the ageing process and make you look older than you really are. When you want to protect your face, neck, hands, and body and look your best at all times, you can begin by learning the different ways in which the harsh environment can age your skin.



You may already be aware that certain environmental factors can cause you to develop dry skin. High winds, intense sun, and a lack of humidity in the air can cause your skin to quickly dry out and suffer damage from the environment.

When you regularly suffer from dry skin, you risk skin damages like:

  • Wrinkles
  • Cracking
  • Bleeding
  • Peeling

This damage can make your skin look older than what it really is and also age your appearance.



Tanning and Burning

Windy weather conditions and intense sunlight can also damage your skin and cause you to look aged. The damage left behind by these environmental factors includes tanned or burned skin.

Tanning or burning is an outward sign that your skin has suffered a trauma and need prompt body and face care. If you delay treating it with products like cleansing oil or lotions that can remove infection and minimize the damage, you may be left with rough, leathery skin that makes you look older.



Build-up from Pollution

With the air in all parts of the world becoming more polluted, it can be difficult to escape the damages that smoke, fumes, and chemicals in the air can wreak on your skin. After spending a day in such an environment, your skin may become oily, dirty, and pocked with a rash.


It is essential that you clean your skin as quickly as possible to eliminate the pollution from your face, neck, hands, and the rest of your body. If you allow such debris to remain on your skin, you contribute to the ageing process that this environmental factor can invite.


Proper Skin Care to Combat Environmental Damages

You cannot hide in your home and avoid going out in the environment at all. Rather than fear the havoc that environmental factors can have on your skin, you can take proactive steps every day to keep your skin supple and young.

First, you should practice proper skin and face care by washing your hands, neck, and face at least once, if not twice a day. Along with using a mild soap and warm water, you should also keep your face clean with products like cleansing oil to remove embedded dirt in your skin.


You should then remember to protect your skin when you do leave home by wearing a hat and also by wearing sunscreen to safeguard against wind and the sun. These simple proactive steps can go a long way in preventing your skin from looking older than its natural age.

The environment can greatly damage your skin. You can fight these damages by practising proper skin care.

Smart Career Advice For Law Students

Students going to law school in Malaysia, or anywhere else in the world should appreciate the unique opportunity that law school provides students. Law school provides an array of course study which provides a number of different career options for law students. Many do not realize that law school provides a number of elective law courses in the student’s second and third year of law school which enables the student to focus on a specific area of law or aspect of business if the student decided that he or she would like to pursue a non traditional legal option.



The first advice law students should understand is despite their desire for a specialty in law school for their legal career, there are a number of courses that they should take which would be beneficial regardless of what their chosen career path is. For example, beginning and advance courses on contracts and contract drafting would help one in a legal, business or general life setting. The ability to read and interpret contracts is invaluable in like and is needed regardless of the vocation of the individual. In business, the ability to understand the meaning of contracts can mean considerable sums of money as well as shifting liabilities.


Law students should also take classes on trusts and estates. The ability to understand the concepts of estate planning and building and maintaing wealth is rarely taught in the educational system. Only specialized courses on the subject is offered and for considerable price. Estate planning enables one to build an economic future for their family and their family’s family. The terminology and the application of law in estate matters are primarily used by a select few attorneys that specialize in the area. The ability to manage business and non profits is directly tied to the understanding of estate and trust matters.


The ability to understand the concepts of estate planning and building and maintaing wealth is rarely taught in the educational system.


Individuals that are seeking a career in politics or social services areas can also benefit from courses on public policy and legislative drafting. It is not an accident that the vast majority of members of legislative bodies such as the United States Congress or Great Britain Parliament are attorneys. Attorneys have a deep understanding of how to draft and use words. They also are taught the importance of legislative history which enables them to better predict the effect of the implementation of certain laws. This is also why the vast majority of the members of state and federal judiciaries are attorneys.


Individuals that are seeking a career in politics or social services areas can also benefit from courses on public policy and legislative drafting.


Law students should understand that the law courses provided them in law school is only a primer for their chosen career. It does not matter whether the law student intends of becoming a practicing attorney or not. New attorneys are taught what they need to know in the practice of law. new attorneys quickly realize that law school and the law school course curriculum was only a preparatory phase for their real legal education. Unlike medicine, a law student can not specialize early in their legal vocation. They should experiment with as many courses as they like while they have the chance.

24 Hours in Taiping

Over 200 years ago, before there was anything in Taiping, a man named Long Jaafar hopped on his elephant and went exploring. According to legend, during that fateful trip, Long happened upon a then precious metal, tin. In short order, people heard about the discovery and flocked to the area. Eventually, the region became known as Taiping – meaning “great peace.” And though Taiping has seen its fair share of heartache during the 19th and 20th centuries, today, it is a nature haven that is quickly becoming a hit with travellers from around the world.

Twenty-four hours in Taiping could be the rejuvenating mini break you’ve been craving.


Morning in Taiping, Perak

Rise and shine! You’ve got 24 hours in Taiping, Malaysia – so you’d better wake with the birds. Hopefully, you’ve made arraignments to rent a bicycle for the day. You’ll probably want to grab some rain gear before heading out the door; after all, Taiping enjoys the distinction of being the “wettest” town on the Malaysian Peninsula.
But don’t fret about the rain, because it translates into some of the most stunning natural floral displays in the world.

Antong Coffee

What is the best way to start your 24 hours in Taiping? Head “downtown” and find a place to indulge in a cup – or two – of antong coffee – a much-loved local beverage. Once you’re sufficiently caffeinated, take a walk through the town centre to experience the hustle and bustle of Taiping. Perhaps peruse Butik Bollywood on Barrack Road, one of the more popular fashion stores in the area.

Lake Garden

After soaking in town life for an hour, it’s time to indulge in the tranquillity Taiping has to offer at the famous Lake Gardens, which have been stunning visitors since 1880. Ancient water trees provide a picturesque background – and ample photo opportunities.


Afternoon in Taiping, Perak

After the serenity of the Lake Gardens, perhaps make your way to the Perak Museum, one of the oldest art centres in Malaysia.

Bukit Larut

If you’re more the outdoors type, spend the afternoon in Bukit Larut – a.k.a., Maxwell Hill. Situated approximately 1200 meters above sea level, Bukit Larut is a nature oasis. A favourite spot for jungle treks and bird watching, the hill resort is relatively unspoiled by modern construction and still features British bungalows and English gardens from the days of colonization. But be warned: you need a permit to bring your own vehicle.


Evening in Taiping, Perak

It’s dinner time! There are plenty of local eateries to choose from, but one of the most popular amongst tourists is a place called Jia Ti Dao – a vegetarian establishment that consistently earns rave reviews on travel review websites. After dinner, walk off your meal at the beautifully manicured Taiping War Cemetery.

Taiping War Cemetery


Night in Taiping, Perak

To top of your 24 hours in Taiping, be sure to book reservations at the Taiping Zoo’s night safari! It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you’re sure to see some exotic animals.

Taiping Zoo’s night safari

If you find yourself around the Malaysian peninsula, a “balik kampuna” —which is Malaysian for “return to the village” — is a must. So book a hotel in Taiping, and get exploring!

4 Ways to Treat Dark Spots on the Face

Your skin changes over time, and as you get older, you may notice that your complexion becomes blotchier. Dark spots on the face might appear, and they’ll be difficult to clear up.


dark sot


Why Do Dark Spots Appear on the Face?

Dark spots on the face may be the result of a number of things. In some cases, certain skin medications or even oral medications may be causing skin pigmentation.

In other cases, it could be the result of the harsh UV rays of the sun. Over time and as you age, sun damage you went through when you were younger will appear as sun and age spots. Finally, many people have dark spots on their skin from past acne scars or scars from other cuts or scrapes.


How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on the Skin

There are several key ways to get rid of dark spots on the skin. Some of the simplest remedies will work for certain people while others will need to find more invasive treatment methods.


Lemon Juice


1. Lemon Juice

One of the best home remedies for dark spots is lemon juice. The juice from lemons is nature’s own bleaching remedy. Try using lemon juice by rubbing the cut side of a freshly sliced lemon on the dark spots you have. Do this twice per day without rinsing.

2. Onion Juice

This sounds pretty crazy, right? Who wants to put onion juice on their skin? The truth of the matter is that onion juice is great at getting rid of dark spots. Many of the best-selling anti-scar creams and serums employ the use of onion juice. To use this method of treatment, rub the cut side of an onion on your dark spots twice per day. Leave the juice on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing.


How To Remove Black Spots From Face


3. Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Many treatments are on the market to help you get rid of dark spots. These are often done in beauty or medical spas. Certain laser treatments target the dark areas directly and break up the discoloration to reveal new, naturally colored skin. Other treatments such as skin peels take away the dead, top layers of skin to reveal the healthier layers underneath. Some of these treatments may cost a little bit more than usual, but they tend to be the most effective defense against dark spots.
4. Concealer Makeup

Sometimes you just don’t want to rub onion juice on your skin or don’t have enough cash at the moment for a professional skin pigmentation treatment. In either case, concealer makeup will come to your rescue. Concealer comes in a number of forms, including cream, stick, liquid and powder. Choose a concealer that is slightly lighter than your natural skin color and apply it directly to the dark spots on your skin after using a makeup primer. Blend the concealer in well before applying your foundation or a setting powder.

Try all of these remedies to get rid of those pesky dark spots on your skin!