Understanding Pigmentation Disorders: Disorders and Diagnosis

The color of your skin is determined by melanin, a pigment that is made by melanocytes (special cells in your skin). The type and amount of melanin you have will determine your skin color. The following article will discuss melanin and skin pigment disorders.


What is the role of melanin?

Melanin provides color to your hair, iris and skin. The level of melanin you have depends on your race and how much you are exposed to the sun. Hormonal changes also affect the production of melanin.


Skin Pigmentation Disorders





• Albinism: This is a rare and inherited disorder characterized by partial or total lack of melanin in your skin compared to your parents or siblings. Albinos have pale skin, pink eyes and white hair. Albinism has no cure. However, albinos are advised to stay away from the sun.


• Melasma: Symmetric dark brown patches on your face. This is known as the mask of pregnancy for patients who are expectant. Sun exposure, contraceptive pills and hormones are the main causes of melasma. The best treatment for melasma is to avoid too much exposure to the sun and wear sun screen. Other treatments include laser treatment, chemical peels and prescription creams to make the patches lighter.


Pigment Loss



• Pigment Loss: Sometimes after a person has had ulcers, a burn, blister or skin infection, the skin is unable to replace the pigment in the affected area. Cosmetics can be used to disguise the blemish.


• Vitiligo: These are smooth, white patches that appear on the skin. Vitiligo occurs when your skin loses the cells responsible for your pigment. These patches are sensitive to sunlight. Vitiligo has no cure. Skin pigmentation treatment nowadays includes light sensitive drugs, long lasting dyes, corticosteroid creams, depigmentation and ultra violet light therapy.
• Hyper Pigmentation: Some skin conditions lead to localized or generalized hyper pigmentation. Hyper pigmentation increases the color of your skin. Generalized hyperpigmentation arises when the circulating melanocyte has a bronze hue. Localized hyperpigmentation is characterized by dark spots on face.
Main Causes of Pigmentation Disorders


Sometimes your body produces too much or too little melanin resulting in pigmentation disorders. These disorders make your skin either appear darker or lighter or may cause you to have discolored or blotchy skin. The main cause of pigmentation disorders are internal factors like pregnancy, hormones and endothelial cells. External factors like burning, exposure to certain chemicals and ultraviolet radiation. Dietary imbalances and stress may also lead to skin pigmentation disorders.


Since melanin is brought about by several oxidative reactions involving an amino acid called tyrosine. Inhibiting the action of tyrosinase can change or stop the production of melanin. Most depigmenting treatments target tyrosinase. However most of these treatments have side effects such as ochronosis (blue-back discoloration of skin tissues) and cancer. This is the reason most people opt for home remedies for treating common pigmentation conditions.


Pigmentation Disorders

How are Skin Pigmentation Disorders Diagnosed?

Doctors mainly diagnose these disorders by examining the patient’s medical history and through a physical examination. For conditions such as vitiligo, a diagnosis is conducted through a visual examination. For skin cancer, a biopsy is done to study how the skin looks like through a microscope. Other devices used for diagnosing skin pigmentation disorders include wood’s lamp and a black light test.

Traveller’s Guide to Malaysia Local Customs: How to Get Your Way Around Without Being Ignorant!

Malaysian Customs 

Malaysia is a wonderfully diverse country composed of three primary ethnic groups, all culturally blended as well as unique. An Islamic country, Malaysians are of Malay, Chinese or Indian heritage, or some combination thereof. The blend of cultures makes for a wide variety of customs, traditions, dress and foods. Bahasa Malayu is the native language of Malaysia, but English is widely spoken, particularly in the cities and resort areas. Chinese and Tamil are also spoken, but the common language for Malaysian people is English.

Some unique and delightful customs to be aware of when traveling in Malaysia:



Malaysia is an Islamic country although other religions, including Buddhism, Hindu and Christianity are practiced. Traditional dress for a Malaysian woman is called Baju Kurung, a long skirt with a long blouse over the top. Baju Karungs are typically made from colorful silk fabrics. Not all Malaysian women wear head coverings, known as Tudung; wearing a Tudung is a matter of personal preference. Shorts and skirts are appropriate, as long as they are not too revealing. Some restaurants do not allow shorts; some provide guests with a sorong garment to cover themselves in the restaurant. If visiting a mosque, cover your arms and legs and wear a head covering. Remove shoes when entering a mosque or temple, or a private home.

Baju Kurung




A handshake is an appropriate greeting in Malaysia, but some Muslims are not comfortable shaking the hand of someone of the opposite sex. In that case, they may simply nod and smile. A lovely Malaysian tradition is to pat one’s heart with the right hand after greeting someone. The right hand should always be used to shake someone’s hand or give something; the right hand should be used for eating as well.





Pointing directly at someone with a forefinger is considered very rude in Malaysia. If you need to point out something, use your right hand, with your thumb on top and your other fingers loosely folded under.

Hailing a Taxi 
Taxis are plentiful in Malaysia and the fare is regulated by the government. To hail a taxi in Malaysia, lift your arm in the air with your hand dropped, rather loose wristed. Waving with an open hand or pointing with a forefinger is not generally recognized and you may find yourself waiting for a taxi to stop for an extended period.




Qibla Indicating the Direction of Mecca 
Most rooms in hotels in Malaysia, have a Qibla, a directional arrow pointing to the west. This is an indicator for Muslim guests to know the direction to face for daily prayers. The Qibla is usually located on the ceiling, but may be in a bureau drawer. Call to prayer occurs five times a day.



Respect for Elders 
As a sign of respect, Malaysian parents teach their children to address all adults as “Auntie” or “Uncle”. The Bahasa words are “Cik” for Auntie and “Pak” for Uncle. Respect for elders is widely practiced; young Malaysian men are keen on giving up their seats on the train to older adults.

From the modern metropolitan of Kuala Lumpur to the coastal resorts to the mountain retreats, Malaysia offers a variety of landscapes, cultures and diverse activities to appeal to all levels of travelers, from economy to the most discriminating.

Halal Makeup: Certifications, Brand Info, and Makeup Products Halal Carries

What is Halal Makeup?

halal cosmetics

Describing a product as halal means the product is consumable by Muslim people. Most products are able to be used by Muslims. There are only a few things they cannot use as outlined by Islamic Law or Scripture. Naturally this means that halal makeup means the makeup may be used safely by Muslims.


What are the certifications of Halal cosmetics?

✓ All-Natural Ingredients

✓ Alcohol Free

✓ Animal Cruelty Free


These three things are required to certify a makeup is halal and by definition of Islam, safe for Muslims to use for their makeup applications.

halal makeup meaning


Not only Muslims can enjoy using products certified as halal though. Because the cosmetics have all natural ingredient lists and are animal cruelty free vegans, vegetarians, or people who are just plain old concerned about mistreatment of animals may also want to use the makeup. It’s also highly probable that halal products are more healthy for the skin since they only contain natural ingredients, so people who are concerned for their skin health would love the makeup too.


What kind of makeup products does Halal cosmetics carry?

Mineral Foundation ✿

Mineral Eyeshadow 

Lip Gloss ✿

Mineral Mascara ✿

Mineral Bronzer ✿

Eyebrow Powder ✿

Mineral Blush ✿

Liquid Foundation ✿

Pressed Eyeshadow ✿

Loose Eyeshadow ✿

Nail Polish 


All of the halal makeup lip colors are natural tones with only a few deeper red or brown shades thrown in. The eyeshadow colors available come in a variety of rainbow and neutral shades. The foundation, blush, and bronzer all stick to basic tones that most makeup companies sell. Dark blue, blue, and black nail polish colors are the only ones available from the makeup company. For more, see varieties of halal makeup available online here.


a makeup tutorial. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

4 Tips on How to Keep Your Garage Organized

In several homes, the garage among the most disorganized places. To some homeowners, arranging their garage is the most tedious work they usually decide to avoid. The fact is that the more you organize your garage, they will be more space for your stuff, and it saves time when searching for what you need. Here are some simple guidelines that can help you make your garage arranging system.


Always sort your garage items


Begin with arranging and sorting everything in the garage. You can request your family members to help you. After removing every item, you will be able to determine the number of your items, and this will help you find out on how you are going to arrange your things in the garage. You can separate every different type of equipment from sporting tools to the electrical equipment into appropriate categories. You must as well separate the items that are supposed to be in the garage from the items that are supposed to be stored in cellar or loft. Bear in mind that it is a good habit to reuse all the items that you want to throw away. You can arrange and sell them or give them to charity to Red Cross.

Sort out seasonal items and equipment.


As for the summer’s equipment, you are supposed to hoard them in another ESD boxes (see here) different from your winter tools.

For your grass maintenance equipment, you need to mount a particular shelf for them and make them easily reachable as you need them frequently. Tools used in winter sessions such as snow blowers, ice scrapers, snow spades, and snowboards are kept together. As for the summer’s equipment, you are supposed to hoard them in another ESD boxes (see here) different from your winter tools. Shelves and drawers should be mounted to store other sporting items.

Install more shelves and cabinets

Even as you arrange the equipment in the garage, you should think about adding more garage storeroom since it will assist you make your garage orderly. In essence, it is a good idea to store those items that you need more often for them to be easily reachable to you every moment you need them. It is recommended to fix the shelves and cabinets on the walls to have more space for your garage. There are several types of shelving such as free standing, floating, cabinet systems, hanging bin systems or hanging bike racks available that assist in maximizing storage space.

Create a working area


Many individuals prefer to have a small workshop in the garage. Putting a bench or table can serve as a suitable working area. Use a sturdy tool chest and pegboard to store your workshop equipment. Keep the items in a place that they can be readily available when you need them. Putting your trash and recycling basket close to the garage is equally important. That can be a good idea since you will without difficulty discard all things with no use that are consuming a lot of space in your garage.

When you first begin to arrange your garage, it will be hard for you, but once you are done, you will like it since you can find anything you want from your garage at ease.

Home Sorted! Garage Sorting Tips

Long Distance Cycling: Cycle Longer and Faster With These Tips

Even though long distance cycling is what every cyclist dreams about, it takes time of hard work and training to accomplish this safely. Here are some guidelines and ideas to assist cycle for a long distance without much effort.

bike meter counter


Build your fitness level

First and foremost you must work out and build your fitness level up for your road tour. Even if you can do it yourself, never should you start with a long ride. Begin by covering short distances and then steadily increase the length of your cycling.


cycling train stamina


For you to achieve best results it is recommended you cycle with Specialized brand bikes since they are made that you can ride without much struggle. Your training must still leave you with the energy to cycle the following day.


Your bike must be comfortable

It is vital to be familiar with the bicycle you are using, which again can only be achieved over time as you progressively increase the length of your ride. The way the bike behaves on short distance is not an indication that it will behave on the long distance cycling. It as well takes the time to get used to a saddle and get your most favorable seating position on a new bike.


Ensure you have proper equipment and clothing

cyclist equiptmentIt is good to buy a cycling jersey since it has rear pockets that allow you to carry stuff easily for your tour such as food you may need to eat while cycling. Helmets are crucial and never should you go cycling without them on. Fit and being comfortable on a bike is very essential. You can wear a regular sports shoe since they are fine when you have pedals that offer support to them. Cycling on a particular shoe can be much more comfortable as time goes by, especially when you cycle long distances.


Change of gears

If the distance you are covering is long, and it is along the mountains, you have to change the gears more often. Make it a necessity to lever to a lower gear when climbing a hill, even if you think you do not need to. Otherwise, you will be consuming a lot of energy cycling uphill and will not have enough power in your body left for the rest of the journey. Try as much as you can to pedal at the equivalent speed during the trip. If you realize that your legs are moving slow because it is hard to turn the pedals, then it is an indication that you need to change to a lower gear. Check the video below for how to change gear like a pro.



Regular replacement and adjustments

bike maintenanceFor your bicycle to serve you well. You must have it regularly checked and some parts replaced and others adjusted. If something does not work correctly for you admit, it and let it be replaced. It comprises changing components like the saddle, handlebars, gear shifters, and grips. On maybe you may consider replacing the entire bike, you can search around the bicycle shops in Malaysia and get a bike discount, so that is best for you. Ensure that the bike works well for you.


How to Get Your Life Back on Track After Severe Weight Loss

In a society that’s focused on women being thin, there is normally a very positive connotation associated with losing weight. However, severe weight loss can be especially taxing on the body and mind. Whether you have just overcome a sickness or otherwise lost a large portion of your weight unexpectedly, there will be physical side effects to overcome. There are some health tips to follow to best ensure you are able to get your life back on track after severe weight loss.


Increase Caloric Intake
Increase Caloric Intake

We are typically focused on keeping caloric intake down. However, after a bout of severe weight loss, it’s important to provide the body additional energy. It’s typically recommended for healthy Asian women to get 1,200 to 1,400 calories per day. Adding around 500 to 700 calories is important to ensure your body gains the strength to recover.



Healthful Snacking In-Between Meals

Healthful Snacking In-Between Meals

While adding calories throughout the day is important, you don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity. It’s still necessary to watch what you put in your body. A great way to increase your intake in a safe way is to add healthful snacks in-between meals. Among the snack ideas you could consider incorporating into your diet include:

• Low-fat cheese and crackers
• Hard-boiled eggs
• Yogurt
• Pretzels
• Nuts
• Fruits and vegetables


Focus on Healthful Fats


Focus on Healthful Fats

The word “fat” has developed a negative connotation. While it’s true excessive fat intake can cause obesity, there are the less-discussed good fats. They are crucial in helping you bulk back up without introducing unnecessary bad cholesterol or saturated fats to your diet. Among the foods high in good fat content include:

•Coconut oil
•Dark chocolate
•Whole eggs
•Chia seeds
•Full-fat yogurt




Become a Label Reader


Become a Label Reader

We like to get in and out of the store. However, when you’re overcoming severe weight loss, it’s important that you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. With food labels, this is easy. Before you throw something in your cart, take a moment to review the nutrition facts. As a general guide, there are four main areas you should focus on including:

•Total calories
•Healthful fats
Try to focus on getting 70 percent of your calories from carbohydrates and 15 percent of protein from healthful fats.
One Life to Live


You only have one life to live, and it’s important to make the most of it. No matter the reason for your recent severe weight loss, general healthy living is crucial in overcoming the situation and getting your life back on track. By following these tips, you can start getting back to normal in restoring yourself both in body and in soul.