First Time Car Owners: Finding the Right Car at the Right Price

Whether people have owned one car before or they have amassed a bit of a collection in their driveways, navigating the car-purchasing process is a task that requires some direction. When you are a first time car buyer, you likely want to find a vehicle that is the right fit for your budget, and by following some suggestions, you can bring that goal into fruition.


Buy a Used Car
As you are browsing through all of the different options, you’ve probably noticed that you can purchase either a used or a new vehicle. Opting for a 2nd hand car will likely save you a decent amount of money. Even cars that are just a couple of years old can prove significantly less expensive than ones that have just appeared on the lot. You may worry that you will end up with a car that doesn’t work as well. However, as long as you conduct proper research, check out the car thoroughly and know your seller, you can find a vehicle that will stay with you for the long haul.


Take Your Time
Since this vehicle is your first one, you are probably eager to make the buy. Whether you’ve been counting down the days until you earned your license or you’ve been saving up money since before you could even get behind the wheel of a car, you want to start experiencing the freedom that a vehicle brings you. However, when you rush into a purchase, be it for a used Nissan like this or other type of car, you aren’t giving yourself a great deal of purchasing power. Take the time to research vehicles and to see what the different prices are in your area. Then, you can buy from the seller that offers the best deal.


Research Lease and Finance Plans
Opting to lease or finance that used Mitsubishi you’ve had your eye on can help you to keep extra money in the bank in event of emergencies. With interest rates, you will likely end up spending more money over time than you would if you paid the full price for the vehicle now, but that type of plan may work for some people. Also, if you make a large down payment on the vehicle, you can keep your monthly payments on the lower end, thereby paying the vehicle off in a shorter amount of time. With used cars though, you need to watch the amount of months in the plan. Let’s say that you buy a car that is currently five years old, but you opt for a six-year finance agreement. You may not want to just finish up paying off your car when it is entering its eleventh year.


Compare Prices and Negotiate
No matter what type of car it is that you want to purchase, you should always compare prices so that you have the power to negotiate. Remember, while the sticker price of the car is extremely important, you also want to consider the financing package you’re getting or extra additions with which the vehicle comes. You need to look at the full picture when you are negotiating. If you want to use prices from another dealership to convince your preferred dealership to lower its price, you do need to bring proof of the pricing. Also, remember that the dealership may say no to your offer. Trying it out though is a way to show that you are looking for competitive pricing.

When you want to purchase a used car at an affordable price, you simply need to conduct some research and know how to negotiate.
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Cleaning Large Spaces? Here Are Some Tips To Get You Through – Right From Commercial Cleaning Experts

Giving your home a thorough cleaning at least once or twice a year is a good idea for several reasons. You can prevent the buildup of dust, allergens, and bacteria. Your décor and furnishings will look and smell fresher. You can remove stains and spots that detract from the beauty of your home. All you need is the right equipment and products along with a few helpful tips, right our friendly neighbourhood commercial cleaning experts.

Cleaning SchedulePlan your cleaning schedule.

Set aside a day or two to complete most of your cleaning and scrubbing activities. For those with jobs, the work may be done on a weekend or over a holiday. Some people take a couple of vacation days for seasonal cleaning. If all else fails, you can arrange your tasks for a couple of evenings when you have some free time. Designating a specific period of time for detailed cleaning suggests you will probably have a better chance of getting it done rather than waiting for a few free hours here and there.


Take an inventory of supplies.

Nothing bursts the bubble of resolve faster than energetically attacking your cleaning list of duties, only to find you don’t have the necessary equipment or supplies. You’ll have to stop what you’re doing and head out to the store or call to rent needed items, which will postpone your cleaning work for at least a few hours. Ahead of time, check to see if you have everything that will be needed. Make a list of things you have to buy or rent, and then purchase them before your allocated cleaning time.


Buy or rent necessary equipment.

For deep cleaning work, such as scrubbing carpets, dry cleaning draperies, washing walls, and similar tasks, make a point to rent or buy the equipment that will be needed. A wet-to-dry vacuum cleaner or shop vacuum cleaner may be needed to remove moisture from the basement or clean heavy-duty rugs and carpets. Scrubbing the garage floor or patio may require special equipment or tools that your regular home appliances don’t have. Dry cleaning or steaming the drapes usually must be done with equipment that most people don’t ordinarily use. Fortunately, you can get these tools when you are ready to do the work from a commercial cleaning equipment company.


Follow a strategy.

Rather than tackling a cleaning chore randomly, organise a plan that will save you time. For example, you may want to work your way from the attic to the basement, or from the interior closets to the regular rooms, and then outdoors. Alternately, you could take care of the draperies first and then scrub
all the carpets. Your approach depends on what all you plan to clean, and where these areas are located.

Local residents can get cleaning equipment in Malaysia to assist in a heavy-duty cleaning of their home, garage, shed, or office building. Stock up on soap, rags, brushes, and other cleaning tools so that you are ready to start when the day comes. Then enjoy your freshly-cleaned home.

9 Ready-Made and Easy to Grab Healthy Snacks for People On The Go!


Everyone knows that if you have to eat lunch at work, the healthiest option is to pack your lunch at home and bring it in. But that’s not always easy when you are limited for healthy options and for time. Let’s face it, making a healthy lunch for yourself every day can add up to a few hours of prep time week, and not all of us have this time to work with. Fortunately, there are some quick food ideas that you can use to make any lunch you pack tasty and healthy too.

1. Yogurt with fresh fruit and nuts

Yogurt is a great-tasting and fast side dish that would be great in a sack lunch any day. Consider adding fresh fruit to your daily yogurt cup and even a few sprinkles of nuts like almost or pecans.


2. Veggies and hummus

There’s no need to make a mess making your own hummus when you can buy pre-made hummus at the store and fill it into small lunch cups each day. Use precut baby carrots and a few pretzels for dipping.


3. Marigold apple juice

Marigold apple juice is great-tasting juice containing tons of nutrients found in apples. This beverage is 100 percent juice, so you can be assured it has no additives that might be unhealthy. Get Marigold apple juice now and include it in one serving containers for quick lunch packing!


4. Vegetable wraps and sandwiches

Most wraps and sandwiches are super healthy for you, and these are always easy to make. Simply go for the whole grain wrap tortillas and whole grain bread. Spread light cream cheese or hummus on one side, and add all the vegetables you want.


5. Cottage Cheese

If you want a quick protein boost and a tasty side dish, why not try a small one-serving unit of cottage cheese. Choose the small curdle and low fat variety for the best health kick.


6. Bananas

When you really need something quick, easy and healthy to bring to work with you for lunch, a banana is always a good fix. Bananas are all natural, and they even come in perfect one serving sizes with their own container!


7. Applesauce

Another great-tasting and healthy food that can be easily packed for lunches is applesauce. Try to choose the non-sweetened, organic variety for the healthiest option. You can find these in one serving containers. Just bring along a spoon and you’re all set.


8. Peanut butter and celery sticks

Peanut butter is an excellent energy booster for mid-day, and it tastes great as well! Try it with cut up celery sticks so that you don’t add too many extra calories in addition to the peanut butter. Also choose to buy celery hearts at the store instead of whole celery stalks because they tend to waste less.


9. Pasta salads with lots of veggies

Finally, pasta salad is a good way to incorporate some carbs with lots of veggies. Try using a small amount of oil and vinegar instead of mayonnaise. Make a batch for the whole week, and it won’t go bad!

The Gentleman’s Guide for Starting a Modern Luxury Watch Collection

In every man’s life, there comes a time when he really starts to pay attention to the concept of time and begins to value it. In fact, he starts to value it to the degree that he wants to wear ‘time’ in the form of an attractive wrist piece. Once he’s reached this point in his life, it’s time to start collecting watches.

This process should ideally have a great deal of thought behind. As a savvy and wise gentleman, you should perform some research before choosing your first luxury watch. You’ll need a keen and vast understanding of what’s available out there in addition to picking pieces that reflect your own personal style and character. Naturally of course, you’ll need to consider your financial limitations as well.

Unless you intend to spend anywhere from $7,000 – $10,000, don’t expect to buy a timepiece that’s considered an investment. The point is to buy something that you actually love. But, you’ll have to do your homework first. It’s a shame to spend a substantial amount of money on something that isn’t as valuable as you thought.


What Features in a Watch Do You Want?

The first thing you’ll have to consider is what features do you really want in a watch. Do you prefer manual (wind up by hand) or an automatic? Do you want a brand new watch or do you like the look and feel of a vintage watch?

There are many other things you’ll need to consider for your watch collection as well.

Like a number of other things regarding men’s attire, it’s better to keep your wrist watch fairly restrained and simple in nature. Not restrained meaning that you should never wear a $30,000 watch, but in the sense you should never wear a gaudy, oversized, super-embellished watch that’s ‘too much’. In fact, a watch shouldn’t be so large that the cuff of your shirt can’t fit over the piece. A huge, flashy watch on somebody else’s wrist staring you in the face is not only distracting, but somewhat garish as well. It literally takes your focus away from what really matters, like the face of the wearer.


Go Vintage and Save Money

Suppose you want to buy your first time piece at a reasonably low price, such as around $500 or less. In this case, going vintage may be the best way to go. Ensure that the vintage piece you’re considering buying has as many of its original parts included as possible, particularly when it comes to things you can visually see, such as the face or the dial. In other words, a vintage piece should look vintage.

The ideal watch for a genuine vintage watch collector is one that’s never been altered in any way or serviced.


Brand New Watches

Things are somewhat different when it comes to brand new watches. In order to get a good-working mechanical watch for less than $500, check out what standard department stores have to offer. However, you may also buy luxury watches in Malaysia that could potentially include a number of moderately inexpensive time pieces that can suit your personal tastes for your collection as well.

The main thing is to take good care of your watch by keeping it away from strong magnets like buckyballs or big speakers. Even though it’s unlikely, it may shift the pieces around inside. Be careful about exposing your watch to extreme temperatures. Although it’s usually not a problem, contraction and expansion can sometimes mess with the insides of a watch.

Luxury Watches Infographic


Be mindful of the way you actually use your watch in terms of style. It’s not ideal to wear a digital or sports watch with a business suit. It just won’t look right. Having said that, you’ll need to service your new watch, especially if it’s a high-end model. If your watch is brand new, simply take it where you bought it for service. If your vintage piece needs serviced, use an expert in the field who understands the intricacies of vintage watch pieces and the way they work.

Keep adding more and more pieces to your luxury watch collection whenever you can, and in time, you’ll have a time piece for kind of occasion you attend.

What to Do When Your Kids Lose Interest in School


When your children were very young, they expressed such an interest in learning. They loved to point out different colours with you, and they were always eager to recite the numbers and the alphabet. Lately, however, you’ve noticed that your children are beginning to lose interest in school, and you are displeased with the change, especially since you know the potential that they have.

Identify the Reason

Don’t assume that your children are losing interest in education just because doing so is part of life. It’s true that many children experiences ebbs and flows when it comes to learning, but a cause can also exist. Perhaps the school is not integrating enough kid’s activities and is setting the bar too high for young children. Maybe you are not reinforcing the skills that your children learn in school at home, and as a result, they are beginning to struggle. It’s also possible that your children have learning disabilities that make it difficult for them to focus. If you can identify a cause, then you can work toward a solution.

Find What They Like


Chances are, your kids don’t dislike every single class in school. They may enjoy the time that they get to spend learning cooking skills, or they may eagerly wait for the day when their class goes to their physical education instruction. Find ways to tie other subjects into those ones. Don’t force it too much because you don’t want to turn the subjects they like into ones that they dislike. However, you can, for example, check out mathematics for kids. Explain how if math didn’t exist, they wouldn’t have the ability to measure ingredients correctly in their cooking classes.

Talk to Their Teachers



Many parents try to fix the problems all by themselves. Yet consider how much time each day your children spend in school. Their teachers likely know them well. Remember that you and the teachers are partners in helping your children to learn. Once you begin to accuse one another of causing the problems, that partnership begins to fade. Ask your children’s teachers if they have noticed changes in your kids and their work lately. The two of you can come up with a plan to develop more of an interest in school work.

Assess the Situation Realistically

As your children grow up, they are going to develop other interests, and not all of them will be connected to school. Realize that as your children grow as people, their interests are going to change. As the material becomes more difficult, your children may begin to earn Bs in science courses rather than As. You need to ask yourself if that situation is really the worst one in the world. Instead of placing so much focus on your children’s weaknesses, look to their strengths.

Many children eventually lose interest in education to some extent, but it starts to grow again when they get older. Help them to keep and develop skills to be prepared for that moment.

The Rise of Muslimah Fashion Spells Great Lifestyle Change for Muslims Around The World

In Jakarta, gorgeous models strut the runway, adorned with exquisite headpieces, faces framed by silky headscarves. This is no typical fashion show: there are no sheer materials, no bare midriffs, no naked legs; the goal is not to scream “sex appeal” from the rooftops. No, this is the Islamic Fashion Fair, showcasing luxurious Muslimah fashion, and it is every bit as fierce as New York’s famed Fashion Week.


It’s easy to see why the modest, yet elegant style is growing in popularity; after all, out of almost 8 billion people on this planet, close to 1 in 4 is Muslim. That Muslim fashion has been left out of the spotlight for so long is a travesty.


A far cry from the traditional plain black abaya, the styles on showcase feature bright, festive colors, wild prints, light pastels, demure earth tones, and more. All of the designs clothe their models from head to toe, preserving modesty while allowing the wearer to express their creativity. Another key aspect of these outfits? The striking styling of the hijab, worn thousands of splendid ways, crafted from many different fabrics, embellished with beautiful accessories, and afforded just as much life and artistry as the clothing.


Partnered closely with this growing trend is the rise of Halal cosmetics. Halal products are gaining in popularity not just because of Muslim practices, but also because more conscientiously minded people appreciate the benefits of halal goods. Many halal goods are vegan friendly, as it is easier to remove animal by-products than it is to ensure the animal was slaughtered in accordance with Dhabihah. Further, the association of halal cosmetics with purity, safety, high quality, and ethically and environmentally friendly production is contributing to a soaring increase in demand. Many also rejoice in the fact that this makeup is not tested on animals, and lacks certain non-permissible chemical additives. Though it is still considered a niche market, it will not be for long, as halal-certified products will no doubt storm the alternative makeup scene in the Western world while continuing to enjoy popularity in predominantly Muslim countries.


As more and more Muslims enter the fashion and cosmetics industry, we can be sure to see their faith reflected and honored in their work. Muslim fashion online portals, magazines, fashion blogs, and modelling agencies are gaining steam everywhere, with new ones appearing every day. And this is no happenstance: in the Western world of high fashion, there is an alarming lack of conservative and modest styles. For women who would rather be covered than exposed, this growing trend is a holy grail of appropriate, fashionable styles. It fills a huge hole in today’s fashion industry, giving rise to a humbled approach to couture. In a world dominated by sex appeal and objectification of women, Muslimah high fashion provides a vital disruption in the echo chamber of “sex sells”.

How to Get Into Law School in Malaysia Without Getting Broke


Law students with limited funds who want to get a UK law degree have several options available to them. They can live in the UK and attend law school, which will be an expensive undertaking or they can get a UK Law degree while living in their own country.


Many universities are currently partnering with major universities, allowing students to attend classes in their own countries that are partnered with major UK universities. The courses they teach in both Business and Law are exactly the same. They have the same exact syllabus as the UK school. Tests are the same ones taken by the on campus students. UK instructors grade exams. The UK has some of the most prestigious universities, including law schools.


Programmes that are Available

To find out more about the available programmes and how they work, visit Brickfields Asia College (BAC). It has built a reputation as the Fastest and Smartest Way to get UK Law & Business degrees anywhere. The school provides a high quality education to students. After completion of their programmes, they are highly sought after by local and international firms. Graduates are highly employed at a number of companies. The school offers students over 100 top level Law and Business degrees. The final courses can be completed locally or internationally. BAC offers a law schooldegree from a number of the top UK law schools. Much of the work can be completed locally and if you wish, you can finish your last year in the UK.


Benefits of Getting your Law Degree this Way 

Earning your law degree in this manner will save you a lot of money. You can live in your own country for most of the time during your studies. Many people complete all their course work locally. When complete, their degree is from a prominent UK law school. This makes being hired after the degree is completed a lot easier.


BAC currently partners with more than 25 foreign universities and professional organizations. This allows them to offer students over 100 Law and Business degrees. Their law programme is designed to provide you with everything you will need to embark on a successful career in the field. Many of the students have received world-renowned awards and quality certifications. Most students who have completed their programmes have gone on to very successful positions in private and public organizations.


Visit Brickfields Asia College and talk to a counselor about a law school course of study or a business degree that can lead you to a successful career. You will be surprised at the possibilities and the cost of your education.


It Is Possible to Create a Functional Attractive Kitchen


Many homeowners feel they must choose between function and attractiveness in a kitchen, but that simply isn’t the case. With the right planning and organisational items, homeowners can enjoy both.

In the list of priorities, function is essential in today’s kitchens. Family members are constantly on the run and most do not have the time to look for gadgets and supplies while cooking. So, the first thing to do is plot out the space and decide where everything would fit best.

Regarding that, things that typically would be used in cooking should be near the stove. That means utensils should be in a drawer, typically to the right, for easy access. Hot pan holders should be immediately in a drawer below that. Pots and pans could easily be convenient on the left side of the stove. Sheet pans and muffin tins need to be near the oven with additional hot pan holders in a drawer close by.

It would be preferable for glasses to be near the refrigerator, especially if there is an ice maker. One mistake many people make is to put flatware in the immediate kitchen. Most put it near the dishwasher, so it is easy to put away. In actuality, it would be better placed near dining tables. Someone will need to set the table and the household cook will likely not want them in the kitchen retrieving silverware while preparing meals.

A kitchen’s attractiveness is largely subjective, but there are some common aspects in beautiful, modern kitchens. Make sure there is a lot of light with nice unhampered windows. Natural components, like wood, stone and granite, remain highly popular because they add warmth and a comfortable feel to the room.

There are two centres to a dream kitchen. The stove is one and the dining table is the other. Those should be emphasised in monetary expenses. A quality stove will go a long way to revitalising a kitchen in both use and beauty. Dining tables are the heart of the home because that is where family members gather. Make sure the table is attractive and solid with comfortable dining chairs where guests can sit for long periods of time to talk and chat during and after meals.

Solid wood furniture has always been the preference for dining tables and dining chairs. Wood furniture will endure for centuries, if it is made well, and become heirloom pieces for many families. That is, in part, to the memories created there. Be sure to add colour to your kitchen space in both large and small versions. A nice feature wall accented with contrasting coloured pictures or collectible plates works nicely. Dining plates can feature a unique design for interest and a rug full of colours and designs not only adds dimension to the room, but is functional in preventing slipping. None of these ideas require a lot of money. They do require a thoughtful plan centered around ideas that mean a lot to family and guests.