Tips to Make Tackling a Steep Climb on Your Bicycle Easier and Safer

A challenge that all cyclists face at some point is a steep climb. This could be a hill, a rising road in a city or a winding trail leading to higher elevations. If you do not know what to do, then you might not be able to successfully reach the top. A few tips will make tackling a steep climb on your bicycle much easier and safer.

Build Momentum before the Climb

The first step is to build momentum before you start the climb. You want to do this while on level ground or while heading downhill. Pick up as much speed as you can safely. Do not stay in a high gear this entire time. Start to switch downwards just a little. You optimally want to be pedalling quickly but you still want to feel good resistance from the gears. This momentum will help immensely when first hitting the incline.

Climb Hill

Start Switching Gears

You want to start switching gears once you are on the hill or incline. This generally means lowering the gears so that you have less resistance but are still moving the chain. This is easiest when using a good road bike that has 12 or more gears as opposed to a simpler bike with just a handful. Your goal is to find the gear that is right for you. Change quickly while you still have momentum since switching gears too often will slow down the bike. Work down until you are pedalling at a comfortable rate while still maintaining your speed uphill. The right gear for uphill cycling is different for everyone.

Do Not Stand Up

You have probably seen people standing up on a bike and stomping down on the pedals in an effort to make it up a steep hill. You should not do this especially if the climb is very long. Pedalling uphill while standing up uses significantly more energy than normal cycling positions. It can also lead to cramping in your legs. The better option is to stay seated, find the correct gear and push onward. Although it might not seem intuitive, you will use less energy pedalling faster in a lower gear than standing up and mashing the pedals.

Use Your Whole Body

A mistake many cyclists make when trying to get up a difficult incline is relying solely on the legs and thighs for power. This can make the climb very tough and painful. You need to use your whole body when going up a hill or steep roadway. Lean forward, bend your arms and tuck your head down. Move your body so that you engage your core muscles and abdominal muscles. The added power from your core muscles will relieve stress on your legs and allow you to endure even on the steepest roadways.

Climb Bike

The combination of your gears, smart cycling positions and momentum is often enough to conquer any climb while on a bike. The key is to stay positive, resist the urge to use brute force on the pedals and keep your eyes on the top of the hill. These tips will make it much easier for you to overcome any steep climbs while cycling.

Travelling on a Budget in Malaysia? Try Visiting Its Charming State of Kedah Economical Traveling in Kedah, Malaysia

If you’re looking to travel in beautiful Malaysia on a budget, the state of Kedah has a lot of inexpensive options simply waiting for you. If you plan ahead and are smart, traveling in Kedah doesn’t have to be an expensive experience. Langkawi, which is one of Kedah’s premier attractions, is particularly rich in affordable choices for enthusiastic travelers.

Budget Shopping For Everything

Picturesque Langkawi (which is also called “Langkawi the Jewel of Kedah) is a great destination for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on shopping. If you love shopping but detest the steep prices that you often encounter on your travels, never fear. Langkawi is a hub for budget-friendly duty-free shopping choices. If you’re searching for souvenirs, electronics, shoes, attire, for example, you’ll have the time of your life shopping in Langkawi. Finding discounts on these types of products is generally extremely easy. Be sure to stop by the archipelago’s many bustling shops and markets. They’re practically impossible to miss.

Inexpensive Transportation

Transportation in Langkawi doesn’t have to be expensive, either. The archipelago’s public transportation is extremely reliable and efficient. Most importantly, it’s typically safe and reasonably priced. If you want some nice independence in your Kedah travels, you might want to consider reserving a small vehicle for yourself. These are called “kancils.” Since these cars are equipped with petrol that should last for roughly two to three days, you don’t have to worry about filling them up initially. Motorcycle and bicycle hire are yet two more inexpensive transportation options in Kedah. Since Langkawi taxis are often rather costly, these all make suitable, practical and comfortable alternatives.

Affordable Lodging

Accommodations in Langkawi are also usually rather inexpensive. If you want to visit Kedah without worrying about exorbitant hotel rates, Langkawi is the perfect destination for you. The area’s budget hotels are generally clean, comfortable and friendly, with all the basic amenities guests need to relax and unwind. Some of the hotels even feature exciting perks such as fitness centers and swimming pools. Note that Langkawi isn’t the only place in Kedah that has inexpensive choices in accommodations. Kulim is a southeastern Kedah city that also is home to several affordable hotels. One hotel in Kulim that fits this description is the brightly-colored red and white Tune Hotel.

Cheap Eating

Eating in Langkawi doesn’t have to cost travelers a lot of money at all, thankfully. Lively Pantai Cenang in Langkawi is a hub for inexpensive — yet absolutely delicious — small dining establishments. If you’re in Pantai Cenang and concerned about food prices, look for family-run establishments that have local specialty meals on their menus. Although these dishes taste fabulous and have authentic local flair, the prices are low and geared toward hungry travelers in the area. Many of these dining establishments serve local and Western menu items alike. Some of these restaurants are even conveniently open for business 24 hours a day — a great bonus for tired travelers who are jet-lagged and craving something quick and filling to eat.

Parenting 101: How to Gel Different Parenting Styles and Keep Harmony in the Home

Before you were even in a relationship, you dreamed of having children. You had a particular way that you wanted to raise them and without knowing it, you may have already developed your parenting style at that point. Now that you have children, you’re finding that you and your partner clash on multiple issues when you are supposed to work as a team.

Remember to Stay United Even When Divided

When you and your partner have entirely different viewpoints on a particular matter concerning your children, it may be difficult to hide that fact from your children. Yet you want to make it clear that the two of you are still united as a team. Otherwise, children are likely to start favoring the parent who is more easy-going. They may also pit the two of you against one another. When they sense division between the two of you, they may learn to take advantage of that as they grow older. You and your partner can make a commitment that you are going to talk through these scenarios instead of acting as a divided unit.

Not Every Battle is a War

Sometimes, you have to prioritize. If the two of you have entirely different opinions on a situation, you are either going to have to reach a compromise, or one of you will need to acquiesce to the other. In situations where an unequivocal “yes” or “no” answer is needed, compromise is not always a possibility. Know when a battle does not make sense to constantly fight over. If your children’s safety and integrity are not compromised by saying “yes,” then you may not need to fight so intensely for the opposing side.

Do What’s Best for Your Children

This piece of advice might seem like an obvious one, and on a day-to-day basis, you probably already have this tip at the forefront of your mind. However, when you get into a heated argument with your partner, the two of you might make it more about a power struggle. If you can reign the argument in and remember that choosing the best option for your children is the main focus, then you can become a team again. Creating a list of pros and cons together can help you to more clearly see which direction you should move it.

Talk When You’re Not Angry

As time goes on, you may realize that you have entirely different philosophies when it comes to kid’s activities, religious instruction, discipline and so forth. Yet clearly expressing these ideas in the midst of a debate is often difficult. When the two of you are not angry at each other, sit down to have a candid discussion. Talk about what your goals are for your children, and make a plan as to how you can incorporate both of your opinions even when a staunch dichotomy exists between them.

No matter how much you try, life is not a magical fairy tale, but you can make your own story easier by communicating.

7 Tips to Care for Wood Furniture in Malaysia

Wooden furniture can be extraordinarily beautiful, but it can be damaged if not cared for properly. Wood furniture will last several lifetimes if you take care of it well. If you have some beautiful wood furniture that you want to keep looking its best, here are seven tips you can use to care for it properly.

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Using Water

Lots of people are afraid to use water to clean their wood furniture. This is usually because they think that the moisture will warp the wood. That warping will only happen if the wood is exposed to standing water for a long time. Don’t be afraid to clean you wooden furniture with a mixture of warm water and dish soap when you need to remove dust and messes.

2. Paste Wax Is Wood Furniture’s Friend

After you have cleaned you wood furniture, you should always coat it with some paste wax to protect it. Paste wax will give your wood a beautiful shine and finish that lasts for months.

3. Avoid the Sun

As you know, the sun here in Malaysia can be pretty brutal. Sun will damage wood furniture in Malaysia very quickly. Therefore, you want to keep you wooden furniture out of the sun in order to keep it protected. This includes the sun that streams through your windows. Keep your wooden furniture in areas in your home that are not exposed to direct sunlight.

4. Shoe Polish Is Amazing

No matter how careful you are with your wood furniture, the chances are that it will be scuffed or scratched at some point. When this happens, you can quickly cover up the damage with shoe polish. Rubbing a little shoe polish into a scratch will cover it up in no time. If you don’t have shoe polish handy, a felt tip marker can work in a pinch.

5. Polishing Hardware

You need to care for the hardware on your wood furniture as well. The best way to do this is to polish it occasionally. However, you will want to remove the hardware from your wood furniture before you polish it. Metal polish could damage your wood if you polish the hardware while it is still attached to your furniture.

6. Remove Coffee Rings

One of the most frequent issues that occurs with wood furniture is the rings that develop on it when a glass or cup is carelessly left on it without a coaster. If you have rings on your furniture, it is easy to remove them. If you mix cooking oil up with ashes, it will create a mild abrasive that you can rub on the rings to remove them.

7. Refinishing

If you have an older piece of wood furniture that you are thinking about getting rid of, try refinishing it first. Refinishing an old piece of wood furniture can work miracles on it. If you get the refinishing work done by a professional, you will be amazed at how great the results will be.

4 Reasons You Should Study Business at University

Choosing a course of study at university is one of the most difficult decision that anyone will make in their early lives. There is a lot at stake when choosing a degree, as a bad decision here can lead to a lot of lost time and money. There are many people who regret choosing the degree they currently have, so it is important to learn from those mistakes. One of the best degrees that anyone can choose at university is in business.

Higher Pay

Perhaps the best reason to choose business as a degree is the higher starting pay compared to other degrees. A business degree has one of the highest starting salaries on average and that is expected to continue in the future. It is important for college students to still have a good worth ethic after graduation even with a business degree. No company is just going to give out a high starting pay just because someone has a business degree without the desire to work hard.


The knowledge earned while getting a business degree is information that can be used for many years after graduating from college. There are many different applicable areas that the business degree knowledge can be used in. If the economy were to take on another recession the knowledge and skills learned in business school can still be used in the real world.


Another great benefit to choosing a business degree is the people that a person will meet while getting a business degree. One of the most important keys that a person can have in life is having a great network of people that are willing and able to help. There are many times in life where knowing the right person is much more important than working hard or having the knowledge base for the job. There are many different stages of life after university, and havinga large network can be instrumental in succeeding in every area.

Making A Difference

Finally, one of the best reasons to get a degree in business from university is the fact that people can make a difference with their degree. There are people who join non profit companies after graduation because they want to make a difference. However, people with business degrees can also make a difference driving the bottom line of any number of companies in the world.

Uses and Importance of Corrugated Boxes in Malaysia

Corrugated boxes can be defined as the boxes that are folded into parallel folds, grooves or even ridges. These boxes are manufactured for major purposes of packaging fragile products and items. In most cases, the boxes are used for shipping products from one country to another. The major advantage of the boxes is that they are durable and very reliable. The packaged fragile products packed inside are in good protection until they reach their destination. There are rare instances of damage to products whenever these types of boxes are used.

It is important to note that these boxes are highly used in the industry of food for safety in Malaysia as well as other countries. The boxes are brown in color and are friendly to the environment. They do not interfere with the environment and have no effect on the ecosystem. They readily act as manure after decomposition in the soil hence proves to be advantageous even after their intended use of packaging. These boxes are made of cardboard boxes that are recycled; they hence are economical. Another great advantage about the use of these boxes in Malaysia is that they can handle pressure easily therefore they can get stacked up for purposes of easy and cost-saving transportation during shipping. The boxes lack sharp edges in shape; this gives them credit as far as safe and easy use is concerned.

Boxes that are corrugated have a very strong design. They are manufactured using corrugated paper. The paper contains different rows of air columns. It is the columns that play the role of making the paper firm than the usual stiff cardboard. The air in the boxes majorly acts as the cushion in the box.
Also, the ridges inside the boxes are designed to be varied. This enables them to offer varying capacity of firmness as well as flexibility as it is expected for package use. In conclusion, companies and individuals should consider using these kinds of boxes whenever they wish to ship products from one place to another. They are the best compared to all the other types. The most important part is that they are economical, so you end up spending less money for quality boxes.

Beginners Guide for Cycling And Training Tips For Improvement

Shopping in your local bike shop can be an intimidating experience. There are so many brands, models and styles that it is hard to know which one fits your needs. You will save time and money by shopping online where you can compare models, prices and accessories at your leisure. They offer foldable bikes, sport and mountain bikes for people interested in all aspects of cycling. Riding a bike is a great form of exercise that can lower your risk of certain diseases. If you plan on performance cycling, then you will need to practice your skills in order to improve.

Types of Bikes

There are many varieties of bikes for sale including road, pavement, and bikes just for women. You will also find a large assortment of mountain bikes and gear. The kind of bike you choose will depend on whether you are riding for enjoyment or completion. Not all bikes are made the same, and performance bikes command top dollar. For example, mountain bikes have larger wheels and frames than other bikes. This allows you to ride over bumpy terrain without having an accident.

Cycling Training Tips for Improvement

Optimize your bike performance with regular practice sessions. You will also improve your biking skills by participating in a weight-training program. Successful cycling will improve your upper and lower body strength, but weight training will improve your performance much faster. Combing a weight-training program with aerobics will also improve your cycling skills. Other factors that improve your cycling skills is proper nutrition, hydration and specific cycling training.

Build endurance and speed with a regular routine of biking further each week. Endurance is one of the most important skills a cyclist will need when competing against other cyclists. Practice going faster at every training session until you significantly improve your speed. Aerobics training off the bike will significantly improve your endurance.

Cycling Nutrition

If you want to become a good athlete in any sport, then good nutrition is an important part of improving your skills. If you do not give your body high-quality foods, then you simply will not have the energy you need to perform at your peak. Choose foods that have high amounts of proteins with low amounts of fats such as chicken, tuna, salmon and turkey. Omega-3 fatty acids are also an important part of good nutrition for all athletes.

If you plan to ride for under one hour, then you should consume a meal that has a high level of carbohydrates such as fruits, toast or whole-grain cereals. Your body prefers to use carbohydrates for fuel instead of protein. If you plan to ride for over three hours, then it is important that you consume long-lasting carbohydrates such as oatmeal, bagels, yogurt and fruit. Energy bars and bottled water should be carried in your backpack on every ride. To help your body recover from exercise, eat small meals that contain half carbohydrates and half proteins. This will help your body refuel and repair damaged tissues and ligaments.

Getting Over The GST in Malaysia

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) implemented in Malaysia since April 1st has already taken its toll on many Malaysian citizens especially those belonging to the lower and middle income class, while the elite and rich class have felt no effect. It’s the common consensus that the implementation of the GST was really just another clever measure used by the Malaysian government to compensate for its wasteful and extravagant spending practices.

The Rising Cost of Living

The GST combined with inflation in Malaysia has created a burden for the people of Malaysia who struggle to keep up with the rising cost of utilities, groceries and petrol. The hardest hit by the GST are students, senior citizens, retirees and low income to middle income workers. If asked, most Malaysian lower/middle class earners will agree that the GST is an extremely unfair tax (6%) to pay, since many people making up this group will likely need some financial assistance by the government.

How The GST Affects The BR1M Scheme

When the BR1M scheme was first introduced in 2012, it was meant to provide some financial compensation to low-income households and to unmarried individuals earning less than a stipulated monthly amount each who struggled to keep up with the rising cost of living.

The Malaysian government has increased allocated funds for low-income households and individuals as a countermeasure to the newly implemented GST and the rising cost of living. Although 60 percent of Malaysian households qualify for BR1M aid, their assistance would eventually be offset by the GST. Some market experts point out that the GST would actually discourage Malaysia’s economy from expanding, since the majority of its growth stems from domestic consumption. It is no wonder then, that the GST would greatly limit the poor and the struggling middle class’s ability to spend for goods and services beyond their monthly budget.

Shopping Online Can Save On The GST

Although many developed nations have fully embraced e-commerce, it’s still considered to be a new industry in Malaysia. Overall, many Malaysians are used to shopping for what they need through the traditional shopping method where they can see and feel items before they buy them. However, there’s a significant GST price difference that Malaysian consumers can experience by looking for coupon deals in Malaysia online. These deals can significantly minimize the cost incurred from paying the GST every time they shop for groceries, clothes, electronics or household supplies because:

1. It helps them avoid the indiscriminate raising of prices for goods and services by physical businesses since the GST was introduced.
2. They can receive deeper savings for purchasing their goods and services online using promo codes and exclusive online discounts.

One of the most effective ways to find coupon deals in Malaysia is to search for an online Malaysian site that offers up to 70 – 90 percent discounts on goods and services falling under a range of categories. Or type keywords, “Coupon Malaysia”, “Malaysia Deals” “Discount Coupons” to save on your online purchases.

Determining The Right Age to Begin Formal Education

Starting from when children are little, many parents sing to them, recite the letters of the alphabet with them and teach them how to count. However, at some point, you know that you need to begin your children’s formal education. Parents usually start their children in school anywhere from the age of two to the age of six, but you want to know what is right for you.


Daycare and Education

You may need to bring your children to daycare while you are at work. Some programs strictly promote play, and others have an educational component. While you do not need to have your children in an educational daycare program from the moment that they are born, you can consider switching them once they are around two years old. Since they are spending time with other children each day, making it an educational experience is a smart idea. Also, if you bring your children to daycare for only a few hours each day, then you may wish to consider a nursery school program instead.

Unique Ability

Unique Ability to Learn

All children are unique in their abilities to learn. Right now, you may find that your children become frustrated and overwhelmed when you try to infuse too much learning into their daily activities. They may simply not yet be old enough to benefit from reciting the alphabet on a regular basis or discussing what the weather is like outside. On the other hand, you may feel that once they are in a structured environment, they will have a stronger desire to learn. You have to assess your children and their particular needs.


Level of Learning

You also need to consider where they are in terms of learning and if an early education program would stifle or broaden their experience. For example, let’s say that your child just turned two and is already reading. He or she points out letters and numbers and can speak in an articulate way. Sending your child to a program developed specifically for two year old children is not necessarily the best idea. He or she may already have the skills that are taught in the class.


Learning Disabilities

When your children have learning disabilities, you may feel as though you cannot send them to an educational program just yet. However, so many schools have programs that are developed for children with learning disabilities even during the early childhood years. In fact, your children may go to a school where all of the students have learning disabilities. On top of that, you can look into at-home services where therapists will come to your house to work with your children on their individual struggles. You should not feel as though your children’s learning disabilities preclude them from having an educational experience.

The decision to begin formal education for your children is one that your family will have to make together. You need to look at your own children’s need as well as the structure of the schools in which you are interested.
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