A Quick Guide on Penang Apartment

Relocating to Malaysia? Consider staying in Penang, the second smallest state in Malaysia.

Penang, Northern of Malaysia

Why rent or buy an apartment in Penang? Here’s quick guide why choose a Penang apartment.

1)      The government has plans of introducing projects that will help boost the state’s income levels. According to the master plan, it has a major role in terms of logistics. Penang will be a gateway hub of the region. Penang will gradually become within reach to different airlines and has connecting flights with the nearby cities.

2)      There are numerous companies offering renovation services such as interior design, tiling, carpentry, and masonry within the area.

3)      Condominiums and apartments are basically the same in Malaysia. Both have the same services and facilities.

4)      To experience the culture of Malaysia especially for Westerners not as a tourist but as a local.

5)      More and more nationalities are choosing to stay in Malaysia because of the rich and diverse cultures present in Penang such as Malays, Indians and Chinese. The traces of the past of the British colony are still present in some places which you can enjoy and learn.

6)      There are lots of choices of apartments with affordable prices.

7)      Malaysians are very hospitable and warm that you will never feel homesick.

8)      The accessibility of ancient temples, shrines, shopping establishments, and night clubs to your apartment.

9)      The tropical island of Penang has a beautiful climate that most Westerners enjoy.

10)  Once you want to unwind from your work, you may go for a weekend getaway and enjoy the beautiful beaches and resorts of Malaysia.

11)  In Penang, you will enjoy the food that will give you the genuine experience of the local food in just a few steps away from your apartment.

12)  The city offers a night life for those who love to unwind after a day’s work such as karaoke clubs, affordable bars, restaurants and coffee shops.

13)  In Malaysia, foreigners can purchase a property. Although, one has to get consent from the state where the property is located before it will be considered as valid. Most of the time, the application will be filed on your behalf by your solicitor. The value of your property must be RM 500,000 and above.

14)  Owning an apartment in Penang is really a wise decision whether you are renting or owning the place. It’s a lifestyle you wouldn’t exchange for anything.

Jeff Walter is a marketing assistant at Nature Offices, a serviced office solutions provider in Kuala Lumpur.