Making Home Friendly for the Elderly: Part 1

There are a lot of senior citizen homes flourishing in the cities, but there are also children who want to take good care of their aged parents. If you have the intention for this, then you may want to modify your property a little to make things more comfortable and safer for the elderly.


Even if your elderly parent may seem still healthy and able to move around, it will not be a surprise to find that their knees may be a little too frail to let them move around easily. If your house is a double storey bungalow or triple storey house, you may want to modify a little so that there is a bedroom on the ground floor so that your aged parents need not walk up the stairs daily to get into their room. This will minimize the chance of them hurting their knees or injuring themselves due to accidental falling from the stairs. They may fracture a bone if they fall off the stairs due to the weak bones that they have. The same can be said if you live in a condominium where you hear cases of failing elevators and even worse, in case of a fire, your elderly could fall helpless.


As they get older, they may also suffer from vision loss. One way to help them is to install brighter lights, as senior citizens need three times more light than normal to let them see better. There may also be some elderly patients who has a vision problem called age related macular degeneration (AMD) and they may find difficulties doing things that will require their central vision. AMD can cause the loss of central vision, and the elderly may not be able to read, knit or recognize faces. You may need to have equipments that magnify reading materials around the house for the ease of the elderly.


A common injury which sends the elderly to the hospital and bedridden is fractured hips as a result of falling in the bathroom. Place mats in the bathroom so that there will not

be any slippery floors. Also install a grab bar and a seat in the shower so that it will be easier for them to shower. There should also be a hand held shower attachment to make it easier during shower and bath while seated.  There are many types of bathtub and shower seats in the market, and you may find the option of whether the seats have or without a back support, ability to adjust the height, and some seats may also have rubber slip resistant feet.

Coming soon: Making Home Friendly for the Elderly: Part 2