3 Tips Guaranteed to Keep You Safe While Riding a Bike in the City

Pakistani women ride their bikes towards the city's landmark Faisal Mosque to mark International Women's day in Islamabad on March 8, 2013. A group of determined women took to bikes March 8, riding through the Pakistani capital to highlight their rights and love of exercise in a culture that often treats them as second-class citizens. AFP PHOTO/Farooq NAEEMFAROOQ NAEEM/AFP/Getty Images ORG XMIT:

The call to change our ways and become more environmentally conscious is at an all time high, and that’s particularly why lots of people have shifted from driving cars to riding bikes. This fast and fuel-free alternative can help bring you where you want to go and burn those extra calories all at the same time. However, because bikes don’t come with the same exterior that cars do, crashing can be significantly more injurious. Be sure to stay safe and to avoid accidents while getting fit at the same time by checking out these three tips for safe city cycling.1

  1. Ride Close to the Sidewalk – In any case, the sidewalk is your friend. While many local government rules and regulations don’t actually allow bike riders on sidewalks, staying close to one will allow you the chance to steer clear of a potential accident without getting in the way of motorists. What’s more, cars tend to avoid sidewalks mainly because nobody wants to snag an absent-minded passer-by or a fire hydrant. If there are lanes specifically dedicated to bike riders, take advantage of them and avoid joining vehicles on the road whenever possible.2
  2. Know the Common Accidents – By understanding the most common accidents for bike riders, you can stay alert and do your best to avoid them. Getting hit by an opening door of a parked car along the side of the road is one of them, so if you’re passing by parked cars, ride slowly and try to see if there’s anyone inside prepping to go out by checking out the silhouettes through the windows. It’s also common for bike riders to get snagged in dark conditions. Fitting a light reflector and bright clothing during night biking can help make you more visible to cars. It also helps to park your bike wisely to prevent the dreaded runaway bike situation. Consider investing in a foldable bicycle for safe storage and parking.3
  3. Use Your Hand Signals – One of the ways that cars stay safe is by the use of signal lights. This helps those around them understand their plans and where they plan to g,o so that everyone sharing the road can adjust themselves and anticipate any lane changes or turns. Even if your bike doesn’t come equipped with signal lights, you can use your hands to tell other road users if you plan to turn or change lanes. Be mindful however of when and how to stretch out your signal hands. Glance backwards and avoid abrupt signaling to avoid injury to your arms.

Helmets, knee pads, and other protective gear stand no chance against vehicular accidents. Be sure to stay safe in the city while riding your bike by avoiding accidents in the first place. Take these tips with you the next time you head out on your bike for accident-free city navigation.



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6 Best Hacks To A Perfect Serenade In Kuala Lumpur

Image result for Kuala Lumpur

Planning for a romantic gateway? Whether you’re planning to celebrate your honeymoon, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or even your partner’s birthday, Kuala Lumpur is the perfect romantic holiday destination. If you’re looking to indulge in some fun and spend quality time with your significant other, consider these six best hacks to a perfect serenade in Kuala Lumpur:

  1. Book a honeymoon suite For the best honeymoon suites, look for a romantic hotel in Kuala Lumpur. You can relive the romantic moments with your partner by asking the hotel management to arrange a special welcoming treat for the two of you upon arrival at the hotel. For example, you may request for the bed to be filled with roses or ask them to prepare swan-shaped towels, a box of chocolate, a bottle of champagne, as well as a gift basket that will delight your partner.
  2. Pamper yourselves Once you and your partner have settled in at the hotel, treat yourselves for a day at the spa. Most hotel spas offer couples packages which cater to lovebirds on their romantic getaway. Take your pick from sauna, full body massage, facial massage, or even book a beauty session where your partner could have a manicure and pedicure treatment. Find out what you and your partner would enjoy most.
  3. Wine and dine at the hotel’s fancy restaurant It’s not often that you get a chance to indulge in fancy meals prepared by well-trained chefs. Book a table at the hotel’s fancy restaurant, preferably at a secluded spot overseeing a scenic view to add to the romantic factor. Be a little more adventurous and order aphrodisiac food that will spark romance, like oyster. Select the best wine in the house and enjoy your lovely evening.
  4. Have some ‘us’ time at the Jacuzzi If you’d rather stay locked in at your suite than go sightseeing, spend some quality time with your partner in the suite’s Jacuzzi. Order a room service and have fun uninterrupted. You can also take this time to enjoy a good glass of champagne and some light snacks.
  5. Visit romantic locations in the city For those who’d like to explore the city of Kuala Lumpur, there are several romantic locations worth visiting, such as Taman Tasik Perdana, Saga Hills, The Orchid Garden, KLPAC, and The Lakehouse in Cameron Highlands. There’s also a restaurant where you can dine in complete darkness if you’re up for some unique yet romantic experience.
  6. Go on a lingerie-shopping trip This could be a fun activity that you can do as a couple. Take some time to visit the many exclusive lingerie shops around Kuala Lumpur and treat your partner for a shopping spree. Some lingerie shops offer a special service where you’re treated to a full shopping experiences that include a private fitting and consultation. Book an appointment at your partner’s favorite lingerie store.

Image result for Planning for a romantic escapade that will serenade your beloved partner shouldn’t be stressful

Planning for a romantic escapade that will serenade your beloved partner shouldn’t be stressful. Big cities like Kuala Lumpur offer a variety of romantic retreats that will cater to everyone, so find out what you and your partner would like and enjoy most together. Plan everything and make reservations in advance for the best romantic getaway and to avoid any disappointment. Sometimes, it’s necessary to go all out to destress, so don’t be afraid to make unique plans for some quality time with your loved one.

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Luxury Beauty Gifts to Reward Yourself with This Season

After a whole year of sucking it all up and settling for cheap makeup and beauty products, it’s finally time to let loose and treat yourself. Yes, it was probably a big challenge to stay away from all those expensive makeup brands and products, but now that the year’s coming to a close, you should go on and buy a little something special to reward all your hard work. For any ambitious working girl, or guy for that matter, a luxury beauty product can be the perfect indulgence. If you’re wondering what you should splurge on this season to help make you feel the fruit of all your hard work, you should check out this list of luxury beauty gifts perfect for your preference.

  • Anti-Aging Serum – All that time spent staring at your computer screen just typing away may have left you looking like a corpse. It’s true, work, stress, and responsibilities can make you look much older than you actually are. To keep aging process at bay, treat yourself with a luxury anti-aging serum from Clarins. This amazing miracle product can help bring back your youthful glow, lost because of all those hard days at work. Besides, there really is no better way to greet the New Year, than with a refreshed look and a radiant glow.

Related image

  • Night Cream – It’s when you sleep that your body goes hard to work, rejuvenating your skin and clearing out dead cells that make you look tired and old. Of course, your body is pretty good at this function, but there are some things you can do to help it along the way. Using a luxury night cream will help refresh your skin even better, making you feel like a million bucks when you wake up in the morning. There are lots of options on the market, sure, but which one is best for you? Well, consider reading through the ingredients before you make a purchase. Some of these products actually have ground precious stones incorporated into the mix. Talk about luxury.

Image result for Night Cream

  • Body Cream – Your face isn’t all you need to pay attention to – your body probably deserves some pampering as well. Body creams are sort of like thicker, richer lotions that nourish more deeply for greater benefits. These products are great for those nights when you just want to unwind, relax, and indulge in the feeling of being covered in a soft, smooth, rejuvenating cream blanket to help your skin feel vibrant and healthy after a year-long struggle in the office. What makes it even better is that they come in the most pleasant of scents, ensuring that every time you slather it all over your body, you get a complete experience for all of your senses. Now that’s the ultimate luxury product splurge.

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Time to stop pinching pennies and start reaping the fruit of your hard work and labor. This season, be sure to give yourself a little luxury, something to reward all of your efforts by indulging in a luxury beauty product, guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks. Be sure to remember this list when you visit your local mall or your favorite online shop to get yourself a well-deserved pampering this holiday season.

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What Kind of Chef Should You Be? (A Look at Different Types of Chefs in the Kitchen)


The Malaysian culinary industry is thriving, with many major culinary events being held in the country and a lot of Malaysian chefs gaining international fame and winning the Michelin-star awards. For those who aspire to follow the footsteps of Chef Wan or Chef Ismail, who are both world-renowned Malaysian chefs, check out the 12 different types of chefs you can find and become in Malaysia:1

  1. Expediter Because it’s very important to make sure that the dish is perfect before it reaches the table, this task is usually undertaken by the executive chefs themselves. As an expediter, you’ll be the last in line when it comes to food preparation. Your main role is to deliver the food personally or with the help of a waiter.2
  2. Line Cook (Commis) This is an entry-level position which requires you to do basically everything that needs to be done in the kitchen, be it arranging dishes or cutting vegetables. The fast-paced position offers you a chance to move up the career ladder.3
  3. Pantry Chef (Gard Manger) For this role, you’ll be in charge of cold items such as dressings, cold sauces, hors d’ oeuvres and salads. However, your biggest responsibility is to make the dishes look presentable.4
  4. Fry Cook For restaurants serving mainly fried-based dishes, like a Southern restaurant, there must be a frying station of which a fry cook is needed to man the station.5
  5. Meat Cook (Rotisseur) As a meat cook, you’re responsible for everything meat; from grilling and broiling to braising and roasting. The tasks may also overlap with the saucier, in which you need to handle gravies.6
  6. Vegetable Cook (Entremetier) For this role, your main responsibility is to deal with dishes with ingredients such as eggs, vegetables, rice, and soups.7
  7. Fish Cook (Poissonier) As a fish cook, you’ll handle everything seafood, especially when it comes to cooking and preparation.8
  8. Saucier As a saucier, your role is to handle and prepare sauces. Some types of cuisine, like French, rely heavily on sauces, which is why a saucier may be needed.9
  9. Station Chef (Chef de Partie) If you hold this role, you’re normally assigned to a single station only, be it the grill, the salads, or the soups. You may work under the direct supervision of an executive chef or sous chef.10
  10. Pastry Chef (Patissier) Pastry chefs require a different kind of culinary training, and they’re mostly trained at baking schools. Your daily tasks revolve around desserts, breads, and pastries.11
  11. Sous Chef You’re the second in command after the executive chef, and your role is to manage the kitchen, including supervising every preparation of every dish and making sure everything is perfect.

    Team of young chefs preparing delicatessen dishes
    Team of young chefs preparing delicatessen dishes
  12. Executive Chef (Chef de Cuisine) You’re the big boss in the kitchen, and it’ll take you years of training and experience to reach this top position. As the executive chef, you get to create your own unique dishes and oversee everything.

Pursuing a career in the Malaysian culinary industry can be lucrative if you learn your craft well, and understand your own strengths and weaknesses. The many culinary courses in Malaysia could open the doors for you into becoming the right type of chef that fits your passion and personality. The key ingredient to your successful culinary career is finding and choosing the right culinary course that you’re most passionate about, and that you know you would thrive in. This is what made Chef Wan very successful in his culinary career.

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3 Ways to Stimulate Learning Outside the Classroom

Kids learn in a variety of ways, which is why it’s important for them to step out of the classroom and learn different things. While it is true that parents entrust their kids to school to learn all they could, a few hours a day isn’t enough to satisfy their curiosity. Their young, formative minds are brimming with questions.

To help parents, here are three places to take the kids to for supplemental learning:


  1. Museums and Exhibits  – Museums aren’t only for kids who are interested in archaeology, sculpture or painting. It’s also a good way for parents to explain history and evolution. There are exhibits which post dioramas of different eras such as the stone age and ice age. These dioramas can help kids gain a better understanding of what really happened at that time.cf1-17
  2. Role-Playing Activities – There is an increasing number of establishments that set up play areas for kids to keep them entertained while their parents shop. Majority of these establishments have sections where kids can dress up and engage in role play. They become doctors, firefighters, bankers, and many more professions. The elaborate ones include scenarios that the kids must respond to. In return, they earn a salary in the form of play money which may be cashed out at the bank. It’s fun, educational, and prepares kids for the real world.ideas-of-outdoor-activity-at-the-weekend
  3. Camping and Outdoor Activities – Outdoor survival skills are important for kids too. Camping activities will push kids out of their comfort zones and disconnect them from today’s world filled with gadgets and computers. Camping activities teach them how to make fire, cook using wood and gathered materials, find water, and other important survival skills. It also includes fun activities such as climbing trees, rappelling, swimming, and roasting marshmallows on an open fire. It’s a different experience that will make kids appreciate the comforts that they have at home.

Nurturing kids and satisfying their curiosity can be a challenging job. Fortunately, there are plenty of learning activities for kids that don’t require spending tons of money or travelling long distances. The important thing is to be there for your kids when they have questions or want to engage in new and exciting experiences.

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Traveling Overseas? Avoid These 5 Biggest Mistakes On Overspending While Travelling

Tourists couple travel in Havana, Cuba having fun. Young multiracial happy couple on backpacking vaction standing on Plaza de la Catedral, Old Havana.

Are you planning to travel overseas any time soon? Spending money abroad can be tricky to navigate as you tend to get a little overexcited when it comes to shopping, visiting tourist attractions, or enjoying some entertainment that can’t be found in Malaysia. Don’t let big financial mistakes get in the way of your fun and leisure. Before you go abroad, check out these five biggest mistakes on spending that you could avoid while you travel:traveling-abroad

  1. Not informing your bank of your travel plans


It’s a smart move to call your bank and inform them of your travel plans, whether you’re using debit or credit cards. This is your safety net in case you find yourself in situations such as fraud, and unusual or extreme amount of purchases. In the case of fraud, your bank could immediately inform you if they detect any unusual activity, which will save you from losing a lot of cash.moneymattersbig

  1. Using traveler’s check


Using a traveler’s check is a thing of the past. Not only are they costly and require you to spend more time just to obtain and purchase them, barely anyone would accept traveler’s checks anymore. Regardless of where you are in the world, you’re better off using credit cards, which will give you better exchange rate. Skip on traveler’s check and use debit or credit cards instead.foreign-travel-passport-map-featured-shutterstock-221669455

  1. Using credit cards with foreign transaction fees


With so many types of credit cards, there’s definitely one or two that would benefit you the most while you travel. However, using credit cards with foreign transaction fees is a huge mistake that will cost you a lot. Most banks would charge around 3%-5% for every transaction you make with your credit card abroad. Avoid any incurred fee and save more money by using credit cards with zero foreign transaction fees. Find out the best credit card in Malaysia for overseas spending.

Hand writing travel plan in a lined spiral notepad arranged on a map

  1. Failing to plan for your entire trip


Failing to properly plan for your entire trip will result in extra expenses which could easily be avoided with careful arrangements before your vacation. Spend some time to estimate how much money it will cost and consider how much you’re willing to spend for food, transportation, entertainment, service and other things. Remember to plan for each day during your stay at the country.  Find cheaper alternatives if possible. For example, instead of taking the cab, you could take a bus, the train or even rent a bike to go places.  9_istock_000061269568_large-793x496

  1. Overlooking ATM and bank fees


While you’re abroad, you’ll likely be charged for each of your financial transaction, like withdrawing cash from an ATM. Be sure to check whether there will be any fees incurred if you made any financial transaction overseas. Since making financial transactions abroad can be costly, plan on how you can best carry your money safely.

When traveling overseas, you could be at a higher risk of spending more money than you intended, especially if you’re not aware of the extra fees hidden when using a particular service. Prior to your trip, make sure you do some research and find ways to save money as much as possible. Take notes also on the mistakes mentioned above so you could avoid getting into financial trouble. You don’t want to get stranded in a foreign land with no money.



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5 Things You Can Do On A Romantic Getaway In Kuala Lumpur

Image result for Romantic Getaway In Kuala Lumpur

If you think a staycation in the city isn’t romantic, think again. For those of you who doesn’t like beach getaways, here are five things you can do in Kuala Lumpur (KL) that are downright sexy and romantic.

Image result for Brunch At The Orchid Conservatory

  • Brunch At The Orchid Conservatory. Located at The Majestic Hotel, this restaurant is a perfect spot for those lazy weekend brunches or dreamy afternoon brunches. The restaurant is filled to the brim with lush, colorful orchids that will put you in calm mood in no time. If you’re looking for a quiet place to pass the busy and hot afternoon, you can hide in this cozy, charming observatory and have some scones and tea.

Image result for The Sunset Viewing On A Heli Pad Heli Lounge Bar

  • The Sunset Viewing On A Heli Pad Heli Lounge Bar is located on the rooftop of the Menara KH building on Jalan Sultan Ismail. While it is a popular hangout place for the expat community, couples can come in as early as 6:30pm to watch the magnificent sunset. The rooftop bar offers people a great 360-degree view of the Kuala Lumpur. Given the romantic vibe, it’s also a famous people to pop the question. If you’re planning to “put a ring on it,” this place will really make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Image result for Rent A Villa In The City KL

  • Rent A Villa In The City. While there are various hotels in the city, there are beautiful bungalows for rent in the city that can give your staycation an upgrade. Book their villa with private pool for a romantic getaway in the city. You can also invite some couple friends for a potluck picnic in the yard.

Image result for Go On a Stroll At The Taman Tasik Perdana Lake Gardens

  • Go On a Stroll At The Taman Tasik Perdana Lake Gardens. This beautiful colonial era garden is a must-visit for couples who strolling in the park right in the middle of an urban jungle. Think of it as a miniscule and Asian version of New York’s Central Park. Unlike in NYC, they don’t have horses here but Perdana Lake Gardens have lush gardens that are instantly Instagram-worthy. You can even go on a boat cruise, how’s that for romance?

Image result for Order A Martini At Marini's On 57

  • Order A Martini At Marini’s On 57. If you feel like whisking away your significant other into the dark, sexy world of James Bond, we suggest taking him or her to Marini’s On 57, a restaurant located on the 57th floor of Menara 3 Petronas, and KL’s highest rooftop bar. So why do we love it? You need to take three different elevators to go to the not-so-secret restaurant that offers a stunning, close-up view of the magnificent Petronas Towers. You can order fine-dining quality dishes with fresh seafood flown from Italy, important beef and handmade pasta. Order your favorite cocktail and sip in style as you bask in the beautiful cityscape below. If that’s now romantic enough for you, the old world décor will do the job. Romance And The City If you’re planning a romantic weekend, you don’t need to get out of KL to up the romance game. We hope that these activities will help you plan an unforgettable staycation in the city.

Sources: http://theyumlist.blogspot.my/2014/05/heli-lounge-bar-kuala-lumpur-malaysia.html https://onmogul.com/stories/9-places-to-visit-in-kuala-lumpur-for-a-romantic-getaway http://danielfooddiary.com/2015/01/15/marinis57/

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Love The High Life? 5 Smart Ways To Get You Closer To Experiencing Luxury

On its own, money can’t buy real happiness. However, it is still a crucial element in order for you to achieve higher living standards. This could lead to increased life satisfaction, eventually making you happier than before. If you love the high life and would like to maintain such a lifestyle, there are five ways to get you closer to experiencing luxury without piling on consumer debts and getting stuck in a financial rut:


  1. Invest your time and money in meaningful experiences – Instead of shopping, going to the cinemas, or hanging out at an overpriced coffee joint, invest your time and money in meaningful experiences. For example, you can take an investment course, visit an art exhibition, volunteer for a cause, or attend a business event to grow your career for greater fulfilment.top_15_luxury_items_at_harrods_zta9q
  2. Purchase high-quality products – Contrary to popular belief, buying cheaper things can sometimes cost you a lot more. With low-quality items, you will end up needing to buy more of them once they reach their usability limit, as they do not last long. Instead, purchase high-quality products that can be used for a long time. Invest your hard-earned money in products that you know will bring you greater benefits.my-premier-credit-card
  3. Apply for premier credit cards – If you are smart and financially savvy, a credit card can actually help you save more instead of dragging you down with piles of consumer debts. Just make sure that you know what it takes to get rewarded, and never miss out on your monthly fees. It is even better if you go for a rewards-based credit card, which gives you cashback, miles or points for every ringgit you spend. In addition, you can also take advantage of the other perks like special designer sales for cardholders or cardholder discounts at luxury restaurant or café chains. You can apply for premier bank Mastercards to enjoy similar benefits.maxresdefault
  4. Build wealth with passive income – Technology has made it easier for us to create passive income in various streams. Other than investing in real estate, stocks and bonds, there are plenty of options for you to create online and offline passive incomes. Some of the things that can help you generate passive income include creating digital products, such as selling your stock photography and vectors on marketplaces like iStock, or sharing your expertise by creating an online course or ebook. You can also use applications like Airbnb to rent out your space.download-2
  5. Take care of your emotional wealth by investing in other people – Aside from focusing on your financial wealth and investing them in productive and rewarding things, you should also invest in other people for the sake of your emotional wealth. People who choose to invest in others, be it saving for your children’s future, creating a scholarship fund, or donating to your favourite charity, are said to be more successful and happier with their life.

The definition of happiness may vary depending on one’s age, experience, talents, passions, values, and culture. There is no denying that spending money wisely allows you to achieve higher living standards, which in turn could lead you to be happier than before. In the end, you get to enjoy some luxury once in a while without the guilt, knowing fully well that you can afford it.

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Top 3 IT Certifications That Will Look Great on Your Resume

The IT field offers a lot of opportunities. During the past two decades, even when the economy was down, there were plenty openings for IT jobs. The IT industry is unique in that a lot of the entry -level jobs don’t require years of experience. For some jobs, training could be done in as short as a month or two, or even done online. Doing so would enhance an IT personnel’s skills and upgrade his skill set.
The following are the top 3 IT certifications which employers look for in job candidates.

1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
Image result for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)Cisco is the largest manufacturer of network equipment. Their network equipment and appliances are used by almost all large enterprises. To run data centers and network servers, companies need Cisco certified professionals. To ensure that network professionals are up to speed with the latest Cisco offerings, they offer certifications for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).
The CCNA certification consists of a 90-minute exam with about 50 questions. The exam fee is around $300. The most common jobs for CCNA certified professionals include network engineers, network and systems administrators.

2. CompTIA A+ Technician

Image result for CompTIA A+ Technician

Not all certifications are for extensive knowledge or vendor specific. The CompTIA A+ Technician certification exams test for the skills for maintaining PCs, mobile devices, laptops, as well as printers, different operating systems and peripheral devices. This certification is for entry-level positions like computer technicians and for repair, as well as for assembling PCs from off the shelf parts. The CompTIA A+ certification is composed of two exams: a multiple choice and a performance-based exam. The certification costs around $200. CompTIA A+ certified professionals can get jobs as desktop support and help desk technicians.

3. Network+
Image result for Network+The Network+ certification tests for the ability to manage and support wired and wireless networks. The certification exam consists of 90 questions about the network device configurations. The exam is less than $300. Available jobs include help desk and information technology technician.

If you want to change careers, you can take up IT courses online and take the necessary certifications. The above is a short list of the most popular requirements for entry level jobs. Take the time to study for them, take the exam and take the plunge into a new career. Alternatively, you can stay in the same job but move up the career ladder. Now that you have more skills and certifications to show for, you’re more than qualified to become a Supervisor or even a Manager.

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3 Tips to Help Foreigners Land a Job and Grow a Career in Malaysia

Malaysia is a glistening country that combines beautiful historical landmarks and appealing urban landscapes. It is guaranteed to awe even the most seasoned travelers. This nation is known the whole world over as one of the best places to travel, not just because of the attractions it offers, but also because of the convenient and unique lifestyle it offers to those living there. It’s no surprise then, that many who pay a visit to Malaysia find themselves wanting to stay and work there.

Landing a job in this country can be very rewarding, but it isn’t without challenges. Learn how to get a job and grow a career in Malaysia with these three tips.

Language Master

  • Learn the Language – Although many of those living in the country are able to speak and understand English to a certain degree, it still isn’t quite as widespread. This could make it difficult for many foreign applicants to find a reasonable job. The language barrier is considered one of the biggest challenges faced by non-Malaysian job hunters. That’s why it’s ideal to learn Bahasa Malaysia to best communicate thoughts, to answer questions during the interview process, and during the job itself. However, there are ways that speaking English could be beneficial. In its quest to become more parallel with the rest of the globe, Malaysia encourages its citizens to learn the universal language. Fluent English speakers can land jobs as English teachers which has become a booming industry in recent years.


  • Know the Opportunities – While it’s absolutely possible to land a job in Malaysia, there are certain restrictions to the opportunities available to foreign applicants. This is to eliminate the possibility of increasing unemployment rates among locals. Before a Malaysian company can offer a job to an outsider, it has to prove that the Malaysians are either unable to perform it or unwilling to. That said, when looking for a job as a foreign applicant, it’s likely that the only opportunities that can be found are those that require highly skilled workers or extensively educated professionals. However, visiting specific localities might help a job hunter locate opportunities for moderately skilled and experienced foreign workers that aren’t as widely advertised as others. For instance, looking up the different Miri job vacancies available could open other doors for foreign applicants.


  • Understand the Permit – In the event that a foreigner is chosen for a specific job in the country, the company has to first file a permit application as per local government guidelines. If the application does not meet specific standards, it’s likely that the foreign applicant will not be chosen for the job. However if the permit is approved, the employee can work in the country for as long as it’s valid. This also grants access to other perks, which allow the employee to open bank accounts, avail of a local insurance, and even pull out a housing loan. However, it pays to keep in mind that while the permit can be valid for up to 5 years, the employer will have to renew it every year, which depends on what is stated in the contract. Failure to renew might jeopardize the worker’s employment status.

Finding a job is tough – anywhere a job hunter might try to look for one. But understanding the details of the specific locality can help foreigners manage their expectations and adjust their strategy to get a better chance of landing the perfect opportunity. The three tips above will help foreigners when job hunting in Malaysia to help them secure a bright, stable, and thriving future in this glistening southeast Asian nation.

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