Top 3 University Degrees You Should Consider Taking in Malaysia

If you are a student who wants to pursue higher studies, then choosing a university degree in college is one of the toughest decisions you’ll ever make. Your decision today will affect your life in the next 5 to 10 years. It may either lead you to the right path of the greater scheme of things, or to the other path you mistakenly assumed was right.

Several Malaysian universities are known to produce academically excellent students who are competitive enough to work in international fields. So if you are considering to study in Malaysia, you might want to grab your pen and application form and start building your future on these most sought-after university degrees.


  1. Petroleum Engineering

Showered with natural resources, Malaysia is one of the major exporters of crude oil worldwide. Huge Britain-based foreign oil investors have been on a business agreement with Malaysia for almost 50 years. These major oil companies have been contributing to the petrochemical sector’s growth, resulting in the overall boost of the Malaysian economy.

In addition, the country owns almost 2% of the world’s natural gas and approximately 29 billion oil barrel reserves, which indicate that the petroleum industry is Malaysia’s catalyst towards economic prosperity. With the addition of the government’s extra efforts to increase the production by 5% every year, Malaysia will soon be Asia’s number one hub for gas and oil exports. Therefore, high salaries and huge career opportunities are waiting for the Petroleum Engineering graduates.


  1. Business and Finance

Based on the economic trend last 2014, statistics showed that Malaysia’s economy grew up to 5.5%, which entitled the country to become the world’s largest Islamic financial and banking center. In spite of the existence of a global crisis and extreme poverty in Malaysia, the financial sector was resilient to manage the risks.   In 4 years, the financial sector predicts that almost 300,000 business-related jobs such as international trades, sales and marketing, accounting, and investments, will emerge. Because business and finance studies became one of the most sought-after programs in Malaysia, several universities have been offering business courses to students since then.


  1. Law

Because the laws ran the world, attorneys or lawyers work almost everywhere. Private businesses, judiciaries, government institutions, private organizations, and academia are only some of the fields which a law student might consider entering after graduation. Typically, law studies in Malaysia take 3 years long to finish. Students can specialize in a particular field they find interesting such as real estate, civil rights, immigration, employment, insurance, or criminal law.

Because the degree leads to one of the top high-paying jobs in the country, the law studies in Malaysia have become popular and in demand. A law graduate who owns a firm can earn as much as RM 66,000 per month! Consequently, top-ranking universities in the country have been offering law studies to all who aspires to work and earn from these high-paying jobs.
Finishing a degree program is not as easy as deciding on what degree to take. Remember that the decision you’ll make today will be your future. Think carefully and choose wisely before applying.

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10 Bedtime Rituals for Amazing Skin

After a long day at work, most of us would just like to go straight to bed, or play with our phones for a little while before bedtime. We’re so tired that doing a nighttime skin regimen is as challenging as hiking up a mountain.

But think of the glowing, healthy amazing-looking skin that you’re going to have if you do these 10 bedtime rituals on a nightly basis:


  1. Ice your skinSkin icing is basically rubbing ice on your skin. To tighten your skin, do this at least once a week, but make sure you avoid rubbing on sensitive areas. If you can, try to use micro fibres towel when dabbing your face to avoid premature skin wrinkling.


  1. Dab your face with facial essence or serumYou may or may not require using facial essence or serum depending on your skin type. However, a facial essence helps in providing added hydration to your skin.


  1. Clean your face with tonerYou should always remove dirt on your skin, and toner is one of the best products to use for that particular purpose. Make sure that you’re doing it the right way when applying toner on your skin, by swiping your face gently with a soft cotton pad in a downward motion. Never do it from the bottom-up as it’ll get dirt into the pores of your skin. Also, you can prevent your skin from premature sagging with less pressure when swiping toner on face.


  1. Use night creamNight creams are probably one of the greatest inventions ever made for beauty lovers and those who care about their appearances. Not only do night creams function in many different ways, they could also be used during day time. The best night cream helps your skin go into repair mode, deflects potential damages caused by your surroundings (i.e. irritants), blends well with makeup, and hydrates your skin, among other things!


  1. Humidify your bedroomIf you’re way too tired to work on a beauty ritual before bedtime, simply turn on the humidifier in your room. When we sleep, our body temperature rises, leading to the loss of moisture. Humidifiers help with keeping the air moist in a dry environment, preventing us from premature ageing.


  1. Drink waterDrinking water could hydrate the skin and helps with expelling toxins in the body, which is part of a good beauty ritual. Eight glasses of water is recommended daily.


  1. Apply petroleum jellyPetroleum jelly is not only a multitasking product (it makes your lips supple and removes eye makeup efficiently), it’s also non-allergenic and inexpensive. For those who are prone to breakouts, apply jelly on your lips or body instead of on your face.


  1. Apply toothpaste on pimple If you’re going to brush your teeth, take this time to also apply some of the toothpaste on your pesky pimples. Since some toothpaste contains alcohol and menthol, it helps to dry out pimples, reducing more appearances of them. Apply a small amount of toothpaste on pimples and leave it until you wake up in the morning.


  1. Spray moisturising facial mistIf you’re thinking of skipping the night cream, spray your face with a moisturising facial mist instead. To get beautiful skin, your skin needs to stay hydrated at night, so the facial mist helps to moisturise the skin, and less complicated to use too!


Cupped Hands Under Shower

  1. Get a hot, steamy showerBefore you get to bed, step inside a hot, steamy shower for a couple of minutes before you start washing your face. Don’t wash your face with the hot water as it’ll scald your skin. Instead, expose your face to the hot steam as it’ll open up your pores, making it easier to remove dirt later.


Try one of these if you’re too lazy or tired, or some of these if you’re up for it. You might see a difference in your skin within a month or two if you do it on a regular basis.

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A Buyer’s Essential Guide–Cool Tips For Buying Good-quality Wood Furniture

Buying good-quality wood furniture has always been a tricky and complex affair. Sure, anyone can easily identify a scratch, rip, stain or colour without any special knowledge. But determining whether a piece can last for decades just by looking at it is hard. Here are a few handy tips to help you hunt for authentic pieces good-quality wood furniture.

Image result for Buying good-quality wood furniture has always been a tricky and complex affair.

1)    Check the quality of wood.  Wood comes in two varieties—softwood and hardwood. Hardwood is much stronger and more expensive than softwood. Teak is a top-quality hardwood that’s also loved by many people worldwide. Other varieties of hardwood are cherry, ash, oak, maple, mahogany, and walnut.

Image result for Check the quality of wood of wood furniture

2)    Check the joints. The joints of any piece of wood furniture (table legs, drawer corners, couch arms) should be neatly fixed together. Check whether the joints are corner blocked, double-or-triple-dowelled, glued and firm-stapled together for sturdy support. Ask the salesperson questions if you’re not sure.

Image result for The joints of any piece of wood furniture (table legs, drawer corners, couch arms) should be neatly fixed together.

3)    Open and close doors. A high-quality piece should feel solid and weighty, and should slide seamlessly. Check the stops and glides. The wood furniture interior should feel smooth and sanded together. The doors should feel the same though substantial to the touch, and should swing with ease. More so, all parts should properly align together when shut.

Image result for open wood furniture door

4)    Be keen on hardware. Make sure all the wood parts are secure and strong. There should be no rough edges around, and all hinges should handle the door’s weight. Also, the latches under the wood furniture should function properly.

Image result for Wooden Furniture

5)    Push it around. Make sure all the legs touch the floor. The piece should also feel strong and sturdy when rocked. If you experience lots of movement than usual, something is faulty with the piece construction—don’t buy it!

Image result for ush it around. Make sure all the legs touch the floor of wooden furniture

You simply can’t buy a decent piece of furniture based on its looks. You must pay close attention to details as this is what determines the quality of the wood furniture. Make sure you buy wooden furniture in Malaysia from reputable dealers and trusted merchants online. The tips shared above should help you shop for an authentic piece with confidence.

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How to Choose the Best Bicycle Pumps

Image result for Best Bicycle Pumps

Safety on the road should always be the top priority of every Malaysian cyclist. If you are among them, the only way you can achieve it is by ensuring that every part of your bicycle is in perfect working condition. This includes your bicycle wheels. You cannot hope to have safe and smooth cycling without good and perfectly inflated wheels. The only way to achieve this is by having the best bicycle pumps in Malaysia.


What are the Types of Bicycle Pumps That I Can Use?


There are different types of bicycle pumps that you can use in every situation. This is particularly good especially if you are planning to build a workshop for your bikes. If you have many bikes, the best thing to do is to have each and every one of these pumps in your possession.


Here are some of the bicycle pumps that you can consider procuring:

Image result for Track pump

  • Track pump. This should definitely be one of your priorities when shopping for bicycle pumps. This pump has a long hose, a huge tubular chamber for good supply of air, and a pressure gauge to check the amount of air that goes into your tires.

Image result for Hand bicycle Pump

  • Hand Pump. Hand pumps are designed to be lightweight and compact for portable use. This is best utilized during emergency situations on the road. The only problem regarding this particular pump is that because it is designed to be small, you will have some difficulty reaching the ideal tire pressure of your bike wheels.

Image result for CO2 inflators

  • CO2 inflators. If you are in a hurry, the best tire pump for this situation is the CO2 inflators. The usual 16g of CO2 cartridge can pump up a standard 700x23c wheel up to 100psi.

Image result for Frame Pump

  • Frame Pump. This is like a hand pump, but only bigger. This is designed to fit in the triangle frame of a bike. This pump is perfect for touring bikes.

Image result for Shock Pump.

  • Shock Pump. If you have a mountain bike that uses air suspension, this is absolutely perfect for you. This adjusts the preload in air suspension, usually up to 300 psi, allowing you to achieve the proper pressure and fine tune it.


When shopping for bicycle pumps in Malaysia, always make sure to consider your need over your budget. Do not compromise your safety by choosing the wrong type of pump because you have a limited budget. After all, a good quality pump equals better bicycle performance.


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Disciplined or Motivated: Which One Are You?


maxresdefault (3)

Every morning you ask yourself this question, “What should I wear?” And then you whisper the same answer as the day before, “Whatever doesn’t rip apart after I eat lunch.”


How can this be when you’ve just renewed your membership at the gym last month?


Most people associate activity with productivity.  You may have heard this at the office but believe it or not, it is as applicable in the gym as it is in the conference room.  Yes, you have a gym membership but do you use it?  And when you do, do you maximize it?


When you started attending gym months ago, you were motivated by that scene in front of your closet.  A few months later after being liberated from your baggy shirts, you decide to pass up on your Zumba dance lessons until you can’t even remember when your last visit was.


What happened?


Or better yet, what did not happen?


The operative words are: motivated and disciplined.  You were the former, but failed to be the latter.  Motivation caused you to lose weight.  But discipline will help you keep excess weight at bay.


Here are some tips that can help you get past the motivation point and into the disciplined zone.  And stay there.


  1. Decide that all these are worth it.

The trip to the gym, the sore muscles, the whole nine yards!  If it means a stronger pair of lungs, legs that run faster, and a mind that thinks clearer, then you know it’s all worth it.

no more excuses pink

  1. Let go of your excuses.

You know half of the things you come up with are not even true.  The only thing you have proven to be true is that when you stop now, it would be harder to start over.  Again.


  1. Invest on your fitness plan.

Find a good gym or sports club or sign up for specialized fitness courses.  When you invest on something, it becomes a priority.  It changes your outlook and makes it painful for you NOT to achieve what you paid for.


  1. Just keep going.

On days when you feel like playing it safe, don’t.  Stick to your routine and do what you have committed to do.


In the argument between getting fit and staying fit with zumba dance, choose to respond with discipline rather than motivation.  Discipline will tell you to keep running long after the race was won.

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5 Tips for a Smart Cycling Habit


World-s-first-smart-cycling-helmet-LifeBEAM-Helmet-uses-Nordic-wireless-technology-to-support-ANT-and-Bluetooth-SmartBicycling has always been a fun and healthy way to go through the outdoors and travel, for old and young alike. When done properly and vigorously, the body’s circulation gets the right workout it needs and the right assistance for healthier metabolism. Training for the appropriate skills adds challenge to the habit itself as mastery slowly becomes an enthusiast’s demand.


There are options available though, in order to put the icing on the cake. Here’s a list of tips to ensure performance, comfort and safety of your ride.


  1. Hang around new roads. To stay fresh, bring your ride to a new zone every so often. Get the map. Learn to explore. Variety helps in keeping you engaged and in making your road bike an exciting discovery every now and then.


  1. Make smart use of intervals. Newbies can do a set of descending intervals at maximum intensity every session. Advanced riders can complete about six sets every session. A sample set may consist of 2 minutes hard – 2 minutes easy – 1 minute hard – 1 minute easy – 30 seconds hard – 30 seconds easy – 15 seconds sprint and 5 minutes easy.


  1. Aim for a steep climb. Pacing creates the difference. Don’t charge everything that you have to a certain climb if it’s not important in a race. Steady pacing is good for a start. Going hard too early will eventually tire you out.


  1. Reach for your first century. Set a definite goal to add extra 10 miles when you’re geared up for your longest ride within the week, until you’re able to finish 80. This helps you assess your personal pacing and how well your food or fluid intake fits into the ride. Rookies normally get too excited, start too fast and prepare less for the highs and lows psychologically. This idea helps you to be mentally ready too.


  1. Get rid of worries over flats. Flat-changing skills need to be developed. Don’t wait for a situation to confront you before you actually hone yours. You better practice in your own garage using the tools you normally carry on a ride. Changing flat tires far from home will become handy then.


Every road bike now has more places to ride. It is definitely beneficial to make your riding better by learning how to train and prepare smartly. These tips are sure to keep you going, despite the odds on the road.

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How to Get Around Malaysia Without Busting Your Wallet

Malaysia beckons travelers to a fusion of history and modernity. It remains to be one of the most fascinating countries in Southeast Asia for the solo traveler, the couple on a honeymoon, and even a family out on vacation.
Here are tips on how to enjoy the best of Malaysia’s unique culture and traditions and breathtaking city modernism without breaking the bank.

Best Time to Visit
Malaysia is a tropical country, making it an ideal tourist destination any time of the year. Hotels and resorts tend to get packed from May to September so make sure to book your reservations in advance if you plan to visit during these months. It is less crowded during the Northeast monsoon season months of October to March as occasional rains and thunderstorms drive pedestrians indoors. However, the west coast cities of Langkawi, Penang, and Pangkor remain alive with beach side attractions and activities to keep tourists entertained in spite of the occasional showers.

Where to Stay
The best approach to finding a good and affordable place to stay in Malaysia is by planning your itinerary ahead of time. List down the sites you wish to visit and check how far one is to the next. Hotel rates in Kuala Lumpur range from RM81 to RM131 per night so it is better to search the internet for a quaint hotel in Selangor or a hostel dorm in Petaling Jaya instead. These cost no more than RM38 to RM60 a night and are only 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur.

Public Transport
The KLIA Express train is not your cheapest option to travel from the airport to the heart of Kuala Lumpur, although it is the fastest. A one-way ticket for an adult costs RM55 while a return ticket is at RM100. Take the bus instead and pay only RM10 for a one-way ticket and RM18 for returns. Buses leave every 30 minutes.

Do not miss out on authentic Chinese and Indian hawker fare or your entire trip would be wasted. Jalan Alor and Petaling streets offer a wide variety of affordable local delicacies and street food choices. Fried seafood and vegetables, with two or three items per order, only cost RM1 while a large mug of Kopi, Malaysia’s version of brewed coffee, costs RM2.20. A generous serving of the famous Nasi Goreng, or fried rice, costs RM4 and a Nasi Lemak, Malaysia’s traditional breakfast meal of rice, shrimp paste, cucumbers, egg, and anchovies, costs RM1.50. If you like fruits, a sun-ripened mangosteen is sold at RM8 per kilogram while a good durian can be bought at RM18 to RM30 per kilogram.
Experiencing Malaysia’s vibrant culture need not be costly. When you have secured your budget for your hotel, transportation, and food, you would have a better idea on how much you should set aside to enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful country. Temples and mosques are open to the public while city sites such as the Petronas Twin Towers have online ticket sales so travelers can pay for their visit in advance. This should help you plan your expenses better and avoid going over your budget.
Your Southeast Asian tour won’t be complete without seeing the grandeur that is Malaysia. Discover why it has remained a favorite destination among tourists and backpackers.

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Ultherapy: The Newest Way to Be Beautiful



Do you want to have a younger looking skin without undergoing any surgical operations? If you do, then you might want to spend at least 15 minutes of your time to get to know this new skin-regenerative procedure. It’s unique, safe, and most of all, pain-free! There are a lot of cosmetic companies in Malaysia that are offering this modern beautification procedure. Therefore, here are some information that you need to know about it:


What is Ultherapy?


Defying age and gravity, it is a safe ultrasound treatment done to make the skin look young. Through the body’s regenerative actions, it gradually lifts the skin particularly those on the neck, chin, and eyebrows. It is also done to remove the fine lines and wrinkles that visibly mark ageing.


Why Makes it Unique? 


Approved by FDA, it is the sole non-invasive treatment that could lift the skin. Furthermore, among all cosmetic procedures, it is the only one that uses ultrasound imaging in viewing the potential target tissues that need to be involved in the treatment. Aside from the face, it is also indicated to clients who want to get rid of the annoying fine lines and wrinkles on the chest.


Am I a Good Candidate for It?


If you are interested, you must first ensure that you are a good candidate. To be like one, you must have a mild to moderate laxity of the skin. This means that you feel like your skin appears lesser firm. Some examples include but not limited to loose skin on your neck, sagging skin under the chin, lowered eyebrow line, and wrinkles and fine lines on the chest area.


Though you could observe some of the things mentioned from above, you must remember that the only person who has the final say whether you are a good candidate or not is your doctor. The cosmetic clinics in Malaysia have good and well-trained doctors to assist you on your journey.


How Long Does it Take? 


The duration depends on the involved area and the client’s treatment plan. But typically, a procedure that involves the face and the neck lasts for 60-90 minutes, whereas, a procedure on the chest lasts more or less for 30 minutes.


What are the Side-Effects? 


Take note that any procedure that you will be undergoing has its own positive and negative side effects. As for Ultherapy, after the procedure, you might experience some of these:


  1. Flushed Skin
    2.             Slight swelling, tenderness, and tingling sensation in the area
    3.             Bruising
    4.             Numbness on a small area of the skin


These manifestations are normal within the first few hours. If they persist, then that’s the time to seek a medical assistance.


When Will It Come Effect? 


The initial effect may be observed after a couple of days, but ultimately, the best results come after 2-3 months. This is the actual length of time for the body to regenerate collagen naturally. The results are based on how fast your body produces collagen, thereby the effects vary from one client to another.


In conclusion, as the world gets modernize, new procedures and treatments emerge in Malaysia through time. But despite the existence of such, the main strategy to make your skin look beautiful even as you age is the practice of a healthy lifestyle. Live young and well! There is no age limit of when to stop caring for your skin.

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Eyes That Sparkle: Youthful Eyes with a Radiant Glow

When it comes to looking younger, people think that you should always start by eliminating blemishes on the skin. With this, people focus more on covering up these imperfections. What people often forget is that a youthful glow can also be achieved by taking care of this often-neglected part of the face: the eyes.

The best way to keep your eyes looking youthful is by properly taking care of it. To do so, just remember CREAM: Clean, Rest, Eat, and Apply Makeup.


Skin care woman removing makeup


Makeup is an easy go-to option for people who want to look younger. However, it does not take away the fact that your face still looks tired and dull. If you want a longer-lasting effect on your appearance, start with cleaning your face properly. Wash your face regularly and apply the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type. Using an eye lift serum before going to bed will also help give your tired eyes a boost.

Young woman asleep in bed

Eye Rest

Aside from the overall health benefits, rest and sleep will also do wonders on your eyes. Try to make it a habit to get enough sleep and rest your eyes in between your daily chores. If you look at the computer screen every day at work, give your eyes some rest by looking at a distance, preferably at something green. Take a break and try to walk around, away from your computer for at least a minute or two every two hours. This will prevent you from having dry and tired-looking eyes.




Food that are rich in zeaxanthin and lutein have been known to improve your eyesight, and adding it to your diet can be beneficial to your eyes. Spinach, for instance, has a high lutein and zeaxanthin content. Corn and kale also contains these, so a healthy serving of salad with these ingredients will help improve the condition of your eyes. Eggs are also a natural source of lutein, and it even has Vitamin E – which is also essential in keeping your skin healthy.


Apply Makeup

After cleaning, resting, and eating well, you can use makeup to enhance your beauty. Brightening up your face can be done by using proper eye makeup. Choose makeup that is not only safe on your skin, but also helps in nourishing it.

Start with trimming your eyebrows properly and applying enough moisturizer on your face before putting on any kind of makeup. You can also boost the effect of your eye makeup by using a good eye cream. The best eye cream to use is one that moisturizes and helps tighten the skin around your eye area. Make sure to let the moisturizing products dry first before you proceed with your makeup routine.

After moisturizing, use a primer to make your makeup last longer. For a fresh look, choose an eye shadow in peach, pink, or neutral colors. Apply the rest of your eye makeup, but be sure not to forcefully stroke the brush on your eyes – using light strokes will also do the trick, and at the same time you can avoid putting unnecessary stress on the skin around your eyes.


Attaining those youthful eyes will help you look at yourself (literally and figuratively) in a more positive light. People respond well to positive energy and confidence, so take the time to improve yourself even with just doing something as simple as taking care of your eyes.

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5 Reasons Why Good Employees Leave Companies–And What To Do About It!


Group of a happy Business People Showing Thumbs Up. [url=][img][/img][/url]

There’s a saying in the entrepreneur mainstream that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers instead. Let’s face it. Almost everyone has good and bad days at work. But where an employee feels like they’ve experienced too much bad days at work, that’s when many of them start to strategise ways of leaving the place. A great manager should work hard to ensure he or she doesn’t lose the most desirable candidates at work—those who are really good at what they do and a big factor for the company in general. To know what makes employees want to quit their jobs, here is a list of the top reasons why many employees quit their jobs.


  1)          Lack of work/Life imbalance.

There are times when a person is demanded to do jobs of two or more people, something which a person didn’t choose in the first place. Many times, this occurs when a company downsizes or restructures, which results in longer working hours even on weekends. Also, family matters and other responsibilities can require vigorous flexibility, which an employer would otherwise be unable to fulfill. In such cases, most employees find it a lot easier to change their jobs and seek that which would allow them to work, without affecting their family obligations.



2)            Promotion issues.

Where there appears to be no any upward mobility, many employees tend to leave their jobs more. Because no matter how hard such employees work or succeed, there seems to be no opportunities or further advancement for such employees to get a high pay or more demanding positions. Employers should put in place effective ways that recognise and appreciate employees for their hard work by providing them a pay rise, and by reinforcing those behaviours and actions that seem to make a dramatic difference in the organisation.



3)            Job is not as expected.

Many people on a job hunt find jobs only to find out the job they applied for, doesn’t really match with the original description and what was promised in the interview stage. This often creates some level of mistrust among employees, and the new hire many times can’t help but wonder “What else could they be lying about?”



4)            Very little coaching and feedback.

Many managers lack any clue on how their staff members crave to improve their craft and performance. Some also seem to overlook the importance of providing employees with honest feedback, and how such feedback can really grow the organisation because of the strong team it has established. Your role as a manager should be to help people find the right behaviour, not just telling them what to do all the time.

Believe yourself, Colorful words on blackboard.

5)            Loss of faith and confidence in employers.

Many times, this occurs when employees are being asked to work more and more, but appear to see less evidence or share very little in the fruits of their hard labour. Even when revenues and profits have peaked, still the employees are not rewarded in any way–stock options, bonuses, creative development opportunities, etc.



There’s yet another saying that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. While there may be other reasons why an employee quits his or her job, it’s always important to reward good work with good pay, more lucrative opportunities and benefit perks, and so on. Afterwards, when your staff feels valued, you will find they are going to stick in your company even more. What is the most effective way to retain employees? Simply ask them what they really want and work together toward fulfilling that promise. Also, adapting various infographic on drivers for employee engagement vehicles, is another effective way many employers can use to establish strong relations and engagement between them and their employees even more.

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