Keep Your Wooden Shoe Rack Smelling Nice and Fresh Everyday

Imagine coming home from a tiring day and finally taking off your shoes. While you’re opening the shoe cabinet, you’re hit by a horrible smell, good enough to knock you out. Yes, our shoe racks can sometimes emit a very unpleasant smell, but there are easy ways to remedy this and keep your shoe rack clean and smelling fresh all the time.

All you have to do is follow one or more of these steps to keep the odour problem at bay.


  1. Clean Using Vinegar

uses-for-vinegar_300x300_67Remove every pair of shoes you have in the shoe rack and place them on the side. Then mix one part vinegar and one part water. Place this into a spray bottle and spritz it onto the entire surface of the shoe rack and wipe it off with a clean cloth or rag. Let your shoe rack dry out for at least an hour.



  1. Identify the Smelly Shoe

Sniff all the shoes you’ve removed one by one to identify which one is giving off an offending odour. Usually, only one or two pairs are the cause of the smell. When you’ve identified the pair, you can sprinkle some baking powder inside the shoe and leave it there overnight before dusting off the excess. For stubborn odours, place a piece of paper or newspaper into the shoe together with the baking powder and take it out after a day.


  1. Absorbing Excess Moisture

Mini-Moso-Natural-Air-Purifying-Bags-Naturally-Removes-Odors-in-Shoes-Gym-Bags-Sporting-Equipment-and-Luggage-Prevents-Mold-Mildew-And-Bacteria-From-Forming-By-Absorbing-Excess-Moisture-Pack-of-Two-50-0-1In order to prevent further smells, you can try placing a small amount of baking soda or coffee beans in a container into the shoe rack. Both baking soda and coffee beans function as natural deodorizer by absorbing the excess moisture in the air that encourages the growth of bacteria and mold that causes these smells.



  1. Clean Your Shoes

If using baking soda doesn’t help with certain shoes, one suggestion would be to gently hand wash them with some mild detergents. Make sure you dry your footwear under the hot sun thoroughly as this will help with the elimination of odour.


  1. Wear Clean Socks

Wear clean dry socksTo prevent your shoes stinking up the shoe rack again, make sure you wear socks, especially with sports shoes. Alternatively, you can place some clan absorbent pads at the bottom of the shoe whenever you want to wear them and then dispose them after each wear. Another tip for keeping your shoe clean is to use baby powder on your feet before your wear any shoes as this will help absorb sweat.



To give a fresh smell to your shoe rack, you can always place a bag of potpourri with several drops of your favourite essential oils, rather than using artificial perfumes.

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Zumba Fitness: Have Fun While Exercising



The problem most people encounter with their fitness program is that after a while, it gets boring. They get so bored and uninspired that they usually just quit. But if you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy body, you have to continue with your fitness program. If you stop your exercise routine, your body is bound to gain the additional weight that you’ve worked so hard to lose.


If this is your problem too, then fear not. There is a new fitness program that is gaining traction nowadays. This fitness program is called Zumba dance fitness. You might have heard about it already, but what really is Zumba?


What is Zumba?

The Zumba fitness program merges cardio workout, aerobics and dance together. It was created by Alberto Perez, a choreographer from Colombia. Zumba started out as an aerobics training using merengue and salsa songs, but when it was introduced in the United States, it eventually added other types of music such as hip-hop and pop. It is known all over the world and is now a popular fitness program in Malaysia.

zumba (1)

Is Zumba Right for You?

You might think that since Zumba is a dance program, people who can’t dance shouldn’t enroll. That’s where you’re wrong because Zumba dance program is open for anyone, with or without dancing skills. If you’ve never danced an inch in your life, this is the time to start learning. Zumba is very easy to understand and practice. Beginners start with the basics using simple aerobic moves that can get you going. You will notice that the more you move, the more exciting and fun the exercise program becomes. There is no age limit as well, so you can enjoy exercising with your friends, your kids or even your parents!


Unlike other exercise programs, Zumba will never bore you out. As you advance, there will also be changes in the movements. Although there are some basic steps to learn, Zumba instructors usually incorporate fun and dynamic dance moves based on the song that is playing during your session. Zumba adheres with the times because as new songs are released in the radio, instructors are quick to pick them up and create dance routines. Hence the old songs are mixed with new ones every session.  Can you just imagine yourself having fun and getting healthy at the same time? Enrolling in a Zumba class in a local gym in Malaysia will definitely be something you wouldn’t regret doing.

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How to Lose Post-Weight Loss Flab



There’s one thing that many people forget to mention when they talk about losing weight: dealing with the excess skin. When you lose a lot of weight, all of that skin that used to contain the fat will sag and look unattractive to say the least. So how do you get rid of it? Here are some tips that will help you win one of the most annoying battles in the war against the bulge.
1. Lose More Weight 
Yes, you have achieved success in your weight loss goals. That’s great, and you should be proud of yourself. However, if you want to get rid of the excess skin, it might not be time to get pizza and ice cream quite yet. Much of the time, what people think is excess skin is truly fat that has yet to be lost.
There are a lot of things people forget about the human body. One of those things is that skin can change. However, it’s not going to change until it reaches a certain point. For men, the skin will start to adjust when you reach around 20% body fat and 10% body fat for women.
2. Buy slimming cream 
There are product out there designed to help you with your weight loss goals. Slimming cream is one of these products. You can buy slimming products in Malaysia at reasonable prices. They work, too! The instructions are simple, and you will start to notice the difference almost immediately.
3. Build Muscle 
Another popular way for people to tighten up the skin is to gain muscle. Do this by focusing on strength training rather than cardio. Also, be sure to eat plenty of food so that you have the energy to exercise. Counting calories can be counter-productive. Eat healthy foods, but be sure to eat enough.
Hospital - surgery team in the operating room or Op of a clinic
4. Consider Surgery 
Sometimes surgery is the best option. It’s important to lose the correct amount of weight first. You’ll also want to consult with a doctor to talk about other less drastic options that you might be able to try first. If it gets to the point where your doctor thinks that it is a healthy option, it is something to consider.

Weight loss goals don’t always go as anticipated. More than anything, it takes a lot of work over a long time. However, if you’ve gotten this far, you can definitely finish your goals.


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Get that Sexier You With Buttock Enhancement

Everybody wants to look their best, more so for women. Having a sultry and sexy body is what every woman dreams of. Thanks to research and technology, it is now possible to have that perfect body you have always wanted.


Aside from the chest, the butt is the part of the body that needs the most attention, if you want to achieve that curvaceous look. But what exactly is buttock enhancement? It is the act of lifting and/or augmenting to get a smooth, round and firm behind. It can be done naturally or surgically.


Here are buttock enhancement techniques that you can make use of depending on your needs:


  1. Butt Enhancement through Exercise.

This is the most popular technique because it sounds simple and doesn’t cost any money. However, it is also the most difficult. Many people struggle hard to start an exercise regimen and keep up with it. It takes at least six months of continuous and progressive butt enhancement exercises before you actually see results. Once you achieve your desired buttocks shape, you have to keep up with your exercise to maintain it.


Butt enhancement via exercise is useful for people who have sagging rumps due to age, minimal weight loss or lack of physical activity.


  1. Butt Lift through Skin Adjustment.

Some people have sagging behinds because of rapid weight loss, henceforth their skin couldn’t keep up. If you’ve lost substantial weight due to intense diet or due to having kids, this is recommended for you. Skin adjustment buttocks treatment is where medical practitioners remove the excess skin, leaving only the perfect size needed to properly handle and therefore lift the muscle and fat of the buttocks. If the right amount of skin is removed, the buttocks become tightened and contoured as desired. Imagine the Tummy Tuck procedure –butt lift is exactly like that.


  1. Butt Augmentation through Lipoinjection and Contouring.

This type of butt enhancement treatment requires getting fat from the person who is getting the augmentation herself. There are areas of the body that store excess adipose fat such as the lower part of the torso, thighs and hips. See the dangling fat on the sides of your stomach, or the loose fat under your arms? With lipoinjection and contouring, fat is harvested from these areas, and then transferred to the buttocks through either injection or surgery. This treatment is actually dual-purpose. Not only do you get the bottom you’ve always wanted, you would also reduce the undesirable excess fat in other areas of your body.


If you have strong enough willpower, you can exercise your way to a better rump. But if you have enough budget and want to get that perfect body the soonest possible time, then you can opt for butt enhancement procedures here in Malaysia. Although there is a recovery time of around one to two months, you will definitely see the end product quickly and definitely, for which you surely wouldn’t be disappointed.

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What Aesthetic Doctors In KL Recommend For Luminous Skin


Why Bother With Your Skin?
It’s easy to take your body’s largest organ for granted. But your skin really shouldn’t be treated so cavalierly. It is, after all, your body’s first line of defense in protecting other organs and systems against injury and disease. And your skin doesn’t just have practical uses. When cared for properly, it can be one of your best fashion accessories, and enhance your physical appearance tremendously. Healthy skin glows. It radiates good health, one of the very best beauty secrets there is, and draws people to those lucky enough to have it. Good looking skin compliments hair, wardrobes, and cosmetics, and those luck enough to have beautiful skin often find that they have to pay less attention to the other components of dressing up. But it’s not easy being epidermis in today’s world. Diet, the environment, and bad habits are all very hard on our skin. So what can we do to help our skin be beautiful and luminous?

Start With The Basics
Before you run off to a dermatologist or salon for help with that troubled skin, review what you can do on your part. That skin’s not just flesh, remember, it’s an organ. And like all of the body’s components, it responds well to tender, loving care (TLC). In your skin’s case, this TLC involves plenty of sleep, exercise, avoiding bad habits (smoking is especially hard on skin) and diet. The key to healthy skin is keeping a nice balance of moisture below its surface, which can be helped by a balanced diet. The “no-no” foods to watch out for concerning skin health? Some of them might surprise you. They include:

  • salt


  • sugar


  • starchy foods


  • mik


  • alcohol


  • shellfish

Does this mean that one cannot ever have foods from these categories if one wants healthy skin? Not at all, but such foods should be consumed sparingly. And what are the food products that are natural allies of beautiful skin? They include:

  • chocolate


  • yogurt


  • walnuts


  • oatmeal


  • green tea


  • peppers and kidney beans

But before you use this list as an excuse to go on a largely chocolate diet, remember that these items, like those on the “bad” list above, should be consumed sparingly and as part of a complete diet.

Should You Seek A Doctor’s Advice For Your Skin?
Yes, we all have skin, but its needs are as unique as the person wearing it. Sometimes skin needs a little more than basic care. For genuine health issues related to skin, a dermatologist is a good specialist to consult, but for improving it for reasons of appearance in general, an aesthetic doctor can be very helpful.


What would Dr Chen Tai Ho, an aesthetic doctor in KL recommend for luminous skin? He suggests a product called Crystal Tomato, available in oral or topical form, and made from extract of the tomato plant. Crystal Tomato in Malaysia has helped many bad skin sufferers have a more even skin tone, helped to heal irritated skin, and reduced the appearance of blemishes and discoloration. Filled with the vitamins and nutrients of one of nature’s healthiest vegetables, Crystal Tomato heals damaged skin from within. While this product can’t correct all skin flaws, users see significant improvement within just two weeks. And with Crystal Tomato’s help, one’s most visible organ takes on a beautiful new glow.

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Getting Better Furniture Online

You can get really good quality furniture online in Malaysia, and that will help you make sure that your house looks amazing when you are managing style in the house. The house is a great place for you to set up your personal style because people can walk in and instantly know that you have the right furniture in every room. You will learn a lot from your shopping about the colors and styles you want in the house, and you will be able to set up the whole house so that people can instantly tell that you clearly made the design decisions.

You can get really nice furniture online that is a much better price for your family while you are shopping online. Shopping online makes this whole process easier because you can access the catalog in a heartbeat. You can see what you could buy, and you can see all the styles and colors that are available. There are a lot of things you can choose from, and you should be sure that you have checked out all your options in every style before you make a purchase.


ethnicraft-teak-essential-sideboard-w-1470-h-850-d-470-mm--eth-15301_2There are some great items you can buy for the house that will cost less money, and they are delivered to you so that you assemble them as soon as possible. There are a lot of people who will be able to get the one piece of furniture they need to pull a room together, or you can buy a whole set that was made to work together. The living room or dining room set you need can come all together, or you will have a chance to get a bedroom set with the size bed you want. All sets come with the twin, double, full, queen , king and California king sizes so that you can get the bed you want. The bed you want is a bed that you should feel comfortable in all the time, and you need to make sure that you have the set in the color you want.


The sets you buy come with different numbers of things, and that means you can get the small set that will work in a small room, or you can get a much bigger set that will work in a large room. You have more options for your home, and you can fill it up with furniture that will make your home look a lot better. The house will be more valuable, and you will have enough furniture to host people that come over. That means that you will have a way of bringing people over for fun.


Young Woman Shopping Online Sitting Besides Row Of Shopping Bags

There are some things you can buy online that will help you transform your house, and you should be sure that you have done something that makes your house more fun to live in. You want your family to be comfortable, and you need to be certain that the colors and styles match with the personal style you want to have in the house.


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Botox 101: Know The Basics Before You Undergo

You are getting older and each day when you look in the mirror your wrinkles getting deeper. You want them to go away. You’ve heard about Botox and decided to learn what is Botox and how does it work.

What is Botox? 

Botox is from clostridium botulinum bacteria. It produces a botulinum toxin. It is not a virus, but nevertheless it is a toxin. The nature of this toxin can produce side effects in the body, not always at the site of injection.

How Botox Works

Botox blocks the release of acetyicholine from nerve endings. The result is that the nerves cannot send signals to muscles or communicate with muscles. This relaxes muscles and wrinkles disappear.

Preparation for Botox

When starting a Botox procedure you must be in good health. Your first step is a consultation with your doctor and the specialist who will administer Botox. First with your doctor you must tell him/her all about your health status. It is best to bring a list of all your medications and supplements, sleep aids or aspirin. Botox is not recommended if you have any allergies, bleeding, infections, surgeries or plan for surgeries, bladder treatments for incontinence, are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant.

With your specialist doctor who will administer your Botox injections you will want a thorough discussion of the Botox procedure and any possible side effects. You would be well advised to do some research on the qualifications and rating of your specialist doctor before beginning your procedure.

Side Effects of Botox

Remember always that Botox is a toxin. As such it can have unwanted side effects. These can occur in different parts of the body. It is of utmost importance that Botox not enter the blood stream as this could be life threatening.

You might have difficulty swallowing, speaking or breathing. You could experience muscle weakness, double vision, drooping of eyelids, blurred vision, difficulty saying words, hoarseness or loss of voice. More severe side effects include loss of strength, dizziness and vision problems. If any of these occur you should not drive your car or operate machines.

Botox Injection Site

Botox injection sites depend upon where your wrinkles are located. Here are some of the most common sites. It is most important that injections not be too close to the eye. They always should be 1 to 2 cm away the eye, eyebrow and especially near the nose, mouth or lips. Another important caveat is that there are many botulinum products on the market. Botox is a trademark product. The dosages for each product may vary.

Here are some common Botox injection sites: For Crow’s Feet there are three injections on each side of the eyes. The first is 1 1/2 to 2 cm on the side of the eye on the orbital margin. The other two are at 30% angles above and below the first injection. For wrinkles on the forehead the injections are given across the entire forehead. This is important because just one or two injections in the center of the forehead will not remove wrinkles completely. Only the muscles in the center of the forehead will be relaxed. For the wrinkle between the eyelids, an injection is given just above at the beginning of each eyebrow.



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KL’s Top 3 Luxury Hotels for Couples


Couples are flocking to Kuala Lumpur, and who can blame them? KL’s spas, shops, restaurants, and attractions make it a perfect location for lovers of any age. And it’s not just the attractions of the city that keep couples coming back to KL. KL is home to some of the most romantic hotels in the world. In this article we will take a look at three luxury hotels to help you find the ideal romantic hotel in KL for your next vacation.

27591753Villa Samadhi

The Villa Samadhi is one of the top-reviewed deluxe villas in all of KL. Many visitors of Villa Samadhi describe it as an “oasis” or a “secret garden” within the bustling city of KL. One of the main features of this villa is the famous lagoon pool. All of the rooms are individually crafted out of Asian hardwood. If you are in the mood for a “private island” vacation, you should look here. One drawback to this hotel is that you will be a bit further away from KL’s city centre. But for a truly romantic stay, you can’t beat this villa. All of the rooms here were built with couples in mind, and all the couples who stay here do just that.

124039035188201188044043151045005007131129167211Mandarin Oriental

This five-star hotel may not offer the serenity of the Villa Samadhi, but it certainly has all the luxury you could dream of. Right in the heart of KL, this towering hotel offers great views of the famous Petronas Twin Towers. You will easily get to this hotel from the airport in only 45 minutes by car, and its central location makes it very convenient for getting around KL. Here you will have all the high-class amenities of a 5-star resort, complete with an eclectic array of dining venues, a swimming pool, and a spa.

d1f50447_01-the_royale_chulan_kuala_lumpur_night_scene_s-originalThe Royale Chulan

Another five-star hotel close to the Petronas Twin Towers is The Royale Chulan. Unlike the Mandarin Oriental, this hotel strives to offer a traditional Malay experience. The architecture of this hotel is in accord with traditional Malay culture. This doesn’t mean, however, that you will be without the comforts of the modern world. This hotel offers many award-winning restaurants, shows, and spas. For those who love shopping, this hotel is right by the trendy Bukit Bintang area of KL.

Each of these deluxe hotels offers something different for a romantic vacation. If you are in the mood for a secluded atmosphere, then you might prefer Villa Samadhi. If you prefer to be right in the middle of all the action in a modern luxury hotel, then check out Mandarin Oriental. And, if you want a traditional Malay experience close to the excitement of modern KL, you might like The Royal Chulan. Whatever you decide, each of these hotels will offer a luxurious experience you won’t soon forget.

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Open the Door to Opportunity with Business Studies

Many students head into their college experience with no clear goal as to what they would like to accomplish with their life. One of the most intriguing opportunities is taking courses in business studies. A bachelor of business provide wide variety of career options for a person and create a lot of opportunities for them. The flexibility of this type of degree can be applied to many different industries or even make a logical stepping stone toward a master’s degree in business or another field. Individuals who possess a strong business background, have developed the skill set that is valuable to many careers. Today’s job market is highly competitive and a strong background in business studiescan put your resume at the top of the heap. There are several factors a person should seriously weigh as they choose their area of study.

business-degree-2A Very Practical Choice
Because of the applicability of the business degree, it makes so much sense because the doors to many industries are open to you. The valuable jobs that are open to a person with a bachelor of business are vast and can fill almost any interest a person has. The practicality of always having career options is only a part of the equation. With a business degree in you pocket, the earning power is really only limited by how hard a graduate wants to look. For example, if you put your interest into the field of accounting a person can expect to start their career earning around $50,000. That is only one option. Having many job opportunities and the potential to earn a lot of money is very practical.

education-stock-photo-19714565-business-seminar1Furthering Education
Continuing your business education beyond a bachelor is a choice that many students make. Business studiesmake this easy to do. Obtaining an advanced degree like an MBA can enhance earning potential and allow for even more job opportunities. The flexibility business programs can steer your career in the areas of management, marketing, public relations, advertising, business administration or even individual entrepreneurship.

Group of business partners looking at young man presenting compuBuilding Blocks of Success
Earning a degree in business provides people with the raw materials to build a successful career, either working for someone else or starting your own business. With all of the basic knowledge of how to operate a business, there are not many limits on what you can accomplish toward your individual success. All types of business degrees provide a very solid foundation that can be parlayed into success in areas of business administration, finance, or marketing just to name a few.

When you are considering the major in college then you should be putting a business degree at the top of your list because it will provide you with the solid base of success that will allow you to grow into whatever industry appeals to you as your life develops. Regardless of the ultimate path a business graduate chooses, the educational value will provide valuable skills that will allow a person to function successfully in the world, and also understanding the way the business world operates will make you a more powerful consumer as well.


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Water Retention and Weight Loss: Tips You Should Know


Hydration is an important part of good health. However, when your body retains too much water, it can cause bloat and puffiness in your body tissues. Water retention can lead to weight gain. If you struggle with weight loss, you should find out from your doctor if water retention is contributing to the problem. The good news is that if your water retention is not a symptom of a more serious medical condition, there are many things that you can do in eliminating this extra water weight. Here are some helpful tips.
Try Slimming Creams
There are slimming creamson the market that can help increase circulation and reduce fluid retention in your skin. Massaging this cream into your skin can improve its tone and suppleness. Slimming products in Malaysia are quite popular. These can provide an extra boost to your efforts in managing water retention.

Woman seasoning her pot at home in kitchen
Reduce Sodium In Your Diet 
Sodium is an essential mineral in your body tissues. It binds to the water in your cells in order to maintain proper hydration and electrolyte levels in your body. However, eating a diet that has too much salt can cause body tissues to retain too much fluid. (Source: Processed foods typically contain the highest levels of sodium. Therefore, avoid eating a lot of convenience foods like frozen meals, salty snacks and canned foods. As a rule of thumb, always check the nutrition labels for the amount of sodium in each serving.
Exercise More 
If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it can lead to water retention. This is common if you have a job where you sit for a long time. You might see puffiness in various areas of your body, especially around your legs, ankles and feet. Therefore, you should try to exercise more often to improve your body’s circulation. The contraction of the muscles will help in distributing fluids more evenly throughout your body. Be careful not to exercise too vigorously in the heat because it will make you extremely thirsty. If you drink a lot of water during a long and hard workout, it can cause your muscles to retain too much water as they recover. (Source:

Slim young woman drinking water after training

Stay Properly Hydrated At All Times 
When you are dealing with water retention, you might be tempted to drink less water. However, this is the wrong approach that can have the opposite effect. When your tissues are dehydrated, your body’s natural defenses are triggered to hold on to the amount of water that is left in your body. That is why muscles that are dehydrated during a workout often retain too much water during recovery. The key is to consistently stay hydrated throughout the day. Balancing exercise with the just the right amount of water consumption will prevent excess water gain.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your fluid retention problem under control. You will see more progress in your weight loss. Your belly will start to flatten a bit more, and your arms and legs will become more toned. Before long, you will have a slimmer body that you have always dreamed about.

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